Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

Donna and I crawled into my bed and I kissed and fondled her body. I didn’t plan on having sex. I just wanted to explore her body and I started with her on her stomach. She pushed her arms under her face and I noticed her side-boob pressed out from under her. I lightly caressed the soft, white, exposed skin surrounded by her nice tan. She shuddered as I ran my fingertips over them and down her sides. She moaned softly and lifted her ass in an autonomous response. I got up on my knees on her right side and bent over her. Her sun-streaked light brown hair fell across her face and I pulled it aside and kissed her ear lobe and she trembled and moaned again. I moved my lips to her neck and kissed her again and she moaned harder. She muttered, “You’re going to get me going again and then you’ll be in trouble, mister.” I chuckled and kissed her in the middle of her neck on her spine and ran my fingers over her shoulders and along her side-boob to her waist. She shuddered again and emitted a long, “mmmmmm.” I kissed each shoulder and whispered, “I love you, Donna.” She “mmmm’d” again and I could see her smile through her hair.

I kissed my way down her spine and found her indentation at the base of her spine before her buttocks rose up the slope. She giggled and muttered, “That tickles.” I flicked my tongue on the indentation as I lightly ran my fingertips over her hips. She trembled and rocked her body from side to side to get me to stop teasing her. I moved my self down the bed and sat on her calves. I wet my right index finger in my mouth and ran it down her butt crack and rimmed her anus.

She groaned and pushed her ass up again. Whether her response was involuntary or not, I couldn’t tell. I pushed the tip of my finger into her anus and she pushed her ass up again and moaned. I pulled my finger out and bent down and pushed my tongue to her rosebud and flicked it around the puckered skin. Donna was suddenly breathing hard. With her legs closed, I couldn’t see her pussy but I knew where it was. Then she showed it to me by arching her back at her waist and lifted her ass as high as she could. I pushed my tongue off her rosebud and into her pussy. Her head lifted off her arms and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

I pulled my tongue back after I tried to tongue her clitoris but couldn’t reach it. I hadn’t planned on this but my cock was as hard as granite and I pushed my knees up the outside of her knees and leaned forward as I guided my cock to the top of her thighs, where her butt-cheeks started to rise up off her thighs. Donna knew what I was thinking and she pushed her ass up again and grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips. I lifted myself a little higher and pushed the knob into her pussy. She was soaking wet and ready for me as she groaned all the air from her lungs and heaved air back in again. She held her breath as I pushed as far into her as I could. In this position, I didn’t worry about going to far. She muttered, “Oh my God, Baby. You’ve got me so high already, fuck me. Oh God, fuck me.” She started rocking her hips on the pillow under her. I joined her motion and her head dropped back on her arms as she gritted her teeth and pushed the trapped air in her lungs through them.

I was fucking her in a smooth, rhythmic motion for a few minutes when suddenly, Donna went spastic. She yelled, “I’m cummmmminngggg. There were no tightening muscles to indicate that her orgasm was approaching. It was just there. Her pussy was clenching hard on my cock and she pulled my orgasm out of me and she started screaming when I launched my first salvo. She groaned through the rest. After my last shot, she was still clenching on my cock. Her entire body pulsed with each clench.

I bent down and put my lips on hers and we kissed passionately. As my hips dropped down on the apex of her raised butt-cheeks, my softening cock pulled back from her pussy and she groaned through our kiss. I rolled off and pulled her with me. She eagerly rolled with me and then rolled up on top of me. She came up on her elbows planted on my chest and grinned down at me. At that moment, I was struck by her beauty, even with her makeup smeared on her face. She bent and kissed me and whispered, “I love you, Jack. I think I’ve love you for a long time.” When her vaginal spasms stopped, she pushed herself up and said, “I’ve got to get home and tell Sylvia. She’ll really be pissed if she’s the last person in town to hear the news.”

We showered after checking on Eddie. He was still sound asleep sitting on the sofa. We left him there and Donna dressed in the clothes she had worn last night except for her shoes. She carried those. I dressed in jeans and a cotton long-sleeve shirt and sneakers.

When I pulled into her driveway, Donna threw open her door before I could get the transmission into Park. She hurried up the walkway and threw her shoulder against the heavy front door and burst inside. I was coming up the walkway and I could hear Donna yelling for Sylvia. I walked into the foyer just as Sylvia came thundering down the staircase. Donna met her halfway and threw her arms around a confused Sylvia who was trying to hold Donna back as she tried to read her facial expression.

Sylvia gave up trying to guess what was going on and she relented to Donna’s attempts to hug her. Sylvia looked over Donna’s shoulder at me and mouthed the words, “What’s going on?” I just smiled. Sylvia continued down the staircase bringing Donna with her. At the bottom, Sylvia pushed herself away from Donna’s clutches and said, “What’s going on? What’s happened?”

Donna was gasping for air and she couldn’t gather enough to talk. So, she just held up her left hand. The grin that formed on Sylvia’s face was huge. She grabbed Donna and hugged her as both of them jumped up and down like two little girls who’d just got the one Christmas present that they’d prayed for Santa to bring them. I watched them from the doorway with a huge grin on my face.

Sylvia pulled herself away from Donna and with a loud screech, sprinted across the foyer and leaped up into my arms. I caught her as she rained kisses down on my face. Donna watched from the bottom of the stairs with a grin on her face and then she walked to me and joined our reverie. We all hugged and kissed for a while until Sylvia pulled herself away and said, “Oh my God, we have to celebrate.” She ran off toward the kitchen and returned with a dark green bottle of Champagne. She handed it to me and said, “We’ve been saving this for a special occasion and I can’t think of a more special occasion than this.” I turned the bottle and read the label.

I’m not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination but I recognized the label. It read, ‘Dom Pérignon Millesime Ultim Villar’ across the top of the shield shaped label and then ‘Champagne and Dom Pérignon and Vintage 2006’ in the middle of the label. A small star over the word ‘Brut’ was at the bottom. I had purchased the exact same bottle of an earlier vintage to celebrate the night I had asked Anna to marry me. This was too much of a coincidence and I whispered to myself. ‘I love you Anna. I always will.’ I glanced around the room to see if Anna might make an appearance. I’d felt her presence before and always looked to see. I felt her presence then but I didn’t see anything.

Donna saw the grin on my face disappear and her grin disappeared too as she asked, “What’s wrong Jack?”

I shook it off and held up the bottle and smiled as I said, “It’s a little early to start drinking, but, this is the best.” I twisted the wire and removed the cage and eased out the rounded, blunt ended cork with a loud pop that sounded like a gun-shot. We went into the study and Sylvia pulled out three champagne flutes. We toasted and kept on toasting until the bottle was empty. Donna and Sylvia were buzzed and giddy as they laughed over the increasingly stupid toasts. Sylvia couldn’t get enough of the engagement ring and she kept holding Donna’s hand up to look at it.

Donna cuddled up to me and in an inebriated slur of words said, “Can I pack a bag and stay at your house for a few days?” I grinned and kissed her and then nodded. She was so funny when she was buzzed. She staggered out of the study toward the staircase. Sylvia went and helped her up the stairs. As I watched from the foyer, I wasn’t sure who was helping who or who was going to bring the other down. They were both laughing as they made it to the first landing and then braced themselves before going on. I went back in the study and sat down and waited.

Twenty minutes later, I heard a suitcase thumping down the stairs. I went up the curved part of the staircase to the landing and carried her suitcase the rest of the way to the foyer. Donna and Sylvia both appeared to be sober as they hugged and kissed each other. Donna had changed into a pair of tight, hip-hugger jeans with high heels and a tight tee shirt that caused my dick to harden. I had to make an adjustment in my pants and Sylvia caught me, just like she always did.

I drove my car home, followed by Donna in her BMW 650iC. She appeared sober but I doubted she’d pass a sobriety test if she was stopped by the Police. I had hoped that she wouldn’t go in to work at the Inn Restaurant tonight but she wanted to. I pulled into my garage and Donna parked in the driveway beside Eddie’s car.

The afternoon turned off hot for this late in August and Donna came out of my bedroom wearing a skimpy little thong bikini. We lay out in the sun on lounge chairs and we were perspiring so bad that we decided to go swimming. I took a foam float for us to hold onto. We talked and kissed across the float and then Donna asked the question that I could tell she’d wanted to ask since this morning. “When do you think your neighbor, Priya is it, will show up?”

I chuckled and said, “I thought you might be wondering about that. Given that she said she was going to lock herself in her room with her dildo and the fact that there was no way she couldn’t hear all the moaning and groaning from the girls, downstairs; I’d say that she’ll probably show up tonight at some point. You said that you wanted to be there. Right?”

Donna had a lascivious grin on her face as she held herself to the edge of the float. I could see that her nipples had gotten hard and pushed against the flimsy material of her bikini top. “She’ll see my car and know that you have company. She won’t come.”

I smiled and said, “She can’t see my driveway from her house and she always comes across our yards and up to my deck. Besides, you said you were going to work tonight so your car won’t be here anyway.”

“I’ll skip the cleanup after closing and I should be home by ten-thirty,” she said.

