Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

I called Anna’s sister, Frankie, while I drove and told her I was coming to the city for a couple days. I knew she had a two-bedroom apartment and I asked if I could use her spare bedroom. I needed to talk to Frankie about my plans. For whatever weird reason, talking to Frankie was like talking to Anna. They looked alike and their personalities were the same. I can’t even begin to explain why I felt the need to get Anna’s approval, but it was the last step before I could move on. I already knew what Frankie would say. She would say that Anna would want nothing more than for me to be happy but I had to hear her say it, like it was Anna saying it. Frankie seemed to be thrilled with my call and said something about déjà vu and told me she had something important to tell me.

Frankie met me in the lobby of her fancy apartment building. She was giddy as she threw herself into my arms the moment I stepped out of the revolving door to the lobby. I held her with one arm as she threw her arms around my neck and showered me with quick pecking kisses. I moved us off to the side so others, coming and going, could pass. I set my bag down and held her with both arms. Her feet were off the floor. Passers-by smiled at us as they went by.

In the elevator, she was talking a mile-a-minute. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked so much like Anna. Her voice was the same and she even used the same syntax and expressions that Anna used. Genetics or environment? Who knew. She had on a pair of jeans that looked like they had been sprayed on. Her ass was just like Anna’s too. Perfect. Before recent developments, my heart would be in my throat just looking at Frankie and I admit that my heart quickened.

We talked all afternoon about stuff. When we ran out of stuff to talk about, I got down to business. After Anna’s wake, I had her cremated like she wanted and Frankie volunteered to hold the urn until I decided what to do with it. I asked her if she still had the urn and she looked at me like I had ten heads and said, “Of course.”

“I want to spread the ashes over the lake at the park. Anna had a favorite spot that was private and we could fool-around.” I smiled when I thought about a few of those times. They were way more than fooling around. Anna loved to have sex in semi-public, with a risk of getting caught. I wasn’t crazy about it at first but I learned to like it too. I told Frankie about a couple of them that stuck in my mind. She was amused. She’d never thought her sister Anna was that blatant about sex. Without a word, Frankie got up and went down the hall and returned in a minute carrying the brass urn. She put it on the coffee table between us and I just stared at it. Time seemed to stop.

Frankie spoke and broke the spell. “I’d like to go with you, if that’s okay?” I just nodded. I couldn’t get my voice to work for a few moments. My lungs seemed like they were jammed in my throat.

Still staring at the urn on the coffee table, I got my voice back and said, “I need to do some shopping and I’d like you to help me.”

Frankie cocked her head and looked at me oddly and said, “Anything particular?”

For whatever reason, I hadn’t anticipated that question. I had it all worked out that we’d just go shopping and wind up in the store, and then I’d tell her the story when it would be too late for her to talk me out of it. I looked into her eyes and saw Anna’s eyes. I looked away and then began examining my fingers. I gathered my resolve and said, “An engagement ring.” I braced myself for her reaction. I had gotten through the hard part of just saying it.

Frankie was apparently dumb-struck. She just sat there across the coffee table gawking at me over the urn. Slowly, her lips formed a smile and then a grin. She screeched, “YES. FINALLY. OH MY GOD, JACK.” She launched off her chair and threw herself into my arms and kissed my face everywhere over and over again. I had prayed for this reaction but I never thought I’d get it. She maneuvered herself so she was sitting on my thighs with her feet behind me as she clung to my neck. I was so relieved by her reaction that I gripped her hips and pulled her to me. She tenderly kissed me on the lips and whispered, “I never thought I’d see the day. You found someone. Oh my God. You have to tell me.”

I told her the whole story. I told her about Donna and Priya and Ashley and most of the others. I left out Divi and her friends. I didn’t want her judging me as too much of a pervert. She was so excited that I got excited too. She asked a ton of questions and I answered them all. We talked into the early morning hours.

Frankie suddenly got energetic and her eyes went wide. “Fuck. I had something important to tell you.” She had my attention. “I’ve been having these weird recurring dreams lately. They’re always the same and you and Anna are there. I must be there too but I never take part. Anna always has her favorite dress on. You know that low-cut, navy-blue dress with small white polka-dots? The first few times I had the dream, Anna is talking to you. I’m just there listening. Neither of you seem to know that I’m there. I can’t make out what she says and I try to listen harder but she drifts away and you’re reaching for her. Two nights ago, I had the same dream. Everything is the same. Anna took your hand and she says something again but it’s hard to make out. Then suddenly her words were clear but she was talking directly to me. She said…” Frankie’s eyes suddenly glistened with tears as she stopped in mid-sentence. Her breath caught in her throat and she struggled to continue, “She said, ‘Tell Jack that I’m always with him and I’ll always love him. Tell him it’s time.'” We were both crying like babies and I went to her and held her tight to me as we sobbed. When we got ourselves back together again, Frankie continued, “If that wasn’t strange enough, last night I didn’t have the dream and then you called this morning. This is all so weird.” She smiled and more tears pushed out of her eyes. I wiped them from her cheeks and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back with passion.

I thought of Anna as I lay there in bed. The thoughts didn’t make me morose like usual and I didn’t try to put them out of my mind. The vision of Anna in my brain morphed into Frankie in her painted-on jeans and her incredible ass and my erection lifted the bed covers. I stroked it a few times and then held it down on my stomach and drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Frankie had to work and I drove mindlessly around the city. I checked on my house that Anna and I had lived in. It was rented so I didn’t go inside. I couldn’t bring myself to sell it then. I wanted to sell it now. I called the real estate agency that we had used to buy the house later that afternoon and got the ball rolling. I visited Frankie at work, just to see our old offices. A lot had changed. I had no bad feelings about it. Frankie escorted me around. It was company policy when a visitor was there. Corporate espionage was a problem that Anna and I had never concerned ourselves with. We went to dinner that night and talked about the family and how everyone was. I even asked about Frankie’s mom and she grinned and without hesitation said, “She still hates you.”

I grinned and said, “I’m glad that some things haven’t changed.” She giggled and the conversation moved on.

Frankie played hooky from work the next day and I took her to breakfast at Anna’s favorite breakfast diner. With all the changes since I’d left, I was amazed that it was still there. She drove. She wore Anna’s favorite dress that she had mentioned from her dream. I remembered it. I hadn’t immediately noticed but she had fixed her hair like Anna always wore hers. The bronze urn was seat-belted in the backseat. We sat in Anna’s and my favorite booth near the window. I grinned when I realized that I had subconsciously done the same thing at Donna’s diner. Frankie saw my grin and wanted to know what I was thinking. I told her. I remembered what I always ordered when Anna and I came here and I ordered something different.

Since we were already down-town and Frankie was so excited about the ring shopping, our next stop was at the best jewelry store in the city. It was where I’d bought Anna’s ring. I wondered how I’d feel when I walked in but it was fine. Amazingly, the owner from back then was still worked there and he claimed that he remembered us. He couldn’t be faulted for thinking that Frankie was Anna but he had to be amazed at how well she had aged. I didn’t attempt to explain at first, but then I realized that I had to when I told him I wanted to look at engagement rings and he looked quizzically at us.

I explained the situation and he was embarrassed and apologetic and expressed his sympathy and then we got down to business. Frankie and I must have looked at a hundred rings. I didn’t want it to look like Anna’s ring. Frankie agreed. We finally settled on a round-cut two caret diamond center stone with a ring of baguette diamonds around it and imbedded in the platinum setting. The clarity and color of the center stone was incredible. Frankie pushed it onto her finger and examined it. She grinned at me and just nodded. The owner was ecstatic and he rattle off a string of Yiddish words that I didn’t understand. His wife rushed in from the back room and grabbed my face and kissed me on both cheeks and then did the same to Frankie. The husband explained that Frankie wasn’t the bride and the wife blushed with embarrassment.

We left with the ring in a hinged royal-blue velvet box safely in my front pocket. Frankie drove us to the park. I gave her directions to our ‘spot’ and we carried the urn and a blanket through a small patch of trees about a hundred feet from the edge of the lake. I spread the blanket in the same spot Anna always did. There was no one in sight. I set the urn in the grass and laid down on the blanket. Frankie laid down beside me and spread the flowing hemline of her dress around her. We watched the clouds pass by and commented on how one or another looked like an animal. We got laughing about some of the absurd comparisons. I was quiet for a while with my hands behind my head. Frankie read my mood and she got quiet too.

My mind was drifting in the past when Frankie rolled on her side close beside me and put her hand on my chest. I looked over at her and she had the sultriest expression on her face. She ran her hand down my torso and onto my crotch. She didn’t wait for me to attempt to interpret her motive. She came up on one elbow, looking down into my face and said, “Make love to me. Right here where you made love to Anna.”

Frankie was taking a chance on how I would react to her request. The ‘make love to me’ was risky enough but the ‘where you made love to Anna’ risked a total rejection. I gave the whole request just a moment of contemplation before rolling on my side toward her and pulling her lips to mine. We kissed tenderly and it was only moments before we were frantically searching for places to kiss.

Frankie’s hand yanked open my belt and she fumbled with the button, so I helped her. She didn’t even bother with the zipper as she shoved her hand down my pants to find my rock-hard cock. We were both already gasping for oxygen as I kissed her everywhere. When I found her neck under her ear, she let out a guttural groan and pushed herself down my body and quickly unzipped my pants and shoved my cock in her mouth. She was groaning non-stop as she furiously bobbed her lips on my cock. She was in-heat and I dropped my head to the blanket and thrust my hips up at her as I started moaning.

I was in heaven and I let her go without concern for whether I’d have anything left for her. I knew I could make love to Frankie until she couldn’t take it anymore. She sucked a climax from me and she groaned and gagged and coughed on the huge load that I deposited in her mouth.

As soon as I was done, Frankie furiously started sucking on my cock until it was rock-hard again. When she dropped down on her back beside me with a pleading expression on her face, I sat up and pulled my shoes and pants off and then my shirt. My cock was so hard, it hurt. I unfastened the several front buttons of Anna’s navy-blue, polka dot dress and laid it open to her sides. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked down at her fantastic body. She lifted her hips as I pulled her thong down her legs. She was frantic as she sat up and pulled the sleeves of her dress off. Her eyes were on fire as she looked up at me and said, “Please. Hurry. Oh my God Jack. Hurry. I need you, now.”

The words ‘hurry’ and ‘sex’ didn’t go together in my head. At least not in my big head. It was a different story for my little head. It was ready to explode it was so hard. This time my big head prevailed and I lifted Frankie’s legs over my shoulders and moved my face down into her sex. She mumbled, “Oh my God,” as her legs crossed on my back and she pulled my face into her. When my tongue touched her clitoris, she let out a half-scream. She started the scream and immediately squelched it when she remembered where we were. A woman’s scream in the park would bring everyone within earshot. She clamped her hand over her mouth and groaned into it. She had lifted her hips up to my face to give me full access to her clitoris, vagina and anus and I worked them all with my tongue and lips until she exploded into a powerful orgasm. She screamed into her hand as her eyes pinched shut and a myriad of intense expressions washed over her face.

