My chithi tamil selvi part -3

Hello beautiful reader I hope you are doing great, I’m going to start a 3 part of selvi chithi, and let’s get into it, if you missed parts of 1 and 2. Please check out this beautiful story My chithi tamil selvi part -2.


After chithappa came he brought some snacks and money to home, He was tired and told will have to talk tomorrow morning and wake up in the morning. I got up fresh up and sat to take breakfast me and chithappa and Chithi were having after that Chithappa talked to me about studying. Chithappa was there for one week, me and chithi were just talking and not about anything that we did. So after a week chithappa got an order to Delhi so he couldn’t have come for 2 weeks. He told us and he got ready and went, and that night chithi and I got time to talk about it and we laughed by talking about what all we did. I asked

Me: chithi can i touch your boobs and have some milk today.
Chithi: smiled, you have been waiting for your chithappa to go right
Me: sorry chithi i liked it a lot.
Chithi: it’s okay surya, today you drink.

Later that night

Chithi made the baby sleep, and came to the hall She was saree I was in short and sleeve.
She sat next to me with tiredness and put one hand on my shoulder and pulled me to sit near
And we have a conversation

Me: chithi how was your day, You’re full of tiredness and sweaty
Chithi: normal full of work, I’m fully tired of working and making the baby sleep.
Me: oh nice of you chithi, it’s okay to relax now and we watch the movie chithi
Chithi: movie?
Me: yes chithi why what happened.
Chithi: I don’t want to watch a movie this time I want to see a video.
Me: Both videos are the same only na chithi.
Chithi: loosu video na sex video da.
Me: oh oh Chithi, okay chithi wait I’ll bring my phone.
Chithi: seri da

I brought my phone and went to video and I normally see stepmom or milf video, I typed and we were starting to watch Ava Addams stepmom later.

Chithi: dei, can we watch it on tv?
Me: chithi we can watch but someone sees means.
Chithi: dei it’s night 10 o’clock and there no one will come and we have already closed our door and done with the curtain.
Me: okay chithi we off all the light we in dark and watch make volume low.
Chithi: okay da.
Me: wait, I’ll close the room door of the baby.
Chithi: off the fan switch.
Me: chithi why, it’s already hot here.
Chithi: surya come sit,ill tell you.
Me: okay chithi, now tell me why,
Chithi: surya, if we off our fan it will be more sweaty and hot to our body and it becomes more sexy too.
Me: chithi, now you’re going naughty.

Laughed we played and video on tv 43 Inches
And it started playing. There was no air coming.I and chithi started to sweat, we both enjoyed the video, my chithi started pressing her boobs and her milk is coming out from her blouse.i started to rub my dick,

Me: chithi, if you don’t mind can I remove my dress.
Chithi: sure da, do you be in your comfort.

I removed all my dress, and sat nude on the sofa and rubbing my dick,she was lifting her saree to her waist, she rubbing her panies (jaddi)
We played another video,and we enjoyed the moment. Suddenly chithi’s hands were moving towards my dick and I felt it.

Me: chithi, you’re touching my dick(sunni)
Chithi: yes da you don’t like I’m touching?
Me: i love it chithi. You continue please.
Chithi: ahhh mmmm.
Me: chitti, can i touch your panies and rub yours. It’s like helping each other.
Chithi: ohh Okay da, please do and we both enjoy it.

I slowly kept my hand on panies(jaddi) rubbed her pussy slowly and we both had more to horny.
I saw her, she was fully sweaty, and neck was filled with sweat dripping, i couldn’t control it,and I asked her

Me: chithi, can i kiss your lips and lick your sweat
Chithi: surya, it’s getting more hot and horny.
Me: yes chithi, me too and you’re so sexy while sweating on your body.
Chithi: do you like that, wanna taste it ah.
Me: yes chithi, I love to taste.
Chithi: seri va.

I went near to kiss her, slowly kissed her on the lips I lick and suck her lips, she even got wet down. I sucking her lips and have open my tongue out and i slowly lick at ear down, licking sucked and her neck and taste salty neck sweat and fully of neck, I was keep on kiss her neck and i came to upper chest kissed and licked. She was moaning more. Then I asked

Me: chithi can i remove your saree and taste your milk
Chithi: mmmm, ahh yes surya.
Me: okay chithi.

I unpinned her saree and i dropped her pallu and I kept both the hands on her blouse and press and i kept kissing on her chest, and I licked all her sweat drip and i slowly opened her blouse hooks and completely opened her blouse and removed. She was wearing a bra It was so sexy for her, i kissed on licking her bra sniff, suddenly she called me

Chithi: surya surya, you have missed your favorite part of licking da.
Me: chithi, what I have missed.
Chithi: see, you forgot to taste here (she lifted her both hands and told about her akkul(armpits)
Me: ohh chithi, thank you for reminding, wow chithi it’s so beautiful drip your sweats in armpit I love to lick you can I chithi.
Chithi: surya sure, for that reason only i showed you da ma.

I sniffed her armpits and kept my tongue out and slowly licked her sweat drips and I tasted it, and sucking armpits and licking.