I smiled at her and said, “You’ve got this all planned out don’t you. This is important, huh?”

Donna had an embarrassed expression wash across her face. She said. “I guess. She so beautiful. So erotic. I get wet when I think of that video of you and her. I’m getting wet now, talking about it.” One arm slid off the foam float and it was obvious that she pushed her hand into her thong bottom. Then her mouth opened with a moan as her eyes pinched shut. The surface of the water by her bicep was rippling as she began diddling herself.

I said, “I’ve got something over here that just might be better than your fingers.” The rippling water stopped and she pulled her arm back up to the float. She opened her eyes and grinned at me. She pushed herself under the surface and the next thing I knew she pulled my bathing suit down and then there was a burst of bubbles on the surface and I felt her lips push onto my hard cock. She pushed down once and then pulled off and quickly came to the surface and gasped in a lungful of air.

I laughed and she groaned out, “That’s harder to do than I thought it would be.” She reached down under the water and grabbed my cock and started jerking on it. She took a dozen or so stroked and then pulled it to her sex as she pulled the tiny triangle of material to the side. She was breathing hard already and when I grabbed her hips and pulled her on, she groaned hard and way louder than she intended said, “Oh fuck. Yes.” She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in to her depth. She gritted her teeth as I started thrusting my hips at her. She muttered, “Oh fuck. Yeah. That’s way better than my fingers.” The water was washing away her lubrication and that interrupted our enjoyment and I had to slow way down and push gently into her.

Donna had the orgasm that she desperately needed and that was my only goal. I was concentrating so much on not allowing the friction to hurt her that my orgasm was washed away along with her lubrication. I lifted her higher in the water and she put her elbows back behind her on the float. I lifted her bikini top off her tits and kissed her fleshy globes and then sucked on both of her nipples as I eased my cock from her. She didn’t want me to come out of her and she yanked me back in with her legs and groaned hard from the friction in her unlubricated pussy. She released me from her legs and I eased back out again. I pulled her bikini top back in place and we swam to the shoreline. She stood up in the shallow water and pulled her thong back in place while I pulled my suit back up.

Donna was shivering as we returned to the deck and she sprawled out on the lounge chair again. I went to the plastic box that I kept deck gear in and pulled out a beach towel and knelt beside her and dried her legs before vigorously drying between her thighs as she got laughing. I dried her arms and then laid the towel on her chest and began rubbing her tits with the towel. She laughed again and then said, “Watch it buster. You have no idea what your messing with.”

I laughed too and said, “I’m beginning to.” I leaned down over her and kissed her and she latched her arms around my neck and kissed me back with considerable passion.

The slider opened and Eddie appeared. He said, “Jesus guys. Get a room.” He chuckled and continued, “Oh wait. You have a room.” He handed me a beer, which I gratefully accepted. Eddie asked Donna if she’d like a beer and surprisingly, she said, ‘yes’. Eddie handed her his unopened beer and retreated back through the slider and returned with another beer.

I don’t know if Divi and her friends had waited until Donna and I were out of the water, but as soon as we settled down on the deck again, they all came out dressed in their bikinis and one-piece bathing suits and ran down Priya’s dock and dove into the water. More than one of them came up to the surface hooting about how cold the water was. Donna sat up to see the girls and then said, “Do you have binoculars?” Eddie spit beer across the deck and coughed and gagged.

Eddie sarcastically said, “Yeah Jack. Do you have binoculars?” I got up and retrieved a pair from the plastic deck box. Donna grabbed them and brought them to her eyes and adjusted the focus.

She watched for several seconds and without taking the binoculars from her eyes said, “Yep. They’re very attractive girls. She dropped the binoculars and turned to Eddie and said, “Do you have a favorite? One that really turns you on?”

I wasn’t surprised when Eddie said, “Divi, I guess. I love her tits and her ass and eyes are to die for.”

Donna looked through the binoculars again and said, “She is beautiful, isn’t she? Just like her mother.”

As soon as she said that, Eddie looked over at me and whispered, “How does she know what Priya looks like? Have they ever met?” I just shrugged my shoulders and held out my hands indicating that I didn’t have a clue. I took a sip off my beer and Eddie went back to his.

I watched Divi and her friends too. Divi never looked over at my deck once. It was obvious that she was still pissed at me. I thought, ‘First Priya is pissed at me and Divi was always finding her way into my bed and now Priya seems interested again and Divi is pissed at me. Go figure.’ I preferred that Donna not know about Divi and I, but I knew keeping secrets from her would be beyond difficult. She was smart and intuitive. It would probably be best to just fess-up.

Later that afternoon, Donna dressed for work and drove off in her car. Eddie came downstairs soon after, dressed to go out. He said, “Since Sylvia is alone, I’m going to go ‘visit’ her. He used finger quotes when he said ‘visit’. I didn’t expect to see him until tomorrow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the alone time after he left. I sat on the deck and read and napped like I used to do but hadn’t had the chance in a while. Jacob was next door working on dock maintenance. I missed seeing Ashley but she was apparently gone for good. I sat for a while watching him work and wondered what his next girlfriend would be like. With his money, he was always swimming in babes. Several cars from Priya’s drove past. I could hear the tires popping on the gravel as they drove past. They must have been Divi’s friends leaving. From Eddie’s account, the party must have been a success. Divi would be leaving in a couple days for college. I was happy for her starting the next phase of her life. I would miss her. I hoped that Priya would be okay alone. I knew she’d miss Divi more than me.

It was getting dark earlier and I ran out of light to read. It was getting much cooler in the evenings too. I went inside and turned on the ballgame. The Red Sox were leading in the second inning. I made a bowl of popcorn and sat down to watch. In the background, the crowd at Fenway Park was chanting, “Yankees Suck. Yankees Suck”. I chuckled because they weren’t even playing the Yankees. Like most New Englanders, I hated the Yankees with a passion and to have a ten-game lead over them this late in the season was a joy. Still, I remember the often told stories of the 1978 season, two years before I was born, when the Red Sox led the Yankees by fourteen games in mid-July and then lost to them on a Bucky-freakin-Dent home run in a game playoff at Fenway Park. My Uncle always called him ‘Bucky-Freakin-Dent’ until the day he died. The rest of New England referred to him as ‘Bucky-Fucking-Dent’. My Uncle wasn’t much for swearing. In my mind, I joined the crowd’s chant.

The game ended a little after ten o’clock and I turned off the TV and got into bed. Donna would be home soon and I lay there with my hands behind my head in the dark thinking about her obsession with Priya. She had only seen her on Jacob’s video. My dick hardened as I anticipated Donna and Priya together. I was sure it would happen tonight.

I heard the soft crunch of tires on the gravel driveway and then a door open and shut. When Donna appeared in the doorway from the bedroom to the bathroom, she was breathing hard like she’d run home from the Restaurant. I sat up in bed and said, “Are you okay?”

She frantically stripped naked and went straight for my cock. When she got her hands on it, she muttered, “Oh thank God. It’s hard already. She swung her right leg across my hips and guided the glans to her sopping wet pussy and without hesitation, pushed herself down the shaft to her depth and immediately started fucking me. I had my hands on her thighs as she lifted herself and dropped. She took my hands in hers and lifted them to her tits and I began fondling her nipples. She groaned hard. I couldn’t see her face but I could see her form backlit from the night light in the bathroom behind her. “Oh fuck Baby, I’m so horny.” Twenty seconds later she groaned out, “Yes. Yes. I’m cumming. Oh God, I needed this.” She was frantically thrusting herself up and down my cock, and when she was done, she pulled off and flopped over to her side of the bed gasping for air. It hadn’t taken her more than a minute to get herself off. She must have been frigging herself all the way home.

When she could hold enough air to speak, she said, “Oh my God Jack. I could barely finish my shift. Damn, I hope Priya shows up tonight.”

I rolled over to her and kissed her and she kissed me back. I said, “You’re obsessed with Priya and you have never met her or even seen her other than on that video this morning. She may not even be interested in having sex with you. She has exhibited some interest with girl on girl sex but I don’t know how she’ll react to you.”

Donna pushed her lips back to mine and then said, “I’ll take my chances. If she’s not then I’ll get over it.” She kissed me again and continued, “So, what’s the plan? What’s the best way to do this?”

I thought for a moment and then said, “She’ll come in through the living room slider and slide in under the covers on your side closest to the living room door. She’ll assume that I’m asleep and go for my cock and then it’s game time.” She giggled at my sports reference. She wrapped her fingers around my sticky, wet semi-erect dick and squeezed.

Donna said, “Where should I be? In the middle? On your other side?”

I thought about it a moment assessing what Priya’s reaction would be to Donna’s presence. “I’ll be where she expects me to be and then you can join in whenever you think its right. Priya will be shocked by your presence, but I’m sure you can ‘sesuade’ her. She giggled at my joining of the two words ‘seduce’ and ‘persuade’.

Donna sat up to get into position on my left side, away from the living room door. She threw her right leg across my hips again and giggled as she dragged my glans through her sex and shuddered as it dragged over her clitoris. She continued over me and cuddled up close. There was no way to be sure when, or even if, Priya would appear.