I kept right on going as I held her hips in place as she thrashed. She hadn’t even recovered when she groaned out, “Oh my gawwd, Jack. I’m cumming again.” A demonic growl poured from her throat as her hips began gyrating again. I pulled back to watch her roll through another huge orgasm. Her vaginal fluids gushed out and ran down over her anus. I bent down again and slurped her fluids from her anus and pussy and she screamed into her hand again.

When she could talk again, she pleaded for me to fuck her. I came up on my knees lifting Frankie’s legs with me. Her hips came up in my lap and my cock stuck up between her thighs. She reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked my shaft to assess its hardness and then rolled her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy. The hardness of my cock made it difficult for her to get the angle right but she wanted it. I bent forward to allow for my cock to push into her and she immediately pulled me in with her legs. She gritted her teeth and seethed air in and out through them. She wasn’t waiting for me. She was fucking herself furiously on my cock. I looked down at Frankie, thrashing under me and I saw Anna just the way I had remembered her. I reached down and put my index finger on Frankie’s lips and she began to settle down. I ‘shhhh’d’ her and she slowed further. She gazed up at me with that pleading look on her face again and I ‘ssshhh’d’ again and she stopped her frantic hip thrusts.

I didn’t even realize that I’d said it until Frankie told me after. I said, “Anna, Baby. Let me make love to you.” Frankie smiled up at me but didn’t correct me. I lowered my torso to my elbows and I could feel her hard nipples on my chest. I kissed her passionately and she returned the passion with searching lips. I eased my cock into her pussy and pushed down until she flinched slightly. Her arms grabbed my shoulders as we kissed while I gently made love to her. I changed pace and depth and after a few minutes, Frankie groaned hard into another orgasm. She was gasping for air.

My orgasm was getting closer but I figured that I could get one more from Frankie before I was done. For a few more minutes I slowly rolled my hips forward and back as Frankie reciprocated with her hips. Then my climax rushed forward. I could feel my balls tighten and I began piston-fucking her as her left hand went back to her mouth to stifle her screams. I couldn’t hold back anymore and cum rocketed up my shaft. When she felt it coming, she slammed her hips up to me and her last orgasm rolled over her like a tsunami crashing to shore. Her eyes were wide and unseeing as her pussy milked me dry. I let my full weight drop onto her but only for a moment. She threw her arms back around my back and her body started shaking as she burst into tears. I rolled us over and pulled her on top of me. We remained connected in the middle. I kissed her forehead. She seemed to be embarrassed at her sudden display of emotion. I soothed her body as I ran my hands gently down her back and up the slope to her ass and then pulled them back up over her hips and slender waist, causing her to tremble, and then back to my starting point.

Frankie pushed herself up on my chest and looked down at me as she wiped tears from her eyes. She said, “I’m glad that you called me Anna. I wanted to be her for you one last time.” Through her glistening eyes, she smiled down at me. I didn’t remember calling her Anna and I said nothing more about it.

After a long time with Frankie’s face on my shoulder, she sat up and pulled her knees up beside my waist. I was still imbedded in her and she ground her pussy down on my semi-hard cock until I was hard again. She was about to start again when we heard a car door slam pretty close by. Frankie dropped her tits to my chest again and neither of us moved. We heard at least two people walk by no more than twenty feet away. Frankie giggled silently and clenched her pussy on my cock.

The mood was broken. I grabbed the corner of the blanket and rolled us over and pulled the blanket over us. We listened until the footsteps disappeared in the distance. She pushed her lips to mine and kissed me. I rolled us back onto the blanket and then we got dressed. We folded the blanket and grabbed the urn and walked together to the lake.

Frankie wanted to say some words before we released the ashes. I did the same and then unscrewed the cap and after a short hesitation I slowly poured the ashes into the water. We watched as most of the ashes dispersed in the water lapping onto the shore. The rest blew away in the gentle breeze. Frankie held me and I held her as we both teared up. I held the neck of the urn wondering what I was going to do with it. Frankie reached over and took it from me. It was a relief; it seemed so heavy. She swung her arm back behind her and heaved the urn as far out in the water as she could. I watched it go, thinking, ‘Well, that’s a solution.’ I tossed the cap in behind it. We stood silent, arm in arm for several moments and then walked, arm in arm, back to the car.

I took Frankie to dinner. She picked the restaurant. It wasn’t a fancy place. We weren’t really dressed for one. We talked about her work at the software company that Anna and I had started. She had developed one of Anna’s archived plans for an application and my royalties would be huge.

Back at her apartment, we talked until there wasn’t anything else to say. We retired to our rooms. I was hoping that Frankie would join me in the night but she didn’t. I woke to the smell of bacon as Frankie was making breakfast. Frankie had taken yesterday off but she couldn’t blow off another day. I was okay with that. I had one more thing to do before I headed back home.

Frankie and I hugged and kissed and we promised that we would stay in touch and visit when we could. I promised to invite her and Joyce and Angela to the wedding assuming that Donna said “Yes” when I asked her.

Frankie drove off to work and I headed down town to city center. I parked in a parking garage and crossed over to the tallest of the towers. I checked the registry board in the lobby and got on the elevator, which rose quickly to the floor I had selected. I got off and almost ran into a desk with a brass nameplate that read ‘Jackie Prinslo’. A young and very attractive woman looked up at me with a big smile and said, “May I help you?” I told her who I was looking for and she asked if I had an appointment. I didn’t. She picked up the phone and said, “Your name?” I told her and then she did an odd thing. She said, “You’re Jack? The Jack from the lake?” I was set back on my heels and all I could do was nod.” She lowered the phone receiver from her ear and hung up. She had a lascivious grin on her face as she scanned down my body to my crotch and back up again. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and then dragged it slowly along her upper teeth. I doubt that she even realized that she’d done that. The lascivious expression on her face caused my dick to harden and it was already on its way as I contemplated the reason for my visit as I rode up in the elevator.

Jackie looked down at my crotch again when she noticed the movement. She stood up and adjusted her dress on her shapely hips and then she pushed her big tits up with both hands. She gave no indication that she realized that she’d done that either. She said, “Please, follow me.”

The way she was walking with the exaggerated hip swing, I would have followed her anywhere. She kept looking back at me and then down at my crotch. By the time we got to where she was taking me, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, just from watching her hips. She pushed open a door and stood back as she ushered me inside.

The office was huge. The floor to ceiling glass wall behind the desk presented an incredible view of the city below and the ocean beyond. In the distance, I noticed a plane rising off the ground in a steep ascent. The airport runway, straight ahead, ended at the shoreline. Jackie said, “Eva’s in a meeting but I’ll let her know you’re here. Can I get you anything while you wait?” She was all smiles as if she knew exactly what I was here for. She stepped back to the door and started to leave but then said, “She talked about you a lot when she got back from her vacation. It sounded like just the kind of vacation she needed.” I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just nodded. She grinned at my discomfort.

Jackie checked the bulge in my pants again and closed the office door behind her. I adjusted the erection in my pants and walked around the office checking out the photos and awards on the wall. The display was very tastefully done. The furniture was plush and expensive. The dark cherry desk was massive and clear of paperwork. Only the appropriate desk accessories adorned the top. The burgundy chair behind the desk was leather with button-tufted arms and back. The other chairs and sofas in the room were the same but less plush. I sat in one of the chairs and watched the planes landing and taking off while I waited.

I hadn’t been waiting more than ten minutes when the door suddenly opened and Eva walked in and quickly shut the door behind her. She was dressed in a gray business suit with a tight mid-thigh skirt. Her white shirt was tailored perfectly to display her big breasts and slender waist and flat stomach. Before even acknowledging me, she took off her suit jacket and came over to me and hiked up her skirt to her hips and slid onto my thighs. She pushed herself forward so that her sex pushed against my cock and leaned in and kissed me passionately as her hands went to the back of my head to hold me against her lips.

Eva broke our embrace and leaned back. Her face, neck and exposed chest was flushed red and she was already breathing hard. She said, “I hope you’re here for what I hope you’re here for.” She grinned as she realized how odd her statement sounded. She cocked her head to the side and asked, “What are you here for?”

I teased her a little as I said, “I’m here for what you hoped I was here for.” She giggled and playfully punched my arm. I chuckled and then I reached up behind her neck and pulled her back down for another passionate kiss. She dropped both hands to my crotch and rubbed my erection vigorously through my pants.

She grinned and said, “I see you brought all the necessary ingredients.” I nodded and flexed my hard cock against her hand. She stood up and hiked her skirt back down as she started moving items on her desk to the far-right corner. She sat down on the edge of the desk and crossed her arms under her breasts. She looked at me with a sultry expression but she didn’t seem inclined to proceed with what we were both there for. She wanted to ease into it.

She asked how I was and why I was in town. I mostly lied. My shopping for an engagement ring and the disposition of my wife’s ashes while I had spontaneous sex with her younger sister were none of her business. I mentioned that Jackie, her receptionist seemed to know a lot about me. Eva’s face reddened and she confessed that she had told Jackie about our tryst at the lake with her sister, Beverly. She explained that she had gone into some explicit details figuring that she’d never see me again anyway. That explained a lot.

Eva said, “When Jackie came to tell me that ‘The Jack’ was in my office, I thought she was going to have an orgasm right there in the meeting. Her face was flushed. I just hope we can get our business done before she barges in and joins us.” She was examining my face and then my crotch for my reaction. She smiled and said, “I see that excites you. It excites me too.” She was unbuttoning her tailored shirt as she stared at the bulge in my pants. Her nipples were rock-hard and pressing firmly against her lacey bra. She pulled the shirt tails out of her skirt and ran her palms over her nipples and groaned from the contact. I just watched.

She unbuttoned the cuffs and slipped her tailored shirt off and laid it on top of the jacket in the chair beside me. She reached behind her and in one deft motion, her bra slid down her arms to expose her big breasts. She gave me a sultry grin and pushed her tits together with her upper arms. Her eyes were on fire as she unzipped her skirt and rocked her hips from side to side as she slid the taylor fitted skirt down over her legs. She was wearing a soaking wet thong, garter belt and thigh high nylons. I was sure my cock would explode right there just from the vision before me. I mumbled, “Holy shit,” and she smiled from the obvious compliment. She pulled down the thong but left the garter belt and nylons on, along with her four-inch heels.

She offered me her hand and I took it. She pulled me up and pushed her nearly naked body to me as she fumbled with my belt and zipper. I didn’t offer to help. She stretched up and sucked my lower lip between her teeth and she gently nibbled on it. I heard the zipper and felt her fingers wrap around my cock. With my lip still between her teeth she mumbled, “Holy shit.” We both laughed. We kissed as she began jerking me off. I ran my hands down over her shoulders to her tits and palmed her nipples, which caused her to tremble. I continued down her sides to her hips and then around to her fantastic ass and pulled her sex against mine. She moaned as she dragged my glans over her clitoris.

