Wolf girl sets her sights on her own family

Wolf girl sets her sights on her own family – Conquest of the Seed and the Knot

Everything was prepared. The stage had been set, precautions had been taken and the plan was underway. All that was left was for the morning to play out just as Vrak’s expected it to.

At 6 and half foot of height, Vrak’s was actually a sterling example of a Gray Wolf, one with actual gray fur! Her feet and arms were strong, muscled underneath their fur, enough to make her one of the leading girls in the girl’s boxing club. Her hips and breasts were wide and bountiful, enough to make her one of the most sought after girls at school. And her teeth and claws were large and sharp, enough to make her one of the most intimidating individuals in her year.

But it was the hidden that was the most impressive about her, her mind that was going to put her in the valedictorian class of her school. Her drive, which had made her go and make a success of one of the scraps from her father’s table of jobs. And her libido, which was going to do something many would have been horrified by, but just as many would have only dreamed of.

And then there was the unknown. The things about her that gave her an edge over others that no one else knew about. Like her hunger, which didn’t care about the taboo. Or greed, which wanted what belonged to others. Or her huge futa cock, which she planned to judiciously use in the future.

All of these things combined made the 18 year old a wolfess that could not but succeed.

She was, after all, her father’s daughter.

By the time her parents and sister got up from bed to go eat something at the breakfast table, Vrak’s already had it set up, hot food for a cold morning for her father, stepmother and half-sister.

“Vrak, furry girl, what’s all this about?” Her Gray Wolf of a father yawned, revealing meat ripping teeth that never failed to make Vrak’s proud.

“Can’t I just treat my family to breakfast once in a while?” She asked, giving her father her widest grin. He flatly looked at her, knowing something was up.

“I’ve never seen you do anything on a whim,” Her father stated before he looked down at his wife, “But you’ve spent more time with her Hina, back me up here.”

“Y-yeah, t-that’s right,” Hina murmured, not looking entirely fine. Point in fact, Vrak’s mother looked outright sick, with a pale tint the skin not covered by her brown fur, a red flush going around her neck and her eyes almost dilated to a pin.

She was shivering as if the very air sent needles into her skin.

Being that she was a 5 foot 8 inch Kitsune, with large ears and a very fluffy tail, the effect was noticeable.

Vrak’s smile at the sight; She had done that.

“H-hey, Vrak’s a good person! She does do good things just because!” Her younger sister, Vika, by 8 months came to her defense. Being a half wolf, half fox hybrid, she shared traits from both her father and mother that made her seem either like a foxy wolf or wolfy fox. Hard to say what it was when her gray tail was fluffy like a fox but her ears were smaller and triangular like a wolf’s.

And she too was shivering, slightly sick but not to the degree of their mother.

“Hmm,” Vic murmured as he looked at his wife and daughter, “Is there a bug going around? You girls look worse than you did yesterday.”

“I think I am getting better,” Vika said as she sat down at the table. And she really had: Vrak had stopped experimenting on her a few days ago. Her early onset estrus should be calming down by now.

“And you?” Vic asked his wife, who only shook her head.

“Just an early estrus is all,” She told him with a faint smile. Vrak had to stop herself from chortling. She had done far, far more than just inflict an early estrus on her step mother!

“Well, sorry for not being able to help you with it,” Vrak’s father scratched his head.

“It’s alright, you just got her yesterday, you were tired,” Hina gracefully allowed, even as sick as she looked. That was one of the things Vrak loved about her stepmother; her poise under pressure.

Oh how she longed to break it.

“Well anyway,” Vic said as he took a seat with his wife, “What’s the play here Vrak? Want to bribe me for supplies? Maybe want me to send some help your way? Cause if you do…it’s working.”

Vrak smile at her father, “Nah dad, the storefront is fine.”

“Well,” Vic said as he chewed on some egg, “If you say so.”

Vic was a rich and successful Wolf, one who had married and impregnated Hina as soon as Vrak’s mother had died in childbirth. And why shouldn’t he? Hina’s family were loaded after all. Years later people still scoffed at it, whispering that he had been having an affair with Hina even as Vrak’s mother was giving birth to her. Vrak herself didn’t particularly care if that was the truth. Why shouldn’t her father discard what wasn’t useful anymore?

