When husband is caught, wife consoles young mistress

Ariel the papergirl hadn’t stayed away for long. She had met Ryan just the morning before, on the day after Thanksgiving. Marie, his sister-in-law, had a house on Ariel’s route, and he was staying there. He’d been alone that morning, and he’d invited Ariel inside when she came by to deliver the paper. He seduced her, but she had let him. It was her first time, and though she’d loved it, it had terrified her. She wanted to come back and do it again, but she was still so scared and shy.

When she finally found the courage to show back up at the house, she didn’t know how to get Ryan’s attention. His wife might be there now, and from the cars in the driveway, it was obvious that at least somebody was there with him. Probably a few people. But she had given her parents an excuse for leaving the house that night, and if she came back too soon, there would be a lot of explaining why, which she just wasn’t ready for. So the tiny, 19 year-old blonde beauty stayed outside Marie’s house, looking at the glow of closed window shades, trying to hear something that might tell her more about the only man who’d ever filled her with hard flesh and hot seed.

The real reason she hung around wasn’t her parents, though. It was because her body ached for more.

It was about forty minutes later when Ariel had talked herself into giving up and just going back home. It was the holiday weekend, after all. Muffled voices from inside proved to her that Ryan wasn’t by himself, and so there was no way for her to see him again. It saddened her deeply, because he would be flying back home soon, back to his life, and she would be left back in hers without him, half a continent away. Sure he was an older man, almost thirty years old, but he was the only man she’d ever had. And right now the only one she ever thought she’d want.

She had just turned her back on the house when the hum and rattle of the automatic garage door broke the silence of the chilly Nevada night. Ariel hid behind a car parked at the end of Marie’s driveway and hoped whoever was coming out wasn’t doing so to use that car.

She heard footsteps coming toward her, and before she could think to hide or run, she looked up and saw Ryan carrying a bag of trash toward the garbage can at the curb just feet away. He didn’t see her until he’d deposited it, turned around, and–

“Ariel!” he whispered in surprise.

He looked around, seeming more nervous than even she. But after seeing nobody, he relaxed and came toward her. Neither needed to speak. They both knew what the other wanted. Ryan took her hand and led her quietly up the driveway, into the one-car garage. Marie’s red Charger was in there, filling most of the space. Ryan closed the garage door, then after briefly going into the house to check on “the others”, Ryan came back to Ariel in the garage and told her everything would be all right. The others were going to bed.

He found a welcome mat, dropped it on the floor before him, then unfastened his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. She took the hint and lowered herself to her knees on the mat. She gently and slowly grasped his big, heavy cock and touched it to her face, warming herself with the heat, feeling it grow hard against her. She nuzzled her nose into his sack, then stuck out her tongue and licked at the two great, heavy balls. Soon she was sucking them, slowly but hard. She placed one hand on his ass, and used the other to gently stroke him. The garage was dead silent, so all she could hear were his soft moans and the wet sounds she made with her mouth against him.

He put a hand on her head, running his fingers through her hair.

The first time she’d sucked his cock, Ariel had gone more than ten minutes. This time she spent that long just sucking his balls. Ryan’s cock produced so much pre-cum that it had dripped down his shaft and rubbed off onto her nose, lips, or forehead as she teased and gulped at his testicles. And thanks to her additional hand-job, his cock was completely coated in the pre-cum by the time she licked and then wrapped her lips around it.

She felt talented and inexperienced at the same time. Her sucking method, like before, was peculiar but mind-blowing. It was more like she was kissing him, heavy on a swirling tongue, than she was sucking. She didn’t bob her head, but moved it back and forth on him slowly. And there was the occasional scrape of her teeth, but she was so gentle it tickled him more than anything, heightening Ryan’s pleasure. Her lips and tongue were also very wet. Saliva dripped from her chin and his shaft steadily. Ryan had only experienced that before with very wild blow-jobs, but Ariel was so slow and gentle and yet producing the same effect.

