College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour


College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

Emily eagerly pulled her luggage out of her boyfriend Tom’s car, practically skipping through the door of his ground floor apartment. He followed in behind her, lugging more of her belongings. She was finally joining him at uni after two years apart while she finished high school. They began dating in his final year of high school, and had kept the relationship going long distance. Now she was joining him at his university, and he had signed the lease on a new apartment close to the university so they could move in together. This was definitely one of the times that he was glad his dad was happy to bankroll most of his expenses, being easily able to afford it from his very successful law firm he ran with his brother.

Emily dumped her stuff on the ground and headed back out the door, giving Tom a cheeky kiss on the way past, a big grin plastered unabashedly across her face. As she bounced along Tom looked back at her and grinned, her infectious positivity married to her stunning body an irresistible combo. He was still a little in awe that she was dating him, even after more than two years.She was a 5’5″ stunner, with brunette hair, large, flirty brown eyes that could switch from cheeky, to serious, to sexy in an instant, and a cute, slightly upturned nose. Her body was perfection, with C cup tits that stood proud and high on her chest, and a butt with the perfect ratio of muscle to padding from her time spent at the gym and running.Tom on the other hand was a average build, stood 5’9″, and had what someone had once described as a “forgettable face.” But he knew she wasn’t dating him for the wrong reasons, with her never asking for any expensive gifts, much preferring to shop at op shops than designer stores. She had actually taken a bit of convincing to agree to get the apartment on his dad’s dime, wanting to try and go it on their own with part time jobs.

That night, after a meal cooked together in their new kitchen, Tom was hoping for a treat in the bedroom. He was not disappointed, with Emily emerging wearing a sexy pyjama set, consisting of a pair of silk shorts that hugged her derriere incredibly, and a singlet top that was thin enough that Tom could make out the bumps of her nipples. She crawled into his arms and hungrily kissed him.

They continued kissing for a while, Tom’s hands exploring her breasts and butt freely. Eventually he tried his luck and slowly brought a hand towards her crotch, but she quickly pushed it away and pulled back from the kiss. Tom cursed himself internally before noticing the cheeky look in Emily’s eyes as she bit her lip. She slowly trailed her hand down his stomach, keeping eye contact the whole time. When she reached his bulging erection she gave it a squeeze, her lips parting in mock astonishment. She then slowly pulled down his pyjama bottoms, freeing his six inch cock to bounce up against his stomach. She continued to pull his pants down until they were about halfway down his thighs, before trailing her hand back up her thigh and onto his stomach, still avoiding contact with his cock. She brought her other hand down and also bagan trailing it along any exposed skin around his throbbing erection, always just avoiding direct contact with it. Tom was breathing heavy now, staring deep into Emily’s sultry eyes, only having his gaze torn away when one of her hands got especially close to his cock.

Eventually one of Emily’s hands made contact and she quickly grabbed his cock with both hands and began pumping up and down, her tongue poking out of her mouth in concentration. Tom threw his head back in pleasure, a pleasure that he’d only felt once before, a few months ago when he’d visited Emily over the summer holidays. Before long he looked back down at Emily as he involuntarily thrust his hips forward as he came. Emily directed his spurts of cum up onto his belly, watching intently as she milked his cock of every drop. She grinned up at him when she was done, before dropping his shrinking cock and sitting back.

“Thanks babe, that was incredible!” Tom said earnestly. “Do you want me to do you now?” he asked hopefully, sitting forward and rubbing his hands up and down her thighs.

Emily bit her lip pensively. “Not now, maybe some day soon though.”

“That’s ok, whenever you’re ready,” Tom said understandingly, being very aware of Emily’s squeamishness to sex before marriage from her Christian upbringing. He honestly thought himself lucky to be able to do as much as he did with a girl as gorgeous as her. He leaned in and gave her a tender kiss on the lips before getting up to clean himself off in the bathroom. He returned to bed, wrapped Emily in his arms and they both drifted off to a contented sleep.

The apartment complex was situated in an existing suburb, built mostly in the 50s and 60s. There was a mix of families, uni students, and retirees living there, with several new, higher density developments like the one Emily and Tom now lived in having popped up recently to meet demand from students for accommodation near the university. Emily left for her run the next morning, wearing her usual outfit of yoga pants and a baggy shirt over a modest sports bra. The shirt was long enough to cover her butt in the tights. As she passed the house next door to the apartment complex she saw a retiree sitting on an old couch on the porch, looking out at the road. She gave him a polite nod and continued on her run. As she returned half an hour later, covered in sweat she saw him there again. As she passed by she heard him yell out after her.

“Hey there, hot stuff! You look cute, but you should show some more skin!” Emily rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him. She didn’t mind occasionally catching someone giving her an appreciative look, but getting catcalled always set her on edge. At least the old man seemed pretty harmless, he looked like he’d struggle to pull himself out of his chair at his age, with a decent bulge to his gut.

Emily entered the apartment to the smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing as Tom bustled around the kitchen. After a quick shower she sat down at the kitchen table as Tom handed her a plate of bacon and eggs, and a coffee.

“Thanks babe, you’re the best!” she said appreciatively.

After breakfast, Emily did the washing up, before heading off to the first of her orientation week activities. The rest of the week continued on in a similar fashion, with Emily either going for a run or walking to the nearby gym in the morning, and then taking part in various orientation events. Tom joined her for some of the more social stuff, though they usually left the parties once they got too wild. Tom also invited some of his friends around for dinner and board games so Emily could meet the ones she hadn’t met previously. The old man next door never failed to say something crude to Emily after every run or trip to the gym. He never went any further though, so she continued to ignore him.

As Tom and Emily were returning from a social event on Thursday they ran into one of the other tenants. She was an attractive blonde, wearing fashionable, high-waisted cream pants that hung loose around her lower legs, and a tight black top. She gave them a warm greeting, introducing herself as Asha, and soon the three of them were chatting away about the apartment block and its surroundings, as well as their education and careers. Asha told them she had just finished uni and was working as a graphic designer close to the city centre.

“So, have you run into old Bill yet?” Asha asked Emily with a conspiratorial smile. Seeing Emily’s confused look, she gestured in the direction of the old man’s house who Emily had been receiving the catcalls from. “He’s the one who lives next door to us over there, he’s always on the porch, and usually makes himself hard to miss for any young women.”

Emily blushed. “Oh yes, I have had the, uh, pleasure of meeting him.”

“So do you think it’s true?”

“Think what’s true?” Emily asked, confused yet again.

“You know, his boasts about how big his dick is.”

“Oh, um, he hasn’t said anything about it to me.”

“Huh, he says it to all the pretty girls, and you seem like his type. He seems to think that it will make them instantly want to fuck him,” Asha said with an eyeroll.

“Huh, well he does always tell me to show some more skin, maybe I need to do that first to start getting told about his dick!” Emily laughed nervously, a little uncomfortable at the turn the conversation had taken. The other two laughed along and graciously changed the topic back to less rique topics.

The next morning Tom got up as Emily was changing for her run.

“Hey, why don’t you leave the top off today?” he said as she reached for one of her baggy running shirts. “It’s pretty warm out and you don’t want to overheat. That bra is designed to be worn without any extra covering anyway.”

“I don’t know, I also wear it to cover up my butt because these pants are so tight.”

“You’ve got such a nice butt, it’s a shame not to show it off every now and then!”

“Aha, is that what this is about? You want to show off how hot your girlfriend is?”

“What no! Well maybe a little, but it’s mostly about the heat! Remember how hot and sweaty you were last time?”

“Yeah, I was pretty gross. Fine! But if my mum finds out and starts calling me a harlot it’s on you!”

