Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1
(For Part 1- Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 1))

After a break, woke up from her,and she was gaining her conscious and found herself naked. Realising the scuffling ravishment, she started to weep and slowly moved and rolled over the edge of bed.

Feeling her vagina dripping with my huge load of semen between her legs. She wiped the semen with her hand got down from the bed.

I felt rewarding but I was not yet finished. Seeing her sexy back and ass my peins got erected. As I pulled her holding her hand she fell again on bed . I slapped her and grabbed her by hair and said “I thought you would stop resisting by now.”

Then forcefully made her to stand on edge of bed on knees. She pleaded “ Please leave me now .U got what u needed.I thought you were done, you fucked me now I’m begging u to leave me” and tried to resist.

Laughing I said, “I just started” and then said “if you want to be like that I guess I will need to teach you another lesson.”

Saying this I positioned myself to back of her for doggy style and inserted my dick slowly to pussy.”Now you are in your real position, the position of a bitch” and started to drill her. Started with gentle strokes and when she started to get the pleasure, increased my speed and the whole room was full “Puch puch puch puch puch ….” sounds.

“Please, you will break my pussy!”She pleaded.
I smiled and replied, “At this age, you are saying I will break you. Have you never got fucked in your life, bitch? You must have been fucked by at least 100 men till now”

“No, only one man has fucked me and that is your uncle.”

Then I said, “So now I will make you realise that what a real man is and you will only beg for my cock now onwards.”

By saying this, pulled out some portion of cock out and then applied full force. This time, the whole thing was in and she was shouting like there was no tomorrow.
The sounds of thap thap thap thap were all over the room.I was kneading her boobs for behind and licking her bare back.

She was moaning loudly, “Aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh yyyooouu uuuu aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh”

She was in heaven of pleasure.Soon she was going to orgasm and told her, “Say you are my personal slut, say it loud and clear ”
She said, “ooohhh yes I am.. Aaaaah.. Your personal slut..Your personal slut”.

I suddenly stopped removed my dick for a while to see her reaction. I saw she started to move her ass towards my dick.
That was it, I couldn’t help it any longer and started pounding even harder. Slamming harder and harder, moving deeper and deeper into pussy. I was calling out, moaning, I wanted so much more “Ah ah ah. Oh um um ah ah oh Sarita, oh Sarita, ah ah”.
The harder I slammed into my ass, the louder she called out.Fucking her like I would fuck any whore.
I banged and spanked her so much that her ass had become red after this wild sex session. Finally, discharged inside her.

I made her lie on bed for a while.She was breathing heavily without break.I asked aunty how was it but she was speechless because of rampage fucking. Aunty have never fucked like this in untill now.(Which was know by her later)

I started to cuddle with her in spooning position.Playing with her body.I planned to take some photos with her now so I slowly got up and turned on the night light.

The bedsheet were totally disrupted and aunty was lying exhausted with cum all over her pussy and thighs and saliva all over her body.Her Face, boobs and ass were turn red due to milkish colour.

I slowly turn on camera in my phone and placed it on table.I went near her , slept beside her and turned her around over me and made to sit on me.Her head was resting on my chest.

I made her to sit by slaping her ass hardly.Now I got the clear view of boobs and mangalsutra hanging in between in light.I told her to erect and insert my cock inside her warm pussy. She had no choice but to obey .She raised her ass a little and guide my dick inside her.She jerked with a loud moan.Again I slapped her ass signaled her to ride in cowgirl position.She started moving her hips to and fro.This was all being recorded in phone.

I was enjoying and started to play with her navel with my hands.Then proceed to her boobs and nipples.I made her to call my name and moan Commanded to tell Rocky I love u.

“Aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh Roooccckyyy iii love yyyooouu, I llloooove uuuu aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh”.

This made me mad.I pulled her towards me and started to suck her both boobs holding my hand around her back tightly and lifted and pumped my ass to fuck her hard.

My cock was touching her womb and she was whineing loudly.I liplocked her and started screw her love hole.

She came on my peins and later I cummed inside her vagina.
By this intense intercourse I was also exhausted and made her lay on me and my dick was inside her glowry hole.I cuddle her and she cuddle me and we went to deep sleep.