Donna rolled away from me and propped my e-reader against the digital clock to block the illumination. She didn’t want Priya to see her too soon. She rolled back and cuddled up and kissed me good-night. I had positioned myself in the middle of the king size bed to make room for both of them.

In spite of the anticipation, I fell asleep. I don’t know for how long though. I was awakened by a tapping on my left shoulder. As I came to consciousness, Donna whispered, “The slider just opened.” I heard it slide shut as Donna gripped my cock and started jerking me off to get me hard for Priya. It didn’t take but a second or two before I was tenting the covers. Donna wanted to see Priya coming in but there was no illumination at all. She ducked under the covers and continued jerking on my hard cock. I had to push her hands off.

I felt movement on the edge of the bed and then the bed sagged from a new weight. I suddenly had a thought, ‘What if this is Divi and not Priya.’ My cock surged even harder at the prospect. Donna pulled her face to my bicep and peaked out. It was too dark to see anything. I was tingling with anticipation. I knew Donna was too. I felt a presence beside me and then a hand touched my shoulder and at the same time lips touched mine. I felt the covers lift and someone moved under them and moved down my body. I kissed the lips on mine and felt a hand moving down my chest to my stomach. With the hand still on my stomach I felt a hand grip my hard cock and lips pushed on. My sleep fogged brain processed the conflicting information of lips on mine and lips on my cock at the same time.

I hadn’t even considered the reality. Both Priya and Divi were in my bed on one side and Donna was on my other anxiously waiting to reveal her presence. Donna could obviously hear the lips kissing and then she must have heard the “AAAWWKK AWWWKK and the slurping of a mouth on my cock at the same time.

Suddenly, the light on the nightstand came on and Divi pulled her lips off mine and squinted her eyes from the bright light. I wished that I had a picture of the shocked look on Divi’s face when she saw a naked Donna sitting beside me. Donna had the biggest grin on her face, but it was clear that at first Donna thought the woman on my lips was Priya. They look so much alike. Then she looked down at the humped up covers over my lap bobbing up and down in synch with the slurping noises. She looked down at my face and said, “Holy shit. Both of them?” I looked at her searching for a hint of her reaction. She grinned and I nodded.

Donna threw the covers down off both of us and revealed Priya sucking furiously on my cock. She squinted from the light and then pulled off and quickly moved back away from Donna and said, “Oh fuck.” She looked from Donna to me and back to Donna. No one had said a word until Priya said, “Divi, honey. Uummm, we should go.”

Donna said, “Don’t go. I’ve been waiting to meet you. You’re even more beautiful in person.” She looked at Divi who was groaning as I molested her tits and continued, “You must be Divi. I’m glad to meet you,” as she stuck out her hand. Divi was in shock and didn’t respond. Priya just watched Donna. She was in shock too.

After Divi gingerly shook Donna’s offered hand, Donna followed it back and sucked one of Divi’s nipples to her lips. Divi groaned and wrapped her arm around Donna’s head to hold her there. Priya took a few more moments to gather herself and then she said, “You must be the fiancée.” That was my cue to introduce everyone. Donna nodded quickly to Priya and then pushed herself across my body and pushed Divi down on the bed and straddled her hips as she renewed her attack on Divi’s tits. Priya watched Divi and Donna grinding their pubic mounds on each other. I flexed my hard cock and caught Priya’s attention. She looked from the lesbian sex beside me to my face and then down to my bobbing cock. She grinned and curled her fingers around my shaft and held it in place as she bent back down and buried my cock in her throat. Donna noticed my groan and turned to watch Priya deep throating my cock. She grinned at me and bent down and attacked Divi’s torpedo tits again. Divi muttered, “Oh fuck. Yes.”

Priya didn’t suck on my cock for long. She just wanted to get it as hard as possible before she threw her legs across my lap and guided me to her pussy. I could see that her glistening sex was soaking wet and Donna’s presence seemed to raise her libido even higher. It didn’t take any more than ten full depth thrusts and Priya was screaming into a powerful orgasm. She grabbed her own tits and twisted her nipples much harder than I would ever do. I reached for her hips to hold her as she thrashed everywhere.

Divi pushed her hands between her and Donna and started working both pussies. Donna groaned hard when Divi’s fingers found her clitoris. Donna shifted her grinding motion to Divi’s fingers and I wasn’t surprised to see Donna explode into her own orgasm. She was so turned on by the prospects of this night. I wasn’t surprised either by Donna’s penchant for lesbian sex. I had seen her with Sylvia a few times. They probably grew up on lesbian sex but there was no denying either of their desires for cock either.

The combined actions of Priya fucking my cock through her orgasm and the watching Donna and Divi getting each other off to my right, pulled me over the top of my orgasm and I let out a demonic groan as I muttered, “Oh my fucking gawwdd.” Donna looked down at me and then turned back to Priya. They smiled at each other and Donna leaned back and Priya leaned forward and they kissed with considerable passion. Then Divi had her turn as she moaned, “OOOOOHHHHH gggawwwddd Donnnnnaaaaa. I’m cummminnnnggggg.” She was thrusting her hips up so hard that she was lifting Donna up with them. Donna rode Divi’s thrusting hips like she was riding a bronco as she continued her passionate kiss with Priya.

Things slowed down for a while after everyone had throbbed through their orgasms but no one was done by a long shot. Both Divi and Donna wanted my cock and they both went to work, side by side, sucking my cock back up to full size. Priya moved around them and threw her leg across my chest and pushed her wet pussy to my lips. I was glad to accommodate her. She leaned forward and grabbed the headboard as she rocked her hips on my face. I was looking straight up at her tits and I couldn’t help but grab them and gently knead her soft flesh. She grinned down at me when she noticed me looking up at her.

My cock had reached maximum dimensions a while back but Donna and Divi seemed to be in a competition to see which could outdo the other. If I was the judge, I was the only winner. Both had incredible skills.

Donna said, “You go Divi. You’re the guest here.”

Divi objected, saying, “No. You go. It belongs to you.” I was just hoping someone would go. Donna finally threw her leg across my hips and sat down as she guided my cock into her pussy. I couldn’t see her reaction but I heard it, “Oh my gggaaawwddd, Baby. You’re incredibly hard. You’re going to split me in two.” She groaned hard as she lowered her body on it. Then she moaned non-stop as she began her cowgirl fucking motion.

Never to be left out, Divi stepped over my stomach and sat down on my stomach, between her mother and Donna, facing Donna. She bent down and sucked on Donna’s tits, going back and forth from one to the other. Donna’s constant moaning changed in pitch and became shriller from Divi’s attack. Donna ran her fingers over Divi’s tits and gently manipulated her nipples. Donna moaned out, “Fuck Divi, I love your tits.” I had to chuckle into Priya’s sex because I absolutely loved Priya’s and Divi’s tits too.

I worked Priya’s pussy and clitoris but I couldn’t reach her anus, so Priya pushed back from the headboard and leaned her back against Divi’s back and rolled her hips forward to provide access to her anus. I greedily rimmed her rosebud and Priya reacted with spastic throbs and yelled out, “Oh fuck, yeah. Right there.”

Donna kept her same pace on my cock even as she bent further forward and sucked Divi’s right nipple to her lips as she reached around Divi and Priya and wrapped her hands over Priya’s tits and began fondling them. This combined access to mother’s and daughter’s matching torpedo tits pulled Donna over the top to another orgasm and she was forced to abandon both sets of tits and sit up straight which gave Divi the opportunity to attack Donna’s tits. Donna’s groans as she started her orgasm changed to, “Oh my God. Yes. Yes,” when Divi began sucking on her nipples.

I was so consumed by getting Priya off with my tongue that I kind of forgot about my cock in Donna’s pussy. Her clenching brought me back to her and I began thrusting my hips up into her to aid her climax. Donna’s body was pulsing hard and before she had finished, she fell off to the side of the bed and curled up into a fetal position, chanting, “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

Divi saw my cock exit Donna’s pussy and slap back toward her and she didn’t waste a moment as she grabbed it and slid herself forward and pushed my sloppy, wet cock into her pussy. She groaned hard as she pushed herself down my shaft. She knew her depth by then and she immediately started thrusting her hips forward and back. The sensation of her tight teenaged pussy on my cock was amazing and I flexed my cock hard in her. She muttered, “Oh fuck,” from the additional hardness.

Priya’s body began to tense as she thrust her hips on my face. Vaginal juices seemed to pour out of her as her constant moan began to increase in pitch and when her climax smashed into her, she was screaming. My tongue had been tiring but I renewed my efforts and drilled her pussy and clitoris to drive her through her orgasm. She grabbed my hair and yanked me up into her sex. It hurt like hell but it wasn’t the first time and would likely not be the last.