“Haha, how would she even find out?” Tom said before seeing the serious look in her eyes, “Ok fine, it’s on me.”

Emily put the shirt back down, laced up her shoes and then was out the door. Tom sat around restlessly for several minutes, before eventually getting up and making a start on breakfast. He was cracking the eggs into the pan as Emily walked through the door.

“How was the run?” he asked.

“Yeah, not too bad, definitely cooler. I think I beat my last time by almost a minute without the top,” Emily said, tapping at her fitbit.

“Nice! Anything interesting happen on the run?”

“Umm, no? Not really, just a regular run.” With that she continued on to jump in the shower, returning a few minutes later to sit down to breakfast. They chatted about the schedule for the day. After a bit of a pause in the conversation, Tom turned the topic back to Emily’s run.

“So, uh, did Bill say anything to you this morning?”

She gave him a funny look. “Not really, he was his regular crude self. Why? Are you worried about me?”

“Uh yeah, of course I am! So, um, what exactly did he say to you today?”

“Seriously, it’s fine, he seems pretty harmless. But if you really want to know, he said that I’d ‘made a bit of an improvement’, but that I ‘would look way hotter if I copied what the rest of the college sluts around here wore.'”

“Oh wow, what a pig!”

“I know right! Maybe we should report him.”

“I don’t know, we don’t want to cause any trouble when we’ve only just moved in. But let me know if he does anything more!”

“Ok honey, thanks for looking out for me,” she said, giving him a smile.

That Sunday, they went out shopping at a department store for some knick knacks for their apartment, including a few cheap wifi security cameras to give them a sense of safety in their new apartment. As they passed the women’s clothing Tom came to a halt at the sports wear section.

“Hey, what do you think of these?” he asked Emily, holding up a set of running shorts and sports bra.

“I don’t know, they’re a kind of expensive brand…”

“That’s fine, I’ll buy them as a present for you in celebration of one week spent living away from home!”

“Hmm, I don’t know, it’s not like I really need them.”

“Come on! You never let me buy you anything!”

“Fine then, let me at least go try them on first.”

Emily emerged from the changing room stall hunched over nervously, a blush beginning to spread onto her cheeks. The shorts hugged her butt tightly, though other than that were not too racy, having a wide waistband and extending a reasonable way down her legs. The top was a little more showy, pushing her breasts up to show a very nice amount of cleavage. Tom only just managed to maintain a calm demeanour and stop his jaw from hitting the floor.

“Hey, looks great!” Tom said casually.

“I’m not sure, don’t you think it’s a little showy?”

“What? No way! Half the girls you see out running wear less than that. Plus you really do look great in it.”

Emily sighed. “Fine then.” Emily went back into the change room, and reemerged in her regular clothes, holding the sports bra and shorts. “Thanks honey. Really. It does look good, plus people online say that they’re supposed to be super comfy.”

“No worries baby, I love you,” Tom said, pulling her in for a quick kiss.

The next morning, Emily emerged from the bathroom in her new outfit, giving Tom a nervous smile before heading off for her run. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off her as she left, her butt jiggling very enticingly in the new shorts. When she returned she found Tom sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal in front of him, an empty bowl, the milk and several choices of cereal set out across from him ready for her.

“Sorry Em, no time for a cooked brekkie this morning, I’ve got class in a bit. How was the run?”

“It was great! This outfit was definitely comfier and cooler, thanks again!”

“No worries! So, uh, did Bill cause any issue?”

“Not any more than last time…”

“Oh yeah, what did he say today?”

Emily gave him a slightly suspicious look. “He did boast about his, umm, penis, and said he was “free anytime” if I wanted to “come see it.””

Tom laughed. “Well at least we know now that he thinks you’re pretty enough, as Asha put it.”

Emily narrowed her eyes. “Gross Tom, is that what this is about? You were upset that our gross old neighbour doesn’t think I’m hot?”

“What? No babe! I was just kidding, geez!”

“Hmph,” Emily said, striding out of the room to go have a shower.

Tom sat there, lost in thought, his breakfast forgotten in front of him. Maybe he did care what Bill thought about Emily. He was very proud of himself for being able to land such a good looking girlfriend, and he was a bit upset when it seemed like she didn’t stack up against the other girls getting catcalled by Bill. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to get Emily to dress a little more sexily in the past, but the conversation with Asha may have started the ball rolling for this latest push. By the time Emily got out of the shower, Tom felt like he owed her an apology.

“Hey Emily, you might have been a little bit right, I think what Asha said did get to me a little.”

“That’s ok baby, we all do stupid stuff out of pride occassionally, and I did get some very nice clothes out of this particular time,” she said with a smile as she sat down at the table. Tom breathed a sigh of relief, before quickly shovelling down the rest of his cereal and rushing to get to class on time.

That night in bed Tom was absent-mindedly stroking up and down Emily’s thigh, when she suddenly rolled over on top of him and began kissing him deeply. He quickly increased the vigour of his stroking, giving her backside a good squeeze. Soon she had his pants pulled down and was stroking his cock, a hungry look in her eyes. She was wearing a thin crop top, and her nipples poked out against the fabric, stiff from arousal. Tom grinned at her, happy that them moving in together had already resulted in two hand jobs within just over a week.

“Oh fuck babe, you look so hot right now,” Tom moaned.

“Oh yeah, you like my big tits in this little shirt? You like the way my nipples poke through? Do you think Bill liked the way my tits looked in that top this morning?” Emily said breathily, a coy smile on her face. Tom instantly locked eyes with her, a concerned look on his face. “He might have even been able to see my nipples through the top, seeing as it is a bit thinner. Do you reckon he jacked his big dick thinking about my tits today?” Emily continued, a slightly evil glint in her eyes still slowly stroking up and down his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Tom suddenly exclaimed, overcome by a powerful orgasm. Emily, unprepared for the sudden ejaculation, had her shirt and hands splattered with cum. She gave an undignified squeal, jumping backwards off the bed and rushing to the bathroom to clean herself off. Tom fell back onto the bed, a deep sense of shame filling him. Emily returned from the bathroom, her tits bare. She quickly grabbed a fresh shirt from the cupboard and pulled it on. She walked back and stood at the foot of the bed, nervously looking at Tom, still processing what had just happened.

Finally Emily broke the heavy silence. “Sorry, I was just having a little fun, getting back at you, I didn’t mean to…” she trailed off, unsure what to say.

Tom let out a heavy sigh “It’s fine babe, I know you didn’t mean to… well you know. And it wasn’t your fault, it was me. So yeah, seriously, don’t worry about it.”

Emily tentatively climbed into bed and Tom gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek, before wrapping her in his arms. Soon she drifted off to sleep. Tom, however, took almost another hour to join her, his mind a turmoil of conflicting emotions, all swirling around the memory of easily the best orgasm he’d ever had.

The next morning Emily left for the gym wearing one of her old sports bras and a pair of yoga pants, with a long shirt over the top. Tom breathed a sigh of relief, happy for a return to normalcy after last night. He had breakfast ready for her when she got back, after which she rushed off to an early class.Tom headed over later, and had one class before meeting up with her for lunch. He had a long lecture afterwards, meanwhile she headed home for the day. Tom struggled to pay attention to the lecturer, his mind running wild with images of Emily showing off her incredible body to the gross old pervert next door. For some reason, while the idea did make him angry and jealous, and made his heart pound with angst, it also made him incredibly aroused. By the time he got home he was having trouble thinking straight with how horny he was. He did his best to keep it together, giving Emily a warm greeting as he entered the apartment. He headed straight to the bathroom, thinking that he could maybe quickly jerk off to get some relief. Instead he spotted the new outfit in the hamper. Not quite sure what he was planning, he pulled it out, along with everything else in the hamper, which included the cumstained shirt from last night. He then loaded them into the washing machine.

