Wife swapping:part-05

It’s a weekend as my hubby have arrived from his official tour and in the afternoon ,he explained his plans of a weekend party.In the evening Kirti as well as his wife Sonal will be here and we four will enjoy a night. (Read prev story Wife swapping part 4)

My hubby Anish,myself Bina,Kirti and Sonal all are well known to eachother as we have enjoyed physical love twice all together.a hot lady of 26 yrs.bina Mishra is beautiful,her physical measurement is 34-26-36 as her height of 5’5 feet with round dome shaped ass and lovely tits makes her wild.my hubby Anish is a smart guy of 30 years ,height of 6’0 feet with strong arms and penis of 8-9 inches long with 2 inches thickness as its ability to spent longer time inside glory hole is his sexual strength.my hubby’s friend Kirti is a young energetic guy of 28 years as he is nice in sex and his wife Sonal is younger to me with her beautiful face and nice sexual organs.I have lunch with my hubby Anish as we both took rest till evening and Anish slept for 2 hours as he was too tired due to journey.

In the evening ,Anish left the bed as he took refreshment and than left home as he is going to market to have some items for a night.I am thinking about my dress to put Kirti and Anish impressed as well as crazy for me,so I choose a red coloured brassier and G string with a white stockings but it’s a inner wear,so what to put on it ? ,I am still confused ,so I picked a light yellow coloured gawn upto my knee lengths as it’s transparent also and can give guys a nice visibility of my sexy body.Its 06:45 pm as Anish came back and put bottle of wine on table as he looked me ……….

“oh you are looking like a porn queen
(Bina)Anish I will put gawn also to cover my body
(Anish)you are looking hot in your lingerie ,no cover on it.”

As I walked to my kitchen and took glasses and bottle of sofa as I put all things on table.my hubby Anish walked to washroom as I am sitting in dinning space while wearing brassiere ,G string and stockings.I know our sexual activities as we all four will be nude after our drinking session ends , so I left my body semi nude.after a while ,Anish came there after having bath as he sits on sofa and took his mobile as he is making call to Kirti……

“hi Kirti ,we are waiting for both of you .”

As he got reply ,he smiled…….”coming soon ,so go to your room and I will call you after their presence.” And I walked to my bedroom as I have put high heel sandals on my legs ,looking like a porn actress.now I sits on bed corner as I am thinking about sexual activities with Kirti ,I love to do it with him as he have satisfied me twice.after 10 minutes ,I can hear door bell ringing as I am waiting there for my hubby’s order.later on my hubby shouted…….

“Bina come on darling ,we are waiting for you.”

As I stand infront of a large mirror to see my body and than walked to dinning space ,as I came out of my room ,I can see Kirti eyeing my nude body as he stand there and walked to me to greet me ,I can see Sonal in her undergarments only as she is sitting on my hubby’s lap.now Kirti took me in his arms as he kissed my face …….

“oh you are too sexy Bina.” As we both sits on sofa ,I can see sonal’s leggings as well as tops on ground as I put it on chair and now we four are sitting on sofa.

Bina and Sonal is sitting between their sex partner,as Kirti is on my right ,my hubby is on sonal’s left.now we four started drinking wine as Sonal smiled……

“Bina you are too bold as you always make yourself attractive and hot
(Bina)Sonal dressing sense can make any lady sexy.”

As I kissed sonal’s face ,now both guys have drunk the wine as Kirti put his arm on my shoulder and I started unbuttoning his shirt ,I can see sonal’s lips kissing my hubby’s face to lips as Sonal came on his thigh and she put her lips on his lips as both are holding eachother tightly.I am busy in undressing Kirti as he is putting his lips on my face and now he is in his undies as I sits on kirti’s thigh and put my arms on his shoulder.now Kirti started kissing my lips as I started pressing my left breast on his chest and he started sucking my lips with his hand on my back.as sonal’s tongue is in my hubby’s mouth and he is sucking it while rubbing her back ,it’s tough to see your hubby making love with other lady but I am also enjoying with other guys.now I pushed my tongue in kirti’s mouth as he is sucking it hardly with his hand rubbing my back ,Anish have left her tongue as he is kissing her chest to neck while holding her breast tightly and Sonal is much more aggressive as she pulled down my hubby’s Bermuda and hold his cock in her hand.now my eyes are closed as I have surrendered myself to Kirti.He left my tongue as he removed my brassiere and now I knelt in his lap with my legs spread as my boobs are on his face ,Kirti took my one breast in his mouth to suck and started massaging the others .my hand is holding his hairs as I can see Anish nude with Sonal sitting on his legs and kissing his long penis ,Kirti took my other boobs in his mouth to suck As I am feeling the sensation and Sonal is rubbing my hubby’s glans on his lips.now I left kirti’s lap as I am also sitting on his legs and now pulled down his undies to legs as I hold his cock.Sonal is sucking my hubby’s penis with her face moving fast and Anish have put his hand on her back as he unhooked her brassier.now he is pressing her boobs hardly as I am kissing kirti’s penis with my lips and opened my mouth to put his cock inside as I am sucking his penis like a whore.we both lady are sucking cock as Kirti is pressing my breast and I can hear Anish screaming……..