Priya throbbed on my face as I slurped up her juices as best I could and then she collapsed back against Divi’s back and then rolled off to the same side Donna was on. I went to work on Divi as I sat up and reached for her tits. I pulled her back down so her back was lying on my chest. She continued to rock her hips like before but with the new position, she just pulled herself off my cock. She frantically reached down and pushed me back in. The action was now mine and I held her hips in place as I began rocking mine up and down. Her head was on my chest and I looked down between her tits to watch my cock push in and out of her. She lifted her head to see too and tried to get her hips in the action again with the same results. Before she could get her hand on it again to push back in, Donna moved in and sucked it into her mouth. Divi dropped her head back to my chest and groaned, “Oh Jesus. I’m so close.” She continued rocking her hips like she was fucking me and her fingers shoved inside to replace my cock.

Donna only took a few cycles up and down my shaft before she guided it back to Divi’s pussy, displacing her fingers. Divi’s fingers then wrapped over my balls and exposed shaft to prevent it from coming out again. Divi had proclaimed that she was close and so was I, so I ramped up the pace and moments later, Divi clutched my tightening balls and yelled out, “Oh God, Yes. I’m cumming. Cum with me.”

As the pressure built, I began a long, extended groan, “YYUUNNNNGGGAAAHHHH,” and Divi’s body went spastic and I had to hold her with my arms across her chest. She was screaming as her hips flew everywhere. She came off my spurting cock and cum flew high in the air and landed on her tits and face and I kept right on cumming. Salvo after salvo arched through the air. I thought I’d never stop. She was covered from hairline to pubic hair with cum. My arms, that had been holding her in place, were covered. As the shots got less powerful, Donna pushed my pulsing cock into her mouth and took the rest and then swallowed. She drilled her tongue into the eye and slurped her tongue around my shaft to clean it off and then she popped her lips off as she giggled.

I looked down along Divi’s still pulsing body to see Donna grinning at me. Then, suddenly, her grin disappeared as I saw Priya pushing her face into Donna’s sex. Donna went straight to her back and started groaning from Priya’s attack. Divi’s body slowed and she sat up to watch her mother and Donna. She was rolling her fingertips through her sex and then she rolled off my body and immediately pushed her lips to Priya’s pussy. Priya groaned into Donna’s pussy. I got out of the way.

As if moving my body created a vacuum, Donna moved into my space and pulled Divi’s pussy to her lips. I was watching a three-way lesbian daisy-chain and it was fucking hot. It didn’t take long before I was up again and I slowly jerked myself off. All three of them were in constant moans like I hadn’t heard other than on porno movies. That thought brought me back to the fact that there was a camera in the ceiling fan recording all of this for Jacob’s enjoyment. Donna either forgot or didn’t care. Neither Divi or Priya were aware of the cameras in her house or here.

Donna’s hand moved out of Divi’s sex and grabbed my hard cock displacing my hand. She was gasping for air as she pulled back from Divi and made a space for me to join in the daisy-chain. She pulled me in and clamped her lips on my cock as I pushed my lips to Divi’s sex and drilled my tongue into her tight pussy. The groans got louder.

As each of us burst into another orgasm, the daisy-chain disintegrated and we were just lying there gasping for air. My chest was heaving up and down as I lay sprawled on my back. Donna had enough energy to push herself up beside me with her head on my hip. My flaccid cock laid only an inch or two from Donna’s lips. Priya and Divi had pulled themselves up beside each other too, but their faces were in the other’s crotch. Our positions were conducive to beginning again as soon as we had recovered. I had no idea what time it was with the digital clock face obscured by my e-reader. I didn’t really care.

I laid back trying to get my breathing under control while I ran my fingers through Donna’s hair. She ‘cooed’ as she ran her fingernails over my scrotum. Divi and Priya were doing something to each other as random, contented, “Mmmmmmms” came from both of them.

I must have nodded off and when I came awake, Donna still had her head on my left hip but Divi had her head on my right hip and Divi was on her knees and elbows between my legs. I looked up from my pillow and they were all grinning at me. Priya had my cock in her hands, ever so gently stroking it back up to hard again. Donna said, “Just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Divi giggled and added, “Brace yourself though, because it’s going to be a wild ride.” Donna and Priya giggled and Priya gripped my cock harder and increased the pace of her hand job. Then Priya aimed my cock at Donna and she leaned over and kissed Priya before pushing her lips down my shaft as she looked into my eyes. I groaned and Priya and Divi giggled at my response.

Donna took a suction as her cheeks caved in as she pulled back and blew out when she pushed down. Priya and Divi were watching Donna and then they looked at each other and smiled as if they were giving their approval of the job Donna was doing. Donna pulled her lips up over my glans and licked her way down the underside and sucked on my balls, all the while smiling at me.

Donna passed my cock to Priya and she pushed down my shaft pushing the glans into her throat. I groaned hard and Donna grinned at me. Divi tired of waiting her turn and she lowered her face and sucked on my testicle closest to her. Donna took Divi’s cue and did the same on her side. Priya was dropping her lips so far down my shaft that she was colliding with Divi’s and Donna’s faces. They didn’t care and continued to suck on my balls. I dropped my head back to the pillow and groaned loudly. I lifted my face again and watched Priya’s tits hanging and swinging forward and back as she deep throated me. At that moment I was thinking, ‘No guy in history has ever got a blowjob from three more beautiful women at the same time.

Priya pulled all the way up my shaft and slurped the saliva before pulling off my glans. She aimed my cock at Divi and she eagerly released my testicle and pushed her lips over my glans and locked her lips there as she started a counter-rotating double hand job as she pushed her lips on and off the glans. She grinned at me as she dragged her teeth across the velvety crown. My mouth fell open as a long loud groan escaped from my throat. Even with my testicle in Donna’s mouth, she giggled. Priya bent down face to face with Donna and Donna released my balls and they were immediately in a lip-lock. Jesus, they were hot. I groaned out, “OH FUCK. I’M GONNA CUM.”

Priya pulled back from Donna’s lips and excitedly said, “Let’s all get in a row and let him cum on us.” Donna grinned and was already moving up beside me. Priya did the same on the other side and Divi continued her blow job by burying my cock in her throat for as long as she could while she came around between my thighs.

I gritted my teeth trying to hold back and groaned out, “Fuck Divi. You’d better get down there because I’m gonna blow.” She reluctantly pulled her face back from me and let my glans slip from her lips. She took my place as I stood up and while the three of them all pushed themselves together in front of me and I started jerking off as fast as I could and then I felt that amazing release as cum boiled out of the balls. I stood back far enough so I could arch each shot high above them so it would come down on their faces and then down their bodies as each shot had less power behind it. I grunted hard with each shot and Priya, Divi and Donna all began screeching and trying to catch my cum as it dropped. My hand was a blur on my shaft and I covered all three of them with cum. As the shots diminished, I stepped closer to them until the final few shots just drooled out of me and into Divi’s mouth as she sat up and pushed her lips over my glans to collect it.

Priya and Donna got laughing and claimed that Divi had cheated as they were scooping cum from each other and shoving their fingers in their mouths. Divi wanted some off of Donna’s tits but Priya stopped her and said she’d already got hers and they all burst out laughing again. Priya moved over Divi and began sucking cum directly from Donna’s tits and face. Divi took the opportunity and lifted her head to collect cum dripping off Priya’s hanging nipples.

Donna objected to Divi’s actions and she pulled Priya over Divi on top of her and they locked lips and kissed passionately as Divi and I looked on. They were so erotic that my cock was already hardening again. I knew my balls were done for a while so I hid my burgeoning erection under my hands as Donna and Priya broke their embrace and went back to work cleaning cum off the other’s face and hair.

I stepped down to the floor and pulled the e-reader away from the digital clock. It read, 4:39 AM. I don’t know how long we had been at it but I was exhausted. Apparently, they weren’t as Divi pushed her lips to Donna’s pussy and Priya did the same to Divi’s pussy. Donna closed the chain as she pushed her lips to Priya’s pussy. I stood beside the bed and watched. The display of their passion wasn’t helping my aching balls any. I found a sliver of the bed that was unoccupied and I crawled in on my back and looked up at the ceiling fan thinking, “Holy shit Jacob. I sure hope you aren’t selling these videos you’re recording.” Then I decided that tomorrow I would find his camera and remove it. I listened to the moans and groans and slurping sounds until I fell asleep.

I don’t know how much longer they enjoyed themselves but when I woke with the breaking dawn, they were cuddled up together and sound asleep. The light on the nightstand was still on. In spite of the fact that they were a mess, with dried cum in their hair and faces and bodies and makeup and lipstick smeared, it was a most erotic sight with their hands on each other’s tits and pussies. I looked down at my semi-erect cock and chuckled as I saw rings of lipstick matching the colors worn by Donna, Divi and Priya at various depths on my shaft. Priya’s color was all the way down at the base of my cock at the interface with my balls and I thought, ‘Fuck. All that was in her mouth and throat.’ Divi’s color ringed the ridge of my glans and Donna’s color was smeared in between.

I slowly pushed myself off the bed and went to the kitchen to get my cell phone. I just thought about what had happened last night and my cock was fully erect again. I took a few closeup photos of my erect cock showing the rings of lipstick and then I returned to the bedroom and took a few photos of them entwined together like that.

