Hot stepdaughter

I married Ashley a few years back. I was 55 and she was 59. Great looking woman, blonde and a great set of tits on her. She wasn’t bad in the sack, but very conservative. We had just moved into our new house when she told me her daughter Ally was coming home from college for the Summer. I had never met her but I had seen pictures of her. She was 19. Tall, about 5 10( I am only 5 5) long blondish hair, and very good looking.

She arrived on a Thursday night while I was still at work and when I got home, I was shocked when I saw her. The pictures did not do her justice! Her slim body had filled out a bit but she looked stunning. Her round ass filled out her stretchies quite nicely, and her breasts were perky and a perfect C cup.
She gave me a huge hug and I could tell she was braless by how soft her breasts were against me. I shook the impure

thoughts out of my head, and we all sat down for dinner. At dinner my wife announced she had t

o go to a business trip that night for a few days and, laughing,said for Ally to behave for daddy.

When I was taking the wife to the airport, she told me to be nice to Ally because she had a tough time at school and her real dad was basically a total prick to her and was never a “daddy” to her. I promised her, kissed her goodbye and drove home.

When I got home, it was very quiet so I thought Ally was asleep. I went in my room, took a shower and laid on the bed in just my boxers and since wife wasn’t home to take care of me, I decided to put some porn on and take care of myself. As I started getting hard and stroking it, my mind wondered at what Ally looked like naked and my cock got hard instantly! Stop Tony, I told myself. That is so wrong in so many ways but the thought of that soft body wouldn’t leave my brain. I started stroking it again when the phone vibrated and it was the wife telling me she arrived and was settled in and was saying goodnight.

That kinda of brought me back to reality. I stopped stroking it, and got up to get a glass of water. I walked out of my room not noticing my stiff cock was sticking out of my boxers and at the same time Ally walked out of her room. We both froze. Me staring at her in a small tank top hugging her tits with her nipples hard as a rock, and very tiny panties, and her staring at my cock sticking straight out. Her mouth went wide open in embarrassment and me trying as best as I could with my hands to cover my thick erection.

She turned right away and went back to her room giggling. All I hoped is that she didn’t call her mother!
I went back to my room and closed the door. I laid back on the bed, still hard as a rock after seeing her half naked and just laid there in embarrassment. A few seconds later I hear her door open followed by a soft knock on my door. ” Daddy can I come in?” She asked. I pulled a sheet over my cock and told her to come in. ” I am sorry if I embarrassed you daddy but I have never seen one that big before” mind you my cock was only about 7 inches but thick as fuck.

She was still dressed in her tank top and panties which did not help my erection at all!
I told ” it’s ok baby, not all men are built the same” to which she giggled. ” Zack(the boy she lost her virginity to right before she went away) was much smaller” she confessed”but mom told me dad was big but I never saw it” she added. Maybe she didn’t notice or maybe she did it on purpose, but one of her hands was inside her panties. My hand was under the sheets holding my cock trying not to stroke it. She looked so innocent and vulnerable but so hot!

” Daddy do you like my body?” She asked. I told her yes that she was beautiful. ” I think my boobs are too small. I hear the guys at school always talking about all the girls with huge tits” she said. She then took off her top and asked ” are my boobs nice daddy”. By now I was ready to explode in my hands. They were perfectly round, with small pink nipples and areolas but very erect.i told her yes they are very nice but I don’t think you should be showing me those.

” It’s ok daddy they are just boobs” she giggled. ” Do you want to touch them daddy?” And without waiting for a reply, she walked over, her breasts giggling, grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. They were soft and I squeezed gently. ” Mmmmm that feels good daddy”. She looked down and unknown to me I had pulled sheet away and my cock was throbbing hard!
” Can I touch it daddy” and again, without waiting she moved my hand away and grabbed my cock. Her slender fingers held it tight and slowly stroked it.

” Wow daddy it’s throbbing” she said. ” Does mom ever do that to you? Or suck it” I told her no she has never sucked it. She bent down and very expertly took my entire cock in until she gagged but she held it in. She pulled out and asked ” did I do that right daddy?” ” I have only seen it in a movie” she added. I told her yes baby you did it right. I wanted to stop before it was too late but she stood up, and took her panties off revealing a small patch of hair. She stood there, tall and sexy, her bare body beckoning me.
” Daddy can you fuck me like you fuck mom?” My jaw dropped. I asked her ” how do you know how I fuck mom?” .

“She told me one night while she was tipsy how great you are in bed”. And she laughed.

She then laid on the bed next to me and said ” please daddy? I know you want to or you would have kicked me out”. I ran my hands down her thigh to her pussy eliciting a soft moan when I touched it. She was dripping wet.

I got my face between her legs and started devouring her pussy driving me tongue deep inside her tasting her juices. One of her hands was holding the headboard, the other was behind my heat pushing it farther down between her legs. Even with just my tongue I could feel how tight her young pussy still was.

” Oh my God daddy that feels so good. Don’t stop please”

I drove my tongue as deep as I could, spreading her pussy wide, sliding a finger inside her.
She trembled and then still holding my head, she arched her back and came on my tongue and face with a tremendous groan.
” Daddy put it inside me. Fuck your babygirl”
I didn’t need any further encouragement.

I grabbed her long legs, put the on my shoulders and started penetration. Even though she was soaking wet, my cock barely fit inside her pussy. When I was halfway in, I rammed the rest of it in plunging it deep inside her. She lets out a gasp, and a small scream, but took it all in gladly.
I started driving it slowly at first, but then I increased the pace and started really driving it in. ” Yes daddy, harder please. Fuck me hard”
I grabbed her soft tits and with her hips high in the air, I drove my cock deeper and deeper, harder and harder. She Crossed her ankles behind my head and again shook all over with another powerful orgasm screaming ” yes daddy, yes daddy, make me cum again”
I was ready to explode but not knowing if she was on birth control or not, I did not want to cum inside her so I pulled out, spread her legs wide open and stroked my cock

” Daddy cum for me please? Cum for for your little girl”

That was it. With one last stroke and a loud groan, I shot a huge load of cum all over her flat stomach while she rubbed her hands on it.
We laid there exhausted for a few minutes and then we showered together with a huge smile on our faces.

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