But as much as he may have wanted to just give his business to his children, even he had to justify to his board the capability of the fruit of his knot. Hence the small store front he had bought for Vrak to man while she was in school. Just a little something he could present to the board to get his daughter in place.

What he didn’t know was that the storefront was already in the black for the year, and had been a few months into the teen wolf manning it the year before. It sold to people still, sure, but the futa wolf girl had connived to make it something of a distribution center for bigger stores, wedging herself as middle man that only had to flag her shipments to the “right customer”. Which meant she didn’t really have to be there at all after all.

She would give her father back a profitable business, but not the one he had given her. But that was beside the point.

The point was that this breakfast did have an ulterior purpose.

“However,” Vrak said as she picked her own fork, “I am being told that the health inspector didn’t like how few restrooms it had. Something about the two restrooms in it not being big enough for a store it’s size.”

“Oh?” Vic said with a raised eyebrow, “did he now?”

The inspector was an old known item to them both, someone who Vic paid a lot over the years to look the other way. The fact that he had made a stink about the restrooms in a building barely bigger than the living area in their house just meant that he wanted another injection of cash, but it was at least something they knew would happen from time to time..

Vrak could have paid him off herself if she was going to be honest, but he presented an opportunity too good to pass up. Because…

“Well honey, I do believe I am going to be missing for a few days,” Vic told his wife as he finished his breakfast.

“What?” Hina screeched with alarm, before schooling features into something more graceful, “I mean, with the way I am feeling now, some time alone would-“

“-Honey,” Vic stopped his wife cold, “I know what you are saying, but this is our furry girl we are talking about. You can hold out for a few days, right?”

“…I suppose,” Hina grumbled as her husband cleaned himself and went to get ready.

When it came down to it, Vic was a wolf that hated to be idle. He hated to relax when there was work to be done. It was one of the things that had made him such a success, but it also meant that he only took vacation time to be with his family because it was expected of him.

And Vrak had just handed him an excuse to avoid that.

“I am going to invite the inspector to see all of our facilities,” Vic told them as he got into his suit and picked up his things, “Should only take two days I think? Don’t wait for me!”

And then he was gone, leaving his wife and daughter to sullenly look at his retreating back. His lifestyle hit them the worst, but Vrak had always had her head on the game to hate him for it. Rather, she took it as an inspiration!

“I swear, I could get a boyfriend or knocked up and he wouldn’t notice. Am I just invincible or what?” Vika grumbled as she finished her own breakfast.

“Nonsense sis,” Vrak chuckled as she reach out and cleaned a crumble from the corner of her lip, “You are far too pretty for that.”

“Y-you are just saying things,” Vika demurred, flushing as she stared away from her sister. Vrak, of course, couldn’t let it go at that, so she hooked the chin of her half-wolf sister and turned her head around so that she could look at her.

“No, I mean it,” She said with a smile, relishing how embarrassed and…aroused she got.

“Vrak, stop that,” Hina grumbled as she hugged herself, “You are sisters and that’s really inappropriate!”

“I-t’s alright ma, Vrak just jokes is all,” Vika stuttered. But Vrak didn’t feel in the least chastised.

Rather, she scooped up a piece of beef fat in her finger and held it out to Hina.

“Um, Vrak? What are you doing?” Vika asked her sister as their mother looked from Vrak to the offering in her finger, looking more and more conflicted as she started to heavily shiver.

And then, snapping forward, the kitsune opened her mouth and sucked the cube of fat off the offered fingers.

“I think we’ll be fine~” Vrak purred as Vika looked at her mother with surprise, Hina also looking as though she couldn’t believe what she had done.

“I-I need to go the bedroom, I am not feeling well,” The foxy lady excused herself and fled, leaving the confused daughter and satisfied wolf girl.

Her father would be gone for two days.

That was enough time for Vrak to conquer her stepmother and make her her bitch.

“What was that?” Vika asked, bewildered.

