Indecent Moral Slob

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Indecent Moral Slob

One July, Sunday, a cabby drove the white, 26-y/o Dave and Linda, his 24-y/o wife, to The Flesh Market in London, England, where she immediately attracted attention due to her skirt barely covering her round haunches, while her medium-sized tits were visible through a fishnet top.

After their arrival, a white stranger approached them and introduced himself: – ‘I’m Jon.’

‘I’m Dave; this is my wife, Linda,’ the husband responded.

‘Charmed to meet you and I trust you’re willing to rent her to me,’ Jon answered.

‘That’s why we’re here, considering she has no self-respect and exists only to satisfy pricks. But I’m in a generous mood, so I’ll waive the 5-pound fee to let you humble her,’ Dave said.

‘You’re fucking shameful, aren’t you, Linda?’ Jon inquired in a contemptuous manner.


‘How many blokes have slept with you?’ he asked.

‘At least 20 this year alone,’ she confessed.

‘She’s notoriously promiscuous,’ Dave remarked.

‘No wonder. The lass is sexy,’ Jon said.

‘Thanks,’ she crooned, then: – ‘I’m a *scarlet-haired sinner desecrating the Sabbath. Please use me!’

‘May god condemn you!’ Jon growled as he disrobed her, followed by the chaps leading her into the Royal Chamber, tossing her to her back in bed and discarding their clothes.

‘You’re betraying your vows!’ Jon sneered,

‘I’m an adulteress!’ Linda moaned as he slid beneath her and stabbed his 8-inched cock into her entrails before Dave sank his 9-inched rod into her wet cooze.

‘Violate the filthy tart!’ he urged Jon who bellowed, ‘TAKE IT, YOU DISGUSTING SLAG!’

‘Yes, yes!’ she whispered.

Nevertheless, hearing Jon stimulated the cunt to an orgasm, though wasn’t long until he emptied his nuts into her arse while Dave withdrew from her vag, unleashed several grunts and sprayed dick-slime across her face.

‘Shit, I forgot to mention that you’re an indecent moral slob!’ he told her.

‘Yeah, I am,’ Linda answered.

Once they’d dressed, however, she, Dave and Jon left when the cabby returned and agreed to her sucking him off to pay for a ride to couple’s flat.
‘You’re still a sinner,’ Jon reminded her.


‘Unfortunately, I can’t rent you a wife, Dave,’ Jon expressed his regret, and…

‘… marry a ‘disgusting slag’!’ the former replied.

* (‘Scarlet’/red is a color representing infidelity.)

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