Eva pulled back from my lips and between gasping breaths said, “I hope you can go more than once because I plan to.” I smiled at her as she dragged the entire length of my cock along her sex. She groaned hard and then did it again and then again. I hadn’t done a thing and Eva’s hips began throbbing as she burst into her first orgasm. Her mouth hung open. Her eyes were pinched shut as her hips pulsed forward and then back. She’d stopped jerking on my cock. She was just dragging it through her sex. She was muttering, “Oh my God. That’s one.” I put my fingers to her pussy and she was dripping wet. She grabbed my hand with her free hand and maneuvered my fingers inside. She humped on them as she restarted her hand job.

I maneuvered her back against the front of her desk. She went willingly and scooched her ass up and slid back. I moved between her spread legs and she lifted her left leg up and planted her high heel on the desktop beside her. Her fingers released my cock and she spread her labia. Her head had fallen back on her shoulders as she dragged her fingernails through her sex. She was moaning, “OOOHH.. OHHH.. OHHH,” as she diddled her clitoris.

I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her pussy. Her head lifted and she stared into my eyes and whimpered, “Fuck me Jack. I’ve dreamed about this.” I pushed slowly but firmly and as my cock pushed inside, her head dropped back on her shoulder again as she groaned with open mouth.

Almost as soon as I started a fucking motion, Eva burst into another orgasm. She was gasping for air. She grabbed my arms and used them to lower her torso to the desktop. Her blonde hair spread out around her head like a golden halo as she flailed from side to side as I fucked her pussy in long slow strokes. Her eyes were glazed over and her conscious-self had gone somewhere else.

Her tits flattened slightly against her chest and fell only slightly to the sides. They jiggled like Jell-O as I pushed my cock in and out of her. I palmed her hard nipples and she clamped her hands down on mine. I could feel my orgasm building, but it was still way off and I consciously held it back. If she wanted multiple orgasms, I’d give them to her.

I changed my attack to short quick strokes and Eva groaned with the transition. I changed again to pull all the way out and push back in again and she groaned again. I fucked her with just my glans pulling on her swollen clitoris and she exploded into her third orgasm. I didn’t usually keep track of orgasms but Eva had made a point of it. She reached to her sex and ran her fingers along my shaft as I pulled out and pushed in. She hadn’t even finished the third one before she screamed into her fourth. I looked around. Her scream had been way too loud. I expected someone to burst through her office door any moment. Then it occurred to me that she hadn’t locked her door when she came in. That was risky, especially considering the scream.

Her eyes had life in them again and she looked up at me and said, “More. Give me more. Oh my God Jack. I’m going to be a puddle on this desk.” I smiled down at her and lost all concern about us being disturbed as I began driving my cock into her. She sucked in a lungful of air and held her breath as her hips gyrated under me. Her tits were flopping on her chest. I watched her grit her teeth and seethed the trapped air through them as her clenching pussy announced her fifth just before my own orgasm crushed me. Her eyes told me she was missing-in-action again. Her pussy milked at least eight powerful long streams of cum from my cock. Cum was already getting squeezed out of her and down onto her desktop. She’d stopped moving on her own and now she was just being pushed back and forth across her desk by my motion.

I was about to pull my spent cock from Eva’s inanimate body when I felt a hand grip my balls. It startled me and I turned quickly to see who it was. It was Jackie. I wasn’t surprised after what Eva had said. She was totally naked as she reached around and pulled my gooey cock from Eva’s pussy and cradled it in her hand.

I already knew she had a fantastic body but seeing it naked aided her hand job and I was back up and ready again. She grinned when she felt it getting harder. She turned me around and pushed me back so I was leaning against the desk beside Eva’s sprawling legs. Eva was gasping for air and I wasn’t sure if she was even aware of Jackie’s arrival.

Jackie came toward me and leaned in and kissed me before dropping to her knees. She wasted no time as she sucked my hard, gooey cock to her lips and then pushed them down my shaft and flicked her tongue on my balls. She looked up at me and smiled around my cock as I let out a loud groan from her attack. She didn’t linger there. She began an amazing blow job taking half of my cock into her mouth and jerking on the bottom half at a furious pace. She changed the combinations of hand job and blow job several times. I particularly enjoyed it as she slipped her closed lips over my glans, back and forth. She tilted her head forward as she pushed on and then back as she pulled off. Her hand was a blur on my cock the whole time. She gazed up into my eyes and smiled at my facial expressions.

When Jackie recognized the symptoms, she pulled her lips up and off. She stood up and pushed herself up on the desk between Eva and me and rolled onto her right butt-cheek and lifted her left leg straight up in the air like a gymnast and wrapped her left arm around it to hold it there. Her pussy was sopping wet as she leaned in over Eva and they kissed with considerable passion as she spread her labia with her right hand.

I rolled on my right side and pushed my cock into her and she groaned hard into Eva’s mouth. Once I was inside, Jackie released her labia and pushed her right hand into Eva’s sex and ran her fingernails over her clitoris and into her pussy. Eva groaned into Jackie’s mouth. Eva and Jackie obviously had a sexual relationship already and they were an erotic sight to see. Jackie pulled her wet fingers from Eva’s pussy and pushed them into her own mouth to licked them clean. I began drilling my cock into her and she pushed her hand to her sex and stretched her fingers down over the underside of my cock to feel it as it pushed in and out of her pussy. I fucked her hard driving her into an orgasm. She pulled her hand back and shoved it to her mouth so she wouldn’t make too much noise like Eva had. When my balls boiled over and launched my load into her pussy, she was frantically panting like a dog as another orgasm washed through her. I pumped my hips into Jackie until I was down to random, uncontrolled thrusts that caused Jackie to groan each time. Eva’s breathing was starting to come back to normal but Jackie and I were both still gasping for air.

Eva rolled over toward Jackie and sucked her closest tit to her lips and tongued her nipple. Jackie groaned again and then she sat up and slid off the desk to her knees. She sucked my softening cock into her mouth and tongued my shaft until she decided it was clean. I helped her up and she sat back in the chair I had been sitting in.

I was about to sit in the next chair beside Jackie when someone rapped on the Door. Eva was trying to gather herself to respond and then the doorknob turned. My heart stopped but, apparently, Jackie had locked the door when she came in. Eva said loudly, “I’m busy.” We could hear the clicking high-heels of whoever it was walk away. Eva grinned at Jackie and said, “What did I tell you? Good huh?” Jackie grinned and just nodded.

When we had recovered fully and were breathing normally again, we got dressed. Jackie went to Eva’s private bathroom and primped and adjusted her clothes until she was satisfied and then she stretched up and kissed me, threw an air-kiss to Eva and left. Eva did the same and then came out and sat down in my lap and kissed me hard. She said, “Thank you Jack. That’s been on my bucket-list for a long time and it was every bit as amazing as I had hoped. She got up and pulled me up. We kissed again and she hugged me. I chuckled and said, “You and Jackie should use your shower.” I inhaled deeply and said, “Unless you want everyone here to know you’ve had sex in your office.”

She pushed her face down into her shirt and inhaled. “Oh my God. I reek. Can you tell Jackie to get back here ASAP.” I grinned and nodded as I opened her door. I knew I reeked too, but I didn’t work here. I stopped and said, “Give my best to Beverly.” I left her office and walked back to the elevator the way Jackie had led me. I pushed the elevator button and turned to Jackie’s desk. She was grinning at me and she pursed her lips as the elevator door opened. I walked back to her desk and whispered Eva’s message and her eyes went wide as she pushed her face into her blouse. She waved as she hurried back toward Eva’s office. I had accomplished what I came for and stepped into the elevator. It stopped one floor down and two young professionally dressed women joined me. I smiled to myself at the furtive glances from the women as they caught a whiff of me in the enclosed space of the elevator. We rode together another few floors and one of the women brushed against me as she got off. The other one gave me a coquettish smile and rode the elevator all the way to the ground floor as her eyes flirted with me. I got off but she didn’t. I walked back to the garage and headed for home.

As I rounded the final curve, trailing a cloud of dust, I noticed Ashley’s car in their driveway. Jacobs truck wasn’t there. That wasn’t unusual lately. Ashley had been here a lot without Jacob. I wondered about the status of their relationship ever since Ashley revealed that she was aware that Jacob’s ‘niece’, Brie, was really his lover. I was surprised to see Eddie’s car in my driveway. I thought he was moving into his apartment while I was away. If it wasn’t today, I was hoping that it would be soon. I liked Eddie and always had. He was the brother I’d never had. As kids, we spent about as much time together as if we were real brothers. As adults, he tired me out. I was anxious for him to move out although I would never say so to him.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped my keys and wallet where I always did and then grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and set it unopened on the bar. I pulled the ring box from my pants pocket and set it on the bar next to the beer. It was a really fancy velvet box and I stared at it for a moment as I grabbed up the beer and opened it. I flipped up the hinged cover of the velvet box and grinned as late-afternoon sunlight, streaming through the dining room windows hit the facets of the diamonds to refract into a dizzying array of rainbow colors. The ring was easily the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I didn’t care how expensive it was. I envisioned it on Donna’s finger. I envisioned the expression on her face as she lifted her hand to look at it.

I caught a whiff of myself again and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped and stepped under the warm water. I washed with my new gel, which had a much nicer smell. I dried and pulled on my comfy clothes consisting of a tee shirt and athletic shorts. I picked up my beer on the counter next to the ring box and was heading for the slider to my deck. It was a beautiful day and Eddie had left the slider open with the screen shut. I reached for the handle of the screen as I heard a noise on the deck. It sounded like a moan but the sound was short-lived and gone in a moment. I stood still and listened and there it was again. I looked out to gauge where the sound was coming from. I heard it again and realized that the sound was coming from the ground below my deck. I walked back through the kitchen to the Breeze-way and out onto the deck. As I headed quietly to the railing overlooking the lake, I noticed first, that the parade of boats was back. My immediate thought was that Ashley was doing her yoga exercises on her dock again but I knew right away that wasn’t the case. The lead boats had slowed behind my boat and not at Ashley’s dock.

I eased up to the deck-railing and looked down. Eddie was sitting spread-eagled in the port side front seat of my boat with a naked Ashley on her knees blowing Eddie’s cock. The moaning noises were coming from Eddie. Ashley’s huge tits were piled up on Eddie’s thighs with his hands kneading their sides like bread dough. He seemed completely oblivious to the chain reaction that he and Ashley were causing. I was sure that Ashley was completely aware.

The parade had come to a halt and the closest three pontoon boats contained couples engaged in oral sex. I didn’t need binoculars to see clearly. One boat had two couples going at it. A young guy sitting beside a young woman while their respective partners were on their knees, like Ashley, bobbing their faces in their crotches. The kneeling woman was jerking the kneeling guy off at the same time like she was milking a cow. A vision of Miranda doing the same thing at Rita’s party passed through my mind. The sitting couple was engaged in a passionate kiss. There was no way to tell who was with who.

Beside that boat was a middle-aged woman sprawled on a seat with her legs spread wide molesting her huge fun-bags as a young guy was eating her pussy. The third boat contained the exact opposite. An older guy sat up on his padded sundeck with a young woman kneeling on the seat deep-throating his cock. He sat back with his arms extended behind him sharing his concentration between the woman between his legs and Ashley blowing Eddie’s cock. He paid no attention to the sex on the boats around him.