“Our mother, with all her masks peeled off,” Vrak said as she got up from the table, “But never mind that. Bring me the plates, will ya? I’ll wash things before we go to school.”

Vika hesitated just a moment before doing as Vrak bid, but it honestly didn’t matter. Not many things did, when she had almost all outcomes planned down to a T.

Vika would stay in school to practice her after school club activities. And Hina would have to leave her home some point in the afternoon if she wanted to join her circle of friends. And early estrus or not, it was the sort of thing that was best borne with company who understood.

Or so they said.

Vrak herself had borne her own heats with copious amounts of masturbation and visual aids, and found that worked much better than lamenting over things. It was during one of her early heats that she discovered something amazing.

When relieving herself of the need to have her pussy bred by pleasing her cock, it would make her go into half rut instead and lower her estrus to a much more manageable level, as if her body couldn’t hold both competing reproductive urges at once. It had made her much more productive in general as well as had a few…other effects.

She first noticed it with her sister, whose heats started coinciding more and more with Vrak’s as she was exposed to her futa’s sister’s musk. First, little by little and then full blown. It made a twisted attraction develop between them as they grew up and Vrak used her as an experimental toy, making her go through chemical highs and lows until she got to the right proportions.

To what end? To make Vrak’s stepmother hers.

Hina had always treated Vrak like a daughter, she knew she had. But Hina had stopped being a maternal figure in her life since she figured what her cock was good for and she couldn’t bare to see how much waste she was going to. Year after year, their heats would come and her father didn’t do anything except the bare minimum to see them comfortably go. If it had been up to Vrak, she would have made her a permanently pregnant broodmother. One whose pups she would gleefully sire time after time.

That was what success looked like to Vrak, the ability to indulge herself without care.

And this was the only area where her father lacked!

Well, she would do it for him~

With her mother gone, and her sister still in school, the gray furred wolf girl excused herself of her own activities to go home early, stepping into an empty house.

Taking her clothes off, until her large canid cock was swinging in the air and her tits were getting hard with the cold, she entered her parents bedroom.

And then breathed in the air, her cock going hard at the clear fetid smell of a bitch in heat.

“Tired or not I don’t know how you resisted it father,” Vrak muttered to herself before shrugging her shoulders. That was now the past.

And then, taking a deep breath, Vrak simply…shifted.

The ability to become completely wolf-like was one that their family had once been known by. A war form that had become rarer and rare among wolfkin as time went on. The fact that Vrak had it was only notable because of its increasing rarity when it would have been notable for its potential for violence in the past.

But for Vrak it was notable for being her strongest weapon and tool against her mother’s control.

Her pussy was a dog’s triangular swollen pillow as her urge to breed was at it’s height. Her cock almost dragged on the floor, being on four legs as she was. But the foot long donger kept afloat solely on the power of the blood inflating it. Her anus, utterly clean, was puffy too, as if her arousal expanded throughout her whole crotch region and it made it perfect for what she did next.

Spreading her hind legs, Vrak began dragging her cock on the floor, smearing a little bit of pre-cum as she went. She dragged male reproductive chemical markers that were sure to trigger breeding responses in a female. But this kind of stuff was known and fairly standard when couples tried to keep their sex life active.

What was not was the slobbering pussy dragging behind it, combining male sexual musk with female one. The combination of her sexes made a cocktail of lust that no one was really properly ready to deal with, futanari girls being just as rare as wolfkin that could transform. And while Vika was evidence that even then a girl could develop resistance over time, Hina the kitsune milf had none of that.

Her estrus was supposed to come about in a month, and yet Vrak had managed to trigger it in just a week of exposing her stepmother to the scent of a bitch that wanted to breed her.

Floor thoroughly marked with her scent, she stepped on top of bed the next and proceeded to roll around in it, relishing the feel of Hina’s scent on the sheets.

As well as leaving her own more mixed one.

She started with the pillows next, rubbing her red and turgid cock on them as she marked them with the it’s virile scent. Her pussy, slobbering already due to the smell of her stepmother, left “kisses” on every side the things her parents put their heads against, before she started dragging it through the sheets as well. She “wiped” her dick with blankets they laid on top of themselves and then dragged her ass across them, just in case.