“Oh, was there enough there for a full load?” Emily asked from behind him.

Tom jumped a little. “Maybe not quite,” he said hastily, “I thought I’d better get that shirt from last night in before it’s stained for good.”

“Oh ok, good thinking, thanks!”

After dinner, Tom got up and moved the washing into the dryer. After watching a couple of episodes of a show with Emily, he pulled it out, folded it and put it away, placing the new outfit prominently on top of everything else. He then got in the shower, and, finally getting a moment by himself, quickly began jacking off. He tried to just think of Emily as he did, but soon the images that had been swirling around his head earlier returned. He saw Emily bending over Bill, letting him look straight down her top. She squeezed her tits together, before pulling the top off and thrusting her naked chest into his face. Before long, Tom found himself spurting his cum onto the shower wall, only just managing to hold back a groan. He ashamedly washed it off, before getting out, pulling on his pyjamas and joining Emily in bed. Now clear headed, he considered getting back up to move the new outfit somewhere less prominent, but he figured that would be even more suspicious now, so instead he wrapped his arms around Emily, soon drifting off to a sleep filled with visions of Emily showing her body off to Bill in outrageous outfits.

He woke up in the morning as Emily got up to get dressed for her run. He watched her stand in front of her side of the cupboard for much longer than usual, seemingly thinking hard about something, before suddenly looking back at Tom. He quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be asleep. He opened them again when he heard the bathroom door close. He waited impatiently as Emily got changed, eager to see which outfit she’d chosen. As the door opened he rolled over and stretched, pretending to just be waking up. He looked over to Emily, his heartbeat instantly spiking as he saw her in the new sports bra and shorts. It jumped even more when he saw that she had rolled down the waistband, revealing a good couple of inches of skin below her navel.

“Mornin’,” he said, trying to sound sleepy.

“Mornin’,” she replied, almost managing to hold back a flicker of a grin from twitching the corners of her mouth. She continued out of the room, and Tom was given another shock as he saw that Emily had pulled the material of the shorts up into her butt crack, causing it to hug her much tighter than the other day, showing off her sculpted glutes with their flawless globe-like shape. His erection instantly surged to full size. He considered quickly jacking off, but, remembering he had an early class, he reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cereal. He ate his breakfast, barely registering it as he methodically spooned it into his mouth, his mind only able to think about his girlfriend, who normally abhorred even mildly risque clothing, seeming to have intentionally adjusted her outfit to show more skin, as well as to show off her perfectly formed ass. His breakfast finished, Tom got up and quickly packed his stuff for uni, before sitting back down, unable to leave before seeing Emily after her run. He tapped nervously on the table as he waited. Finally she returned, half an hour after she had left, right on time with her normal run. The sheen of sweat on her exposed skin made her look even hotter than when she’d left.

“Hi honey, how was your run?”

Emily grinned at him. “Oh, not too bad. Thanks for washing these for me last night,” she said, slowly running her hands down over her bra encased tits, over the vast expanse of skin of her exposed stomach, and over the material of her snug shorts, “they definitely help me go faster. Shouldn’t you have left for class already?”

“Oh, yes, just about to head off,” Tom said quickly, pushing his chair back. Emily quickly strode over to him.

“Wait a second babe, don’t you want to hear about what that prick Bill said to me today?” she said sensually, placing her hand on his chest and straddling his lap.

“Sure?” Tom gulped nervously.

Emily ran her hand down his body, bringing it to a rest on his crotch, causing Tom to blush as both their attentions were drawn to his erection.

“Are you sure?” Emily breathed into his ear. All Tom could do was nod.

Emily began rubbing her hand up and down his erect cock through his pants. “He seemed to like the outfit as I ran past him on the way out, he gave me a big whistle, and then yelled ‘oh wow, did you give yourself a wedgie just to show off your butt to me?’ I looked back at him and saw he was staring straight at my butt! On the way back, he shouted ‘I can tell you’re interested, so come round any time and I’ll show you that my 11 inch cock can give it to you way better than that puny boyfriend of yours!'”

Tom suddenly spasmed, the sexual tension and stimulation too much for him as he came into his underwear. A look of surprise flashed across Emily’s face before she regained control, slowly stood back up and turned, before dashing off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Tom sat there in shock for several moments, before realising he was now very late for uni. He stood up and instantly felt the wet mess in his underpants. He awkwardly walked over to the bedroom door, but found Emily had locked it. He knocked softly on it.

“Babe, can you let me in? I need to change my pants. Babe? I’m not angry, I promise.” He waited for a few moments, but heard no reply or movement from the other side of the door. Giving in he picked up his bag and headed to his lecture, hoping that the cum wouldn’t soak through. Once he got to class he sent Emily a text to say that he loved her and wasn’t angry at her. A couple of minutes later she sent a love heart back.

He returned to the apartment about midday to find that Emily had already left for her classes. He gratefully pulled off his pants and went to throw them in the hamper. In there he saw Emily’s clothes from that morning. His low level of arousal that had remained with him since the morning instantly spiked back up. He quickly looked at Emily’s timetable she had taped to her desk. He saw that he had almost three hours before she got home. He quickly pulled on a clean pair of pants, grabbed his keys and jumped in his car.

Fifteen minutes later he was back at the shop they had bought the athletic wear from. He made a beeline for the women’s section, quickly finding the display he had got the clothes from last time. He’d picked out the second most conservative set last time, out of five options. He picked up the one that was a little bit more daring than the one he’d bought, seeing that the shorts were just a little bit smaller, both the top and bottom having lost a little bit of material. The bra was almost the same, except the band at the bottom was mostly gone, ending just below the breasts. He thought for a moment, then returned it to the rack. He grabbed the next one and inspected it. With this one the shorts were even smaller, only extending a tiny bit below the crotch. The bra also had less material, with the neckline plunging down to almost touch the bottom in a V shape.The back was also thinner, consisting of just a few straps. Next Tom grabbed the last set. The shorts on this set looked more like underwear than shorts, with a very low waistband, and the outside of the bottom rising up to only leave a small band connecting the front and back at the sides. The top looked more like a bikini top, being made of a thinner material than the previous ones, and smaller cups, leaving a lot of cleavage and even a bit of the outside of the boob exposed.

Tom stood there thinking for a while, before eventually grabbing three sets of the second most daring set in Emily’s size, thinking that there was no way that she would wear the smallest one. He quickly started towards the checkout, before quickly darting back and grabbing one of the smallest set.

He got home with plenty of time before Emily got back. He stashed the clothes in his desk drawer, and then sat at his computer to get some work done.

When Emily arrived she walked in timidly, her eyes downcast. “Hey baby, about this morning, I’m so sorry. I saw that you’d washed the outfit, and thought I’d tease you about Bill again. I didn’t mean to…”

“Emily, it’s fine. Really. I actually bought you a gift.”

“Oh sweety, I don’t need a gift, really you’re the one-” she started, before seeing Tom pull the new clothes out of the drawer. “Oh”

Tom stood there, worry growing in his belly as he waited for Emily’s response.

“Are you really sure this is a good idea, Tom?”

“Only if you don’t mind, but I like it,” he said, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Ok fine,” Emily said resignedly, “but only because I love you Tom.” Tom broke out into a big grin, both because of Emily agreeing, and because she’d do it because she loved him. He walked over and gave her a big hug. Emily sunk into it, the hours of stress finally melting away.