She made little cooing noises as she sucked, letting him know that she was enjoying this, too, and not just going through the motions. Even wilder than that was that she never took her lips off of him, not to take a breath or even to just give him a lick. Ariel had her lips fused to his cock the whole time. It was the second blow-job she’d ever given, and Ryan had gotten so many he’d lost count, but this was the first one he could describe as perfect. That was saying a lot, because his wife, Melanie, was excellent at giving head. Little Ariel, however, sucked him in such a way that gave him the most pleasure possible. She kept him at the edge without pushing him over. And as he urged her on with the obligatory gasps of “Yes, baby”, “Oh God”, and “Fuck, that feels so good”, she kept it up for an astonishing forty minutes.

Though Ryan’s pleasure was at the forefront of her mind, Ariel was getting off on sucking him this way, too. He tasted so strong and masculine, but it was the soft yet rigid sensation of his cock that she hungered for most. It just felt right in her mouth, and her tongued seemed to know exactly what to do all on its own, and so she let it. As she stimulated him, it was his erection that stimulated her right back. She had several mini-orgasms just making love to his penis with her mouth. She felt her own wetness eventually drip down her thighs.

By the time she released him, Ryan’s body had been so tense for so long that he literally crumpled to the garage floor just to catch his breath and regain some strength. The only part of him that didn’t feel weak was, somehow, his cock, which still strained as much as it had when Ariel first placed her mouth on it almost an hour ago. And it was straining for even more attention.

Sitting up on his elbows on the cold floor, Ryan pulled Ariel on top of him. He helped her off with her shirt and bra and directed his cock between her tiny breasts. Already well-lubed from the blow-job, he stroked himself against her A-cups. Being so small, this was not the best titty-fuck Ryan had ever had, but it was enough to get him moaning. And soon his hands were taking over, guiding her head back down to his crotch, desperate for the sensation of her tongue on him again. She nibbled at his head, then sucked him, really bobbing this time. Of course, this time he was guiding her with his hands on the back of her head. Together they picked up speed and depth, until soon he was fucking her face at a rapid pace, and he was drilling into her tiny, tight little throat. Ariel gagged and coughed, but she didn’t stop.

Ryan was ready to cum, and he would’ve love nothing more than to shoot off into that warm, wet mouth of hers, but he wanted this to last, and with the Thanksgiving vacation ending soon, he knew if he didn’t fuck her tonight, he might never get the chance again.

He reluctantly let her up, then picked her up and practically dropped her on the hood of Marie’s Charger. He took off her shoes, socks, and pants. His cock raged the whole time. He rubbed it against her thigh once her pants were off, then after ripping her panties away, rubbed it against her bushy little pussy. She spread her legs wide for him, and he pulled her down to the edge of the hood so he could enter her. They were both so wet that he slid rather quickly considering how impossibly tight she was.

Once inside, Ryan could barely move. He waited for her to adjust to him, leaning over and kissing her, playing with her nipples, running his hands all over her, but not pumping. When she was ready, she started grinding her hips, but Ryan quickly took over. Ariel was just too tight and hot and wet. Grunting, he fucked her quickly and hard, getting in ten strokes more than he thought possible, and then another twenty. He knew he’d cum any second. Ariel whispered to him as she watched his face contort with pleasure, but he couldn’t hear her. He grabbed her thighs, lifted and spread them, and pounded away into the 19 year old box. She was so small, under 5 foot and 90 pounds, that he imagined his big cock must have reached her stomach each time he drove home.

She reacted with desperate gasps and by clawing at the hood of the shaking and even squeaking car. She bit her lower lip, and her tiny tits jiggled. Her mouth continued to whisper words to Ryan that he couldn’t hear over his own heavy breathing. Finally she put a hand to her clit and attacked it, arched her back on the hood of the car, and sucked in deep breaths as she tried to make herself climax.

