Navi’s 2nd experience with Chinni

Hi readers back with the next experience. Thanks for your lovely responses on my earlier post. Expecting same responses for this post also. Let me begin.

In earlier experience I said right my sister woke me when I am in Sandhya akka house. That sister is Chinni. She is my cousin sister. This all started in some function happening at her home which is next to my house. So we all kids teens playing running here and there and catching others so I thought to hide not to get caught to them. When I am searching for a place I planned to hide under the bed (Indian cot) in a room. I went and hided under it without getting noticed by anyone.

All of a sudden some one entered into room and locked the room from inside I thought someone came to hide like me but when I secretly checked from the holes of the cot it’s my pinni (Chinni’s mother). She is gorgeous and water is dripping from her body on the floor. She just had her both and came into this room to dress up. She has surrounded her saree when she entered. I thought to be silent and check my luck. She didn’t notice me that I am under bed and started removing her saree to get dressed up.

And she is standing nude in front of mirror. That I can clearly see her entire beauty without a single cloth on her. She is checking her beauty of body in mirror. My dick started its job. She is 38-32-40 and still that scene won’t go out of my mind. Suddenly someone knocked the door. So she immediately dressed up with a petticoat, blouse and matching saree on it and opened the door and went out of room. And then I slowly came out of that room and found chinni sitting in hall so went near her and sat next to her and kept pillow on my ties to cover my standing dick.
She gave a smile and asked where where you? I just said using washroom. The day went normal. After a few days in my newly half-constructed house I am alone sleeping on the roof that day and heard a sounds from down. So just checked from roof what’s happening. As it’s a half constructed house walls built only half way and stopped due to rains. So I can see what’s happening inside. What I she is never expected in my life. Chinni and my sister is kissing and sucking there lips each other. In no time they are undressed. Both young girls started playing with each other body parts. They are cute with very young pubic hair on their pussy. I also started playing with my dick and after some time they stopped and dressed up and slept kissing each other.

So I also went back and slept on my mat thinking what happened and in no time I fell into sleep due to the cool breeze. After couple of hours I woke up I see someone is sleeping next to me. When I pull down the bed sheet she caught my hand and asked what you are doing? She is my sister Chinni. I said nothing and asked what happened you came up to the roof. She said it’s a power cut didn’t felt sleep so came up. I checked around there is power in surroundings. She said it’s just came up. I said ok. Then we had a casual talk. But in my mind what she as done few hours ago is running and my dick started growing in my shorts.

She kept hand on my chest and talking with me. After some discussion she brought a topic which blew up my mind. She caught me when I am hiding in that room when her mom changed dress. She asked what I have done in the room. I said every thing what had happened on that day because I to know about her secret which happened couple of hours ago. We where silent for some time. She slowly brought her hand down from chest to my shorts and stopped. I am totally confused and I thought to take advantage of the situation. So suddenly I turned towards her and looked into her eyes. She is looking at me and I immediately kissed on her lips. In few seconds she started responding to it. And we continued kissing each other for 10 minutes. While we are kissing I slowly pushed her hand to my dick. I think this is the first time she felt a dick. She immediately took back her hand and asked what it is? I said it’s a male private part. Like girls will have hole we will have this I said.
She is playing innocent I understand and i acted has she do. I said with this only we can play mom and dad games. She said is it and immediately said shell we play. I said okay. She asked how we start? I said we have to get marry and from there it will start I said. So after marriage she asked? First night I said. She felt shy and we hugged each other tightly. I slowly started running my hands on her back and pressing them slowly she also did the same and one hand I bought to front and kept inside her panty and touched her warm wet pussy. She has very small amount of pubic hair and I started playing with it by rubbing on it. In no time I touched her hot pussy part felt the warmth of it. It is the worlds best warmest place for any man. Slowly I started rubbing it. She closed her eyes and enjoying by wetting her lips with her tongue and between biting her lower lip. Then I removed her top and found she is not wearing any bra and lowered her skirt and panty. She has small tits I started feeling it and pressed it softly. And after some time I placed my mouth and started sucking that small mangos. She is enjoying and we are mooning wow it’s so good haa aaa do it hard. So I started giving bits on the nip and continued rubbing her pussy. After 15 mints I took this to the next stage. I pull down my shorts and made her catch my dick and showed her to give a handjob. In no time she became export and doing by her self. I was feeling heaven.

After 15 mints I stopped and placed my dick on her pussy. She widely opened her eyes and looking too me in surprise. What’s next I played with her pussy with my dick by rubbing on it. I tried keeping inside but she is to tight so I stopped and played with her pussy and cummed on her pussy with a huge load. With my hand I spread all my cum on her pussy. She asked what it is gully gully it is? I explained what it is and she understood. Then we dressed up and slept that night with good night kiss.

And later we didn’t got much chances for couple of days. But one afternoon pinni name to my house and talking to my mom. I went to Chinni house and she is watching TV. I went in and started casual talk. After couple of mints she said that she liked the game we played and asked me can we play now. I without saying anything I took her in my harms and took to her bedroom and put her on the bed. In no time we undressed overself and become nude. We thought we should be hurry because we don’t know when her mother will return back.
So I said we will do fast and asked her to give blowjob. She said what? I said to keep my dick in mouth and suck like a lollipop. She did as it is what I said in no time my dick grown to the full size. Now I kissed and sucked her lips and then went directly to her pussy and licked her pussy and tongue fucked her for 10 mints. She is moaning loud. Haa uaa ammaaaa I am feeling so good and pressing my head more to words her pussy. After this I asked her for some cream or oil. She showed it where it is. I took oil and applied to my dick and pored it on her pussy and kept my one finger inside. She closed her eyes and moaned aaaa Wow. I kept 2 figures after a minute and stretched her pussy walls.

Now I took my dick applied more oil and said to her it will be painful for some time later u will enjoy more I said. Then I slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy for some time to tease her. Then I slowly tried to push my dick in her pussy only 1 inch it went in because of oil and finger fuck. Then I tried a hard push this time I can feel her muscle stretching on my dick. 3 inches of my dick is in and I can feel she is in pain and it bleeding from her pussy. Then I immediately kissed her to avoid her shouting in pain. While I am kissing I gave one more hard stroke most of it is inside now. I waited for sometime and slowly pulled back my dick and slowly pushed in. in 5 mints she started enjoying it and I increased the speed of my strokes. She started moaning haaa do fast I want more hard ammaaaa Bro fast plz. I started giving hard strokes we are enjoying like no other day. I made her to doggy style and explored her pussy depth. after 15 mints I cummed inside couple of loads inside her and pulled my dick and remaining cum I dropped it on her pussy lips. She hugged me tight and kissed me. And I got up and dressed as show her pussy its full of blood.

She got up nude and she looked her body on mirror and got shocked by seeing the blood all over pussy. She immediately dressed up and ran to her mom. I frightened and went back of her. She said to her mom blood is coming from her pussy. There all ladies sitting together and chitchatting. I was in big shock what’s gonna happen. But to my surprise, everyone started laughing and congratulating each other. Then I understood they understood it wrongly and did the maturity function. After that I got to know they are happy because she get matured very late. After we didn’t got many opportunities for so long.

Then she went to hostel for higher studies and me too also. But one day we met in my aunt place. No one is there at house. Everyone went to some function. We both left alone that day. She started remaining me those days by sitting on my lap and grinding her ass to my dick and teasing me. That full day we fucked like no other day. Fucked her ass to on that day.

Hope u guys enjoyed it. Will come back with other new experiences. Comments and feedbacks please [email protected]

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