I went back to the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker and rummaged through the refrigerator to see what, if anything, I could make for breakfast. I didn’t find anything that I wanted to bother with. I went back to the bedroom to get my shorts and tee shirt and I checked on the women cuddled up together. No one had moved.

I dressed and stepped out on the deck. The air was cool but it was supposed to get hot again like yesterday. I loved ‘Indian-Summer’ days. They were like a microcosm of the four seasons all in one or two days. I drank my coffee as I checked the progression of tree-colors. It was still early in the season, but in a month, we would be past peak. The bleak days of winter weren’t far away and for the first time in many years, thanks to Donna, I was looking forward to them. I breeze came up and chilled me so I stepped back inside. I heard moaning and some shrieks coming from the bedroom. My ladies were back at it again. They would eagerly welcome my participation but I just stood in the doorway and watched them. Damn they were beautiful together. Their passion was incredible. I don’t think any of them noticed me standing there watching and I stepped back out and made myself another cup of coffee in the kitchen.

Their moans and cries of, “Oh God,” or, “Oh Fuck,” lasted another ten minutes before those cries morphed into, “I’m cumming.” It went quiet after that and when I carried my cup into the bedroom to check on them, they were sprawled across the bed, just staring at the ceiling. Donna saw me step in and without even looking at me she said, “Good morning, Baby. What an awesome night. Thank you for this. Divi sure was a bonus.” I took a sip of coffee and grinned down at her naked body. She sat up and pushed herself against the headboard and reached toward me indicating that she wanted my coffee. I stepped up to the bed and leaned over and gave it to her.

Her hair was a mess, her face was a mess. She had dried cum on her tits but her nipples must have been sucked clean. She was beautiful. She took a sip off my cup and handed it back. I motioned for her to keep it and she smiled. I leaned down further and kissed her hard on the lips and she responded with even more passion.

Divi and Priya curled up together with Priya spooning Divi. Her top hand clutched Divi’s breast and she kissed the side of Divi’s neck which elicited several moans. I whispered to Donna, “Come on. We need a shower and there really is only room for two. She smiled and swung her legs to the floor and grabbed my extended hand to pull herself up. Divi and Priya didn’t move.

Donna and I were apparently ‘cummed-out’. We cuddled under the shower and kissed but when I ran my fingertips down her side to her hips, she giggled and said, “That tickles.” We washed each other with no attempts to raise our libidos. We kissed often and just held each other close until the water went cold. Priya and Divi would have to go home to shower. We dried each other and kissed some more. Neither of us spoke a word. Donna pulled on my robe and went to the kitchen in search of more coffee. I went back to the bedroom to check on our guests.

Divi and Priya were sitting up at least. Divi was cuddled into Priya’s arms as Priya kissed Divi’s forehead and lightly ran her fingers through Divi’s straggled hair. It wasn’t immediately obvious but Divi was crying into her mother’s neck. Her body racked, but she emitted no sounds. I went around the bed to see what was wrong. Priya looked up at me and said, “She’s feeling sad. She leaves for college tomorrow. I guess I’m feeling sad too. I’m going to miss her awful.”

I sat down beside them and leaned forward and kissed Priya. She kissed me back. She took the opportunity to whisper, “Donna is awesome. I really, really like her.” I leaned further forward and kissed Divi on her shoulder and she turned out of her mother’s neck and kissed me hard on the lips. We broke our embrace and she held her position close to my lips and just looked into my eyes. I pecked her on the lips again and pulled back. She returned to the sanctuary of Priya’s neck and Priya pulled her in close as she wrapped her arms around her. I was getting up when Priya whispered again, “Do you think we can do this again?”

I whispered back, “Donna may be as much in love with you as she is with me. She’s the most giving, loving, sharing and sensuous person I’ve ever known. Talk it over with her. You’re always welcome in my bed, but it will always have to be with her participation.” Priya grinned and threw me an air-kiss.

I got off the bed and Divi pulled her face out of Priya’s neck and said, “I’m sorry I was pissed off at you Jack. I should have understood your position but I was just thinking about me.”

Donna was just carrying two cups of coffee into the bedroom as I got off the bed. She handed me a cup and said, “Good morning Priya. Good morning Divi.” She looked at me when she realized that Divi was sulking. “What’s wrong?” I told her what Priya had told me. Donna sat down beside Priya where I had been sitting and she whispered, “Divi, Honey. Don’t be sad. This is the start of an exciting new phase in your life. I know you’ll miss your mother. When you come home for vacations, we’ll all be here for you. I hope we can get together again like last night.” Divi pulled her face back from Priya’s neck and grinned at Donna as she wiped tears from her eyes and cheeks. Donna leaned toward Divi and they kissed passionately as Priya smiled up at me. Then Divi pulled herself away from her mother’s arms and threw her arms around Donna’s neck and hugged her as they kissed again.

Then Divi and Priya moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. Priya giggled and said, “Divi, honey. You smell like sex.”

Divi giggled too and said, “Yeah, well you reek, Mom.” Priya laughed and they walked to the living room to find the clothes that they had discarded when they arrived last night.

When they were gone, Donna sat down on one of the bar stools and finished her coffee. She normally would have been at work by then. I asked her about it and she smiled and said, “I’ve given up the diner job. I’m just not going to be able to get out of your bed in the morning. I want to keep my evening job at the Inn Restaurant until things get uncomfortable with the baby and then I’ll quit altogether. It’s only from four to ten.” I grinned at her rationale for dropping the diner job.

Things had been a whirlwind since I proposed and we’d not taken a moment to discuss our immediate future. The baby was due in April, which was odd because both of our birthdays were in April. We would have one big birthday month to celebrate every year. Even though this would be the second marriage for both of us, Donna wanted to get married in a fancy wedding dress in a full church ceremony in front of her friends and family, before she was showing a baby-bump.

I liked the sound of that. I wanted to get married as soon as possible. After some discussion, we decided on a date next month. We decided to invite everyone we knew, which weren’t really a lot of people when we started listing them. Donna’s only immediate family was Sylvia and her mother, who was currently in a rehab facility. She had cousins and aunts and uncles that were far removed. She would invite them but she doubted they would even know who she was. She would invite all her friends from the diner and restaurant where she worked.

I had my mother and sister, Janet and Anna’s sisters and niece Angela. I wouldn’t even bother inviting Anna’s parents. They would probably burn the invitation and send the ashes back to me with a note that read, ‘Eat shit and die’. Eddie would be invited of course and cousins Frank and Rita and Jimmy and Rachel. There were a few other friends around the lake like Jacob and Miranda, the Marina owner. I’d leave it up to Jacob to invite a plus-one but I hoped it would be Ashley even though they had apparently broken up. Priya agreed to be a bridesmaid. Divi was certainly invited if she could get away from college. I agreed to pay for her airline ticket if she could. I smiled to myself when I realized that I’d had recent sex with all of the women on my invite list.

Eddie would be my best man and Sylvia would be Donna’s maid of honor. The plans were made and Donna started working the details for the church and the function hall. Catering, flowers, wedding cake and dress were on her list. She spent many days at her home working with Sylvia. Sylvia was as excited about it all, as Donna was. All I had to do was the Tuxedos. Everything would be handled locally except for the wedding dress and she made plans to go to the city for that. She invited Sylvia to assist in the process.

I called my mother that afternoon and told her the news. She started crying and I waited for Janet to take the phone from her so I could continue the call. Janet was as excited as anyone. She said that she didn’t even think I was looking. I confessed that I wasn’t. It all just happened. Donna was all grins as I talked to Janet and she motioned for me to give her the phone. I heard Janet scream over the phone when Donna said, “Hello.” Donna was animated as she and Janet talked for a long time. I hate talking on the phone so I was glad I was off the hook, so to speak. Donna invited Janet and my mom to join her and Sylvia to shop for a dress and I heard Janet scream with excitement again.

Things had to move fast if we wanted to meet our accelerated schedule. She picked the next Thursday as that was her day off at the Inn. Our weekly date night was passé already.

We enjoyed our night alone even though we both agreed that the night with Divi and Priya was incredible. We made a point to see Divi and Priya off as Priya had rented a van to drive all of Divi’s stuff to the college. They were already packed when we arrived. They had a ten-hour drive ahead of them and I knew neither of them was looking forward to it. There were some long faces as they drove off. I was glad it wasn’t me. Priya was going to stay there for a few days to get Divi settled and then she’d leave the van there and fly home. We were insistent that we’d pick her up at the airport, which was a ninety-minute drive away. She thought it was too big an imposition and argued about it until Donna whispered something in her ear, which prompted a broad grin and the issue was settled.

We hadn’t seen Eddie for days and we just assumed that he was staying with Sylvia. Donna and I had a few serious conversations over the past few days about where we would live. Her house or mine. I didn’t want to give up the lake but my house was a fraction the size of hers. I wasn’t crazy about living in the same house with Sylvia though. I could easily imagine her taking on a role of substitute wife; in bed and otherwise. I kept that concern to myself. Donna loved her sister dearly and perhaps even more than she loved me. I wasn’t going to risk pushing the issue.