It took her 30 minutes to do all of this, leaving her actually exhausted from that.

And bothered. Very, very sexually bothered.

But she’d have her stepmother before too long. And, if her calculations were correct, it would be happening that night.

By the time her sister had come from school, Vrak had already done all her work and made sure that her mother would have nothing that would keep her out of the bedroom. Hina indeed came back as the sun started to set, looking better and much less paler then in the morning.

But that would not last.

When the clock struck 12, Vrak made her way to her stepmother’s bedroom, loudly looking the door as she didn’t bother hide.

“Huh, was dis?” Hina grumbled as the sounds stirred her awake, her eyes going briefly blind as Vrak closed the door and turned on the lights.

When the flashes cleared, her mouth dropped.

There, in all her naked gray furred glory, stood Vrak with the single biggest cock she had ever seen.

“V-Vrak, what is the meaning of this?” Hina stuttered as she tried to draw all her maternal authority to herself. Even then, her eyes kept going down, falling upon that deliciously looking cock.

“Precisely what it looks like,” Vrak said with a self-assured smile, “I am going to give you what dad won’t.”

“I-I am your mother Vrak!” Hina almost yelled as ugly and disgusting urges flowed through her mind. But she would not give in to them, she won’t!

“Which is what makes you worthy of being my bitch,” Vrak agreed, a furry hand coming to hold her cock as she slowly stroked it.

Why does her knot look so good? A part of Hina’s mind asked, making her have to shake the disgusting thoughts off.

“I can’t believe you are talking about your mother like that!” Hina yelled out instead, getting off her bed to stand to her full height.

“N-now go back to your room. Me and your father are going to have a talk with you young lady,” The kitsune sternly said as tried to ignore the delicious aromas coming out of Vrak’s cockslit.

The futa wolf girl, for her part, gave her step mother an unimpressed look before she brought out her secret weapon:

A jar of peanut butter.

“Oh, is that what you think?” Vrak casually asked as she opened the lid on it.

“Y-yes!” Hina replied with her eyes trying to decide what to stare at more, the peanut butter or her daughter’s cuck.

Then Vrak took a handful of peanut butter and put it on the top of her cock.

“How about now?” Vrak asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hina didn’t answer.

She was too busy getting on her knees as sucked that delicious fatty butter off the delicious musky cock.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Vrak moaned as her stepmother’s tongue greedily took in the food inside her, scooping up her pre-cum as well whenever it bubbled out of her cock.

This was another thing Vrak had discovered, that in the midst of an estrus certain primitive instincts would make themselves known. The stronger the heat, the more animalistic the woman became.

And Hina was now experiencing the most powerful estrus she had ever felt.

She could verily stop herself from sucking the cock her body had feverishly been detecting for a week. Add a fatty food that would feed the pups coming from their sexual union? She was lost.

For the first time in her life she was sucking a cock not her husband’s.

And it was sooo good!

“Here, let me help you,” Vrak told her mother before grabbing her long ears, and making Hina gasp, before she pulled her into the base of her knot.

And thereby pushing her canid shlong down her stepmother’s throat.

Tears of stress started coming down the Kitsune’s eyes as air was cut off, but she made absolutely no move to disentangle herself. She longed to be treated like this!

Her throat distended with the shape of Vrak’s cock and the wolf girl moaned low as she grinded the face of the woman who had raised her into the pubic hairs of her crotch.

Then she started thrusting into and out of Hina for real, skull fucking her in the truest sense!

Hina had moments where she could briefly breath in, just about letting her not die, but the extreme facial fucking left her as nothing but a fuck toy. As nothing but a receptacle for her daughter’s cock.

Her pussy was leaking female arousal like a waterfall and she felt herself about to cum!

As it just so happened, her daughter had similar ideas.

“Ooooh take it all!” The futa wolf girl groaned as she pushed Hina’s face into the base of her cock again, almost managing to push her knot into her mouth. Her big testicles clenched as wave after wave of hyper virile wolf cream was sent down her cock.

Straight into Hina’s stomach.