Ryan beat her to it. He growled and barked as he slammed into her a few last times before pulling out and jerking himself off over her pussy. One, two, then three thick ropes of white cum spit all the way to her forehead and left a fully connected, intertwining trail down her neck, across her breasts, over her flat tummy, and ending in the furry bush hiding her engorged clit. Two of the streams landed over both her eyebrows and eyelids, ran down either side of her nose, and crossed at her lips. One of them started in her hair over her left ear and ran down her cheek.

A burst of sperm droplets followed, covering all the areas in between from her head to her hips. Ryan was screaming through clenched teeth the whole time, his fist tight on his cock as it spewed ninety-minute’s worth of built up spunk. He came for so long that some of his jizz had run along Ariel’s ribs and dribbled down the hood of the Charger while he was still spewing.

The whole time the cum was raining down on her, Ariel reacted as if she didn’t even know it was happening. Still rubbing furiously at her clit, Ariel’s hand and forearm were also covered with cum, but she needed her own climax, and the sperm shower she’d just gotten wasn’t about to slow her down. She wasn’t exactly close to orgasm–being fucked on the hood of the car had been fun but also painful as her sweaty skin kept sticking to and pulling at the metal, but she was afraid if she stopped touching herself now she might never get back to this point. She tensed her body, then used the cum on her fingers to lube her clit. She looked to Ryan one last time before closing her eyes, and saw that he was still jerking himself, though no longer shooting cum.

But…Oh God.

There was something else she’d seen. Ariel opened her eyes back up and looked over Ryan’s shoulder. No sooner had she identified the woman standing there as Melanie, Ryan’s wife, when Melanie finally announced her presence.

“What the fuck is this?” She sounded pissed but she wasn’t screaming. Probably didn’t want to alert the others in the house. Ariel adored her for that, even though she expected this woman to tear her life apart at any second.

Ryan jumped back and turned around, fumbling to form words and not able to take his eyes off his wife’s accusing glare. Not that words would have helped. Though Ryan was tall and well built, and Melanie was only a couple inches taller and a few pounds heavier than tiny Ariel, Melanie was suddenly the most imposing woman either of them had ever seen. Ryan cowered like a dog with its tail between its legs. Ariel simply felt awful, guilty, and wished herself dead. She hadn’t even considered what would happen when her parents found out. Being caught with another woman’s man was terrible enough. She couldn’t believe she’d let herself do this. She’d never forgive herself.

Ryan was still trying to get out his first word when Ariel started crying out apologies. The tears were there so fast it was as if her eyes had burst open like water balloons.

“I’m so sorry! Oh God, I’m so sorry!”

Melanie ignored Ariel and fixed her eyes on Ryan. She chewed him out, saying she knew he was scum but she never thought he was so bad that he had to go after children.

Stupidly, Ryan’s first words to come out were to correct Melanie and tell her that Ariel wasn’t a child; she was nineteen.

That only set off Melanie again, and she attacked him with a barrage of insults and threats. Ryan learned his lesson, shut up, and lowered his head, just taking it. Ariel covered her face with her hands, still crying but too overwhelmed to move. Her cum-covered body was still splayed out on the hood of the Charger. If she hadn’t felt so terrible, she might have thought to cover herself.

Melanie sent Ryan away, throwing his pants at him as he left the garage and into the house. Ryan closed the door behind him. Ariel couldn’t hear what they’d said as they’d parted because her own sobs were too loud. Yet as soon as Ryan was gone, Ariel managed to stop herself from crying. She knew that it was her turn to face what was coming to her, and it was only fair that she give Melanie her undivided attention.

But when Ariel’s eyes focused through her tears, she saw Melanie come at her not with a fist or an insult but a box of Kleenex.

“Don’t let him make you feel this way,” she said. She took a wad of Kleenex and wiped at Ariel’s eyes with them. “I know this wasn’t your fault, Ariel.”