Boats to the rear were completely aware of the sex going on and they were maneuvering in close to see the action. I’d never even seen a porno-movie as erotic as the sight before me and my cock quickly blossomed to full size. I had to release it from the confines of my shorts.

With my hand stroking my cock I dropped my eyes back down to my boat and Ashley was looking up at me as she vigorously bobbed her head on Eddie’s cock. Eddie didn’t see anything as his head had dropped back to the boat rail with his face to the sky. He was assisting Ashley by rhythmically pushing his hips up as she came down. Ashley was smiling at me around Eddie’s cock.

Ashley pulled one hand off Eddie’s thigh and motioned for me to come down. It wasn’t hard to imagine what she had in mind. It was enticing but I resisted the urge. I enjoyed being the voyeur, but in spite of the several compromising positions that I had recently found myself in, I wasn’t a big fan of being watched. Ashley motioned to me again and I just shook my head.

Motion on the pontoon boat with the two couples pulled my attention from Ashley. The couples had moved into two sixty-nine positions and their groans were now audible. The older guy in boat #3 had deposited his load in the young woman’s mouth and she was getting herself in position to receive his tongue. The middle-aged woman in boat #2 had released her huge tits and was spreading her labia in anticipation of receiving the young guy’s cock. She draped her legs over his shoulders and when her head snapped back and her mouth dropped open, I knew he had driven his cock home. His back was to me so I couldn’t actually see him fucking her but his hips were flying.

Movement below me pulled my attention back to Eddie and Ashley. She was getting up off her knees and pushing herself onto Eddie’s thighs as she opened her mouth to show me the load she’d collected. She made a show of swallowing it. She lifted his cock and slid herself on and then thrust her body forward as she let out a loud groan. Eddie’s moans became groans as he lifted his head and then began fondling Ashley’s tits. They were more than a handful.

The middle-aged woman on the boat began thrashing her hips around and she let out a scream that got everyone’s attention. Her orgasm started a cascade of orgasms that culminated with Ashley’s and then mine. Ashley’s orgasm drove her forward as her tits mashed into Eddie’s chest and then her torso snapped back. Her tits flopped everywhere.

As Ashley recovered, she leaned forward pressing her tits back into Eddie’s chest. He held her there and for the first time noticed the parade of boats watching. He waved to them and horns tooted and beeped as they began to move again. It took several minutes for all the boats to disappear down the lake. Ashley pulled herself off Eddie’s cock and knelt down and sucked his cock into her mouth and tongued it clean. She pulled off and smacked her lips with her tongue and grinned at Eddie. He helped her up and they came up on the deck carrying their clothes.

Ashley came over to me and stretched up and kissed me. I hefted her hanging tits. I still marveled at the size of them. When she pulled back and turned to kiss Eddie, I noticed that she had completely shaved off her tuft of blond pubic hair. She was as bald as a baby and it was glistening from her wetness. It made her even more sexy, if that was even possible.

Ashley pulled her bikini bottom on and adjusted it on her hips and then struggled her tits into her bikini top. Eddie assisted her efforts by holding the small triangles of material on her nipples while she tied the strings behind her back and neck. She giggled as she saw the look of pure bliss on Eddie’s face.

She threw her arms around Eddie’s neck and kissed him and without a word headed for the Breeze-way. Eddie stood there in the middle of the deck with a semi-hard erection and watched her go. I suggested that he get dressed and he pulled his underwear on. I pushed my own softened dick into my pants.

Eddie grabbed his clothes and went in the house through the Breezeway. He came back out on the deck through the living room slider. He was fully dressed and he was carrying two beers in one hand and the ring box in the other. I had forgotten that I had left it on the kitchen counter when I went to investigate the moaning noises. He handed me one of the beers and motioned to the box. “Dude. This is a fucking awesome ring. Is this for Donna?” I popped open my beer and smiled up at him as I nodded. Eddie was all grins as his attention went back to examining the ring. He didn’t attempt to take it out of the box. In fact, he didn’t even touch it as if to do so would be a sign of irreverence.

Eddie snapped the hinged box shut and said, “When are you going to ask her? You have to know that she’ll say yes. Right?”

I avoided the question of when I’d ask her because I wasn’t one-hundred percent sure about the second part of his statement. I wanted everything to be perfect but I had no clue about how to make it perfect. It definitely wasn’t going to be some gimmicky event. I answered his second question, “I sure hope so. We haven’t discussed it. The subject has been kind of taboo, it seems. I hope it’s not too soon, but I’ve made up my mind.” I hadn’t intended to say even that much to Eddie, so when I blurted out, “She’s pregnant with my child,” I was as surprised to hear myself say it as he was to hear it.

When Eddie got the grin off his face, he said, “Jack-O. You’ll make an awesome father and you were born to be married. You’ve lived this life of a recluse way too long.” He set the ring box on the glass table and popped open his beer as he sat down beside me. I didn’t often see Eddie with a serious face but he wore one then. He hesitated as he looked me right in the eyes and then said, “Anna? Where is she in all this? You haven’t gotten more than a second away from her for thirteen years. She’s been a bigger part of your life in death than when she was alive.” I was surprised by Eddie’s prophetic comments. This was the second time. He had never displayed any sense of insight through all the years I’d known him. It was as if he had been sent here on a mission from God with a script in hand.

I smiled at him and said, “That’s what I went to take care of. I made love to her one last time and then disposed of her ashes according to her wishes. She’ll always be a part of me but I can move on now.”

Eddie had a confused look on his face as if he was wrestling over whether to ask the question, but then he asked it, “What do you mean you made love to Anna one last time?” I knew when I said it that I’d have to answer this question.

“Through Frankie. We went to the park where Anna wanted her ashes spread on the lake. I took a blanket to our spot in the trees. Frankie had fixed her hair like Anna used to and she wore Anna’s favorite dress. She wanted to be Anna for me and she was. We made passionate love on the blanket in the woods just like we used to do.” I left it there. I couldn’t tell if Eddie thought I was a raving lunatic or not but he just smiled and nodded. We knocked our beer cans together and proceeded to get drunk.

We were both pretty buzzed when I heard footsteps at the bottom of the deck stairs. Divi’s face appeared and she grinned at me when she saw me looking to see who it was. She was dressed in short shorts and a tank top without a bra. Eddie softly muttered, “Whoa,” when he turned to look. Divi’s tapered nipples on her torpedo shaped tits were intoxicating. She knew where we were looking and she pulled her shoulders back slightly to amplify the vision.

She came over and pulled up a chair in front of us. Eddie’s cock was pushing on his shorts and Divi noticed. She looked up from Eddie’s lap at me and grinned. Her nipples had hardened and she said, “Can I talk to you in private?” I introduced Divi and Eddie and Divi shook his offered hand as she scanned him from head to toe.

In spite of Eddie’s inebriation, he stood up and while adjusting the position of his erection in his shorts he excused himself and went inside. Divi leaned in close and quietly said, “My end-of-Summer party is tomorrow night. My friends are anxious to get their hands on you again.” She reached into my lap and felt the contour of my semi-hard erection. She grinned for a moment and then she frowned when I pulled her hand off my crotch. She had a confused look on her face.

I frowned too and said, “Divi, sweet-heart. I know I promised, but I’m about to get engaged and now that I’ve made that decision, I wouldn’t feel right about having sex with you and your friends. I’m really sorry.” Tears suddenly exploded from her eyes.

I thought she was upset about the party but then she said, “But what about Mom? I was sure you guys would get back together again. You have to get back together again.” She yanked her hand from mine. She was angry as she stood. She said, “This isn’t right.” She turned and headed back across the deck to the stairs. When she got to the hand-rail, she stopped and turned around and said, “Maybe your friend can be available for my party.” It wasn’t a question. It was meant to hurt me.

I said, “You can ask him.” She took that as a challenge and she walked back to the slider and went inside. I guzzled the rest of the beer in my hand and waited.

Divi was inside for a few minutes and then stepped back out on the deck and looked at me and said, “So there.” She turned away and nearly ran down the stairs to her yard. She didn’t look back but I could hear her crying. I felt bad, but I had to do what I thought was best.

Eddie walked out on the deck looking over to Priya’s yard with a confused expression. He turned to me and said, “What the fuck just happened?”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah. She has that affect. I’m assuming you just committed yourself to an orgy with a bunch of eighteen-year-old girls tomorrow night. Good luck. You’re on your own.”

Eddie’s eye went wide as he said, “What do you mean, I’m on my own. She invited me to join you and them.” I shook my head. Eddie said, “Oh fuck.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah. You’ll be doing a lot of that. These girls are insatiable.” Eddie chuckled as he contemplated what he’d gotten himself into.

To change the subject, I said, “I thought you’d be moved into your apartment in town by now.”

He looked sheepishly out on the lake and mumbled, “Yeah. About that. I ummm, changed my mind. When I was out in the kayak, I stopped by Frank and Rita’s place. Frank wasn’t there but Rita and I … ummm, visited…umm… for a while and she told me the cabin that your Mom and Sister rented will be available for the whole winter after this last week before school starts. Good price too.” He looked back at me and continued, “Can you spot me another week?”

What could I say but ‘yes’, but I frowned hard as I faked the contemplation of my answer just to let him know that he was infringing on my privacy. I figured Rita and Rachel would kill him before spring if the gang of teenage girls didn’t do it tomorrow night.

I left Eddie standing on the deck fascinated by the Eagle attacking the Loons again. I needed some privacy to contemplate how I would ask Donna to marry me. Tomorrow was Thursday, her one night off and we had made plans for another date. I wondered if tomorrow was too soon to pop the question. I was excited to get it done and at the same time anxious that I’d fuck it up somehow. The ring was proverbially burning a hole in my pocket. I was driving myself nuts: Do it now or later? Will she say ‘yes’ or ‘no’? How should I propose? Should I get down on one knee?

One big relief for me was that Donna’s father was out of the picture so I wouldn’t have to endure what I went through when I asked Anna’s father for her hand in marriage. He made it clear that I wasn’t good enough for his daughter. It was his loss when he and Anna became estranged. When she died so suddenly, he was crushed that he hadn’t made the effort to reconcile. I always felt bad for all of it.

I crawled into bed that night still embroiled in my thoughts. Eddie was out with Sylvia again. I hoped that they didn’t come back here together tonight. Fending off her advances was hard and just made everything more difficult to figure out the family dynamics between Donna, me and Sylvia.

It seemed like I’d been asleep five minutes when I felt the mattress move. I was lying on my left side facing the wall as I came fully awake. Consistent with my thoughts about Sylvia as I was drifting off to sleep, I assumed it was her. I felt the covers lift as whoever it was slid in under them. Sylvia was aggressive in her approach so I concluded that it wasn’t her. Divi usually laid there beside me and waited for me to wake up. That didn’t happen as a hand lightly touched my hip and moved up to my waist. This wasn’t Divi’s ‘M.O.’. I should have just rolled over to see who it was but I chose instead to run through the possibilities. I checked off Ashley. She’d have gone immediately to my cock. I finally gave up and rolled onto my back and turned to see who it was. To my shock, Priya was up on one elbow looking down at me. Her face was expressionless. I mumbled, “Holy shit Priya. You’re the last person I expected to see.”