The next morning Tom woke up a bit before his usual time, Emily still asleep next to him. He lay there, excitement building in his chest. Finally Emily’s alarm went off and she rolled out of bed. She looked over at Tom and saw that he was already awake. She gave him a nervous smile, and then went and grabbed one of the new outfits and headed into the bathroom to get changed. She emerged to see Tom waiting eagerly. A look of astonishment crossed his face, she looked absolutely stunning! Her large tits looked even bigger pushed up by the bra, and pretty much her full cleavage was on display. The shorts allowed her full leg to be seen, and were a snug fit between her thighs. While they were well designed enough to not have created a camel toe, they certainly still got any male looking at them thinking particular thoughts. She strode across the room, and Tom marvelled at the way her ass bounced in the shorts. It looked like her impressive rear might be too much for the shorts, as the back was already riding up, creeping closer to the bottom of her butt cheek. Tom’s heart pounded in his chest as he watched her walk out of the apartment. He desperately wanted to jack off right then, but he managed to hold back, thinking that he should save himself for when Emily returned.

He began scrolling through social media on his phone in the hope that that would keep him distracted, but eventually he saw a video of a woman in athletic clothing doing some impressive looking yoga pose, and that instantly put his mind back to Emily. He got up and quickly cooked some pancakes, trying to distract himself. He left them stacked up on a plate by the stove and sat at the table, hands clasped in front of him.

Finally Emily got back from the gym, once again looking even more ravishing covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Tom’s head turned rapidly, and Emily caught the anxious look on his face for a brief moment before it was replaced by an intense hunger. He pushed his chair back from the table.

“How was the gym?”

Emily smiled at him. “Pretty good, I did legs today.” She walked over and began grabbing toppings for the pancakes from the cupboard. Tom sat there a little disappointed he hadn’t gotten a repeat of yesterday.

“Did Bill say anything to you?” he pushed.

“Oh maybe,” she said casually, setting the toppings on the table and heading back for the pancakes, “but I thought I’d wait to tell you tonight seeing as I have class in half an hour.”

Tom’s face fell, and Emily had to stifle a giggle at the sudden change. With that they dug into breakfast, with Tom somewhat withdrawn, chewing his food mechanically, trying to drag his eyes away from the large amount of Emily’s cleavage he could see. Meanwhile, Emily happily chatted away as she wolfed down the pancakes. Afterwards she jumped up for a quick shower before heading off to class.

Tom got in the shower after her, and without even realising what he was doing, soon found himself stroking his cock, imagining all the guys at the gym ogling Emily as she worked out her incredible ass. Soon his mind turned to their neighbour and how he would have reacted to Emily strutting past in her new outfit. He imagined him saying all sorts of crude things to her, eventually convincing her to walk up the path towards, a sultry swing to her hips. She’d step up onto the porch in front of him, her tits bouncing as she came to a stop. Suddenly Tom came, the vision too much. He finished washing himself and then got out of the shower.

Tom headed across to uni an hour after Emily, and was there until 6 o’clock. He returned to Emily cooking a stir fry for dinner. He set the table and then dug in, hungry from his long day. He did the dishes and then joined Emily on the couch where she was watching some cooking competition. She paused it when he sat down and clambered onto his lap. Tom instantly felt himself getting hard.

“So, you want to hear about what that old perv Bill said to me today, while I was wearing a ridiculously skimpy outfit my no-good boyfriend bought me?” she said seductively, rubbing Tom’s thighs.

“Yes!” Tom grunted excitedly.

Emily brought her hands to his cock, kneading it through his pants.”Maybe I shouldn’t call Bill a perv, when you’re the one who spent several hundred dollars just so your girlfriend could get ogled.” Tom groaned. “Ogled by our gross old neighbour. On the way out this morning, he shouted: ‘Jeez, that one’s even skimpier than last time! Do your parents know you’re turning into a slut?’ And then, on the way back, he shouted ‘If you don’t want to tell your parents, you’re welcome to come up here and I’ll give you a spanking myself!'”

Visions of Emily laying herself across Bill’s fat lap in her skimpy outfit, lifting her bum up to be spanked by his meaty hand, filled Tom’s head, quickly sending him over the edge. He spurted into his pants. Emily gave him a smile, before rolling off him and resuming her show. Tom sat there uncomfortably for a few minutes, cum soaking into his underpants, before he got up and had a shower.

The next morning Emily wore the same style of outfit as the day before. She had time to give Tom his recap and over the clothes massage before breakfast, though Tom was a little disappointed to hear that Bill had basically just reextended his offer to give Emily a spanking. It still only took an extra twenty seconds looking at Emily in her sexy clothes, skin shiny with sweat, as she rubbed him through the slightly rough fabric of his pants to get him off.

The next morning, he decided he wanted to see the interaction first hand, so a couple of minutes before Emily was normally due back he headed out to the car and pretended to fuss around with stuff in there, always keeping an eye out for Emily returning from her run. She arrived right on time, slowing down as she saw Tom.

“Maybe you’re not keen on spankings right now, but you will be after I’ve got you hooked on this massive cock!” they both heard Bill shout from his chair. Emily slowed to a stop in front of his house, still not giving him any sign that she’d heard him at all. Unknown to Bill, she was staring straight into Tom’s eyes, her face completely blank.

“Just come on up and I’ll…” Bill continued before suddenly falling silent as he watched Emily pivot to face away from him and then slowly bend at the waist, reaching towards the ground as she stretched out her hamstrings. She kept her back arched as she touched the ground, showing off her flexibility, while also showing off her breathtaking butt to Bill. After holding the stretch for what felt like an eternity to Tom, but was in fact 30 seconds, she turned around and lifted one leg and placed it up on Bill’s fence. Then she leant forward and grabbed her foot, no doubt giving Bill an excellent look down her top. Bill finally managed to pick his jaw up off the ground. “Oh fuck yeah, I always knew you were a horny slut, keep showing me that tight body!”

“Piss off you old perv, I’m just stretching, something I’m sure you would have learnt about if you’d done even a second of exercise in your sad life!” Emily retorted, switching legs.

“Pff, never needed to exercise, I can hardly keep girls off me once they find out about my dick, if I was fit as well I’d probably end up dead, smothered by pussy.”

“Yeah, whatever you say, jerk off,” Emily said dismissively, bringing her leg down and stalking into our apartment. Tom waited several painful moments, not wanting to draw any attention to himself from Bill, before he followed her in. The moment he walked in the door, Emily jumped on him, pulling him into a deep kiss. After intertwining her tongue with his for several seconds, she manoeuvred him backwards and then pushed him back into a seat. She dropped to her knees. Tom’s heart leapt, hoping she might be horny enough for today to be the day she gave him a blowjob.

She grabbed his waistband and pulled his pants down to his ankles, then grabbed his cock with both hands. She slowly began stroking him. “Did you like my little show for Bill today? It actually shut him up for a second there, I might have to do it more often,” she said with a mischievous grin. She’d sped up her hands as they pumped up and down his cock and was slowly moving her head closer to his throbbing erection as she spoke. “What do you think he liked better, my tits or my ass? He got to see way more of my tits in this shirt you made me wear. Although he also got to see way more of my butt than anyone else ever has with the way it rode up when I bent over.”

Emily’s face was now hovering right over Tom’s cock, her tongue coming within a centimetre of grazing the head as she spoke. Tom was desperately trying to hold back the urge to cum, wanting nothing more than to feel her mouth on his cock.

“You’re the only guy who’s ever seen my nipples, do you think I should let one ‘accidently’ pop out next time I stretch? It could be dangerous, he might want to show me his massive cock in return, and then you know I’d have no choice but to sleep with him.”