If my house on the lake turned out to be too small for her, I’d sell it and buy or build a larger one on the lake. We settled on living in my house, so, she had to get all of her clothes and other stuff from her house and we drove my SUV there that afternoon. Both Eddie’s and Sylvia’s cars were in the driveway when we arrived. Donna unlocked the front door. No one was downstairs. They were probably upstairs in bed.

We both went up the stairs and quietly made our way to Donna’s bedroom and gathered the clothes she wanted from her closet. We could hear the moaning and groaning coming from Sylvia’s bedroom next door and Donna giggled and pushed herself up to me and rubbed my cock through my pants saying, “Does that turn you on?”

With my dick growing under her fingers, I pretended that the sounds had no effect on me and said, “Your hand on my cock sure turns me on.” I kissed her and ran my palms over her obvious, erect nipples. I took the clothes she had collected and carried them out to my car. When I returned, Donna was standing in the hall at Sylvia’s bedroom door with her ear pressed against it. When she turned to look at me, I recognized the sultry expression on her face. She was very horny and my cock pushed hard against my zipper and it turned out that my zipper is just where Donna was looking. She looked up from my crotch to my face and grinned before returning her gaze to my crotch.

I motioned for her to come away from Sylvia’s door and she reluctantly turned toward me and took one step away from Sylvia’s door as it opened and a naked Sylvia stood there. Her face was flushed deep red. Her nipples were rock hard and her neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair was sopping wet. She looked at Donna and then looked down the hall at me. Then she said, “Don’t stand out here and listen at the door. Come on in and join us.”

Donna looked at me for permission and I shook my head. Donna took a step toward me and Sylvia grabbed Donna’s arm. Donna stopped and looked at Sylvia and then at me and again I shook my head. Donna looked back at Sylvia and eased her arm from her grip and walked toward me. She looked back at Sylvia as she turned the corner into her room. We finished our task and left to the renewed moans and groans from Sylvia’s room. Donna’s face was flushed with sexual heat but I was proud of her for resisting her older sister’s insistence.

Before we even got out of her driveway she relented to her sexual needs and pushed her torso up on the center console and yanked my zipper down and drove her lips down my erect shaft. I was surprised by her attack and immediately let out a loud groan, “Oh Jesus, Donna. You’ll kill us both.” She giggled around my cock and started furiously bobbing her head up and down my cock. Her knees were in her seat with her ass in the air. She had already unzipped them but they were so tight she couldn’t get her hand inside to sate her need. Her hand pulled out of her crotch and flew to my cock and it joined her bobbing head. I groaned from her attack.

I alternated my attention from the road to her furiously bobbing head. A car, coming the other way turned out to be a Police car and tried hard to appear nonchalant, but as we passed, he looked over at me and his shocked eyes gave him away. I guess the heading bobbing up and down in my lap gave us away. When I saw the blue lights come on and he did a u-turn right in the road, I said, “Um, Donna? We’re about to be pulled over by a local cop.” Donna’s head popped off the end of my cock as she came up to look behind us.

She scrambled back into her seat muttering, “Shit. Shit. Shit.” She was frantically trying to get her zipper back up. With one hand required for the steering wheel, I didn’t stand a chance of getting my granite hard cock back in my pants so as I eased over to the side of the road with the Police car right on my bumper, I reached around to the backseat to find a piece of Donna’s clothing to hide my erection under. I just grabbed the first thing I could find and shoved it in my lap as I looked in the sideview mirror. The cop was already out of his car and coming down the side of mine. I gathered myself and reached into my rear pocket for my wallet, which contained my driver’s license.

The cop came to a stop at my driver’s side rear door. I knew cops were trained that way so they wouldn’t get shot if they just walked up to the driver’s window. He bent down and looked in my window. I had my hands on the steering wheel to make him feel more secure. He looked at me and then at my passenger and said, “Hello Donna. Nice to see you. I missed you at the diner this morning.”

Donna bent forward and looked at the cop. “Hi Ron. Nice to see you too.” Both of her hands were in her lap as she had been unable to get her jeans zipped up. The cop scanned the interior of my car as I guess they are trained to do. His scan stopped as he looked down at my lap. He burst out laughing and I looked down to see what was so funny. I just about died when I saw that the clothing item, I had grabbed off the back seat to cover my erect cock was one of Donna’s bras and my cock was sticking up between the two cups. Donna looked where I was looking and she groaned and muttered, “Oh shit,” as she pushed her head back against the headrest.

The cop gathered himself and said, “I guess you are Donna’s fiancé that I heard about. You’re a lucky man.” He hesitated for a moment and then chuckled as he continued, “In more ways than one I see.” He bent lower and looked at Donna, whose face was now beet red from embarrassment. He smiled as he said, “Try to get home safely before you continue what you were doing or finish here and then drive home. Either way. Okay?” I heard him chuckling as he returned to his car. I put my license back in my wallet. He never asked to see it.

The cop drove off and I was about to put my car in gear when Donna burst out laughing at the situation. She got me laughing too as I picked up Donna’s bra and threw it in the backseat. When she saw her bra in my hand she exploded in laughter as she gasped for air. My cock was nearly completely soft by the time I got back on the road. Donna finally got her jeans zipped up. She looked over at me and then down to my lap and said, “I’d help you get back together again but I know that as soon as I touch your dick, I’d be back at it again.”

We rode in silence for a moment and then Donna said, “There’s a funny story about Ron. He’s relatively new in town. All the other local cops grew up here and most of them were thugs and bullies back in school. I was interested in him when he started coming into the diner for breakfast. He was a new face of eligible age and I gave him the once over. I could tell he was more interested than a once over and he came to the diner every day. He always sat in the wrap-around booth alone and he’d move to the middle so I had to lean way over the table to deliver his order. He’d always look down my shirt. I flirted with him a little at first. He’d always order a coffee and a bunch of napkins. I thought it was kind of weird but I gave him what he ordered. He’d slowly drink his coffee as his eyes followed me everywhere. Then he’d stuff the napkins inside the empty cup and leave. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable under his constant gaze. Then one day I found out what the napkins were for. He was jerking off under the table and cumming into the wad of napkins. Then he’d shove the napkins in the coffee cup. One morning, the napkins wouldn’t just fall into the trash so I had to reach in and pull them out. I was really grossed out when I realized my fingers were covered with his cum. I never let on that I knew what he was doing in that booth and I never touched the napkins again either.” She shuddered and said, “Creepy, huh?”

I nodded and said, “I guess he was sure wishing he was me behind the wheel, huh?”

Donna shuddered and said, “The thought makes my skin crawl.”

In the garage I got my flaccid dick back in my pants and zipped up before carrying all of Donna’s things inside. I put them on my bed while Donna tried to figure out where to put them. There were two small closets and my clothes were in both of them. I had to prioritize my clothes into one closet with the overflow going upstairs to the spare bedroom closet, displacing Eddie’s clothes which I moved to the bed. The newly emptied closet in my, or rather, our bedroom wouldn’t hold all the clothes that Donna brought, so she had to relegate her summer clothes to the spare bedroom too.

We didn’t get back to finishing what Donna had started in the car, but she more than made up for it that night after she got home from work. She sucked on orgasm out of me and then rode me like a bucking bronco through another one and got herself off three times before she collapsed in my arms gasping for air. I held her tight to me as we both fell off to sleep. I woke only once in the night and she was still lying on top of me with her face on my chest. I smiled when I realized that she was drooling on my chest. I kissed her forehead and she softly moaned and we were back to sleep again.

With dawn brightening the windows, I realized that my morning woody was sticking up like a flagpole between her thighs. There wasn’t anything I could do about it until Donna woke up and rolled off me. I laid there quite a while trying to get my cock to go down but the thought of where my cock was at that moment only made it harder. Then Donna suddenly stirred and slurped in the drool and giggled as she raised her head and said, “Sorry. I guess this face down position caused me to drool on you.” She scooched up higher so we could kiss and she suddenly realized what was between her thighs. She smiled up at me and cooed, “Oooo. Is that for me?” as she lifted her ass up the full length of my shaft and slowly dropped it back down again. She trembled from the sensation.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed last night, I wanted to be on top and control this action, so I rolled us over and she moved her legs inside of mine in the process. Her thighs gripped my cock as I came up on my knees beside her ass. I sat back on her thighs and looked down at her. My cock hardened further as I took in the vision of Donna’s beautiful face and flattened tits and erect nipples. My repositioning pulled my cock up through her thighs and my glans slid through her sex. She groaned hard as my glans grazed her clitoris. She pressed her head into her pillow to elevate her body as she sucked her lower lip between her teeth. Her firm breasts were flushed red from the blood coursing through her body. she was cradling them in her palms as her fingers rolled around her rock-hard nipples. Her glazed over eyes were screaming, ‘fuck me’.

