Encounter with english teacher

Hope you guys like the story ,
Myself Mithun athletic guy studying in class 12 with 7.5 inch penis enough to satisfy any lady.

This story is with my english teacher with stats 38-26-36 she was very fit , everyone in school wants to fuck her , even in her suits her boobs and ass looks amazing.

So one Saturday morning I decided to go to another park for jogging , I saw my teacher there in a sports bra and tight shorts , her cleavage was visible in the attire and she was looking like a sex goddess.

She waved to me and I went near to her after some chat we decided to do workout together, I was her favourite student. We started with warmup while she was jumping her boobs were also bouncing and fighting to come out from that bra when she bent her deep cleavage could be seen , her ass was also tempting my dick to enter and rip it off, bulge could pe seen in my pyjama, now we started to jog and run together all the time I was looking at her bouncing breasts which were looking more fabulous due to sweating and sunlight , suddenly she stopped and yelled , it was a cramp in her back , and couldn’t walk properly, she asked me for favour if I could assist her to her home a street away..

so I carried her like a baby her boobs were crushing over my chest and my hands were on her ass and bare back , when we reached her home I found out that she lives alone , she asked if I could massage her back which I readily agreed , she laid on the bed with her back facing me , i massaged her but her bra strap was irritating me as centre of cramp was there, she said I am comfortable to wear this bra out for comfort, and raised up with her back facing me and removed the bra , i couldn’t see anything but her side boobs , now my sex goddess was lying topless on bed and I was massaging her , now a devil idea came to my mind I started to touch her side boobs with my fingers , they felt soft and she gasped the moan. Suddenly she said stop I was terrified due to my action but she said I feel so relaxed and asked me cup of coffee which I agreed , my god I seen most beautiful set of breasts pink areolas white round stiff breasts with some sweat and was on cloud nine.

She said oops I forgot about my clothing due to your massage to my surprise she didn’t cover herself and said now that you have seen them why to cover them in this scorching heat and told me i also can be comfortable (she meant I could also remove my tshirt) , she tied a pony tail and went to kitchen and I was waiting in bedroom thinking what just happened right now. suddenly I got my name called up she wanted me to get sugar as she could not reach due to her cramp , as her kichen was small to get sugar my dick poked into her soft ass and she responded back with some force , now she served me the coffee , we were having coffee and I was looking at her boobs continuously, she broke the silence with an idea to play truth and dare , she asked me about my girlfriends on first truth and I asked her generic question, suddenly she asked how do yo feel after looking at my boobs , I said these are most beautiful pair of boobs I have ever seen , she blushed, now she gave me dare to remove my layer and be in underwear I did what she said after that I gave dare to spill the coffee on her boobs she did , now she gave me dare to clean it without using hands , I attacked at her breasts with my tongue like a hungry animal , and she was moaning to my actions , next dare she gave me to be nude , i hesitated but do what she said , my wood was saluting to her sexiness and she complimented that someone woody is being happy today and I blushed , I asked her in truth how does my dick felt she said It is long enough to satisfy anyone …

In next dare I told her to be nude and twerk her ass while performing a lap dance for me , she agreed to it and remove her shorts and panty in one go with her ass facing me and started juggling her big round ass and when she faced me i could see her pink tight crack , arousing me , in next truth she asked me if I would like to fuck her , I answered her with a wild kiss at her lips , which she responded well ,I smooched her for good 15 minutes while pressing her boobs with one hand and fingering her cunt with other , she had her orgasm and I drank the juices like hungry dog , now she bent down to suck my dick, her throat was choked with my dick and she was sucking it like a lollipop while playing with my balls , I load my cum into her mouth and she drank it all ..

after sometime of cuddle when my dick was ready I made her in missionary position and started to enter her , my dick was too large for her tight pussy after some thrusts it went in , she was moaning with pain begging me to stop but I was not in the mood to stop and fucked her hard after 5 minutes her pain changed into pleasure and she was moaning my name and begging me to go deeper , we both had orgasm at same time and her pussy was filled with both of our juices and was looking like a creampie , after the 30 minute session we both were so tired that I slept with my dick into her pussy , after we wake up we decided to clean ourselves up so took shower together where I again fucked her , our wet bodies were making sounds and her moans were making it more pleasurable, after that I came home , when she was coming to leave me to door i could see that she couldn’t even walk properly and I kissed her on lips and leave

This was my story of first sex with her , there are many times when I fucked her later , hope you guys enjoyed….

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