Step daughter and daddy’s first night

Step daughter and daddy’s first night

“Daddy I’m home!” Jenna called out as she entered the house. She was panting as if she ran the whole way back home. Her whole body thrumming with excitement.

“Hi there, little princess, how was the exam?” Her father, Henry asked, as he looked up from his phone.

“It was good, I did well.” Jenna replied as she went and sat beside her father on the couch. “I’m so excited! Finally I’m done with high-school, now all the wait for the graduation and that’s it, I’m free from the hell hole.” She continued.

“Oh honey, high-school’s always tough but now the race for college starts, did you hear anything from the colleges that you applied to?” Henry asked, his arms around his princess as Jenna cuddled closer with her head resting on his chest just above his heart, her soft dainty fingers rubbing mindless circles on her daddy’s chest. A small pout slowly forming on her luscious pink lips.

“I-I don’t think I want to go to college anymore.” Jenna whispered. Her voice quivering with uncertainty.

“What? Why is that honey? Is everything okay?” Henry asked his voice filled with worry as to why an enthusiastic girl like Jenna was unwilling to go to college suddenly. “Yo-you aren’t pregnant are you?” He asked, holding his breath.

“Wha- whoa no, no!” She said, her eyes wide as she removed herself from her daddy’s embrace. “It’s nothing like that, I just think it’s not for me.” Jenna replied wringing her long fingers together. Eyes looking anywhere but her father’s.

“Not for you? What are you saying Jenna? Talk to me baby, what’s wrong?” Henry pressed but quickly hugged her as he saw her big brown doe eyes watering. Jenna hugged his masculine father, her arms tightly around his torso, face buried in his neck. Henry heard a soft sniffle and he felt wetness indicating that his sweet princess was crying. His whole body filled with worry. He cooed and shushed Jenna softly while his palm rubbed her back. He pulled her on to his lap and Jenna immediately wrapped her lags around him.

“Oh my sweet baby girl…” Henry cooed.

“I don’t wanna leave you daddy, I don’t wanna leave you alone here, I’ll miss you too much. I can’t, I can’t go away from you.” She cried. It was then Henry understood the real reason why she didn’t want to leave for college.

“Oh Jenna, don’t be like that sweetheart, college will be so good for you. You have such good grades, you’ll learn so much, meet new people, make new friends. Don’t hold yourself back for this old man. I’ll feel lonely for sometime but I’ll manage. I’ll adapt to it honey. Don’t you worry about me.” Henry said, his own eyes tearing up at the thought of it.

“You’re my only family daddy, I have no one else. I can’t. Please daddy, please. I want to be with you. Always daddy.” Jenna hiccupped but slowly started drifting off to sleep after a few minutes. Her limbs still wrapped around her father and Henry never stopped caressing her back. He heaved a deep sigh.

Jenna Brown never met her biological father, or sperm donor as she preferred. Jenna’s mother Louisa was a single mother, a nurse at the city hospital and had met Henry Joseph at an art exhibition gallery. Henry’s art exhibition to be precise. They started a relationship but never got married. Jenna was 12 years old then. Everything was going smoothly until it wasn’t. Louisa died in a fatal car accident when Jenna was 15. Louisa had no family as no contact with Jenna’s bio dad. As Henry never married Louisa, he wasn’t on the custody list for Jenna. But fortunately the judge for Jenna’s case was a known client of Henry’s and often bought his art. And so Jenna was unofficially put under Henry’s care as a foster father, even though there may not be any official document proof of such. Even though Jenna is now 18 and technically an adult to society’s eyes Henry still kept her under his care and Jenna loved him too.

Henry huffed wistfully. He placed a kiss on Jenna’s head and slowly shifted her so that he could carry her back to her room. He got up carefully and then went up to Jenna’s room and gently laid her down on the soft mattress bed. He was little concerned that she was still wearing the top and jeans from her school but decided to leave it at that. His hazel eyes racked over Jenna’s sleeping body. Over the years she has grown quite a bit. From a petite 14 year old to almost a full grown women now. Her thighs had thickened and her hips had broadened giving her an attractive pear shaped body. Her breast had grown from B to D cups too. As Jenna slept Henry could she her peeking cleavage and her top had ridden up giving him the sight of her belly button. He imagined running his tongue tracing her body and then licking the hardened nipples.