“Oh fuck!” Tom shouted. Emily’s tongue was now mere millimetres of his cock, but he couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m about to-”

Emily quickly pulled her head back, as she continued to stroke his cock, pointing it straight up. He began to spurt his load, just missing her face. It shot up before landing on her hands and his thighs. Tom let his head fall back, happy for the release, but disappointed by not being able to hold out longer. Emily stood and walked to the sink to wash her hands. She returned with paper towel to clean Tom off.

They were both subdued for the rest of the morning as they readied themselves for uni. They headed across together, and Tom gave Emily a tight hug before they parted ways.

Tom began feeling more and more guilty as the day wore on, as well as ashamed at how turned on he’d gotten watching their gross old neighbour staring at his beautiful, young girlfriends body. By the time he got home knew he had to apologise to Emily and get rid of the new clothes. He didn’t want to lose a girl who was way out of league by getting her involved in some gross fantasy of his.

“Hey Emily, I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting the last week,” he said as he walked into the apartment. “I think that maybe we should just throw out the…” He suddenly stopped as he entered the bedroom. Emily stood before him, dressed in the final outfit. The most daring one. The one which left half her butt and half her tits hanging out, and clung tightly to what it did cover.

“Oh hey baby, I thought I’d try on the last outfit my very naughty boyfriend bought me,” she said sultrily. Tom looked at her in awe. She looked incredible, the snug bottoms allowing anyone watching to fully appreciate her perfect legs and abdomen. The top had the same amount of cleavage as the last one, but also allowed some of the outer sides of her breasts to be seen. It was also thinner and Tom could see the bump of her nipple. “Do you think Bill will like it?” she said, giving Tom a spin. The back of the bottoms definitely seemed to be designed for someone with a less impressive ass, as you could see a full half of her cheeks. Her sculpted back was almost entirely bare, crossed only by the thin elastic of the top.

Tom blinked in astonishment several times, before remembering what he had been saying just before. “You look incredible honey, but are you really sure you want to wear that on your run? Wear it in front of Bill? Maybe we should just stop this whole stupid thing.”

“Are you sure Tom? Is that what you really want? Because I will stop if you ask me to, but I’ve kind of enjoyed being able to do something to get you so excited,” she said, eyes looking down at the ground nervously. “I love you Tom, and I know that I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to sex and have been taking my sweet time, so I was happy when we found something I could do for you.” She lifted her gaze back up to meet his, and all his worry and self loathing instantly melted away as he gazed into her enormous eyes, feeling her immense love for him.

“I love you so much babe,” he whispered.

“I love you too” she whispered back, grabbing his hands and pulling him to her. She gently brought her lips to his. He returned the kiss, and gradually the intensity increased. Soon they were hungrily making out, their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Suddenly Emily pulled back. “Ok, I think that’s enough, we have to leave you with plenty of energy for Monday,” she said with a pat on his cheek, before she turned around and disappeared into the bathroom. Tom groaned upon realising he’d have to wait two whole days to see her in action in the tiny outfit. Emily reemerged wearing old jeans and a shirt and sat down to do some study. Tom made a start on dinner, knowing there was no way he could concentrate on studying in his current state.

Tom and Emily spent the weekend catching up on uni work that they’d been too distracted to complete during the week. Luckily Tom managed to keep his mind mostly on task, and off of thinking dirty thoughts about Emily and Bill. On Sunday afternoon he found his arousal rapidly rising as he couldn’t help but think about what was coming up tomorrow. He went to where Emily was working away at the table and sat down next to her.

“So, you looking forward to tomorrow?” he asked suggestively.

“Mhm,” Emily responded, not paying him much attention.

“You excited to wear that little outfit for your boyfriend?”

“You mean for Bill, right?” she said, giving him a knowing smile.

Tom paused for a second. He hadn’t been ready for that. It only added fuel to the fire, and he felt his dick throbbing now. “Oh, is that how it is?” he said, rubbing his hand on her thigh. “Are you excited to show off your perfect teen body to our gross old creep of a neighbour?”

He heard Emily moan softly, before she grabbed his hand off her leg and placed it in his lap. “You know I am. But none of that now, you need to save yourself for tomorrow.” Tom groaned, but reluctantly got up and began looking through the fridge for ingredients for dinner to get his mind off tomorrow.

That night in bed, Tom began rubbing his hand up and down Emily’s thigh, desperate for her to give him some release. He had been tempted to masturbate earlier when he’d seen the outfit sitting on the bathroom counter, ready for tomorrow, but was too ashamed that Emily would think he was weak willed after she had told him to save himself for tomorrow. Emily quickly turned down his advance, slapping his hand away.

“Bad boy Tom,” she said playfully. “You have to wait until tomorrow.”

Tom tossed and turned for two more hours before finally managing to fall into a fitful sleep. He was brought out of his light slumber by the sound of Emily’s alarm. He watched her get up and walk into the bathroom. She came back out soon after, and Tom’s heart leapt into his throat as he saw her standing there in an outfit he never would have imagined her wearing, let alone wearing so their gross old neighbour could check her out. His stomach decided to go the opposite way to his heart, sinking into his stomach as she walked past him and out of the room. He was reminded just how much skin was on display back there, the bottoms already riding up into her crack. He was breathing heavily, his cock almost painfully erect. He lay on the bed as he heard Emily moving around the apartment and then closing the door behind her on the way out. He then got up and paced the length of the apartment several times, before suddenly getting an idea. He put on some clean clothes, grabbed some shopping bags and jumped in the car. He set off for the grocery store.

He could not remember what he ended up buying on his shop, and he was sure he’d only gotten half the stuff they needed. He left the shop with about twenty minutes left before Emily would normally be due back. He drove most the way home, and then pulled over just around the corner from their apartment. He sat there impatiently, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, for ten minutes before he finally saw Emily walking back from the gym. He watched the way her tits and ass moved as she walked, and almost forgot his plan for a second before his mind kicked back into gear. He started the car back up and finished the drive home, pulling in just as Emily rounded the corner. He jumped out of the car and busied himself with the groceries in the back, keeping most of his attention on Emily as she made her way towards him. He saw her give him a subtle grin, just before Bill spotted her.

“Ah, there’s the slut! Back from letting all the guys at the gym stare at you? I’m tellin’ ya, I’ve got a way bigger cock than any of those pussies. And, like I said earlier, I like your new outfit, but I don’t think you’re quite wearing it right!”

Tom saw Emily’s eyes spark, and she stopped right in front of Bill’s property and turned to face him. “And I suppose that the right way to wear it would be to take it all off?” she said testily.

“Well if I had to choose, yes,” Bill said, not missing a beat, “but I just meant some slight adjustments to how you have it on you. You can come up here and I can show you if you want.” He sat there with a smug grin on his flabby face.

Tom’s heart almost skipped a beat as he watched Emily slowly reach out and grab Bill’s gate. She pushed it open and timidly walked through. She closed the gate behind her, and with a little more confidence she walked up to stand before Bill’s chair. She didn’t look back at Tom once.

Bill sat there with a slightly stunned look on his face, greedily looking up and down Emily’s body. She felt her heart beating rapidly, and her nipples hardening and pushing against the fabric as he ran his eyes over them.

“So, what ‘slight adjustments’ did you have in mind?” she said, surprised by how steady her voice was.

“Well, first of all, turn around,” Bill said, instantly back to his overbearing self. Emily found herself quickly following his order. “While I like how much of the outer side of your butt these show off, the last ones fit in your crack way nicer. So I thought I’d try pulling them up a bit, if that’s ok?” Emily gulped and then nodded her head. She felt his hand brush her lower back before he grabbed the top of the pants, his fingers brushing the top of her butt crack. She felt an electric tingle travel up her spine. He then began to pull the pants up, wedging them deep in between her butt cheeks, and applying a delicious pressure to her pussy. She only just managed to hold back a moan. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was, she just hoped Tom liked it even more.