Chithi: surya you have lick my armpit and sweat and it feels so lusty. I wanna try it too, so now i wanna lick your sweat armpit.
Me: chithi,you will not like that.
Chithi: ill tell after licking surya. Now show me.

I sat on the sofa and lifted my hands,she was licking my sweat armpits and tasting my sweat. She didn’t stop licking, and continued licking my armpits and told me

Chithi: surya your armpit is so tasty and it makes me even more horny after licking you.
Me: chithi I told you not to do that. Now you’re the naughty one.
Chithi; laughed and sat on the sofa,seri surya va.

I removed her bra, and I squeezed her boobs and left my tongue out and tasted her milk I suckled her hard nipples and drank her milk and she was getting more horny,

Me: Chithi,I’ll remove your petticoat,
Chithi: okay surya.

I untied the knot of her petticoat and removed it,
She has fair legs and is sweaty. I lifted her leg and kissed her fingers licked her sweat, I kissed and went near her thigh I spread her legs and I kissed and licked her both thighs and i bit her thigh, i went near to her jaddi(panies) i sniffed, it smell so hot for moment and her pundai(pussy) is fully wet, I licked her jaddi(panies) I licked and rubbed her.

Me: chithi can i remove your jaddi please.
Chithi: surya, mmmmmm okay da.

I removed her jaddi I kissed all her thigh and I spread her leg, I kept her one leg on my shoulder, she was horny, I was above to lick her pundai(pussy) she has little hairy bush I lick her pussy and I rubbed with my fingers and I was lick, I was sucking her clit, she was leaking her cum and she was getting more and more horny and suddenly she stopped me told me to see the video. Milf was squirt hard

Chithi: what is that surya,urine ah
Me: chithi yes,urine but it’s called a squirt when a man is intercourse the women orgasm, when women enjoy man licking her pussy and fingering she likes to cum, it’s similar to boy cum.
Chithi: i need to do that surya.
Me: okay chithi, ill try that but it’s a Little hard for you to take it for the first time if you wanna stop tell me I’ll stop.
Chithi: it’s okay surya ill not stop you please do and i wanna feel that how is that feeling.

So before we started I took all our dresses to my room, and I sat down on the sofa I told her to sit on the edge of the sofa it will be better. Then I widely spread her legs and I told her to be comfortable in her position and I started licking her pussy and I slowly inserted my fingers into her pussy and rubbing her pussy right at the g-spot, she was get more horny and she pressing her boobs and moaning, she was liking that. After 4 to 5 min she was above to squirt, I have rubbed even faster to have a great feeling for the first time.and she was squirting a lot for the first time it came out. She was moaning loudly.
Chithi: mmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yess surya
It’s squirt was all over me I missed that to lick and taste her squirt. I asked her about Chithi Can I do that again because I missed the taste of your squirt cum? She was like surya do it again even though I wanna taste it. Again i started licking and rubbing with my finger insert and she was getting squirt, i left my tongue out near her pussy, I rubbed faster to make her squirt.I drank her squirt..
And She called me

Chithi: surya comes near me and doesn’t drink all the squirt cum give some to me, and i wanna taste it.
Me: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I went near her mouth and she opened her mouth and I spit some squirt cum to her mouth.  I kissed her lips and she drank and told me that.
Chithi: squirt cum is a little salty but tasty. And i really loved that feeling which I got now from you, now it’s my turn to make it enjoyable so sit down on the sofa.
Me: why chithi,what you’re gonna do.
Chithi: surya you just sit and relax ill take care of you.

I sat on the sofa we both are nude and i love to see nude chithi, because I love that thali on her neck is between her beautiful big boobs and is fully covered with sweat dripping body and she kneel downed And kept her hand on my sunni(dick) and made a stroke my hard dick she slowly spit saliva on my dick she pulled my skin to hard and she lick just on my dick top, she licked my 7incesh dick and sucked it. And spit all her saliva and sucking, after 10min I told her, I’m about to cum chithi. She sucked more and more, i pressed her head towards my dick and i cum on her mouth completely. And she shallows it and tells me it tastes good surya.
Chithi: surya okay, now it’s time for sleep we go sleep surya.
Me: okay chithi, but can I ask you one thing
Chithi: tell da.
Me: chithi it’s a request if you don’t like tell.
Chithi: dei you tell da I know.
Me: chithi can i sleep with you, with a naked body please.
Chithi: I know you’re going to ask this only.
Me: please chithi I have dreamed many times to sleep with you naked please chithi.
Chithi: oh really nice da, okay come we will sleep.

We got to the room and the baby was asleep, she slept sideways with one hand open, I slept on her hand and hugged her tight with our bare bodies and hugged i sucked her boobs milk and we both got beautiful sleep for that night.

Hey readers I hope you all enjoyed my story and part 4 is on the way and it’s a last end story. I hope you people will love and enjoy that too. And sex is beautiful love it’s all taken more by girls I wish all have a beautiful sex without a wrong kind of rape.
Please if you love and like my story give me a feedback to [email protected]
A story from your love

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