Henry shook his head internally chiding himself for even thinking such sinful thoughts about his daughter. Though these thoughts were nothing new for Henry towards his daughter, ever since she turned 18 a few months back. He felt extremely guilty to bringing such thoughts. No, I can’t break Jenna’s trust like this. It’s a crime. Henry thought.

He made his way back down and sat down on the kitchen table with a cup of black coffee. He often found himself in this situation lately. His only thoughts floating around how sexy his step daughter looked and fantasized about what he could do if he had access to her ripe body.


It was around 6 at evening when Jenna came down from her room. Henry looked up from his third coffee cup and his eyes almost bugged out his socket at the site of her. Jenna was wearing the tiniest low waist denim hot pants with lace at the sides. The short was so tiny and tight, Henry could see half of Jenna’s ass from below. In the front of the denim was digging at her groin and made a distinguished v shape. But the one that mostly caught his attention was the tiny white mesh crop top that was wearing with nothing under leaving her breast at display as the top was see through. Fucking hell! What is she doing, wearing such skimpy clothes when I’m already straining my inner struggle. Henry gulped. He would’ve rebuked Jenna for wearing such clothes but one look at her face stopped him from doing so. It was sombre. She may have washed her face but one could clearly see traces of tears of observed closely. She smiled gently at her daddy and sat beside him with a coffee cup of her own.

“Hey daddy.” She greeted softly.

“Hi princess, how are you feeling?”

“I feel alright. What’s the plan for dinner?” She asked, sipping at her cup.

“I was thinking of ordering pizza tonight. Will it be okay for you? Henry asked trying not to openly ogle his daughter.

“Yes, that’ll be fine by me.” She replied.

They then sat there silently. Jenna scrolling through her phone, sometimes smiling at some funny video. Henry stared at her. Her voluptuous breasts juggling lightly with her slight movement. They looked so soft and squeezy. The perky nipples peeking out ever so slightly through the see through top. His eyes travelled down her exposed belly and hip, and down to her grabby ass. Henry licked his dry lips. Oh how he wished to touch his little princess and caress her like his lover.

“Daddy, I thought about my college thing…” Jenny said suddenly, startling Henry.

“Huh? Oh yes yes, tell me about it.”

“I think I should apply for online college course, that way I can continue with my studies as well as stay with you.” Jenna said.

“That’s… that’s good, but are you sure honey, I don’t want to hold you back from anything.” Henry said even though he was giddy internally.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure, and I’m doing this for myself too. I don’t want to leave you behind daddy.” Jenna said and lifted herself slightly to kiss Henry on the cheek, while her booby chest brushed against her daddy’s arm.

“Okay sweetheart, whatever you think is best for you.” He said, his strong knuckles brushing against her cheeks. “I need to make some calls to one of my buyers, and I’ll order the pizza after that, okay?” Henry said as he got up to step outside for the calls.

“Okay daddy.” Jenna replied, a small coy smile gracing her lips as he watched her daddy go.

Jenna had always loved Henry dearly. Maybe a bit more than the daddy-daughter love. Henry was a man of 40 but his physique could be hands down one of the most handsome and masculine Jenna had seen so far. She always had her attraction towards older man, but she didn’t have to look far from them. Her daddy was enough. Standing at an impressive height of 6’2″, his athletic build towering over her 5’4″ build. Henry had a stubble and one could see a few white hair on his head which made him even more attractive in the eyes of Jenna. Their 22 year age difference never bothered her but rather made her feel like a man was taking care of her. Jenna is a virgin but she ain’t naive. She knew how Henry’s nature of looks towards her changed in the recent past. The slight brushing of her thighs, the tighter hugs to feel her chests properly and many more. Jenna was very happy with Henry’s subtle advances but she also knew he would never go any further. He loved her too much for it, and Jenna adored it, made her respect him more for it. But now she would make him take her. She knew how her daddy ogled her in the afternoon in her room, she peeked and that is why she dressed revealingly so rile up her handsome sexy daddy.

When Henry came back to the living room, he saw Jenna sitting on the couch leisurely, watching some rom-com on Netflix.