Being recognized almost made Ariel feel worse. She had met Melanie briefly a few times before, but had hoped the connection wouldn’t be made. Yet Melanie wasn’t diminishing her, and odd as that was, it helped.

“I’m sorry I called you a child. I know you’re not.”

Ariel pleaded apologies again.

“You made a mistake. That’s okay. But I know how Ryan can be. And I know how you are.” Melanie looked down at Ariel frankly. “This wasn’t your idea, was it?”

Ariel answered by explaining how she’d met Ryan. She didn’t think her answer would help her own skin, but she wanted Melanie to know the truth. When she was done, she added that she didn’t know why she did this because she knew it was wrong, and she apologized for ruining Melanie’s marriage.

But Melanie smiled, sat down on the hood of the car beside her, and shook her head.

“You didn’t ruin anything, Ariel. Ryan has cheated on me before, and he will again. And I’ve cheated on him. Many times. We both know we do it, but we don’t talk about it. I know it’s weird, but that’s just how our marriage works.”

“But you were so mad at him…”

“Because he shouldn’t have done it with you. I know you’re inexperienced. You’re innocent. And Ryan is a great lover, but he’s not the kind of guy you should have as your first.”

“He was good to me.”

Melanie shook her head. “Not from what I saw. I was there long enough to hear you telling him you wanted him to lick you, and then that you wanted to cum. And if I could hear it, then he should have, but he was selfish. He didn’t mean it, but he was using you, Ariel. And that was what made me mad. Well, that and the fact that he was stupid enough to get caught. If I don’t see it, that’s one thing…”

“He was nice to me the first time,” Ariel said quietly, not sure why she was defending Ryan, because Melanie was right. Ryan had been selfish. She’d sucked him for so long, and all he wanted was more. And when he fucked her, he paid no attention to her needs. He came all over her without giving her pleasure a second thought. She didn’t want to admit it at the time, but she had felt used. And Melanie understood completely.

“It’s easy to get attached to your first lover,” Melanie said, now stroking her fingers through Ariel’s blonde curls. “But that makes it easy for them to take advantage if they don’t care enough or understand.”

Ariel nodded. She still had a swarm of butterflies in her tummy, but her tears had dried up, and she actually felt really good. She loved Melanie for being so kind and understanding, because whether Ryan was allowed to cheat or not, Ariel didn’t feel she deserved such nice treatment. There was no reason for Melanie to care. It was just who she was.

“Does the cum bother you?” Melanie said, looking softly into Ariel’s eyes, still stroking her hair.

Ariel sat up a little on her elbows and looked down over herself. The cum was literally everywhere. “Yeah, I guess I should go.”

“No,” Melanie said, putting a hand on Ariel’s chest, touching cum. “You don’t have to go. I just wanted to know if you wanted me to clean you up. Some girls don’t like having sperm all over them.”

Ariel wasn’t sure what to say. No, the cum didn’t bother her. It was actually still a little warm, and now that she didn’t fear for her life, the sensation of it all over her was making her a little wet. But obviously it was time for her to go now, so of course she wanted to clean it up.

“I don’t mind it. But you don’t have to help me clean up. I can do it.”

Melanie ran her hand from Ariel’s chest to the side of her breast, her fingertips just missing Ariel’s nipple. Cum smeared in her hands’ wake. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” she asked.

Ariel followed Melanie’s eyes to her own bushy vagina. Before she could ask what Melanie meant, she knew. She just couldn’t believe it.

“Do you still want to cum?”

Melanie ran her fingers through the cum on Ariel’s body, moving down her side and then over her hips, stopping with a fingertip directly on Ariel’s clit. Ariel stiffened with pleasure. It felt so good, having pressure there from another person, that Ariel didn’t care that it was a woman. Melanie had been so good to her thus far, and now she was offering to help where Ryan hadn’t. It didn’t seem gay. Just one woman helping another.