The mother fox pussy trembled as her step daughter’s release triggered her own orgasm, making her stand still with relish as her stomach was filed to bursting, her evening snack compose entirely of cum.

And then, with a breath…Vrak finished.

“Ah that was as good as I imagined,” She told her step mother who was on the floor on her knees, her chest heaving as she breathed air in. Vrak’s own cock was flaccid, but her knot and testicles still trembled as she still had more to offer.

But…no, this too was within expectations.

“Well, I think we can both rest now,” Vrak opined to her almost ruined mother, who had cum running down her nose, mascara running down her cheeks and had red shot eyes from almost suffocating.

“See you tomorrow~” Vrak said as she exited the her parent’s bedroom and closed the door.

The hateful glare that she received the next morning from her mother were also something she expected.

“Nice morning we are having, heh mom?” The wolf girl happily asked her stepmother as she served breakfast again. It was the weekend now, so there was no school, yet everyone had gotten up early out of habit.

“It’s chilly,” Vika opined but Hina just ate quietly, stealing glares at her step daughter.

“Well, if anyone needs anything, like, I don’t know, having a talk?” Vrak said when she was done, shooting her mother a smirk that just made her frown more, “I’ll be in the shop.”

“Ah okay, have fun,” Vika was the only one who said anything as Vrak gathered her things and went to work.

As expected, the storefront was almost empty. People came from time to time to buy things in person, but Vrak made absolutely no effort to advertise her business to casual customers, her clientele being mainly big stores.

Still, the bell on the door rang a few hours after Vrak had arrived.

She smiled and put her work aside, stretching on the chair of her office as the woman who she knew would show up did.

Hina had the flowing conservative robes that characterized people from the east, making her look positively divine. Her hair was in a bun and her ears were combed thoroughly, making her hair look like a hill around two mountains. She had lipstick on and she had donned heavy eye shadow.

Even her nails were painted.

The point was, despite the intense and hateful glare she was still shooting Vrak, Hina hadn’t dressed as if she had come for a fight.

“So?” Vrak confidently asked, smiling wide at her stepmother.

Instead of answering, the woman who had raised her all her life rushed forward, jumping into Vrak’s lap as she sealed her lips.

“Do you really want to make me yours?” Hina huskily asked as she laid kiss after kiss on Vrak’s lips and cheek. This was wrong, this was horrible, but she couldn’t help herself~

“Forever and ever,” Vrak promised as even she was surprised by Hina’s intensity.

“Will you never leave me alone? That you’ll monopolize all my time? Using me to satisfy your every grotesque desire?” Hina pleaded with her daughter.

“You’ll be nothing more than an object I use to fulfill my desires,” Vrak promised her stepmother, causing her to shudder more than her coming down her gullet had done last night.

“You won’t throw me away for anything, not even the children we’ll have?” Hina was begging by this point as she started rubbing her body all over the futa wolf girl, making something stir in her pants.

“I am going to use up every last egg your ovaries have,” Vrak growled as her arms circled around her stepmother’s waist and she started returning her kisses.

This was the difference between her father and her.

Her father had married Hina as a means to become ever more successful. Vrak would steal her stepmother not because it would provide her with anything, but because Hina herself was her aim.

And thus stepmother and stepdaughter kissed, as greedy fingers undid robes, undid belts, undid pants and parted panties aside.

“You sure you are ready for this?” Vrak asked her milf of a fox mother as she bent her over the desk, her cock head pressing against her folds.

She actually didn’t care if she was or not, she would have still penetrated her mother, but as her lover it behooved her to ask.

“Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!” Hina screamed with delight as Vrak took a hold of her hips.

And pulled herself inside.

“I would have thought Vika would have loosened this!” Vrak moaned as her tapered cock speared its way into her mother’s cunt. Vaginal walls were forced to stretch to their utmost limit on the wake of her shaft, her cock leaving an indentation visible even through Hina’s lower stomach!

“I am a virgin before this cock!” Hina howled with relish, her teeth gnashing as she bore vaginal stimulation so extreme that it made her want to cry!, “Even if you had fucked me after I gave birth to Vika, this still would have destroyed me!”

That was the right thing to say to Vrak.