I reached down and pulled my hard cock up from her thighs and dragged my velvet crown through her sex in the process and Donna heaved her hips upward. She whimpered, “Oh God Baby. I’m close already.” I leaned forward and displaced her fingers with my lips and I ran my tongue around each nipple. She whimpered again as she thrust her hips upward again. I pulled my cock free of her sex and then placed my glans at the top of her cleft above her clitoris and pushed it down over her clitoris, which elicited a scream, to her vagina and pushed inside. Donna’s head rolled from side to side as she groaned from the building pressure as I pushed my shaft all the way down. Sitting on her thighs like I was, limited the depth I could push down. Donna opened her thighs just enough to capture my balls and when I pulled back out, my scrotum was stretched by the friction of her thighs. We were both in non-stop groans as I got into a normal rhythm.

Donna was looking up at me but I doubt she was seeing anything. Her eyes were glazed over as her mouth hung open in one long string of “OOOHHH,” interrupted by the in and out change of momentum. Donna offered nothing to the motion. She was just enjoying the ride. She seemed to just ooze into an orgasm followed closely by another one. They weren’t violent like I’d seen from her before. There was an inert expression on her face with just a hint of tightening facial muscles as she started each of them. They didn’t last long but another one followed close behind. Her pussy clenched on my cock the same though. That was the only muscle that moved. I was curious about how many of these pseudo orgasms I could pull from her so I continued driving in and out at the same pace and orgasms continued to roll out of her.

I could feel my orgasm building so I ramped up the pace and that suddenly brought her to life as she drove her hips up and gasped in a huge breath of air and held it as she started fucking me back. Her next orgasm was powerful and it pulled the trapped air from her lungs in a scream. She began humping wildly on my cock as her eyes cleared. She was in heat as she groaned and groaned over and over again. I was sucking in oxygen for all I was worth as I was concentrating on two things: One more powerful orgasm from Donna and my own, in that order.

I knew I’d accomplished goal number one when Donna groaned out, “Oh my gawwdd. You’re killing me. Here comes a big one.” Just as she finished that groan, her hips flew up at me and she screamed hard. It started as a guttural, demonic groan and increased in pitch to a scream as her orgasm rolled through her. My orgasm arrived as her groan turned to a scream and I blew what seemed like never-ending streams of cum into her pussy. Her eyes went wide when she felt the first salvo.

We continued to hump on each other for a while after our bodies stopped throbbing from our orgasms. Finally, she looked up at me and said, “Jesus, Jack. I thought I was gonna die. That was so intense.” I bent low and we kissed. Then I rolled off her, pulling my spent cock from her and she groaned again.

We showered together and got dressed. She dressed casually but elegantly. She and Sylvia were driving to the city to her appointment to look at Wedding dresses. They were to meet my mother and sister at the store. It was another beautiful, warm day and Donna dropped the top on her BMW and after a passionate kiss from me, she drove off waving over her shoulder. I watched her go until I couldn’t see or hear her car and then dropped myself into my zero-gravity chair and turned on my e-reader. The weather was warm but not hot. I had no urge to remove my tee shirt.

I heard Eddie’s car drive in a half hour later. He was looking haggard and I teased him that I always thought Sylvia was a Succubus and she was sucking the life and soul from him. He laughed and said, “I can’t think of a better way to go.” I had to agree with him. Sylvia had skills.

Eddie retrieved a couple beers from the refrigerator and brought one to me. We opened them and clinked the bottle together in an unspoken toast and each took a long pull. Eddie said, “Can you take me over to Frank and Rita’s house on your boat? I need to finalize the lease for the winter and get the key.”

“Take the kayak,” I said.

He thought about it and said, “If I only have a little bit of life left in me, I’d rather give it to Sylvia than die out on the lake in your kayak.” He smiled and we laughed.

I pulled up to Rita’s dock and tied up. I stayed on the boat drinking another beer while Eddie ran up the stairs to their deck. Rita invited him in and stepped to the railing and waved for me to come up too. I waved her off and stayed put. I knew where our visit was going to go if I went up. She had talked repeatedly about a three-on-one with Rita taking a cock in all of her holes at once. If Donna was here and sanctioned it, I would be all in. As I came to understand Donna more, she would probably want seconds.

As it was, Eddie took forever before he backed out onto the deck with Rita hanging on to his pants. He was trying to zip them up and she was trying to unzip. She appeared at the railing and shook her naked tits at me. She reached down to her sex and was probably spreading her labia at me but I couldn’t see between the two by four balusters. Eddie hurried down the stairs adjusting his dick in his pants. I started the motor and waved to Rita as Eddie untied the boat and pushed us away. Eddie was breathing hard as she said, “Fuck Jack. If anyone is a Succubus, its Rita. She had me on the floor fucking me reverse cowgirl while she sucked Frank’s cock. She’s insatiable. She wanted you in her ass.” I laughed. Eddie still didn’t know that Rita was my first cousin. I was sure he’d find out at the wedding.

I said “So, did you get the lease settled, and the keys? When are you moving in?”

Eddie nodded at the first question and said, “Tomorrow,” to the second. I just smiled. I was going to get my house back. We putted along at idle speed and after a period of silence, Eddie said, “Can I borrow your kayak for a while. I won’t have a boat and I’ll want to come visit you once in a while until the lake ices over.”

That would still be months away. I said, “Sure. No problem. I’ll drop it off after you’ve moved in.”

It was getting late and I hadn’t heard from Donna. Then the phone rang and I looked at the ID on the screen. It was her. She said that the day hadn’t gone as well as she’d hoped and they were going to continue their search for a wedding dress tomorrow. My mom invited her and Sylvia to stay at her home tonight. An image of Donna and Sylvia and Janet and Mom all entwined together in lesbian sex entered my mind. I would pay money to be a fly on the wall.

I went to bed. Eddie had retired earlier. He said that he’d got about an hour of sleep last night and he looked like it. I tossed and turned and slept poorly. I missed having Donna beside me. It wasn’t very long ago that I slept well alone and when the various women started appearing in my bed in the middle of the night, I didn’t sleep well, even after the sex.

Even though I was curious about what was going on at Mom’s house, I wasn’t going to ask Donna about it. I was sure that she’d tell me, if there was anything to tell.

I spent hours thinking my way through the various tasks that Donna had asked me to take care off. She was handling the bulk of them but I had a few. I didn’t want to disappoint her. This wedding was important to her; so, if for no other reason than that, it was important to me too.

A little past noon the next day, Donna called. She was on the way home. She didn’t say whether or not she’d been successful but I could tell from the excitement in her voice that she had been. She said that she’d be home in a couple hours. I helped Eddie load his car. He didn’t have much and it only took one trip each. I loaded the kayak on the pontoon boat and we both headed out at the same time. I would be waiting for him at his cabin as it took so much longer to drive around the lake on the various dirt roads than it did to go by water.

Frank and Rita’s car was gone. One or the other could be there but there was no movement. I eased past their house and I saw that Rachel was working on cleaning their boat in preparation for putting it up for the winter. I always waited until the last possible day to pull my boat out. There were still good boating days ahead. We were still six weeks from opening the damn and dropping the water level.

Rachel stuck her head above her seats when she heard my motor and waved to me as I stopped to chat with her. She thanked me for the wedding invitation. She commented on how the family only got together for weddings and funerals and we had all aged past the wedding phases. I could tell that what she really wanted to discuss was whether or not my new bride would be interested in their routine orgies. She hemmed and hawed all around the subject but she never came out and asked the direct question and I didn’t help her out by answering it.

Rachel asked about the kayak and I told her and then she remembered that Eddie was moving into the next-door cabin for the winter. She was thrilled to have a long-term neighbor, especially one that participated in their orgies. She didn’t say it but I knew she also liked the idea of having a cock ready when Jimmy was off doing something or someone else.

She asked if I wanted to come in for a drink but I knew what ‘drink’ was code for so I declined and asked for a rain-check. She grinned at the future prospect. I saw Eddie’s car leading a column of dust as he drove past Rita’s and then Rachel’s. She looked and said, “Well, speak of the devil.” I said my good-byes and eased up to Eddie’s dock. I tied off and pulled the kayak off and tipped it upside down on the lawn and laid the paddle on top of it. The life preserver was secured inside.

I had been inside the cabin before when my Mother and Sister rented it. It was a single-story cabin, consisting of a small bedroom off a small bathroom. The rest was an open concept consisting of a galley kitchen and combination living room and dining room. The only access was through the sliding glass door off the raised deck. Eddie had brought groceries and beer. He figured out how to turn on the kerosene heater and we drank a few beers waiting to make sure the heater chased the cold dampness away. I had never even seen a kerosene heater before and I was curious to see how well it heated in winter conditions because subzero temperatures were common.

I check my watch and realized that Donna would be home soon, so I chugged the rest of the current beer and stood up. Eddie got up too and we shook hands and pulled each other into a man-hug, slapping each other on the back with our free hands.

I put on some speed on the way home. Rachel wasn’t on her boat, but she stepped out on her deck to wave as I went by. Donna was home when I got there. She stepped out on the deck and waved. She was wearing a huge grin. I yelled up, “I can see that you had good luck today.”