Ariel took a deep breath. She felt her nipples growing hard. She didn’t think she’d last long anyway, so why not? “Yes…”

Melanie began rubbing Ariel’s clit, first with just a delicate finger, than with a rougher hand. Ariel spread her thighs and closed her eyes, trying to reach climax as soon as possible so she could get out of Melanie’s way. The woman had done so much for her already, she didn’t want to burden her. But Ariel couldn’t ignore how good Melanie’s touch felt, either, and how much she wanted it to last.

“Does that feel good?” Melanie asked.

“Mmmm, yes,” Ariel replied.

“Are you close to cumming?”

Ariel felt good, but not that good, and the shake-up from earlier had definitely hurt her drive. “No, not yet. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. You don’t have to be close. I can make this last, if you want. How long did you suck him?” Ariel wasn’t sure, but she told Melanie when they’d started up, which, she was surprised to find, had been almost two hours ago.

“My God,” Melanie gasped. “You’re a very special young woman. Ryan definitely doesn’t deserve you.”

Ariel said nothing.

“I can try to make you last that long. Do you want that?”

Ariel bit her lip, her eyes still closed. “Yeah…”

Melanie rubbed Ariel’s clit for several minutes, alternating speed, pressure, and occasionally dipping her fingers in cum to lube up. It all worked up Ariel into an area she’d never reached before, even during that first time with Ryan. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and she didn’t want it to stop. She grabbed Melanie’s arm tight with both hands as a signal to keep going.

“Oh God,” Ariel gasped. “Oh my–” and then she was cut off by a slow, soft kiss that came out of nowhere but was easily welcomed. Ariel’s first instinct would have been to open her eyes in shock if she hadn’t already been fantasizing about the kiss, and so when she got what she wanted, she was more than ready to kiss back. It was a lover’s kiss, soft and sweet, tongues making love instead of wrestling, lips molding together instead of smacking. Ariel tasted Ryan’s cum from her own lips, and became thrilled at the knowledge that Melanie must have tasted it, too.

Melanie stopped frigging Ariel’s clit and dipped a finger inside the young girl’s pussy, fucking her tight, wet box deep and slow. Ariel’s ultra strong muscles gripped her finger, locking her inside and sucking her all the way in to the last knuckle.

They moaned together.

Melanie ran her hand through Ariel’s hair more urgently, holding the girl’s head and pulling her deeper into the kiss. Ariel reached around Melanie’s body and held her. She ran her hands up and down along Melanie’s back.

When Melanie finally broke the kiss, the women’s lips parted as if in ultra slow motion. But their eyes locked, wide and disbelieving and excited. Ariel tried to pull Melanie back for another kiss, but Melanie evaded, going instead for the girl’s cheek where her husband’s cum clung in thick droplets. Melanie licked the cum up slowly, making the movement of her tongue on Ariel’s cheek lingering and sensual.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he?” Melanie said. “Did you take it in your mouth…before?”

Ariel nodded. “I liked it,” she said, barely a whisper.

Melanie pulled her finger out from Ariel’s pussy and brought it to her mouth. She licked her finger, tasting.

“I think you taste even better,” Melanie said. She offered her finger to Ariel, who took it and sucked like a baby on a nipple. When Melanie pulled it away, the women shared another, brief kiss. Then Melanie asked, “Can I taste more?”

Ariel nodded, holding her breath. Melanie ran her hands down across Ariel’s breasts and tummy, rubbing and smearing all of Ryan’s spunk into her soft, white skin. Melanie followed with her lips, making her way down with gentle kisses on Ariel’s little breasts, then between them, all the way down to her belly button where a small pool of cum had collected. Melanie slurped it out quietly, then moved further south until her lips entered the curly patch of Ariel’s blonde, cum-soaked pubic hair.