Bill sat back to admire his work. “Damn, yeah, that looks way better!”

Emily caught her breath and then turned back around so she was facing Bill, her back to Tom. “So, was that it?”

“Oh no, I think these need more of a camel toe as well.”

“Oh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” she said, glancing down. As she did she saw a bulge in Bill’s pants, more than halfway down his thigh. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and reasoned that it must just be a lump in his pants.

“Sure it is! I just need to do the same thing I did but for the front.”

“Mmm, fine then, but then that’s it,” she said demurely, still somewhat distracted by the bulge.

Emily watched Bill reach forward and grab the top of her pants. He looked up at her face and gave her a lecherous grin. “But first I just need to have a quick look at what I’m working with.” Emily knew she should stop him, but instead she just stared intently as he slowly pulled her waistband down and away from her body. Her heart hammered in her chest. She couldn’t believe she was about to let this old, fat perv be the first man to see her pussy, even before her wonderful boyfriend. He took his sweet time pulling the waistband further and further down, Emily holding her breath the whole time, her heart hammering in her ears, before he stopped. The waistband was now pulled far enough away to give Bill an unobstructed view of her virgin cunt, and he let out an appreciative grunt. Emily found herself thinking that she was glad that she’d shaved last night in preparation for wearing these pants.

Bill sat there for some time, taking in all the details of Emily’s glistening pussy. She was just coming to her senses and was about to ask him to stop when he began pulling her pants up. She let out a squeal as the fabric was forced up between her lips. Bill let the waistband go and it snapped back into place. Emily looked down and saw the pants had remained wedged between her lips, creating a clear camel toe.

“Uh, thanks for showing me those!” she said hastily, starting to back away as she realised that she’d let this go much too far.

“No worries bitch, you’re welcome back anytime you want more help with your outfit!”

Emily couldn’t believe that he’d still call her names when she’d just let him look at probably the best pussy he’d ever seen! She quickly hurried back down his path and into the apartment.

Meanwhile Tom was still at the car. He hadn’t really been able to see what was going on, with Emily standing between him and Bill. He’d been flabbergasted when Emily had taken up Bill’s offer, and his brain only finally managed to catch up as he saw her close the door as she entered the apartment. He hurriedly gathered up the groceries and followed her in. He opened the door to find her standing there, fidgeting nervously.

“Oh Tom, I’m so sorry! I went too far, didn’t I?”

Tom swooped in to hug her, covering her face in kisses. “No! That was incredible!” He pulled her down onto the couch and sat down next to her. He grabbed her hands and placed them on his bulge in his pants, too horny to even think straight any more. She began to automatically stroke him and he groaned in pleasure.

“Please baby, just listen for a second, I need to tell you something. When I was facing away from you I let him look at my pussy!”

Tom’s eyes widened in shock, but he didn’t stop Emily from stroking him. “But I haven’t even seen your pussy,” he said with equal parts jealousy and lust. “What do you mean ‘let him look’? Did you show him?”

“No, he said he was going to have a look, and then he grabbed my waistband and pulled it down. But he did it so slowly that I could have easily stopped it. I don’t know what came over me!”

“Fuck!” Tom shouted, suddenly convulsing. His eyes rolled back in his head as he experienced the biggest orgasm he’d ever had.

“Oh shit Tom! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Tom said woozily, relaxing back into the couch.

“I really am sorry honey,” Emily said, but Tom was already snoring, exhausted from a very intense 12 hours.

Emily didn’t want to wake him up, so she got up and first had a shower to wash off the gross feeling she still had from where Bill had touched her, then she ate a bowl of cereal and set an alarm on Tom’s phone in time for his first class before heading off to her own class.

Tom awoke bleary eyed and looked at his phone that was blaring an alarm. He looked at the time and quickly jumped up, realising he only had fifteen minutes to get to class. He quickly had a shower, grabbed an apple and a protein bar, and headed out the door. It was only once he was striding towards the uni that he thought back to what had happened earlier that morning. He remembered that Emily had said that Bill had got to see her pussy, which meant Bill got to see it before Tom did! He realised that things were getting out of hand now, he’d have to put an end to it before it went any further. At the same time the memory was already getting him hard again.

When he got home late in the afternoon he found Emily sitting on the couch watching a show. She paused it when she saw him. “Heya, how you doing? You’re not… upset about this morning are you?” she asked timidly.

Tom’s heart melted a little seeing her worried. “No, of course, that was amazing, you were amazing!”

Relief washed across her face. “So you liked seeing Bill get a personal show of your girlfriend in that crazy outfit? Like him looking at where my nipples pushed the fabric of that flimsy top?”

Tom let out a groan of wonder as he let Emily pull him into the bedroom, struggling to believe the sexy creature he had released. “You have to tell me everything that happened when you were on his verandah, I couldn’t see very well.”

“Oh don’t worry baby, I will,” she said with a grin, pulling his pants down and pushing him onto the bed. “So, when I saw you there pretending to unload the groceries, I knew I wanted to put on a show for you. But then Bill told me to go up to him, and the idea just seemed so naughty that I had to do it. I was so excited that my nipples were rock hard, he could probably see them before I even climbed the steps!” By now she’d begun to slowly stroke his cock with one hand. “First of all he told me to turn around so he could pull the material up into my butt crack. Then when I turned around and I swear I saw his cock, but the end was way too far down the leg of his pants! Then he-”

“Wait, how long would it have been?” Tom asked quickly.

“Umm, about this big?” she said uncertainly, holding her hands almost a foot apart.

Tom’s eyes widened. “You’re right, that mustn’t have been his dick, that would be impossible!”

“Yeah, mustn’t have been, but at least you know now why I was a bit distracted for the next part.”

“What happened next?” Tom asked worriedly.

“Well, he said he wanted to give me a camel toe as well, but first he wanted to look at my pussy to ‘know what he was working with’, so he grabbed the top of my pants and really slowly pulled them down. I could have easily stopped him, but I didn’t, I just let him pull them down until he could see my whole pussy!” She looked up at Tom and heard him groan. “And after looking for ages, he pulled them up pretty hard, he kind of gave me a wedgie from the front! And baby,” she said sultrily, pausing for effect, “it felt kind of good!”

Tom threw his head back and arched his back as he came for the second time that day.

The next morning Tom awoke to see Emily leaving for her run in one of her old outfits. He was relieved, worried at how things had been escalating. He got up and got himself a bowl of cereal, setting everything out ready for Emily on her return. When she got back he was working on uni work on his laptop. He looked up and asked how her run went.

“Not too bad, though I definitely feel slower in these ones now. Tom seemed a little bit disappointed as well,” she laughed.

“Oh yeah, what did he say?”

“Oh, just called me a teasing slut.” With that she sat down and poured herself a bowl of cereal.

After Emily left for class Tom sat there and couldn’t help but think back over the past week, and feel a little disappointed in the slow down. He looked at his watch and realised he still had an hour before class. He quickly grabbed his keys and wallet and rushed out the door. Forty minutes later he was walking back in the door, holding four new sets of the skimpiest outfit. Not long after he was rushing back out the door for class.

Tom found his arousal slowly rising throughout the day as he thought about how he’d bought even more expensive outfits, just for his girlfriend to wear in front of their creepy old neighbour, as well as the crazy events of yesterday morning. However, at the same time his worry was rising, and by the time class was over, he’d decided he would take the new clothes back.