“Here daddy, sit by me.” Jenna said patting the area right side of her. Henry obliged and sat beside but leaving a small space. Jenna did not appreciate it. “Come closer daddy, I wanna cuddle,” and scooted way to close to Henry. She promptly laid down on his chest and placed her left leg in between Henry’s legs. Henry stiffened but still moved his left arm to bring her closer. Their favourite position of relaxing. They watched the movie with Jenna subtly rubbing her thigh against her daddy’s and her palm caressing the tshirt covered muscled chest. Henry tried not to think much of it though. He reigned widely running imagination. Soon the pizza was delivered and they finished it quickly and went back to the same position as before. Almost lying on top of Henry with her boobs pressing against him. But now Henry’s right arm was on Jenna’s leg that was on his lap. He rubbed the smooth skin and sometimes even went up till the exposed butt.

“Daddy do you think I’m pretty?” Jenna asked not so absent-mindedly as she made it seem.

“Yes, absolutely. I think you’re very pretty and beautiful.” He replied kissing her forehead.

“And do you think I’m sexy?”

Henry was taken aback. “Ye-yes sure yes, you’re quite sexy.” He stammered. Jenna giggled at her daddy’s flushed face.

“And do you want me?” This made Henry move away from her. “Yes, I want you, I’m your dad, I’ll always want you.”

“No daddy, do you want me romantically, and want to kiss, fuck me?” Jenna said looking straight at Henry.

“Wha-what are you saying?” His heart beating wildly.

“You know what I’m saying, don’t you daddy? I saw the way you your looking at me. I saw you lust after me.” Jenna said boldly, and slowly crawling up towards Henry on all fours with her jugs hanging giving a clear view through her loose crop top collar. She crawled in to Henry’s lap with her arms wrapping around his neck and bringing her soft lips to her daddy. She brushed them lightly before pressing them against his lips. While Jenna moved her lips, Henry sat completely still, his heart racing. Is this really happening? It’s not a dream? But then suddenly he came back to his senses and pushed his step-daughter away.

“Jenna stop! This is wrong, you’ve no idea what you’re doing.” Henry said firmly. His eyes wide.

“No daddy, I know what I am doing. I’m a big girl daddy and this big girl wants her daddy to fuck her. Will you do that daddy? You know I love you so much, yeah?” Jenna replied as she slowly moved down in between her daddy’s legs facing the semi hardened dick. She nudged the clothed erection with her nose while her fingers opened the zip of his jeans and pulled out the impressive girth out of his boxers. Henry was breathing quite heavily by then, hands curled into a fist by his sides. Jenna took a peek at him before lowering her head and puppy licking the slit and then slowly taking more than half of the enormous and thick penis in her mouth. Her soft lips looking ethereal around her daddy’s girth.

“Jenna…Jenna stop, its not right…” Henry heaved but before he could say anything more, his step-daughter looked up. Henry was stunned to see the doe eyes and pouty swollen red lips, a bit of spit dribbling down her chin. One look and it was all it took. Henry snapped. He grabbed Jenna’s soft dark brown hair and forced his towards his dick. It was happening. Jenna smiled softly as her daddy roughly guided her head as she bobbed it up and down the massive length. Henry was in heaven. His whole body filled with pleasure as he gently and carefully thrusted his strong hips along the rhythm. Henry knew his daughter was a virgin and so her technique may not be the best but just the thought of having her between his legs, while he face fucked her, made everything amazing. He closed his eyes, mouth hanging open. But before he could cum in her mouth, he pulled his daughter away. Both heaving roughly. Jenna looked up, eyes filled with confusion as Henry tucked his hard dick inside, that strained the boxers.

“I want it sweet princess, I want you, but I want to shoot my first shot of cum in your slutty wet pussy. You’d like that won’t you?” Henry asked, his eyes darkened with lust.

“Yes daddy, I’d love that!” Jenna exclaimed and gasped as Henry stood and threw Jenna over his broad shoulders fireman style, slapping the ass roughly. He smiled at Jenna’s sharp gasp and watched the creamy ass cheeks jiggling. He then quickly went to his room and placed her on his king-size bed. He stood there looking at his little princess, so ready to be fucked. He opened his tshirt and pants and crawled up the bed wearing only his black boxers.

