Wolf girl sets her sights on her own family

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Wolf girl sets her sights on her own family – Conquest of the Seed and the Knot

Everything was prepared. The stage had been set, precautions had been taken and the plan was underway. All that was left was for the morning to play out just as Vrak’s expected it to.

At 6 and half foot of height, Vrak’s was actually a sterling example of a Gray Wolf, one with actual gray fur! Her feet and arms were strong, muscled underneath their fur, enough to make her one of the leading girls in the girl’s boxing club. Her hips and breasts were wide and bountiful, enough to make her one of the most sought after girls at school. And her teeth and claws were large and sharp, enough to make her one of the most intimidating individuals in her year.

But it was the hidden that was the most impressive about her, her mind that was going to put her in the valedictorian class of her school. Her drive, which had made her go and make a success of one of the scraps from her father’s table of jobs. And her libido, which was going to do something many would have been horrified by, but just as many would have only dreamed of.

And then there was the unknown. The things about her that gave her an edge over others that no one else knew about. Like her hunger, which didn’t care about the taboo. Or greed, which wanted what belonged to others. Or her huge futa cock, which she planned to judiciously use in the future.

All of these things combined made the 18 year old a wolfess that could not but succeed.

She was, after all, her father’s daughter.

By the time her parents and sister got up from bed to go eat something at the breakfast table, Vrak’s already had it set up, hot food for a cold morning for her father, stepmother and half-sister.

“Vrak, furry girl, what’s all this about?” Her Gray Wolf of a father yawned, revealing meat ripping teeth that never failed to make Vrak’s proud.

“Can’t I just treat my family to breakfast once in a while?” She asked, giving her father her widest grin. He flatly looked at her, knowing something was up.

“I’ve never seen you do anything on a whim,” Her father stated before he looked down at his wife, “But you’ve spent more time with her Hina, back me up here.”

“Y-yeah, t-that’s right,” Hina murmured, not looking entirely fine. Point in fact, Vrak’s mother looked outright sick, with a pale tint the skin not covered by her brown fur, a red flush going around her neck and her eyes almost dilated to a pin.

She was shivering as if the very air sent needles into her skin.

Being that she was a 5 foot 8 inch Kitsune, with large ears and a very fluffy tail, the effect was noticeable.

Vrak’s smile at the sight; She had done that.

“H-hey, Vrak’s a good person! She does do good things just because!” Her younger sister, Vika, by 8 months came to her defense. Being a half wolf, half fox hybrid, she shared traits from both her father and mother that made her seem either like a foxy wolf or wolfy fox. Hard to say what it was when her gray tail was fluffy like a fox but her ears were smaller and triangular like a wolf’s.

And she too was shivering, slightly sick but not to the degree of their mother.

“Hmm,” Vic murmured as he looked at his wife and daughter, “Is there a bug going around? You girls look worse than you did yesterday.”

“I think I am getting better,” Vika said as she sat down at the table. And she really had: Vrak had stopped experimenting on her a few days ago. Her early onset estrus should be calming down by now.

“And you?” Vic asked his wife, who only shook her head.

“Just an early estrus is all,” She told him with a faint smile. Vrak had to stop herself from chortling. She had done far, far more than just inflict an early estrus on her step mother!

“Well, sorry for not being able to help you with it,” Vrak’s father scratched his head.

“It’s alright, you just got her yesterday, you were tired,” Hina gracefully allowed, even as sick as she looked. That was one of the things Vrak loved about her stepmother; her poise under pressure.

Oh how she longed to break it.

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