However, when he got home he found that Emily had already put the new outfits in the wash, alongside all the dirty clothes from the past week. “Hey, thanks for the new outfits baby! Do you want me to wear them over to Bill’s house so he can look at my pussy?” she asked with a cheeky smile.

“Actually, I meant to say, but I don’t think you should show Bill any more skin than he can normally see” Tom said nervously.

“Ooh, worried that Bill might steal your cute little girlfriend? Just kidding honey, that’s ok, I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been enjoying being able to do this for you, but things did go a little too far yesterday.”

“Thanks babe, I love you so much, and I trust you, which is why I’m enjoying this at all I think.”

“Aw, thanks babe, I love you too!” She leant in and gave him a kiss.

“So, I was thinking today, and Bill did specifically say his dick was eleven inches, and you said the bulge was about that far down his leg, so maybe that was really his dick.”

Emily burst into laughter. “Is that really what you’ve been thinking about all day? Is that why you bought all the new outfits? So I could go seduce our old neighbour into showing me his big fat cock? And here I thought you bought them because you like me,” she said with a giggle.

“Holy fuck babe that’d be so… No! You shouldn’t, that would definitely give him the wrong idea! We don’t know what he might try, and I don’t want you getting in any trouble. And of course I like you babe.” Emily gave him a grateful smile, before steering the conversation onto other topics.

In bed that night Tom hopefully rubbed his hand up and down Emily thigh, hoping for a bit of action. She ignored him though, and he soon rolled onto his back, frustrated. He’d gotten used to the more frequent handjobs already. He eventually fell into a stressful sleep, his dreams filled with more images of Emily getting groped and mauled by Bill. He eventually woke up to find Emily shaking him awake. She was dressed in one of the skimpiest outfits.

“Mornin’ honey, thought I should wake you up before I head off for my run.” Tom grunted his acknowledgement, and she turned around and strutted towards the door. Tom’s couldn’t believe how horny he had woken up, his cock already throbbing, his mind still filled with vile yet arousing images of Emily and Tom joined together in a vast array of sexual practices.

“Wait!” he called out before Emily managed to get out the front door. “I dare you.”

“What? Dare me?” she said, reappearing in the bedroom door.

“I dare you to ask Bill to see his cock.”

Emily was surprised to find that she didn’t instantly want to turn down the dare. In fact, she got a little bit turned on just thinking about seeing another man’s penis. Plus the fact she was in on it with her husband made the whole thing more appealing. And on top of that she couldn’t say she had spent at least some of the last 48 hours wondering if that really had been his dick she’d seen, even though she seriously doubted it. She bit her lip. “I don’t know baby, wouldn’t that be taking it a little bit too far?”

“Well, he already got to see you, so it’s basically the same really.”

“Hmm, ok fine, I’ll do it! But no standing around on the street like a weirdo this time, just put one of the security cameras in the car and you can stream it from in here.”

“Wow, good thinking!” Tom was a little surprised at the suggestion. It sounded like she’d put some thought into it.

Five minutes after Emily left, he ducked out and quickly set the camera up discreetly in his car, pointing towards Bill’s house. He went back inside and was happy to see it appeared to still be able to connect to the wifi. He was a little disappointed when two women walked in front of the camera, apparently having quite an animated discussion, yet Tom only heard a slight murmur from the laptop speakers, even on max volume. It looked like the cheap camera’s microphone wouldn’t work through the glass of the car window.

He sat watching for the next twenty minutes, watching as people jogged or walked briskly past the camera every couple of minutes. Tom saw Bill catcall a couple of the more attractive morning joggers, but could not hear what he said. Finally Emily came into view and Tom’s heart rate instantly spiked. She was close enough to the camera that Tom could see that she had pulled her pants up tight into her ass and pussy.

He saw Bill begin yelling something at her, and Emily seemed to ignore him as she started stretching herself in front his house. She once again seemed to be trying to give him the best possible view of her tits and ass. Once she was finished stretching she stood in front of his fence for a minute or so talking with him. She started off combative, but her body language gradually calmed down. She then promptly walked through the gate and made her way up onto the verandah. She walked over to stand in front of his chair and talked for a while longer. Bill suddenly stood up, surprising Tom by how fast he moved for a man of his size and age. He put his hand on Emily’s lower back and guided her through his front door.

Tom watched the stream feverishly, his anxiety only outweighed by his arousal. What the hell could be happening in there? It had already been half an hour! How long could it take to see someone’s dick?

Emily left for her run incredibly horny. She felt so exposed in her outfit, she knew her nipples were definitely poking through the top, and she could feel how much of her tits and ass was exposed to the world.

“Oh wow, looks like someone’s keen to show me her pussy again!” Bill shouted at her, doing nothing to help her arousal level as he reminded her of what had happened on Monday morning.

She’d pulled her pants up as she ran the last stretch before Bill’s house. She looked down and saw a clear cameltoe in front, and she could feel the material was deep in her ass crack. She slowed down as she came up to Bill’s house, stopping the time on her smart watch. She was briefly distracted from her horniness when she saw that she’d just beat her PB by almost a minute.

“Goddam! I can see your nipples from up here!” Tom yelled, instantly taking her back to the peak of her arousal. “You want to come up and give me another show?”

Emily ignored him and instead began stretching her legs. She repeated her show from Monday, feeling her pussy begin to gush as she contorted herself to provide Bill the best possible view of her barely covered tits and ass.

“Or you can start down there and get warmed up before you come up!’ Bill yelled. “Get this cock up to it’s full eleven inches!:”

Emily finished off her stretches before she leant up against the fence. “There’s no way it’s eleven inches, you’re stupid if you think anyone would believe that!” she said hotly.

“Don’t call me stupid, you dumb slut! Surely with the amount of dicks you’ve had in your life you’d know that eleven inches might be on the bigger side, but it’s not impossible!”

“I’m not a slut! I’ve never seen a penis other than my boyfriends, and I’m still a virgin!”

“Hahaha, was his dick that puny looking?” he said mockingly. “Now I can understand why you act like such a slut, you must be desperate for a proper dicking seeing as your boyfriend isn’t up for the task!”

“Don’t talk about my boyfriend like that, he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met. And I still don’t believe you about how big your dick is!”

“Well I can easily prove it to you, all you have to do is come up and have a look.”

“I’m not sure I should do that behind my boyfriend’s back…” Emily found it oddly arousing to pretend to be sneaking around without her boyfriend’s knowledge, especially with someone who was so far below her in terms of attractiveness.

“Oh come on, you know you want to, stop denying it you whore!”

A look of anger flashed across her face, as his repulsive language managed to break through the fog of her aroused brain. Then she remembered her boyfriend watching on the camera. The thought of how excited he would be seeing her act easy with this crude, arrogant prick got her back on task. “Ok fine, but please don’t tell anyone!” She made her way through the gate and across the veranda to stand demurely in front of his chair.

She stood waiting for a couple of seconds as he looked up at her smugly before finally growing impatient. “Well go on then! Are you going to show it to me or not?”

“Oh I’ll show you alright, I just need a bit of help getting fully hard first.”

“Help? I’m not going to touch you!”

“How about you just show me that sweet pussy again?”

“I can’t, I shouldn’t have let you see it in the first place, my boyfriend hasn’t even seen it yet! Plus anyone walking by would be able to see me.” She felt her pussy pulse when she admitted to the old prick that he’d managed to see her pussy before Tom had.

“Oh wow, what a wimp!” Bill laughed. “If you want we could go inside so no one else can see you.” he said as he lowered his hand onto his lap and began stroking it back and forward.