Jenna was on her back with her arms propping up to support her upper body so she could see her handsome daddy’s movements. She followed him with her eyes as he crawled right up her face and locked his lips with her pinkish ones. She wrapped her arms around him. Henry’s sly hands rubbed up and down the side of her body before he put one on the bed to support his torso while the other crept under her top to grab a handful of her bosom. As soon he did that, Jenna moaned. Henry massaged her breast, circled with a thumb around the already hardened nipples before pinching them roughly with his thumb and forefinger and pulling them.

“Ahh…” Jenna moaned, pain and pleasure racking through body.

Henry moved down from her lips to her neck and collar bone. And sucking and biting them, in evidently giving her a hickey and marking her as his own. Jenna sucked in a breath, her fingers gripping her daddy’s black hair.

“You’ve been planning this, didn’t you? You naughty girl? Prancing around with skimpy revealing clothes, teasing daddy all evening..” Henry whispered. Jenna nodded unable to form any words. Henry sat up straddling her and removed the top from Jenna’s body.

“Oohh…look at those titties, so big and hard for daddy to suck them.”

“Yessss daddy, they are for you daddy, suck them hard, mark them up.” Jenna’s whimpered.

Henry didn’t have to be told twice. He dived on to them. Greedily sucking the swollen nipple, his other hand grabbing the other tit and toying with it. He sucked it, and took it between his teeth and tugged it. He looked up to see his daughter biting her lower lip whimpering softly.

“Yes daddy yes, bit it hard honey, chew them up.” She groaned.

And Henry did that, then switched sides and went for the other one. Jenna pressed her daddy’s head more towards the tit. Henry treated the breast same as he did it to the other, licking, sucking and biting them all the while making sure that the already used tit is not neglected. Henry then brought the two massive tities closer grabbing them tightly against each other before sucking the spit covered nipples together at the same time. He continued doing that for sometime and then when he sucked them to his hearts content, he lapped both the boobs with his tongue and spit before giving them a sharp slap which Jenna jerk up. “Oh, that feels good.” She moaned and jiggling her boobs side to side which earned her another slap and she giggled. Henry smiled cockily before bending down and tracing open mouth kisses down Jenna’s bare belly and hips. He looked up as if asking for permission to open her shorts, to which she nodded. She was so pleased that her daddy was the first person to see her wet pussy. So fuckable.

Henry unbuttoned the denim short and dragged it down her smooth legs. His immediate attention went towards her unshaven quivering pussy. Just as he liked. He traced his nose through the curly brown pubic hair cut in a clean triangle shape. He sniffed the area rubbed his nose tracing and smelling his grownup daughter and went further down. Jenna instinctively opened her legs wider. Her pussy was soaking wet. Henry ran his thumb, tracing the wet vulva folds. Rubbing the sticky fluid, brought it up Jenna’s mouth and smeared it on her lips. She quickly swallowed his wet thumb eagerly.

Henry blew air softly at Jenna’s pussy making her quaver with sensitivity. He chuckled lightly, then he put both his thumbs on the sides of her pussy and spreading it open to see the vulva hole and blew a breath of air again, just to see her quaver. Jenna whimpered and tried to bring her thick thighs closer. Her vaginal hole clenching and gaping with anticipation.

“Uh uh uh little one,” Henry tutted. “Don’t close them, let daddy see your womanhood.” And then flicked a finger against the sensitive nub of her soaking pussy.

Jenna’s pelvis jerked up but Henry pushed her down. He then pulled both of Jenna’s legs on his shoulders and brought his tongue out to trace the inner thighs and groin on both sides, purposely ignoring the wet cunt.

“Please, please please….” Jenna begged and moaned.

“What do you need little one? Tell me,”

“I need you, I need your mouth on me, I need you to lick me,, eat me out like a hungry man.” Jenna cried.

Henry didn’t reply but then licked a long slow strip of Jenna’s wet gooey pussy. He brought his mouth closer as if fusing it with her cunt and started to eat her out vigorously. His nose rubbing against the pubes, eyes straight at his daughter’s quivering body.

“Oh my god! Oh shit! Jesus! Jenna exclaimed, her hands gripping her daddy’s hair, pulling them and pushing his head deeper in between her clenching thighs. Henry stiffened the tip of his tongue and pushed it against the pussy hole, licking and sucking the juices like a starved man.