She kissed me on the shoulder and said, “I know. I’m sorry it all turned out this way.” She kissed my shoulder again and continued, “Divi told me you’re getting engaged. Do I know her?” I didn’t know if she knew Donna or not, so I just shrugged my shoulders.

Priya pulled herself up higher and I could tell that she was naked. I hadn’t seen her this way for a long time and my cock jumped to a full erection and tented the covers. I said, “Priya. Why are you here? Divi said you are dating again.”

She thought for a moment and then said, “Divi has a big mouth. I have been dating but no one particular or steady. I’m not sure I can explain why I’m here except that I was lying in bed tonight thinking about what Divi had said about you getting engaged. I found myself getting horny. Unbelievably horny. I could feel my blood throbbing through my sex. I was reminiscing about our good times and I just touched myself and rocked into an orgasm. The only thing I could come up with was that we were two people on fire when I was married to Naveen and you were emotionally married to Anna. Now that you’re unavailable again, that excites me. Go figure. I guess we weren’t meant to be married and I know now that that was my hang-up. I apologize if I drove you crazy. I guess I’m not meant to be married again. These ding-dongs that I’m dating are not for me.” She hiked herself up higher so she could move her lips to mine. We kissed gently for a few moments and then just like back then, our lips began frantically searching for anyplace to kiss.

I started to roll toward her but she was quicker and she pushed her body up on mine. I found her neck and she groaned hard between kisses. My cock was sticking up between the back of her thighs and she started humping her pubic mound on mine. Blood, surging through my ears, was the only thing I could hear.

I’d had enough of the thigh action on my cock and I reached down and pulled my cock forward, which forced Priya to pull herself forward too. When I could, I pushed my cock down into her sex. I let Priya make the final adjustments depending on where she wanted me. She lifted her hips and maneuvered her pussy onto my cock. She pulled back from my face with her mouth open in a groan and muttered, “Oh my gggawwwddd,” with a pinched look on her face as she pushed herself down my shaft.

She didn’t even get to her depth before she was clenching hard on my cock as her body thrashed. She emitted a long guttural groan that rose in pitch to a scream as her orgasm either became much more intense or she had another one right on top of the first. This was the kind of sex that I’d missed from when Priya and I started our extramarital affair. I flexed my cock hard and she screamed again and started chanting, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” When she started to come down off her high, she was gasping hard. Between breathes she muttered, “Oh my … gaawwddd. I … missed that.”

Considering that I hadn’t even taken a stroke yet, I smiled as I thought of what was to come when I actually started. I eased my cock back out of her pussy just to remind her that it was there. Her eyes went wide as she looked down at me. My smile was short-lived as she drove her pussy back down my shaft. I groaned hard as she screamed again. She gasped a lungful of oxygen and held it as she frantically began fucking my cock. In our short history, I had never seen her like this. She was crazed. Then she screamed the trapped air from her lungs and dropped her torso on mine and began pistoning her hips at a furious pace as she began a long, unbroken, “AAAAHHHHH,” that culminated with a teeth-clenched, “JEEEESSSSUUUUS,” as she was crushed by another orgasm.

Priya slowed her pace and then stopped, which gave me a reprieve. I was climbing the ladder to my own orgasm and it seemed to bounce there at the top of the cresting wave. Jesus Christ, I wanted it, but it dissipated. I could have taken over the action and completed, but in the back of my big-head I wanted to cum in that incredible ass that I’d seen all summer but couldn’t have. My orgasm receded and I rolled her over onto her back. She went willingly and gazed up at me as we kissed. She was still searching for oxygen as her chest heaved, forcing her gorgeous tits against my chest. We never broke our connection at the middle and she pushed her hips upward as she groaned again.

Not a single word was spoken as I lifted my torso off hers. I pulled my cock back from her and she tried to push herself up to keep us connected. When it came free, it was incredibly hard and it popped up to point at her face as she had lifted her head to see it. As if reading my mind, which she always seemed able to do, she whimpered, “Fuck my ass Jack?” I grinned down at her dark eyes, illuminated by the digital clock. They glistened with moisture but they were on fire as she pulled her knees up to her tits, then spread them wide and held them there with her arms. The move rolled her hips upward and presented her anus to me.

My cock was slippery with her lubrication and I positioned my thighs up tight to her ass so my glans pushed against her anus. She flinched slightly and I pulled my knees in closer to adjust my angle and then pushed gently but steadily until my glans pushed into her. She gritted her teeth as she held her position to accept it. I held there for several moments to let her adjust and then with her signal, I slowly pushed my shaft down all the way to my balls and stopped. Priya had been holding her breath as I pushed into her and when I hit bottom, she expelled the trapped air in a gasp and grinned up at me.

There was no way for her to add anything to the action with her hips trapped with her knees held to sides of her tits like that so she said, “Fuck me Jack. Do it haaaaarr…” Her eyes suddenly went wide as a groan escaped from her throat. Before I could start extracting my cock, she groaned, “OH FUUUUCK. I’M CUMMINGGGG AGAIN. GO… GOOOO.” I went.

I pulled my cock out more quickly than I should have and I felt her sphincter come with it. She screamed. I could feel her anus clamp on my shaft and I stopped. She released me and I started fucking her ass. Her legs were trapped against the outside of her tits by my chest and arms outside of her legs. She shoved both hands down to her sex and began furiously rubbing her clitoris with the heel of one hand as the fingers of both hands rolled deeply into her vagina, fighting with each other to find the magic spot.

I was giving her full depth thrusts as her spasming sphincter allowed and then her fingers pulled another vaginal orgasm out as she screamed long and loud. Then she pulled her hands back and she was squirting. She launched long, powerful streams of fluid, that splattered against me and sprayed everywhere. We were both soaked before I even knew what was happening. Priya was delighted with the results. She had her eyes closed trying to catch the splattering fluid with her open mouth and tongue like she was a little girl trying to catch warm raindrops in a summer downpour.

There was nowhere for her to go and I had no desire to go anywhere either because my orgasm was building rapidly and I wanted it badly. As it rolled over the top, I groaned out, “UUNNGGG,” as I collapsed to my elbows squishing my soaked chest to hers. I lowered my face to kiss her wet lips. She latched onto my lips and groaned through my many cum-shots and the remainder of her double orgasm. The squirt had diminished until it just drooled from her vagina. We were both drained and neither of us moved until we’d recovered from our orgasms, Priya looked up at me as if looking to see if I was upset with the mess she’d made and when I grinned down at her, she burst out laughing and pulled my face to hers and we kissed.

I pulled my nearly soft cock from her and rolled over to my side of the bed on my back. Priya rolled on her side after she eased her legs down and stretched them as she lifted her hips in the air for a moment. She ran her fingers through the sparse hair on my chest and got serious. “Is there any chance we can keep doing this after you’re married?”

I was silent for a few moments and then said, “I won’t lie to her; so, I’d say no. But she’s shown some pretty open thinking about sex so far.” Nothing more was said about it. Priya rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom with her hand clamped in her sex. I heard the shower come on and I joined her. We washed and caressed each other until the water went cold and then dried each other off. Priya pulled on her clothes, which consisted of a long tee shirt and nothing else. I was still naked as I escorted her to the slider. She stopped there and turned around. She lifted my soft cock in the palm of her hand and squeezed her fingers around it as she stretched up on her bare toes to kiss me.

She said, “I’d already decided to join Divi and her friends, tomorrow night… Well, now I guess it’s tonight. But now that you won’t be there, I guess I’ll just stay in my room and get myself off, with my electronic friend, thinking about tonight… or rather, last night.” She grinned and gave me one more kiss before she pulled back the slider and was gone. I slowly closed the door behind her and watched her until she disappeared around the corner of her house. It was very early dawn and still dark. I went back to the bedroom and stripped off the bedding and mattress pad and threw everything in the hamper. I remade the bed and climbed in and was sound asleep again in five minutes, which I spent reliving what had just happened.

When I woke again, the sun was up. I lifted the shade and noticed that Eddie’s car wasn’t there. He must have spent the night at Sylvia’s. I thought, ‘It’s kind of nice not having Eddie here. I’m comfortable being alone.’ That thought lead to another, ‘I’m not going to be alone anymore.’ I smiled to myself as I started the coffee maker and popped a pod in. With cup in hand and nothing on, I stepped out onto my deck. I didn’t stay there long. It was kind of chilly out. I noticed that most of the deciduous trees were showing colors. Fall was upon us with winter close behind. I hated even thinking about it. I went back inside and my mind returned to the seemingly arduous task of figuring out what was the perfect way to ask Donna to marry me. I was getting nowhere fast.

There were an infinite number of ways. The ring in the dessert or the champagne glass was dumb. She could chip a tooth or swallow it. I decided that my analytical mind was overthinking this and got dressed and drove downtown to the diner for breakfast. I had been thinking nonstop of Donna and I wanted to see her.

As always, Donna was excited to see me walk in. She started to seat me at the booth I’d sat in ever since she’d worked there. Then she smiled and led me to the same middle of the room table I’d sat in last time. One other couple was there so Donna sat across from me as we chatted and I ate. She asked me where we were going on our date tonight but I evaded the question other than to say, “Dinner and whatever.” She grinned at the ‘whatever’ part. Blood was pounding in my ears as my thoughts returned to when the appropriate time was to pop the question: In the restaurant in public; in the car; in bed, because I knew that the word ‘whatever’ meant sex and the smile on her face indicated that that was she was thinking too.

Donna had to wait on the other couple so she got up as I was finishing. I paid the check with cash and waited for her to return. When she did, I pulled her against me and kissed her hard. She was a little embarrassed but she kissed me back. I said, “I know I don’t even have to say this but dress nice tonight. I’m taking you to the fanciest restaurant in the area.” She cocked her head and looked at me quizzically. I left her standing there obviously ticking her way through the restaurants in the area trying to guess where we were going.

When I got home, Eddie’s car was in the driveway. The temperature had warmed considerably and he was sitting on the deck in his shorts and a tee shirt. When I came out, he was staring over into Jacob’s yard and I could see why. Ashley was on her dock doing her yoga again. The parade had formed but with far fewer boats. I heard the grumbling of Jacob’s diesel truck pull into his driveway and then silence again. A minute later, Jacob came down the boat ramp between our properties and squatted down and spoke to Ashley. She immediately got up and maneuvered her tits back into place and rolled up her mat and followed Jacob back to the house. On the way back up the ramp, Jacob yelled over, “Hey Jack. The day turned off nice. How have you been?”

I yelled back, “Hey Jacob. Everything here is great. You?”

He said, “Not so great here.” My curiosity was peaked but he said nothing more. Ten minutes later we heard Jacob and Ashley inside his house, yelling and swearing at each other. I’d never heard them quarrel before. I couldn’t make out most of what Jacob was saying but Ashley was screaming and after fifteen minutes of arguing she clearly yelled, “Fuck you Jacob. You have your nonstop parade of bimbos. I’m out of here.” Five minutes later, we heard Ashley’s car start and then the engine revved as gravel clattered off the house from her spinning tires. I had a feeling we wouldn’t be entertained by Ashley again.