Emily looked down and saw he was stroking his penis through his pants, and it was already huge despite not being fully hard, extending over halfway down his thigh. That confirmed that the bulge she had seen the other day was real, and she supposed that she could head back home now. However, she couldn’t deny that she really wanted to see his fully erect cock without his pants in the way. Plus she thought about how crazy it would drive Tom to see her disappear into Bill’s house with him. “Ok then,” she said quietly

Bill grinned lasciviously before suddenly rising to his feet. Emily stepped back, surprised by his sudden movement for such a large, old man. He placed his hand on her lower back and steered her towards his front door, which he opened then led her through. She felt her heart beating hard in her chest and her pussy gush with moisture. The sound of the door clicking shut sent a shiver through her body.

The inside of the house was sparsely furnished, and was a little messy, with stacks of empty beer cans located in various corners. The most egregious thing was the smoke stained walls and ceiling. The smell of stale smoke hit Emily and almost made her gag. She was shocked to find that instead of instantly killing her libido it only managed to fuel it further.

Bill sank into a ratty old leather couch with a sigh, and Emily found herself standing in front of him again. The only other piece of furniture in what Emily supposed you would call the living room was a tv sat on the floor, set to a conservative news breakfast show.

“Ok, pull your pants down already,” he ordered gruffly. Emily found herself tempted to just give in and do what he said.

“I really shouldn’t, my boyfriend…”

“Oh shut up about your useless boyfriend already!” He reached out and yanked her pants down her legs. Emily gasped, but left her hands at her sides, unbelievably turned on at his domineering nature. “Oh shit, you’re fucking dripping down there, you really are a slut!” She did nothing to stop him grabbing her shirt and pulling it up above her tit. He then put his hand back on his cock and began rubbing it again. Emily’s eyes widened when she saw that it had gotten even bigger. “Almost there, why don’t you give me a bit of a show and then I can show you?”

Emily waivered, then reasoned it really wasn’t that much worse than had already happened and bent over a bit and shook her tits. Bill watched in awe at the way the teenage flesh jiggled, he’d never seen anything like it in his whole life.

“Ok, you ready to see it now?”

Emily silently nodded her head. Bill lifted his butt off the seat and then worked his pants down his thighs. Emily watched more and more of his cock come into view. Finally his pants reached the end and it flipped up aggressively, slapping into his fat stomach. Emily had a look of astonishment on her face, her mouth and eyes wide open in disbelief.

Bill grinned at her comedically shocked look. “You were right by the way, I did lie about it being eleven inches, it’s actually thirteen, but most girls got scared when I told them that, so I started saying eleven instead.” He continued slowly stroking his cock, enjoying watching Emily’s big eyes following his hand up and down, looking like she was in a daze. Eventually drool spilled out of her open mouth, snapping her out of it. Bill laughed cruelly. “You can touch it if you want.”

“Hmmm, I really shouldn’t”

“Come on, it’s not like your boyfriend is ever gonna find out.”

Emily slowly reached out, knowing that this was definitely going too far, but unable to stop herself. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft, amazed at the rigidity. Her fingers only went about halfway around the circumference, and when she extended her thumb to get a proper grip she found it was still over an inch away from meeting up at the other side. She slowly stroked up and down, delighting in the feel of the veins throbbing under her hand. She then ran her hand up all the way to the head. It was about the size of an apple, and not a particularly small one either. His dick flared as she made contact with the more sensitive area.

Bill groaned. Then, realising that he probably wasn’t getting an opportunity like this again any time soon, he reached out his hand and placed it on her thigh. He started slowly feeling up and down her incredible thigh, delighting in the feeling of her supple skin. He slowly brought his strokes closer and closer to her pussy, until eventually he was trailing his hand through the juices dripping down her inner thigh.

Emily groaned. She’d known where he was headed as soon as he started stroking her thigh, but her arousal climbed as he drew nearer and nearer her dripping pussy. “Please Bill, you can’t,” she said shakily.

“I can’t, or you don’t want me to?” he said, moving his stroking another millimetre closer, just barely touching the outermost part of her vulva. “Because I don’t think either of those are true.”

Emily groaned again as she felt him move his hand closer again, now fully stroking the outer part of her vulva. She couldn’t believed she let an obese, overconfident sleazeball get further than her loving boyfriend. “Please…” she moaned, letting out a shaky breath, her pert breasts jiggling.

“Please what? Keep going? Or stop?” She could feel him brushing ever so slightly against her labia now.

She mustered all her strength to resist him. “Please… stop…” she breathed. Bill reluctantly drew his hand back. He might be crude in the way he talked to girls, but he wasn’t a rapist. It hurt him to have to stop after getting so close, and he immediately started wondering if he should have gone faster, or slower.

Emma breathed a sigh of relief as he withdrew his hand, but immediately her pussy started aching for it to be back. She finally looked up, and spotting the time on the tv, she gasped. She’d already been in here for over half an hour! What would Tom be thinking? She jumped back, quickly pulling her clothes back in place.

“I, I need to go, my boyfriend is going to start worrying about me…”

“You can’t leave me like this! At least tell me you’ll be back tomorrow.”

“No, I don’t think I should…”

“Well at least give me your number then!” Bill said, getting a little desperate. Emily relented and gave it to him, just wanting to get out of there now without any further fuss. She then scurried for the door. She stuck her head out first to make sure the street was clear, before running across to her apartment. She burst through the door to find Tom standing expectantly in the dining room. She leapt into his arms. “Oh my god, it was massive!” she said giddily, happy to be back in the arms of Tom, knowing that she could trust him not to push her like Bill did.

“Holy shit, how big was-” Tom started before stopping himself. “Wait, first of all, what took you so long, you were in there for over half an hour! How long does it take to look at his dick?”

Emily took a step back. “I might have been a little bit naughty,” she said innocently, keeping a close eye on Tom’s reaction. She saw the worry and fear, but she also saw his unmistakable lust. More confident now that she knew he was secretly hoping that she’d be naughty, she continued. “Do you want me to tell you everything that happened?”

Tom nodded.

“Well come with me then,” she said, strutting past him into the bedroom.

Once he was positioned with his pants pulled down on the bed, Emily sat herself between his legs and began stroking his cock as she told him what happened. She had to slow way down to stop him shooting off before she finished the story. When she got to the part where Bill exposed her tits and pussy she had to stop completely, feeling him throbbing in her hand. She let him calm down before continuing the story. She had to stop again when she told him how big his cock was, and again when she told him how she started stroking it. She didn’t start up again, knowing what was coming next.

She felt him throbbing more and more as she stretched out the telling of Bill’s advance on her vagina. When she told Tom how Bill had just barely brushed her pussy lip he groaned and came, desperately bucking his hips to try and get more stimulation from Emily’s loosely held hand..

“Oh wow babe, you really get off on the idea of me cheating on you with another guy, don’t you?”

“Uh no,” Tom said, breathing heavily, “well kind of, but not really.”

“What do you mean, ‘not really’?”

“Well, I’m not really sure myself, but I definitely don’t want to see you just cheat on me with a random guy our age. I think I like it when you do it with Bill because I know you’re not really attracted to him, so I don’t need to worry about actually losing you to him. Plus it’s kind of hot seeing a cute girl like you with a gross old man like him.”

Hearing Tom’s fantasy laid out in front of her reassured Emily, and she was happy to be able to help him realise it. She was still nervous about her ability to resist Bill’s overbearing nature, remembering how hard it was to say no as he stroked her. “Let’s not take this too fast. I think I’ll just go back to giving him a bit of a show tomorrow.”

“Of course honey, we can take this at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. And don’t be afraid to say if you ever want to stop.”

“Thanks, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Tom lent in and gave her a kiss before they both got up and got on with the rest of their day.

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