When husband is caught, wife consoles young mistress

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Ariel the papergirl hadn’t stayed away for long. She had met Ryan just the morning before, on the day after Thanksgiving. Marie, his sister-in-law, had a house on Ariel’s route, and he was staying there. He’d been alone that morning, and he’d invited Ariel inside when she came by to deliver the paper. He seduced her, but she had let him. It was her first time, and though she’d loved it, it had terrified her. She wanted to come back and do it again, but she was still so scared and shy.

When she finally found the courage to show back up at the house, she didn’t know how to get Ryan’s attention. His wife might be there now, and from the cars in the driveway, it was obvious that at least somebody was there with him. Probably a few people. But she had given her parents an excuse for leaving the house that night, and if she came back too soon, there would be a lot of explaining why, which she just wasn’t ready for. So the tiny, 19 year-old blonde beauty stayed outside Marie’s house, looking at the glow of closed window shades, trying to hear something that might tell her more about the only man who’d ever filled her with hard flesh and hot seed.

The real reason she hung around wasn’t her parents, though. It was because her body ached for more.

It was about forty minutes later when Ariel had talked herself into giving up and just going back home. It was the holiday weekend, after all. Muffled voices from inside proved to her that Ryan wasn’t by himself, and so there was no way for her to see him again. It saddened her deeply, because he would be flying back home soon, back to his life, and she would be left back in hers without him, half a continent away. Sure he was an older man, almost thirty years old, but he was the only man she’d ever had. And right now the only one she ever thought she’d want.

She had just turned her back on the house when the hum and rattle of the automatic garage door broke the silence of the chilly Nevada night. Ariel hid behind a car parked at the end of Marie’s driveway and hoped whoever was coming out wasn’t doing so to use that car.

She heard footsteps coming toward her, and before she could think to hide or run, she looked up and saw Ryan carrying a bag of trash toward the garbage can at the curb just feet away. He didn’t see her until he’d deposited it, turned around, and–

“Ariel!” he whispered in surprise.

He looked around, seeming more nervous than even she. But after seeing nobody, he relaxed and came toward her. Neither needed to speak. They both knew what the other wanted. Ryan took her hand and led her quietly up the driveway, into the one-car garage. Marie’s red Charger was in there, filling most of the space. Ryan closed the garage door, then after briefly going into the house to check on “the others”, Ryan came back to Ariel in the garage and told her everything would be all right. The others were going to bed.

He found a welcome mat, dropped it on the floor before him, then unfastened his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. She took the hint and lowered herself to her knees on the mat. She gently and slowly grasped his big, heavy cock and touched it to her face, warming herself with the heat, feeling it grow hard against her. She nuzzled her nose into his sack, then stuck out her tongue and licked at the two great, heavy balls. Soon she was sucking them, slowly but hard. She placed one hand on his ass, and used the other to gently stroke him. The garage was dead silent, so all she could hear were his soft moans and the wet sounds she made with her mouth against him.

He put a hand on her head, running his fingers through her hair.

The first time she’d sucked his cock, Ariel had gone more than ten minutes. This time she spent that long just sucking his balls. Ryan’s cock produced so much pre-cum that it had dripped down his shaft and rubbed off onto her nose, lips, or forehead as she teased and gulped at his testicles. And thanks to her additional hand-job, his cock was completely coated in the pre-cum by the time she licked and then wrapped her lips around it.

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