All was quiet again and I looked at Eddie, shrugged my shoulders and said, “Well. It was fun while it lasted.” Eddie chuckled and nodded. The boat parade had disappeared as fast as Ashley had.

I was fidgety and anxious all day and Eddie noticed. By mid-afternoon, he said, “You’re asking her tonight, aren’t you? You’re like a cat on a hot tin roof. Relax. For Christ’s sake, it’s not like she might say no.” I knew he was right but with Anna, we had dated so long, it was a forgone conclusion that we were getting married. The question was just a matter of when, not if.

I changed the subject and said, “Are you ready for tonight? I have no idea how many girls will be here but some of them will prefer each other, if you know what I mean.”

Eddie smiled and said, “Girl action is hot. That’ll help me get up for the next round.” I just smiled. He asked, “Do you think Divi’s mother will participate? She is smoking hot.” I noticed his dick had become erect in his shorts just thinking about tonight.

I said, “I don’t think Priya will participate. I talked to her last night about it and she said that she’d lock herself in her room. She’s not crazy about this whole thing but Divi is persistent.” Eddie grinned and nodded. Then I said, “Don’t bring any of the girls here. If thing go like I hope with Donna, I’ll be bringing her back here. Okay?” He nodded in agreement.

I was dressed in my best suit and even put on a tie that I struggled to tie properly. Divi came to retrieve Eddie before I left. I was sure I’d hear all about it tomorrow. In the back of my mind, way down in my crotch, I envied him. I thought back to that day with the girls at the beginning of the summer. By the time I got to Donna’s house, I was still trying to get my erection to go down.

Sylvia answered the door dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt. She was as beautiful as ever as she ushered me into the study and pulled a beer out of the refrigerator under the bar. She said that Donna wouldn’t be long. We chatted about Eddie and anything else we had in common, which was basically, Donna. She commented on how I was dressed. She’d never seen me dressed like that. Hell, I hadn’t seen myself dressed like that. She said, “Something special going on tonight?” as she grinned at me.

I was ready to explode but I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “Just dinner. We might not be home tonight so don’t wait up.” She giggled and an odd expression washed over her face like she knew exactly what I was thinking. I ignored that look and took a sip off my beer bottle as I walked to the twelve-foot stacks of old hardbound books. I felt like Sylvia’s brain was drilling into mine.

When Donna walked into the study, I just stared, slack-jawed, at her. She was stunning in her flimsy material, form hugging dress. She stood tall in her stilettos. My favorite. The dress dropped to mid-calf with what I could only classify as scarves of various lengths. She posed to display her left leg all the way up to her hip between a long split between scarves. The effect was incredible. The top was low cut in front and back. Her breasts were sitting high even without a bra, which would have been impossible considering that the dress was basically backless. She spun around once to show me the whole package. Her light brown hair was weaved up on her head. Her eyes were captivating, made up like they were. Donna didn’t wear a lot of makeup as a rule, but tonight; she was glamorous. Her plump lips were painted with lip-gloss. Even Sylvia was staring at her.

She grinned at my reaction and cat-walked her way across the room and pushed her body against mine and kissed me. I thought I would cum right there in my pants. In that room at that moment, Donna was the most gorgeous woman on the planet. She pushed her left leg between mine and rubbed her hip on my erection and then pulled back and grinned at me and said, “I guess you like what you see.” I leaned forward and kissed her back. I looked at my watch and said, “We’d better get going.” Sylvia brought over a shawl and Donna’s clutch purse. She draped the shawl over Donna’s shoulders and Donna made the final adjustments in front.

Ten minutes later I pulled into the Inn Restaurant parking lot and Donna turned and looked at me. She said, “I work here every night of the week and you bring me here on my one night off.” I knew this would be her reaction and I just smiled at her.

I said, “I told you I was taking you to the best restaurant in the area. This is the best restaurant in the area.” I could tell she wasn’t sure about this but I had a method to the madness. She relented and then smiled and nodded. I went around the car to open her door and offered my hand to assist her. She took it and giggled at my gallantry. We were ushered to our table that I had prearranged. It was in a small alcove that looked out over a lake. It was the most private table they had. I held her chair for her and she giggled again and looked at me with an expression that I read as, ‘what are you up to anyway’. I smiled and took my seat.

The owner came over and remarked about how lovely Donna was and she reddened with embarrassment. He took our drink orders and Donna leaned across the table to me and whispered, “He never takes orders. He’s the boss.” I just nodded. The drinks came and after a short while he came back and took our meal orders. This really threw Donna as she said, “He never does this.” Our meals came and I had trouble eating mine. My lungs were in my throat and I could hardly breath. I had another drink in hopes that it would calm me down and it helped considerably.

After dinner, the owner came back and cleared empty plates and glassware and asked if we would like dessert. Donna had served their famous Tiramisu a thousand times, as she described it, and she wanted to try it. I ordered one to share. When the owner arrived with her dessert, he was accompanied by every other employee that Donna worked with and considered to be her friends. As they approached, I was fumbling around for the ring box in my coat pocket. Donna saw them lined up behind the boss as he placed the Tiramisu in front of her and handed her a fork. She looked up at him with a quizzical expression on her beautiful face. Then she looked at the line of her friends and colleagues, all wearing huge grins and then she turned to me with my idiotic grin as I pushed myself off my chair to one knee and presented the open box to Donna. She pulled her wide-eyed gaze from my face and looked down at the box in my hand. I’ll always remember that split moment in time as I noticed the flickering flame of the candle on our table reflecting back in her eyes as they teared up.

Before I could get the words out, Donna cried out, “YES. YES.” Everyone burst out laughing. She reached for the box and I snapped it shut just as her fingers got there. She yanked her fingers back and looked from the box to me. Her face was a shining beacon in the fog that surrounded me. No one else was there. Nothing else was there. Just me and Donna.

All the tension that had been building for days was gone. I calmly said, “Let me ask the question first.” She grinned and sat back in her chair. Now all the tension was in her. I said simply, “Donna? Will you marry me?” After all the fretting, it came down to that simple question.

If Donna thought I was going to say anything more, she didn’t wait for it. Her face blossomed into a grin and she loudly proclaimed, “YES. OH MY GOD. YES.” The owner and the line employees behind him exploded with applause and everyone sitting at other tables joined them. Tears flowed down Donna’s cheeks and fell off her chin into her cleavage. She threw herself out of her chair and dropped to her knees in front of me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. The employees and customers alike started laughing again as they applauded. I vaguely acknowledged all the activities around me. I finally stood up and helped Donna to her feet. Her friends crowded in around her and hugged and kissed her. The owner grabbed my hand and shook it. I barely acknowledged him.

I had arranged all of this but now it overwhelmed me. I sat down as other couples got up from their tables and came over to congratulate us. This was getting out of hand. I shook hands and watched the numerous wives hugging and kissing Donna after her friends backed off. They wanted to see the ring and they gawked, slack-jawed, when they saw it in the box. I could tell that she was getting overwhelmed too. We let things get back to normal as everyone dispersed and her colleagues went back to work. I suddenly realized that I was supposed to put the ring on her finger when she said yes. I took the ring from the box and pushed it onto the ring finger of her left hand. She burst out crying again as she held her hand up to the candle to look closely at it as she grabbed her left wrist with her right hand as if she needed to hold up the tremendous weight of the ring. Even in the dim candle light, the rainbow colors exploded from it. She said, “It’s gorgeous Jack. Oh my God. I’m stunned. You never brought up the subject before. Oh my God. I’m over-the-moon. I never dared dream of this.” She waved her right hand at her flushed face while she continued to gaze at the ring. She leaned toward me and whispered, “Thank you for doing this here in front of my friends. We kissed passionately across the middle of the table, after moving the candle to the side.

I looked down and said, “Don’t forget your Tiramisu.” She laughed and picked up her fork and fed the first bite to me. It was good. She finished it as she chewed between long stares at the ring on her finger. Occasionally, she’d hold her hand out at far as she could to gaze at it on her long fingers. I was over-the-moon too at her reactions to all this and I couldn’t stop grinning at her.

We finished and the owner presented the bill saying that the Tiramisu was on the house. I paid and left a large tip. I helped Donna out of her seat and she stumbled a little. She explained that she was feeling a little weak in the knees and she took my arm as we went out to the car. I hadn’t started the car before she said, “Take me to your house? I’m anxious to tell Sylvia but I want you all to myself tonight. Okay?” I filed that last statement away.

I smiled to myself in the darkness before the dash lights came on. This was my plan but I’d let her think it was her idea. Before I could get through the gears, Donna was kneeling in her seat with her chest on the center console, with her ass in the air, sucking on my cock. She was bobbing her head at a furious pace. She knew the ride was only going to be ten minutes and she apparently wanted my first deposit of the night before we got home. I had to extend the drive by a few minutes or kill us both on the curvy back-country roads. Donna increased her suction as my cock hardened. She pulled off the crown and mumbled, “Give me that cum,” and drove all the way back on again. I had to stop the car in the middle of the road as my leg muscles went rigid and I groaned, “AAWWWWGGGGG,” as my load poured into her mouth. She swallowed like she was drinking from a firehose.

When she was sure I was done she pulled back and wiped her lips with the back of her hand and said, “Holy shit Jack. That was a load.” I was still humped up with one last shot when she dipped her face in to dip her tongue in the ‘eye’. Instead, she got a shot right in the face as I groaned out, “GGGUUUUHHHH.” She pulled back as fast as she could and looked at me in the dim illumination from the dashboard and started laughing as she ran her fingers across her face to assess how much cum was there. She giggled as she said, “Wow. You must have been saving up all week for me.” I didn’t respond.

When I pulled into my driveway, she saw Eddie’s car and she said, “Shit. Eddie’s still here? I thought he was moving to his apartment.”

I laughed as I pulled into the garage, “He’s here for another week. He’s rented a cabin on the lake for the winter instead of the apartment. Don’t fret; he’s next door for the night. I didn’t elaborate on why.” I came around and opened her car door and I had to chuckle to myself as Donna was carrying her left hand like she needed a wheelbarrow to assist with the load. I remembered that Anna had done the same thing.

Donna hadn’t put my spent cock back in my pants when she was done. The air was cool and pushing cold. Donna pulled her shawl around her shoulders and I pushed my cock back in my pants and noted that cum spray covered my pants.

Donna went immediately to the bathroom to clean herself up. I wiped down my pants with a paper towel. I was fixing us a couple drinks when she came into the kitchen completely naked. She came over close to me and stretched up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands went to her larger than average breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and long. We kissed hard and long as my fingers trailed down to her tiny waist as she trembled from my touch. I then gripped her butt-cheeks and pulled her to me. I could feel her pubic mound on my hardening cock.

She held the kiss but dropped her hands from my neck to my crotch as she rocked her hips back so she could unzip my pants and pull my cock out. It was hard and she didn’t have to go searching for it. It just sprang out into her hand. She giggled on my lips as she pulled back slightly and said, “My ever-ready bunny.”