Early Morning l sightly woke up to see her move out of my clutches . I left her as this was the first time from yesterday night that I had left her.
In my sleepy eyes saw her picking up her bra and panty and wearing only nighty.I could see her limping while walking out of the room.I overjoyed remembering yesterday night and somewhat scared about consequences.

Later my cousin woke me up I saw the time it was past 10. I quickly went to bathroom and freshened up and went to hall.

I went near younger cousin and asked him about his mommy .He said she was in bedroom and was having headache.She ordered food for our breakfast. I smirked about what kind of headache she had.
I ate my bf and went to bedroom to see aunty.
She was lying in bed and was horrified to see me . I asked her like innocent” What happened aunty.”

She unwilling uttered nothing and got up and went past me to the kitchen.I could make out her naked body through her clothes as I fucked every inch of her.

I went to watch tv and play with cousin.Later Uncle called aunty and was enquiring about everything.My heart was beating fast as she was talking but she didn’t tell anything about yesterday.Now the phone was with cousin and he handed over the phone to me.I was shellshocked and told hello in panic.Later I got to know the uncle will not be coming for 2 more days.Hearing this I thought I got a jackpot.I told uncle that I will take care the needs of his children and aunty smilingly.

I was in 7th heaven as there is no one now in between me and my intentions.

I went directly to kitchen where aunty was cooking.I similed at her but she refused knowing my intentions.I went behind her and started to talk with her but there was not reply.
I quickly put my both hands on her boobs and started to play with it.I asked her the same same question but this time there was answer with resistance from her hands.
I started to press boobs harder.She was controlling herself as she didn’t want to create scene in front of child.

She pushed me hard by knocking my chest and slapped my face very hard.She yelled “Bastard….Motherfucker…Get out from here rascal…”

My ears were ringing due to tight slap, chest was paining, My face became red as I hold my hand on cheeks.

I was dumbstruck !! All my pevertness and erectness decreased.I felt like I’m dickless.

That time door bell rang and her older son came after playing.It was noon and lunchtime. My cousins and aunty had lunch. I refused telling to him that I will eat afterwards.Her older son went to play again.

After a while I took out my phone and showed the vedios to aunty who was washing vessels in kitchen.

Aunty was dumbfounded watching vedio .she was seen all naked and riding me yelling me I love u.I enjoyed her facial expression now and her eyes became red.

I blackmailed her that if she didn’t obey I will pass this vedio to her children and husband.
She was numb and was in shock.

I told her bring me food as I sit on dinning chair and sit on my lap in chair cowgirl position and feed me.

When she said no I told her that I will be sitting in chair with hold my cock naked infront of her son and he will be terrified watch it. If you don’t want your son to see my monster come and sit on it, the choice is yours.Telling this I started to move to dinning area sat on the chair while she was watching.And started to lower my shorts opening my briefs and taking the cock out.Then I started to call my younger cousin.He heard me and told he was coming.

All of a sudden before he reached me aunty came and sat on my lap facing me and covering my dick and thighs with her nighty.

Her child came asked, I told him smilingly don’t worry now your mom will takecare of it and pinched her waist.Her child ask her why are u like this with me and she told him,”Nothing beta ,now go and play,I have work”.

Undoubtedly poor cousin went back.I grabbed her and told her to take off her bra and panty from inside and bring me food.She like a slave obediently obeyed and went to bedroom then to kitchen and came near me. I wickedly laughed and commanded her to do ask I told.
While sitting I positioned my cock to her pussy and slidded it in.There was a lustfull moans from both.I told her to feed me and slapped her ass to move up and down.

It was a wonderful sight to watch.My cock was inside her pussy,My left hand grabbing around her waist,My right hand playing with her boobs,My nose was smelling her sweet scent from neck .

I made her to eat food and chew it and give it to me mouth to mouth.I was deliberately kissing her face nose lips and neck.Time to time I would slap her ass to move faster.Her moans Ahh aaa ahhhh….. made me crazy.I started to suck her boobs over there nighty and made her nipples and boobs partially visible because of my saliva.She was now a sex-toy for me.

This went for 15 mins and I cummed inside her.I pulled her up from me and it could see cum is dripping from her pussy and thighs.She quickly ran towards attached bathroom and locked herself.

I washed myself and went to sleep because for tiredness.

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