Henry brought two fingers up to Jenna’s mouth and she licked then and slicked them up nicely before he placed them at the entrance of the vagina and gently pushed them in one after the other. Henry looked at Jenna’s face to trace any uncomfortableness but when he didn’t he pushed them more. Tracing the wet juicy vaginal walls he slowly started his ministration. Bringing his fingers in and out of her clenching channel. One of his hands went up to grab and squeeze one of Jenna’s tits while the other hand finger fucked her. Twisting and turning them ever so slightly. His mouth busily licked and sucked the sensitive pinkish clit and sometimes licking the tiny urethral opening. Jenna moaned deliriously and when Henry slyly curled his fingers to touch the G-spot, Jenna gasped, her whole body jerking as she felt an electric bolt passing through her whole body. She jolted more with her vagina squeezing Henry’s fingers tightly inside.

“Holy shit! I-I, that was…” She was lost of words. She just had her very first orgasm. Henry pulled his fingers out and moved up to kiss his daughter’s soft lips eagerly. Their tongue battled against each other and Henry brought up his right hand to squeeze Jenna’s throat. Putting gentle pressure on the sides to cut the air supply for few moments before releasing her and she gulped in air through her mouth and nose. Her heavy bosom moving up and down. Henry didn’t stop. He moved to her ear and nipped it before whispering, “Are you ready for the real thing?” Jenna shivered and goosebumps racked her sweat covered body.

“Yes, fuck me daddy, own me, cum in my slutty pussy.” Jenna moaned as she moved her hips. Henry tightened his grip on her hips and growled.

“But sweetheart, are you on pills?”

“Yes, I am.” And that was all he needed. Henry would love nothing more than filling her princess with babies, but that’ll have to wait. Maybe, maybe after graduation. But now, he needed to fuck her without any worries.

He reached out and pulled out the lube bottle from the beside drawer and slicked up his massive girth. Jenna watched with anticipation, both her legs on either side of her daddy’s strong hips. Henry gripped them and pulled them closer.

“Are you ready?” He asked again.

“Yes, ready as I’ll ever be.” Jenna replied with a smile.

“Okay sweetheart, loosen up, it’s gonna hurt a little.” He said and bend down to take one of Jenna’s breast and sucking it as a distraction. His mushroom head rubbing against the opening before he gently pushed in.

Jenna squeezed her eyes close, as a trickle of tear escaped her eyes. Her fingers digging at Henry’s shoulders legs wrapped around his hips.

“Shh sweetheart, the pain will be over in a second.” Henry shushed her. He kissed her with his hands squeezing her big tits.

Henry bottomed out, his heavy balls brushing against her ass and true to her daddy’s words the pain slowly subsided. Henry felt her relaxing ever so slightly. So he moved his hips. Again and again, in and out. At first slowly and then in a rhythm. Before long Henry was full on thrusting into Jenna pussy with full force.

“Ah.. fuck yess, yess daddy, harder…” The pain changing it’s form to pleasure.

Henry sat up and then thrusting in harder then ever, his greedy hands pinching and pulling at Jenna’s soft swollen nipples till the turned red. Jenna’s own hands were gripping the bed sheets in a tight fists overwhelmed with pleasure. Sweat trickled from both their bodies and the bed creaked loudly. Henry grabbed Jenna’s creamy fat ass and tilted it to get a new angle and she screamed with pleasure. It was too much, too much of everything she thought. And then just like earlier her body jerked and she orgasmed. Henry stopped his movements, letting his princess ride out the pleasure and then he moved again, his fingers gripping her hips, leaving marks for sure. And then with one last shove Henry rode out his own orgasm, cumming inside his step daughter’s pussy. He groaned and kept moving albeit slowly. Huffing for air.

Both of them took a moment to take a breather before Henry slowly pulled out, he saw a gush of white creamy juice come out along with a trickle of blood. His beautiful step daughter isn’t a virgin anymore. Jenna was looking at it too and when Henry looked up, she smiled. Happiness evident in all of her features. He bend forward and kissed her and her forehead before carrying her to the bathroom. They washed each other, silently and gently. And after drying they laid down on the freshly covered bed still blissed out.

“I love you daddy, I’m so happy you’re the one who took my virginity.” Jenna said looking up at Henry.

“I love you too princess.” They kissed some more and then slowly drifted to sleep, both of them knew that they were now so much more than just being daddy and daughter. They are lovers now.


Stay tuned for part 2…

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