“oohh aahh sonal suck my penis hard ,you bitch.” As I have started licking kirti’s penis with my long tongue and after a while,I took kirti’s cock again in my mouth as I am sucking it with my face moving fast and Kirti is shouting…….

“oohh you whore give me a fast blow job aahh love you .”

And I sucked it for 3-4 minutes as we both lady…. Bina and Sonal stands ,I hold Sonal in my arms and both are kissing eachother as our boobs are brushing also.we both walked to washroom as we are back after refreshment ,both guys are drinking wine as we both are standing infront of them and Kirti said…….

“oohh baby sit down let us drink
(Bina widening her cunt )sure now start drinking ours vaginal cum.”

And they both laughed.
Anish and Kirti is in drunkun State as we both are standing nude like a prostitute and Anish asked……”no vaginal love with our tongues only fuck
(Sonal)you both are a bastard ,got our love on your penis and now leaving our cunt
(Bina)ok if you both will not love our glory hole with your tongues than we will not allow you to fuck us
(Kirti)oh Anish our wives are in strike have to meet their demands .”as I inches forward to Kirti and put my one leg on his thigh as he put his face on my vagina to kiss while my hubby Anish is licking sonal’s cunt with his tongue ,each and every lady need oral sex especially on their vagina.now Kirti started rolling his tongue inside my vagina as I have hold his hairs tightly ,we both lady are standing with our legs spread as Kirti is fucking my vagina with his tongue ,my hubby Anish is sucking sonal’s vagina.we both lady are screaming in pleasure…….

“oohh aahh uumm Anish suck my vagina I will cum …….Kirti take my cunt in your mouth I will pour my cum soon.”

As both guys are sucking our vagina and I ejaculated cum in kirti’s mouth as he licked it to taste it while I can see Anish sucking sonal’s cunt and we are in short break.now both guys walked to washroom as Sonal and Bina started drinking wine,we are sitting nudely as Sonal lit a cigarette and both lady are drinking wine as well as smoking cigarette.now I can see kirti and Anish coming to us as they have wrapped towel on their waist ,looking at us Kirti asked…….

“oh baby now move to bed we are waiting to fuck you
(Sonal)ok go to bed and wait for us .”

As both guy walked towards bedroom ,we both left our empty glasses on table and than walked nudely to them.Bina and Sonal is on bed with Anish and Kirti and now we both lady slept on bed as I put my hand on my vagina………

“now fuck us in missionary position.”

As Sonal is waiting for Anish cock ,I have got the penis of Kirti ,now Kirti is pushing his monestar cock in my vagina as my wet cunt got its 2/3 part and than Kirti fucked me hard as I shouted…….

“Kirti don’t hurt my vaginal zone aahh it’s too hard.” As he is fucking me with speed and power ,I started pressing my breast hardly as I can see Anish fucking Sonal fastly but with his 2/3 Rd penis only and Sonal screamed………

“oohh Anish your cock is too thick .”

As both lady are on bed with their legs spread and guys are fucking us as we asked them to sleep on us and now both guys are on ours top as they are fucking our vagina fastly ,I started bouncing my ass fast and our sexual climax is on peak as I can see sonal’s ass moving up and down .we four are enjoying fuck session as Anish left Sonal and made her a bitch on bed and Kirti left my top as they have exchanged their partners.now I am on my knees as Anish pushed his penis in my cunt and j can see kirti’s long dick in sonal’s vagina.we both lady are hot as we both started swinging our ass fast ,my cunt is in fire as I started screaming in joy……

“Anish fuck me hard my vagina is in fire pour your cum soon.”

As Anish is hitting my vagina hard and after a nice fuck he ejaculated sperms in my cunt as I can see sonal’s ass moving fast but her hubby Kirti have also poured cum in sonal’s vagina.now we both lady sucked our hubby’s dick and tastes it’s cum.

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