Even with the windows closed, we heard a shriek outside. I back-walked her to the window and looked to see what was making the noise. A spotlight on the back of Priya’s house was illuminating two naked girls running around the yard. One of them was shrieking and then we could see why. The second girl was chasing the first with a big dildo in her hand jabbing it at the shrieking girl’s ass. The first girl ran back in the house with the second in close pursuit. Donna watched the girls and looked up at me and said, “Well. That’s something you don’t see every day. Eddie’s over there, huh?” I nodded and flexed my cock in her hand to remind her of her initial plans. She grinned up at me and clutched it harder. She led me by the cock to the bedroom and stripped me naked while she sucked on my cock again. I leaned over and turned the nightstand light off and she turned it back on. She said in a low-pitched sultry voice, “I want to see everything.” She pushed me back so I had to sit on the edge of the bed and then slid her thighs over mine and guided my erection to her sex and pushed herself onto the crown and groaned as she dropped her forehead to my shoulder. She was breathing erratically already. I flexed my cock and even though only the glans was inside her, she groaned again. She wheezed out, “Oh my God, Jack. I love your cock. I love you.”

I leaned down and kissed her neck and said, “I love you.” It was the first time I’d told her that and she teared up and started crying which quickly turned to sobs. I held her in my arms. My little-head was anxious to get on with it and my cock flexed again to remind Donna.

She ignored the jab and whispered around her sulks, “I’ve prayed that you would say that to me someday. I’m the happiest person on the planet today. I love you.” My cock surged again and Donna giggled and said, “He really doesn’t much care about this emotional stuff, does he?”

I laughed and said, “He’s just searching for a home.”

Donna giggled and pulled herself further down the shaft and groaned as she said, “Well. I think he’s found one.” I pulled her further on and in moments she was thrusting her hips forward and back to fuck herself on my cock. Her knees were on the bed beside my hips and she pushed me onto my back and leaned forward and really started driving her hips. She grinned down at me. I was sure I had some kind of goofy, contorted expression on my face. My feet didn’t reach the floor so I couldn’t offer much to the cowgirl ride. The look on her face told me she was getting all she wanted.

When my cock started to harden further, Donna stopped and my pending orgasm receded. She knew what she was doing. She wasn’t done with me yet. She pulled herself off my cock and inched her way up my body and sat her pussy down on my face. I kissed her sopping wet clitoris and she shrieked just like the girl running around on the lawn next door. She settled down again and I kissed her clitoris again with the same results. She whimpered, “I’m so close. Give me your tongue.” I gave it to her as I thrusted my tongue deep into her pussy and she shrieked again.

I varied my attack with deep thrusts and flicking my tongue through her labia and then on her clitoris and all the way back to rim her anus. She groaned through it all and with my tongue jack-hammering into her pussy she exploded into her first orgasm of the night. I had plans for many more, but this one crushed her and I was busy slurping her juices from her pussy as she gyrated on my face. She was gasping for air and I was too when I could get a breath.

I rolled her off me to her back and came up between her legs. She spread them wide and used her fingers to spread her labia, exposing the pink inner folds of her vagina. It was still pulsing randomly as her juices bubbled out of her. Her hair came undone and she shook her head as her wavy hair spread out around her face. My hard cock was bobbing on her pelvic mound as I gazed down into her beautiful face. Her mouth was slightly open exposing a sliver of her ultra-white teeth. Her eyes betrayed her sultry countenance. Her nostrils flared with each breath. Time stopped in that moment. I didn’t even notice that she was running her fingers along the underside of my cock.

When time started again, Donna softly spoke, “Fuck me Jack.” I rolled my hips back and she guided me in to her pussy. I pushed down slowly and her head pushed down into the mattress as her chin came up. Her lips formed an “O” and her eyes pinched shut. She was holding her breath and released only enough to facilitate her long guttural groan as I pushed in. Then I had the measure of her and I began thrusting my hips in and out. She was timing my pace and started driving her hips counter to mine. She flinched a couple times and then decided it was best to leave the action to me. Her legs, which had been spread so wide they were perpendicular to mine dropped down parallel with mine and then her heels hooked on the inside of my knees so she could drive herself up when the time came, which turned out to be very soon. I could feel her body tense. The constant chanting of “OOOHHHH’s and AAAHHH’s” stopped and her teeth clenched as she seethed air in and out through them. Then she thrust her hips up and she screamed out, “OH MY GGGAAWWDD.” Her pussy was clenching hard on my cock as she dropped her hips and thrust them back up again as she screamed again. Then her hips collapsed to the bed.

She was inert except for her clenching pussy and I continued to fuck her until she came alive again muttering, “Oh fuck. HERE COMES ANOTHER OOOONNNNNNEEEE.” Her hips came up again. I controlled the depth to be sure that her screaming wasn’t from pain. It was sometimes hard to tell. Her pussy renewed its clenching and I slowed my attack. She didn’t like that and her eyes flashed open as she started humping up her hips faster. I got the message and began pistoning my cock into her. Between gasps for oxygen she grinned and began chanting, “YES… YES… YES,” each time I pushed in.

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself up to kiss me and her hard nipples pressed to my chest. She pulled off my lips and in a demonic voice, growled, “Cum in me. Cum on my face. Cum on my tits.” I had been holding myself back as best I could and then I let myself go and hurried my pace. In moments, I let out a groan, “UNNNGGGAAAAHHHH” and exploded cum into her pussy. Per her directions, I pulled out after two hard shots and grabbed my cock with my hand and started jerking furiously on it. The next three shots arced through the air into her face. She had her mouth open trying to catch it but most of it splattered across her cheeks, eyes, forehead and hair. I dropped the aim and finished on her tits and stomach. The last couple just drooled out to her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Her body pulsed under me from her laughter as she wiped cum from her eyes and pushed her fingers into her mouth only to return for more. Her tongue was searching for cum around her lips. When she could open her eyes again, she looked down and laughed harder when she saw the pearly, white trails of cum in her cleavage. Her navel was full to the brim. She collected some with her fingers and cleaned them off with her tongue and then she rubbed the remainder into her tits. She giggled and said, “Protein is good for the skin.”

We got in the shower together and after we got ourselves all washed off and rinsed, we went another round on the floor with the water cascading down. She had one more orgasm and I was going for another one when the water suddenly went ice cold. You never saw two people scramble out of a tub faster. The shocked look on Donna face lasted until I bent down and kissed her as I wrapped a towel around her and pulled her body against mine. The cold water had an affect on my erection. It was gone. Donna giggled when she cupped my balls in her hand. She looked up at me with wonder and said, “Your balls are so scrunched up. They’re gone.” I chuckled and vigorously rubbed her dry. She did the same for me and we pulled back the covers and slid between the clean sheets.

I was on my back and Donna cuddled up to me on her right side with her head on my chest. She randomly flicked her tongue on my right nipple and cupped my scrunched-up ball sack in her right hand. She giggled as my balls began to move around on their own and she said, “They’re alive. They’re alive.” She fondled my balls with her fingers and my cock began its rise to full dimensions again. Even though she hadn’t touched my burgeoning cock, she was fully aware of its movement.

I lay there in the dark hoping that she would finish me off. She continued to just fondle my balls and then she raised her hand up the underside of my hard cock. She pressed it down to my stomach and ran her hand back down to my balls again. She made the round trip with her hand a few more times and the sensations were fantastic.

Without a word, Donna pulled herself down my body under the covers until her face was on my hip. She pushed her breasts up on my hip and guided my hard cock to her mouth. She circled the glans with her tongue and then concentrated her attention on the sensitive spot. I let out a groan from that. She pulled herself up on her left elbow and kissed her way down my shaft and sucked each of my balls into her mouth. She batted them around with her tongue and giggled with her mouth full as they moved on their own. She popped off each of them and made the return trip up my shaft and rolled her lips over the glans and pushed them down the shaft. The sensation when my glans pushed into her throat was amazing. Then Donna got down to business as she gave me a dizzying array of blow job and hand job combinations until I drove my hips up and launched my jizz deep in her mouth as I groaned uncontrollably through every salvo. She gagged a little on the first shot but recovered quickly and drank my seed down as I deposited it.

She held my cock between her lips until it softened. I was nearly asleep when she pulled her lips off and pushed her body up mine. She kissed me and I could taste the cum on her lips and the odor on her breath. I kissed her back and she moved back off my chest and found a comfortable spot, cuddled up to me and whispered, “Good night Jack. I love you.”

Without delay, I said, “Good night babe. I love you too.”

The next morning, we were back at it again. I wondered if she was going to fuck my dick off but I was going to enjoy every second of it, it that was her goal. We tried every position we could think of and she liked lying on her back slightly on her right butt-cheek with her left leg over both of my legs as I was on my right side driving my cock in and out of her. She would really like that position as her baby bump grew larger. For now, every position was great. She wasn’t even showing and I couldn’t tell if the titty-fairy had arrived or not. She warned me that her boobs were really sensitive, so I was very careful with them.

We were just getting out of the shower again when the front doorbell chimed. Everyone I knew just walked in. I hadn’t heard the doorbell in forever. Donna quickly dried off and retreated to the bedroom and shut both doors. I quickly dried and grabbed my robe from the back of the door and pulled it on. I opened the front door and saw Jacob standing there with his laptop computer in his hand. Without saying “Good Morning” or anything like that he said, “You’ve got to see this,” as he held up his laptop.

I couldn’t imagine what was so important on his laptop but I stepped aside and motioned for him to come in. He set his laptop on the dining room table and turned it on. He hit a few keys and the familiar four picture-frames appeared on the screen. He said, “Fuck Jack. You’re not going to believe this.” I looked at the still pictures on the screen. They were the same kind of surveillance pictures that I had seen in his living room. He hit a few more keys and the top right picture went black before I could see what it was displaying. The other three photos were not that familiar to me at first but then he hit a few more keys and the bottom left picture changed to a video. He hit a key and the video changed to full screen. The video was of Eddie on his knees looking blankly up at the camera as he was fucking someone in the doggy position. His hands clutched her hips and he was fucking the crap out of her. I couldn’t tell who the fuckee was until she suddenly raised her head and appeared to look directly at the camera. Eddie adjusted the sound and we could clearly hear the moans and groans, but they were coming from more than just Eddie and Molly. There were several such sounds in the background. As if to answer my question, the camera angle changed and backed out to a wider view and then to my astonishment, the view panned across the room showing an alternating daisy-chain of three girls on knees and elbows over three girls on their backs. They were engaged in cunnilingus and they were really getting into it. I couldn’t tell if any of them was Divi. The shot panned back the other way and showed Divi sitting in an upholstered chair with her legs up on the arms as Zoe, the babysitter, who claimed to be fucking the baby’s father, was driving a dildo in and out of Divi’s pussy and then pulled it out and pushed it forcefully into Divi’s anus.