She laughed and waited for me to come up the stairs to the deck before she launched herself into my arms, throwing her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass to hold her up. She screeched and said, “Oh my God, Jack. It’s perfect. It’s the dress I always imagined when I was young but couldn’t afford for my first marriage. I can’t show it to you because it would be bad-luck. Sylvia has it to make sure you don’t steel a peek.” She was giddy and she kissed me as I carried her inside where she released me.

She made dinner and we ate in the living room watching the news. The phone rang and I answered it. It was Priya giving me her flight information and ETA for tomorrow. We talked for a few minutes about how things had gone with Divi. I was about to hang up when Priya asked, “Donna’s gonna come with you to pick me up, right?” Donna could hear both ends of the conversation and she grinned and nodded. I wasn’t positive of whatever Donna and Priya had going on but I had a pretty good idea.

Priya was scheduled to arrive at 8:15 pm and Donna and I were there fifteen minutes early. Donna had spent extra time in front of the mirror getting ready. She was acting giddy. She was excited. She fidgeted around in her seat the whole drive there. I drove my Nissan SUV to provide room for Priya’s bags and Donna’s BMW didn’t have much of a backseat. We kept checking the status board and her flight was still on time. We waited outside the security gate and Donna stood watch as she stretched up to look over the new surge of passengers coming from the concourse. Then she started jumping up and down and waving and I looked to see Priya doing the same.

When Priya came through the gate, pulling her carry-on bag, Donna and Priya leaped into each other’s arms and kissed each other with enough passion to cause passers-by to stare at them. When they broke their embrace, Priya pushed herself into my arms and stretched up for a kiss. I noted that there wasn’t near the same level of passion as she had given Donna.

Donna grinned broadly as Priya and I kissed. I took Priya’s wheeled suitcase and we headed for the baggage area. Priya and Donna walked beside me with one arm around the other’s waist. They were talking a mile-a-minute about the trip and Divi and the college. I wasn’t included and that was fine with me. I loved seeing them together. Priya had become an instant new sister.

Rather than the two of them try to converse between the front and the back seats, Donna got in the backseat with Priya. They continued their conversations, rapidly changing topics. Priya wanted the whole lowdown on Donna’s Wedding dress search. I just drove and after a while I stopped listening over my shoulder. I turned on the radio. About half-way home, I heard the smack of lips kissing in the dead-air time between songs on the radio. I adjusted the rearview mirror and discovered that they were lying down on the backseat feverishly kissing each other. Donna was underneath Priya and Priya had her hand up under Donna’s sweater. Donna let out a moan and I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road.

Donna lifted her hips to rub her sex on Priya’s thigh and Priya pulled her hand out from under Donna’s sweater and dropped it to Donna’s pussy. The moans became a loud groan as Donna pulled Priya’s skirt up over her back revealing the Priya wasn’t wearing underwear. My adrenaline ramped up instantly as I had to swerve back into my lane. Horns tooted all around me. I realized that my heart was pounding like a jack-hammer in my chest.

I noticed movement in the mirror and I looked to see Priya and Donna maneuvering into a sixty-nine position. My dick was unbelievably hard and pushing on my zipper. I knew if I released it, I’d never get it back in my pants again, but I whispered, “Fuck it,” to myself and yanked my zipper down. I never wear underwear of any kind and my rock-hard cock immediately sprang free and slapped down on the steering wheel and then bobbed up in the air. I wrapped my right hand around it and began stroking it as I stole glances in the rearview mirror.

The moans and groans from the backseat had doubled and slurping and sucking noises joined in. Priya emitted a strangled cry and announced, “Of fuck Donna, I’m cumming. Oh my God.” I looked back in the mirror to see Priya’s hips pulsing rhythmically on Donna’s face. Priya’s face was pulled back as she groaned through her orgasm. I heard Donna slurping her tongue through Priya’s pussy, gathering her juices while she continued her moaning.

Donna pushed her hips up to Priya’s silently screaming mouth and brought Priya back to the task at hand. Her hips continued to pulse as she pushed her lips back on Donna’s pussy and followed her hips back down. Donna was still kissing and tonguing Priya’s pussy until she stopped and began trembling. She announced the arrival of her orgasm into Priya’s pussy. Donna’s hips launched upward taking Priya’s face with it and then dropped so fast Priya couldn’t maintain contact, but she went right back down to get it and was met half-way down my Donna’s hips surging upward again. They collided there and Priya pulled away and groaned out in pain this time. Donna was in the throes of her orgasm and paid no attention to Priya’s sudden absence as she drove her fingers into her pussy to replace Priya’s lips and tongue.

Donna emitted a pinched scream and then clamped her teeth together as she sucked air into her lungs and held her breath for what seemed forever. Priya pulled up on her knees and was tenderly touching her nose and lips while Donna thrashed under her. Donna didn’t release her breath until she stopped thrashing and then she forcefully blew it out with a loud, “pphheeeewwww. That was intense.”

Donna noticed that Priya was tending to her injured face and she pulled out from under Priya and profusely apologized. Priya waved her off and then they kissed and then sat back in their seats holding each other’s hand. My cock was still rock-hard but I slowed my stroking hand and then stopped all together and just held it. Donna slid forward on her seat and put her hands on the console and asked where we were. I told her we were about twenty-minutes from home. She stretched further forward and kissed me on the neck and said, “Did you enjoy the view. I see you nearly killed us all at one point.” She pushed her tongue around the contours of my earlobe and then noticed that my cock jumped in my hand. She giggled softly and said, “Well, no wonder you nearly killed us.”

Donna pushed her torso forward on the console and rolled on her side until she was in a position to push my cock into her mouth. She looked up at me as she lashed her tongue around the glans. She grinned when she saw my reaction clearly in the glare of on-coming headlights. She said, “You concentrate on the road and I’ll concentrate on this,” as she pushed her lips on and off my glans and began furiously jerking on the shaft. I groaned with the suddenness of her attack. I glanced in the rearview mirror and Priya was lifting Donna’s top leg so she could tongue Donna’s sex.

When Priya’s tongue made contact, Donna’s smiling eyes went wide as she nearly inhaled my cock, which surged harder as a result. Donna gagged and pulled back up my shaft but kept her lips locked on the ridge as she worked to clear her throat. She draped the raised leg over Priya’s shoulder to give Priya better access once she was aware of Priya’s intentions and she went back to her blow job. I looked in the rearview mirror again and Priya was looking back with smiling eyes as she was thrusting her tongue into Donna’s sex. Donna was groaning around my cock, which just heightened the sensation.

I felt Donna’s body begin to tense and I knew she was moments from an orgasm. I glanced back and realized that Priya was fucking Donna’s pussy with her thumb while she was tonguing her anus. Donna started groaning on my cock as her hips shuddered. I hurried to blow my load at the same time as her orgasm, but she was well into hers before the first salvo erupted up my shaft to a loud groan from me. Even in the throes of her orgasm, Donna recognized that I was about to blow and she pulled back to the ridge and greedily sucked and swallowed as her body trembled through the remnants of her climax.

When I was finished, she sucked and slurped my softening cock clean and pulled her lips off the ridge with a ‘pop’. She giggled, like always. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and pursed her lips and kissed the knob and then pulled herself back off the console into her seat. I looked back in the mirror to see Donna sharing what she had held in her mouth with Priya. They probably would have got going again but we were on our dirt road, less than a minute from home.

I was about to drive past my house to Priya’s house next door when Donna abruptly said, “No. She’ll stay with us tonight. Priya’s house will be cold and empty without Divi there.” I put the brakes on to stop.

Before I came to a complete stop, Priya said, “No. Don’t stop.” She looked at Donna and continued, “I appreciate your concern. Really, but I’m going to need some time alone.” She leaned into Donna and they kissed. I coasted the rest of the way into Priya’s driveway and stopped. Priya’s rear door opened as I put the car in park. I got out and opened the hatch and grabbed her two suitcases as Priya walked to her front door and unlocked it. She pushed the door open as I came with the bags. Donna followed along behind only to kiss Priya good-night.

Priya wrapped up Donna in her arms and they kissed. Priya broke their embrace and pushed herself against me and I bent down and we kissed too. With the unseasonably warm weather, the temperature was fine inside. Priya would have to learn to deal with Divi’s absence. We all said good-night and I closed the front door behind us as we left.

I pulled into the garage and I followed Donna inside. She hadn’t said a word since saying ‘good-night’ to Priya. It wasn’t awfully late but we were tired. We showered together. I could tell Donna was bummed. I washed her and rinsed her off and never a word was spoken. I rinsed her off and then wrapped my arms around her front and leaned down and kissed her gently on the side of her neck under her ear. She reached up and ran her hand across my cheek and gave me an air-kiss. I kissed her again and she emitted a soft ‘mmmmmm’. She turned her face and kissed me on the cheek and said, “I love you Jack.” I finished up washing myself and then I dried us both off.

I wrapped her up in the big bath towel and cuddled my arms around her and said, “I love you, Babe.” She smiled and kissed me. I pulled back the covers on my bed and slid in between the sheets. We kissed each other and I turned off the lamp on the nightstand. Donna slid over and cuddle up with her head on my chest. She kissed my nipple and giggled when it hardened on her lips.

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