Melanie made as if the cum was a feast, and she was starving. She sucked and slurped at the cum, but was careful not to touch Ariel’s clit too much or too directly. She didn’t want the little beauty climaxing. Not yet. Not for a long time. Once the girl’s bush had been cleaned of jizz, Melanie dipped lower, bumped her nose against Ariel’s clit, and then slid her tongue forward, forcing into Ariel’s cunt. She smelled and tasted so fresh and delicious that Melanie lost control for a moment and began eating her out fast and hard. She stopped only when Ariel called out in pleasure, remembering then that this needed to last. But teasing Ariel’s mouth-watering pussy was as much torture for Melanie as it was for Ariel, because all Melanie wanted to do was dive in.

“My God, Ariel,” Melanie said with her lips pressed flush to Ariel’s pussy. “You have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted. My God. My God!”

And Melanie meant it, too. She could barely contain herself. Not only did the little cunt taste great, but it was so smooth and soft, like a rare, priceless fruit. Melanie didn’t mind the little blonde bush, but she knew if Ariel shaved herself bare, she’d be even more of a treat. Melanie was only 25, but she wondered if Ariel seemed so amazing because her pussy was six years younger than her, and Melanie had never had a lover that much younger before. But that didn’t seem likely. If every nineteen year old girl had a pussy this outstanding, Melanie would have known about it before now.

Ariel had never thought pleasure of this magnitude was even possible. The tongue in her vagina triggered a throbbing Heaven that swarmed throughout her entire body, all the way down to the tips of her toes. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She arched her back and pushed her hips to Melanie’s face. But the sticky hood of the car was still causing some discomfort. Ariel almost didn’t want to move, because if she got more comfortable, she might orgasm and the night would end soon after. But as much pleasure as she was getting, the young girl was eager for more, more, more.

“Can we go somewhere…softer?” Ariel gasped.

Melanie’s only verbal response was an excited moan, but her physical response was much more complete. She pried her mouth from between Ariel’s legs, then threw herself on top of the girl, kissing her full and hard and hugging her arms around her. Ariel kissed and hugged her back, and during this embrace Melanie began to pull Ariel up off the hood, first getting her to her feet, then awkwardly walking her to the back door of the car. She threw the door open, let the naked Ariel fall in across the backseat, then began tearing off her own clothes.

Melanie couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She’d had sex with other women before, but doing this with Ariel made those other experiences feel almost routine. Melanie was shaking with the pent up sexual need and the excitement and the fear as if this was her first time, and though she couldn’t understand why Ariel was making her feel this way, she absolutely loved it. She couldn’t recall ever being so sexually primed before. She’d always been the one in control, and though even now she was still the aggressor, Melanie’s head was clearly being led by her body. The seconds it took her to tear off her shirt and bra were torture. She needed to touch Ariel so badly that she grabbed the young girl’s beautiful little foot with one hand and licked it while her other hand tugged at her own pants.

When she was finally naked, Melanie felt cold because of the air around her, but she was sweating from the rushed effort, and as soon as climbed in the back seat a sudden fire enveloped her. While Ariel had waited, she’d been stretching like a cat, twisting and turning in sexual hunger, frustration, and need. But as soon as Melanie was on top of her, the women hugged with fervor. Their hands searched everywhere, never as satisfied with where they were as where they could be.

They made out with more enthusiasm then even the most passionate of teenage lovers. Melanie fed off Ariel’s ears, neck, and then her small breasts, worshipping them with her mouth and wetting them with her saliva. She hooked her toes around the handle of the open door and pulled it shut, trapping them in the car but giving herself a platform on which to plant her feet as she pushed up and offered her own small breasts to Ariel.

Taking another woman’s breast between her lips should have been a major moment for Ariel, and in a way it was. She thought nothing of the taboo aspect of the act, but was overwhelmed by how right it felt and was surprised at how she seemed to feel the pleasure she was giving Melanie in her own body. The harder Ariel sucked Melanie’s nipples, the more her own nipples and pussy throbbed. She humped her dripping crotch on Melanie’s smooth thigh to feed this, but as good as it all felt, nothing was enough.