The video went back to Eddie and Molly as she started screaming. Jacob hadn’t touched anything on the computer so I assumed that Jacob had recorded it like we were seeing it. He must have been watching all of this live in his living room. Eddie pulled his dick from Molly and came on her ass and back as she humped up and down in her own orgasm.

Jacob started the video on the bottom right and it was Divi riding Eddie’s cock cowgirl style as she threw her hips forward and back. Eddie had that same blank look on his face as his hands rested on Divi’s torpedo tits. She was holding his hands in place as she rocked. I was getting an erection from watching this porn.

Jacob started the video of the top left frame and it showed Eddie sitting in the same chair that Divi had been in leaning back with a stupid grin on his face with several teenage girls crowded around his legs in two rows each taking turns sucking on his cock. Some, including Divi, were showing off their cock-sucking skills with deep-throat jobs. Jacob said, “Look at the time on the clock. This was a half-hour ago. Jesus, it’s going to take me days to go through all of this.”

I laughed and said, “You say that like it’s going to be a chore.” He laughed.

Neither Jacob or I had noticed that Donna had walked up behind us. She was in a robe with her sash tied tight at the waist. I don’t know how long she had been standing there watching the screen but when she spoke, it startled both Jacob and me. When he saw Donna standing behind us, he stopped the videos and the frames contained only still shots of whatever was being displayed in the videos at the moment he stopped them.

She moved in between us and bent down to look closely at the screen. She pointed at one of the girls in a still frame and said, “That’s the girl I caught with her hands in your pants at the diner. She’s beautiful.” She thrusted her hand forward and said to Jacob, “Hi, I’m Donna.” Jacob shook her hand but he was too flustered to introduce himself. I was sure I was completely busted but then I noted that she had spoken in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. There wasn’t a hint of anger. She seemed interested, excited even. She asked Jacob to hit the play icon and he did. She watched the multiple blow job scene for a moment and then asked Jacob to play the other frames. He looked up at me as if asking for permission and I nodded. I was intrigued by Donna’s reaction. She looked hard at the small frame of Eddie shooting his cum on Molly’s back and her eyes went large as she looked up at me and said, “That’s Eddie. Holy shit.”

I chuckled and said, “Yep. That’s Eddie all right. It was supposed to be me but I declined because I had this important date with you.” She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen as she watched the daisy-chain video for a moment.

She looked up at me and pointed at the laptop as she said, “You gave up all that to go out with me?” I nodded. She giggled and said, “Wow. I guess you do love me,” as she reached between the folds of my robe and squeezed my semi-erect cock. She stretched up and kissed me. I was astonished by her reaction to all of this.

The fact that Jacob had bugged Priya’s living room wasn’t lost on me. I had asked him not to and he had consented. I chose not to call him on it at the moment. He was so excited about what he had recorded that he hadn’t remembered that conversation. Donna was jerking on my completely erect cock as we kissed. Jacob couldn’t have missed what was going on but he turned to look at the screen of his laptop again. Donna broke our embrace and turned back to the screen. She watched all three videos for a few moments and then pointed at the top right screen that was blacked out and said, “What’s that frame show?” Jacobs face went white and we both saw the transition. Donna said, “Play it.” Jacob looked up at me with a pleading expression on his face and I looked sternly at him and nodded. I had a sneaking feeling. Jacob gulped and hit a key. The black frame started playing. To my horror, it was the view from my ceiling fan again. I couldn’t believe that he put the camera back at some point. He looked up at me and mouthed the word, ‘Sorry.” In its small frame it was hard to see what was being displayed and I bent forward to get a better look. I would have told him to put it on full screen but I was afraid of what it would show.

Sure enough, it was of me and Priya the night before last. Donna bent forward and hit a key and the small displayed frame jumped to full screen. I was dying a thousand deaths as I watched Donna staring intently at the screen. She looked up at me and said, “She looks like the girl from the diner. Her mother?” I guiltily nodded. She really started jerking me off then. Donna was getting turned on by these videos, especially the one currently on the full screen.

Then the screen went black for an instant and the scene changed to a naked Donna pushing me up to the edge of the bed as she crawled up in my lap. Donna looked up at me again with a totally unexpected grin and said, “That’s us. Fuck. That’s hot.” Her face was flushed with sexual heat as she turned to Jacob and said, “Can you excuse us for a few minutes, please?” Jacob started to pack up his laptop but Donna stopped him and said, “Can you put that to record here?” He nodded and pressed a couple keys and the full screen display changed to my bedroom with an unmade bed. “Come back in a half hour or so. Okay?”

Jacob looked up at me and I just nodded. He stood up and hastily made his way through the kitchen to the hall. He had turned the corner when I yelled out, “Hey Jacob?” His face appeared back around the corner. “Make it an hour. Okay?” He smiled and disappeared. I heard the front door open and then shut. The sultry look on Donna’s face told me everything I wanted to know. She grabbed the laptop off the table and headed for the bedroom towing me behind her by my cock. She set the laptop on the bureau at the foot of the bed. She shed her robe and got up on the bed and stood up looking up at the ceiling fan. She glanced down at the laptop and could see her face in closeup looking down. She said, “That’s incredible. You can’t even see the camera and I have to be looking right at it. I could see a distorted fish lens, wide-angled close up of Donna’s face on the laptop screen.

She jumped down from the bed and yanked off my robe and forcefully pushed me back on the bed. She got between my legs and pulled my erect cock up to her face and started blowing me. She stopped after a moment as she apparently decided that her face wouldn’t be visible to the camera. She looked up at the ceiling fan and I looked up too. She scrambled over to my left leg and lay down beside me and placed the side of her face on my left hipbone and pushed her lips back on my cock. She looked up again and she seemed to be satisfied as she frantically began sucking my cock again. I ignored the camera but she was infatuated by it. She posed us in several fucking positions then her face lit up in a grin as she flopped onto her back and I lifted her left leg over mine again and I rolled on my side and pushed my cock in. This position showed everything: Her beautiful face, her messed up hair, her incredible body and best of all my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. In that position, I could fondle one tit and suck on the other. She was in delirium. She had two orgasms and on playback she was fascinated by those. When I was about to cum, she reached down and pulled my cock from her as I shot cum on her pussy, up to her stomach and her tits. She rubbed the cum into her tits and stomach and scooped the cum out of her pubic hair and shoved her fingers in her mouth as she stared up at the camera. Her antics got me laughing and then she joined my laughter.

She played the whole thing back and said, “Your cock looks even bigger on camera.” She giggled and said, “They say the camera adds ten pounds.” I exploded in laughter and she giggled. Then she said, We’re pretty hot, huh? If we need money, we could maybe make home-made porno movies.”

I laughed hard at that vision and said, “You can be my porn star. You won’t need the money but I could pay you if you want.” She playfully punched me on the arm and laughed. Then she got serious as she asked about the woman in my bed that looked like the girl from the diner.

I said, “Her name is Priya. She lives next door with her eighteen-year-old daughter Divi. Priya and I had a short fling earlier this summer when she was married to a guy who spent his time in India. When they got divorced, she ended our affair. It seems that she was only interested in me when she or I wasn’t emotionally available. I inadvertently told Divi that I couldn’t participate in her summer ending slumber party because I was getting engaged. She told her mother and all of a sudden, I wasn’t available again and she visited me in the middle of the night.” Donna listened to my explanation which provided way more information than she had asked for.

I was about to apologize for presuming that she’d say “Yes” when I asked her to marry me, but Donna pressed her index finger to my lips to shut me up. I shut up. She said, “Can I ask for a favor?” I assumed that she was going to request that I didn’t restart my fling with Priya and I was already ready to tell her that Priya and I were over. She smiled and hesitated for a moment and then said, “Can you include me in any future trysts with her. She’s incredibly gorgeous and just looking at her makes me wet.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. There was so much more to Donna than met the eye. I looked at her and said, “Holy shit Donna. You never cease to amaze me. I had no idea.” Then I thought about how free she was with me and her sister, and I realized that I did have some idea after all. I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her grinning lips. She ramped up the passion. She was getting horny all over again.

Almost to the minute, the doorbell rang again. Jacob was back in exactly an hour. I pulled on my robe again and ushered him into the kitchen. Donna came around the corner from the living room dressed in her robe carrying Jacob’s laptop. Donna said, “We’d like copies of all of this and whatever else you have of Jack and other women. I looked over Donna’s shoulder and vigorously shook my head and mouthed the word, “No”. Jacob grinned at me and Donna turned to look at me. My head and face became inert. She looked at me for a moment and then turned back to Jacob and said, “Alright. Leave out the other Jack videos but I definitely have to have the one you showed me of Jack and the neighbor.

Just then we heard someone stumbling up the stairs to the deck. Eddie looked like he’d been dragged through a knot-hole. He could barely lift his feet to the next rung. Donna saw him and burst out laughing and Jacob and I followed suit. Eddie staggered into the living room and slid the door shut behind him. He gave me a “You bastard. You got me into that,” look and I burst out laughing again.

Donna helped him across the room and he collapsed onto the sofa with his legs sprawled out in front of him. He tenderly cradled his balls through his shorts. Jacob was packing up his laptop. He didn’t want Eddie to know that his performance was immortalized for all time. He got to the kitchen and turned around like he’d forgotten something and he said to Donna, “I’m Jacob by the way. I own the camp next door.” He pointed toward his property and then he was gone.

Eddie had a faraway look on his face and he chuckled for no apparent reason other than from the visions running through his head. He said, “At first I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Fuck. There were nine of them. They didn’t even give me a chance to recover before they were after my dick again. I barely got out of there with my life.”

Donna exploded into laughter again and I followed suit. She sat down beside him on the sofa and patted his shoulder and said, “Poor baby. You could have been fucked to death.” Then she realized that she’d said too much. Eddie looked at her with an expression that I read as, ‘How do you know what was going on.’ Donna read his expression the same and with quick thinking, said, “Jack told me that he fed you to the wolves.” Eddie looked from Donna to me and scowled at me.

Donna didn’t realize that her robe had parted, fully exposing her tits. Eddie didn’t miss it though and as he nodded at her chest he said, “Ordinarily, if you exposed those amazing tits to me like that, I would be really turned on. Considering what I just went through, it has no affect on me at all.” Donna looked down and quickly pulled her robe together.

I was still stunned by this new side of Donna, that she had only vaguely revealed before. It really turned me on though. Donna got up and said, “I have to call in and tell them I can’t come in today. I’m not done with you yet.” She took my phone out on the deck and made her call. She was giggling when she came back in. She said, “He already assumed that I wouldn’t be in this morning. The word is out about last night at the Inn. By the end of the day, everyone in town will know.”

I said, “We need to talk about your two jobs. I’m concerned for your health and the baby’s health too.”

She snuggled up to me and said, “That’s sweet, but I like the work and meeting people but maybe giving up one of them would be best. We’ll talk about it. Okay?” I nodded and pulled her into me. I had never had the conversation with her about my financial stability. It wasn’t on par with hers but it was more than enough to support her without either of us working. I turned back to Eddie to tell him the news, but he was sound asleep on the sofa. Donna led me back to the bedroom. We both knew the camera was still there but neither of us cared. It seemed to turn her on even more.

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