It made her not even wait for her new incestual lover’s vagina to get used to her cock. Thrusting on her instinct, the wolf girl just picked up speed as she cleared all the space between Hina’s gash and her womb.

And then, using the narrowed tip of her cock, she breached Hina’s cervix and entered said womb.

“FUUUCK!” Hina screamed as Vrak did something not even her husband had done. However, this didn’t mean Vrak was fully inside.

No, her huge knot was still pushing against Hina’s vagina, trying to get inside.

Well, they didn’t call this fucking for nothing.

The second thrust Vrak made into Hina’s cunt pushed her cock head slightly more into her womb and made her vaginal lips start to slide around her knot.

The third thrust almost made the table they were fucking on crash against the wall, but it did let Vrak push a little bit of her knot inside.

The fourth stroke almost broke the table and Hina’s uterus, but it did definitely broke her vagina as two huge bulbs were thrusted inside.

“SHIIIIT!” The otherwise graceful fox mother screamed with release, an orgasm so strong that it almost made her lose control of her bowels trembled through her body, the source being a combination of the cock inside her baby chamber and the knot wedged just inside her cunt.

This is how it should be, Hina feverishly thought, Being bred on my estrus in such a way that I have no choice but to give my daughter sisters!

Vrak, for her part, held tight into Hina’s hips, an orgasm so huge having build up in her crotch that, when she came, her claws dug into her mother’s hips, leaving her mark as she deposited pint after pint of cum.

“Have my children!” Vrak yelled as she filled every single crevice of Hina’s womb with her spunk. And Hina? Well, she knew she was ovulating, so there was at least one egg in there to fertilize~

“Vraks, honey?” A voice asked from the store front, making both stepmother and stepdaughter eyes widen.

Vraks…had not planned for this.

“Are you in the office, love?” The voice of her father asked as Hina looked at her daughter with panic, her mouth silently voicing a “what are we going to do?”

Vraks stared after the voice of her father…before a smile crept into her face.

“Stay quiet,” She ordered her mother as she picked up Hina’s kimono and covered her upper body with it.

Then she walked out of her office, her knot still inside her mother, her testicles and cock still pumping semen into her stomach, dragging Hina behind.

“Here dad,” Vrak grunted as she stepped out onto the counter, her father raising an eyebrow at her appearance.

“Having fun?” He asked as Vrak pumped another burst of semen into Hina’s womb, her stomach started to bloat up by this point.

“Ah, just fucking this bitch,” She with a smile as she gestured to the ground.

Hina went utterly still underneath her kimono as Vic leaned over to check.

“Who is that?” Vic asked with some reproval in his voice…but a whole lot of pride.

“Oh, just some bitch I am knocking, ummm, up.” The futa gray wolf said again as she came yet again.

“Someone I know?” Vic asked again, fatherly discipline giving away completely to mirth.

“I, ugh, shouldn’t say,” Vrak replied as her testicles worked like a train, regularly sending waves after waves of cum as her knot held Hina in place, “She’s married after all.”

“Ah, oh wow,” Vic said as he smacked his forehead, “Well, I shouldn’t say this but…I am impressed.”

“Really?” Vrak asked as Hina’s stomach started looking more and more like a half inflated balloon.

“Sure, but…we’ll talk a little bit more of it later,” Vic shot his daughter a smile, “I can see you are busy.”

And then he left.

“Are you, oooooh, crazy!” Hina asked as she yanked her kimono off her face, staring at her at the back of her daughter with both trepidation…and awe.

“About you? Forever,” Vrak assured her stepmother, who could only flush.

And just as she was going to turn around to give them another kiss…another set of footsteps told them that, maybe, they weren’t completely alone.

“Mom, sis?” Vika asked, staring at them with her mouth open, her face flush as she looked at the cum bloated stomach of her mother and the knotted cock of her sister inside.

This…was also something Vrak hadn’t planned.

Before they could say anything, Vika ran away, leaving a concerned still knotted Hina with a thoughtful still cumming Vrak.

“Vika,” Hina whimpered.

“Don’t worry mom,” Vrak assured her.

“I have a plan.”

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