My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 5

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Neetu lay on the sofa and called me. I went and sat at her feet. Neetu looked at me saying “I am sure you can guess what happened”. I said “yes you had another wrestling match”. She blushed and said “yes and with the same person”.

I said “you look tired”, she said “ofcourse I am tired, he wrestled me so many times today in many positions and every room, I am happy I even survived it”. I asked “most importantly did you enjoy”, she said “yes”.

I lifted her feet and placed them on my thighs massaging the undersides. Neetu closed her eyes while I did it. She said “this feels so relaxing. I don’t know what you will think of me after everything I have done today with Raja”.

I said “Neetu as long as you happy, I don’t have any problem. I know how physically frustrated you have been sacrificing your own needs over taking care of me. I am very happy you finally gave your own needs some priority”.

She said “I don’t have words to thank you for your understanding and support. You are so much more than just a friend. Imagine which son will tolerate his mom enjoying sex with another man and be normal about it”.

She slid closer hugging me and resting her head on my chest silently weeping. I held her chin raising her face and asked “why are you crying now, what happened? Did I say anything wrong that hurt you” wiping her tears.

She held my face kissing everywhere, after the kiss I repeated “what made you cry”? She said “your future wife is going to be the luckiest woman on this planet. You are the ideal man”. I asked “are you drunk”?

She smiled for the first time now and said “no”. I said “when I have the world’s most beautiful and sexy woman already with me, why would I need a wife”. She cried again burrying her face in my chest and said “I want to sleep, please help me remove my clothes”.

I removed her top, made her stand up and removed her skirt and stockings. She was fully naked now. I helped her to her bed and covered her with a blanket. She said “wake me at 6pm so I can prepare dinner”.

I said “you don’t worry, get good rest. I will handle everything and we will party tonight to celebrate your experience today”. She stared at me while I bent forward kissing her on her lips and she kissed back full of enthusiasm.

I switched on the AC and left closing the door. I went to my room and jacked off once more recollecting her second marathon sex with Raja. He fucked her like a sex machine and even though she enjoyed it, it was clearly more than she could handle.

I got ready and went shopping. I bought some condoms, a few Anti pregnancy pills, some beers. I put the beers in the fridge and left the rest of the stuff in the hall because I did not want to disturb her sleep.

I went to my room and worked till 7pm and then went to her. I found her sleeping, she woke up with just my touch on her hand, I told her to freshen up and come to the hall. She showered and came wearing a baby doll nighty without underwear and sat with me on the sofa.

I gave her the packet of condoms and the pills. She said “how thoughtful of you to bring this” and went to her bedroom to keep it. She asked “what has my friend planned tonight”? I said “nothing much, we will drink to celebrate, order food and just chill watching some TV”.

She gave me her mobile saying “raja called many times begging if he could come again now, I refused telling him to come tomorrow morning only when he delivers the milk”. I said “you don’t need to tell me everything, it’s your life, you are free to do what you want”.

Neetu said “no, you are still supporting me despite knowing everything, you only have the right to know. You are much more than a friend for me. Now go get the drinks”. I asked “you want to have whiskey or beers”?

She said “I will have the same thing you are having”. I brought two beer pints with some snacks and kept it on the center table. I sat on the sofa and we said cheers and sipped our drinks. An English movie was playing full of nudity and explicit sex, maybe a step less than porn.

Neetu slid closer placing her legs over mine, I asked “should we watch a different movie”? She asked “are you uncomfortable watching this with me”? I said “no, just asking”. She asked “you saw me naked so many times today, did you not get excited”?

I said “yes I got hard many times”, she asked “then, what did you do”? I said “I found excuses to go to the bathroom and relieve myself”. She opened her legs and placed my hand on her inner thigh and hers on top of mine.

She asked “why did you not let me help you, afterall you helped me to an orgasm after shaving me right”. I said “I don’t know what to say”. She asked “I enjoyed sex with Raja while you were in your room, didn’t that excite you”?

I said “yes just the thought got me very hard and you were screaming loudly which excited me even more so much that I came in my pants”. She asked “would you like to watch me have sex with Raja”? I said “I would love it, but how is that possible”?

During this conversation I didn’t realise when Neetu touched my hand on her bare pussy pressing it while rubbing my cock over my tracks with her other hand. She got up making me lay on the sofa removing my tracks and undies completely.

I asked “are you sure about this”? She said “I am dead sure about this, I regret not doing this long ago. You have the first right over me, over my body, over my life. I will not do anything without your consent, you are my life, my everything”.

She removed her nighty and held my cock stroking it. She said “you have such a beautiful cock, so much bigger than your dad”. She lowered her mouth taking it in giving me a blowjob. My cock was already oozing precum because of what was happening.

She licked it saying “you are very tasty too” and continued sucking me for a while, this was the first blowjob of my life and felt like I would cum very soon so I stopped her. I made her lay on the sofa and got on top.

We kissed for a while lip to lip, then I continued kissing her neck, her shoulders coming to her chest. I squeezed her boobs with my hands while sucking her nipples which was my forever dream come true.

Neetu held my head pressing my face harder to her boobs moaning. I continued sucking on her nipples for a very long time and she had an intense orgasm. I didn’t want to miss the chance of drinking her cum so I got between her legs and licked everything.

She said “Sonu you are outstanding, for the first time I had an orgasm just getting my nipples sucked”. After I had licked her pussy clean I got back on top and she held my cock guiding it into her pussy.