Melanie rubbed her own wet cunt against Ariel’s narrow hips, but as good as that felt, the lips at her nipples were the greater cause of her ecstasy. Melanie’s nipples had always been sensitive–she could climax from having them sucked–but the way they felt now was indescribable. The fire in her breasts had never been this intense. She should have reached orgasm long ago. But Ariel was somehow bringing the more experienced woman to levels she’d never known, and best of all, she was keeping her there.

Soon the car was shaking, squeaking, and the interior was fogging up so thickly that the women inside, if they’d bothered to look, wouldn’t have been able to see through the windows. The humidity pouring from their own bodies made the girls’ hair wet, and it clung to their faces or to each other as they kissed, licked, hugged, and humped.

They made love like this for too long; their bodies became tired from being so tense for such a long time, and they’d sweated themselves into dehydration. But they had no plans to stop, and maybe never would have if their clits hadn’t bumped while they were switching thighs to hump. The sensation of feeling clit on clit was more than a spark; more like a transformer exploding, and suddenly their pussies were grinding together almost violently. Together they worked with all their energy toward reaching an orgasm so high and so pure that they were actually afraid of what would happen when it hit.

And then it did hit, overtaking Ariel a split second before Melanie. If their bodies had taken over before, now their bodies didn’t even belong to them. The girls attacked each other and yet flailed about as if they were drowning and desperate to escape the car. There was no control over limbs, or even over the sounds they screamed at the top of their lungs. While Ariel momentarily forgot how to breathe, Melanie told herself that she wanted to kiss the young girl, but her brain was too overloaded to act.

After some time, a length of which neither girl would be able to recall, Melanie collapsed on Ariel, who lay limply beneath her new lover. They took their time catching their breath, but by the time they did, they’d fallen fast asleep.

Melanie had awoken to the sight of many lovers, but when she opened her eyes hours later and saw Ariel standing just outside the car getting dressed, there was something very, very different about it. Melanie had always been in control before. Even is she relinquished it, she was just playing a role. But she was always the one to reach reality first. She was always satisfied.

Tonight was different. She felt a chill that was more than the cool night air that had crept into the garage as she watched Ariel prepare to leave. And she saw the same feeling in Ariel’s face and body language as she hesitated to put on her little bra and tiny panties. The sex had been everything and more, and yet for the first time it wasn’t enough. Melanie didn’t just want another round with Ariel. She wanted Ariel period, and could think of nothing else.

It wasn’t a need for pleasure, either, but as if Ariel was a piece of a puzzle, and Melanie could not exist without her. It was a feeling different than lust or love. It was a feeling of helplessness, of needing rescued. And because it was a feeling completely new to Melanie, it was total confusion. She panicked when she realized that Ariel wasn’t just going home, but that Ariel’s home was here, a thousand miles away from Melanie’s home.

And Melanie wouldn’t be able to take the girl with her.

Melanie got out of the car and approached Ariel slowly. “You don’t have to go. You can stay with me tonight.”

“I can’t. My parents are already going to be mad at me. I have to get home. I should’ve been there three hours ago.”

But as she said this, Ariel realized it didn’t matter. She was in trouble one way or another. She’d have to lie, of course, but that meant she had to come up with a good enough story. She needed time for that. More importantly, she needed Melanie. She had to say no to this invitation, but she couldn’t.

“If I stay,” Ariel whispered, her mind racing through scenarios that shocked her, “can we forgive Ryan?”

Melanie immediately knew what Ariel was driving at. Ordinarily the prospect would’ve bothered her. But Melanie was so enamored with this young woman that the idea of giving her what she wanted, of pleasuring her in a new way, was beyond thrilling.

“For you?” Melanie said as she kissed Ariel softly on the lips. “Anything.”

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