I said “stop, let me get a condom”, she said “condoms are for Raja”. I asked “are you sure”, she said “yes my darling, now fuck me with your beautiful cock”. I mounted her pushing my cock in her slippery wet pussy fucking her slowly.

I was pulling out till the tip and pushing all the way in every stroke. Neetu was kissing all over my face also moaning between kisses. I have had a girlfriend in the past but fucking my own mom’s pussy felt out of this world.

She opened her legs wider and wrapped them around my butt pulling me deeper in her. I continued fucking for nearly ten minutes and said “I am going to cum”. She said “cum inside your mom’s pussy”.

I continued a few more minutes and released my cum inside her. Neetu said “you are superb; I feel really stupid wasting so many years of my life using my fingers”. I said “you are also fantastic, I never had so much fun before”.

We went to her bathroom and cleaned up. We came back and sat on the sofa naked, Neetu said “I feel like sitting on your lap, do you mind”? I said “no, but why do you even need to ask”? She got up and sat in my lap resting her head on my shoulder.

We continued watching the movie and sipping our beers like this only. Because she was on my lap my cock started getting hard again and she felt it too. Neetu asked “are you in for one more round”?

I said “you are sitting on the answer”, she opened her legs slightly and adjusted her butt to position my cock at her entrance and sat on it. She said “Sonu this feels so good, how I wish I can sit like this forever”.

I said “Neetu be my guest”. One more lovemaking scene started in the movie and Neetu began rocking her butt on my cock watching it. I held her left boob which was closest to me, sucking her nipple while I massaged her other boob.

She started moaning saying “aah Sonu you are really good at this, don’t stop”. Her moans were getting louder as we continued. After ten minutes or so she got up and got on her knees saying “fuck me hard son, fuck the living daylights out of me”.

I came behind her and put my mouth to her pussy licking her honey followed by tongue fucking. She was screaming “aah Sonu, yes keep going. This feels so good aah aah. Don’t stop, don’t stop”.

In the next few minutes her body shook with her orgasm and she collapsed on the sofa panting heavily. I did not stop and continued drinking her nectar which was trickling from her pussy till it stopped.

I made her lay on her chest and got on top pushing my cock in her pussy, she let out a loud aah. I was fucking her slowly because the contractions of her pussy around my cock make it difficult for me to last long inside her.

She was soon moaning loud aahs with every incoming stroke of mine. After approx ten minutes I felt my balls tightening up getting close to cumming, even Neetu was screaming “I am cumming son aah aah, don’t stop aah”.

We both came together while I continued fucking her emptying my balls and even after that till I lost my hardness. I lay on her panting with my cock still buried in her pussy. I was about to get up when she said “please stay, I want to enjoy feeling my son’s cock in my pussy”.

We remained like that for little time while I licked and kissed her back, her neck and her ears. Finally, my cock shrank and slipped out of her pussy and I got up. Neetu flipped over on her back and called me with open arms to get back on her.

I lay on her and we locked in a tight embrace and passionate kissing. Neetu had a satisfied look on her face smiling at me, she said “Sonu I don’t need anyone not even Raja anymore when I have my own stud my own blood who is a rockstar in bed”.

I gave her a quick smooch and said “Neetu I am always going to be with you, even then I want you to continue with Raja and many many more men who have what it takes to make you happy in bed. I want you to make up for lost time while you can”.

Neetu said “why should I when I have you”? I said “let me do the thinking, you just focus on enjoying yourself”. She held my face and gave me a long smooch saying “I will do anything you say, just be there to watch over me”.

We got up and went to her bathroom to clean up. This time she did all the cleaning not letting me do anything. The feeling of your mom’s hands washing your cock is impossible to describe in words.

We came back to the hall and I picked up my clothes, she stopped me saying “lets remain naked”. I said “please wear your clothes, I am ordering food. I don’t want the delivery guy to have a lottery”.

We both laughed and got dressed. She naughtily smiled and said “what if the delivery guy can deliver more than just food”? I said “I am ready for it, are you”? She blushed and nodded her head in negative.

I said “someday in the future yes you can try out all the delivery guys to see which of them really deliver what you need. We still have many bridges to cross before you get there”. Neetu looked at me and blushed like a teenager.

She asked “what does my son have in mind for me? Do you plan to pimp me with all the men you can find”? I said “yes Neetu, but not all men. Only the known and good ones who will treat you with respect and take good care of your needs”.

She said the most surprising thing which I was still very doubtful about, she said “I am game for whatever you plan for me. I know you will always be there to lookout for me and my safety”. I said “Neetu get ready for the wildest ride of your lifetime from now on. Promise me one thing, even after all this we will always be together for the rest of our lives”.

She got up and hugged and smooched me so crazily like it was finally independence day for her. She got on her knees touching her forehead to my feet also kissing it while I tried to stop her but failed miserably.

She looked up at me and said “I will worship you like my god from today. My respect for you has gone thru the roof. I promise to never hurt you and fulfill all your wishes even if I have to die for it”.

I finally managed to pull her up, she hugged me tightly bursting out crying over my shoulder. At this stage I could not do anything except try to pacify her, I said “mom you brought me into this world and took care of me selflessly”.

“I am only trying to give you the happiness you sacrificed for me. I promise I will never put in harms way and will try to make you enjoy everything you deserved but did not get due to circumstances”.

We continued our emotional embrace and she had stopped shedding tears now. She looked at me and said “I never knew I gave birth to my lord from my own womb who will one day show me heaven on earth. Thank You”.

The food delivery guy arrived and we had dinner together. We went to her bedroom and enjoyed one more round of sex and slept in each other’s arms.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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