Story of Cousin to being my Wife

This is a real incident and I wanted to share the incident with an audience. So coming to the story

let me describe myself when the incident took place, I was 18 my height was 5’10’’ with a normal body.

Now let me describe my Cousin Sister (Sakshi Mama Daughter) she then and now is damn.. beautiful, During the incident she was 21 her height 5’8’’ , she had great figure it was 36 24 36 which is ideal, any man would fall just for her, with that beautiful face and model figure.

Sakshi and I always used to have fun banter but besides that I always desired to make love with her but was afraid to make any move.
Once she had come to visit us during her college holidays, she was pursuing Engineering during that period. My family consisted of 3 people Mom, Dad and Me.

During her stay with us one day my mom and Dad had an invite by the relatives who used to stay in the same town as us, so my mom and Dad were going to meet those relatives, they asked me and Sakshi to accompany them, but I said “I have to complete assignment so I can’t come” and Sakshi said “She don’t know these relatives and will stay at home and help me with my assignment”, So my parents agreed and let Me and Sakshi stay at home, my parents left house around 6:00PM.

After my parents left I started working on my assignment, barely 20min had passed the power was off, as we didn’t have inverter at that time, I wasn’t able write my assignment. I came out of my room to the Living room, Sakshi was sitting there on Sofa looking Beautiful as sexy as always. She was wearing a T-Shirt and Legging.

I went to her and asked ..
I : Didi what’s wrong.., why you look dull?
Sakshi : I was watching movie, and now the power is gone..
I : Ohh.. I see

I walked away from her to the main door and closed it.

Sakshi : Why did you close the main door..?
I : Didi it’s 6:30, If I keep Door open mosquitoes will get inside the house.
Sakshi : Yaa.. that’s true.
I sat next to her on Sofa..
I : So Didi, you bored?
Sakshi : Yes I’m
I : were you watching movie.?
Sakshi : yupp I was
I : So which movie were you watching ?
Sakshi : Murder.. she laughed.
I : Ohh Really.. The one with Emraan Hashmi?
Sakshi : yesss… (bit of shyness on her face)
I : okk .

I started looking at her face, I just needed one signal to goo.. I was damn motivated to kiss her.
Sakshi : why you looking at me like that..? (A hint of nervousness onto her face)

Now I wasn’t able to control myself, I held her head with my One hand and her neck with another..
Pulled her close to me and planted a gentle kiss onto her lips, I kissed her for 3sec, but immediately I came to my senses and let her off.
I freaked out and immediately ran toward my room, I sat on my bed and started to think what have I done, I have made a mistake.

What do I do now..? what will Sakshi think of me now..?
What if she tells my parents..?
Was I out of my mind..? How can I make such mistake..

So I was terrified and stayed in room for next 15min

But I thought now I have committed mistake, I should go to Sakshi and apologize and beg her not to tell my parents or anybody and forget what just happened.

I was damn sacred to walk to her, but somehow I gained courage and walked back to Living room.
Sakshi was sitting there at the same spot, she didn’t see me walking near to her. I went and stood next to sofa and said.

I : Didi.. I’m Sorry, for the way I behaved
She stared towards me for next 10sec
I : Didi.. Pls Forgive me, Don’t tell mummy and Papa what I did
Sakshi : What were you thinking?
I : I wasn’t thinking, I just..(stammering)
Sakshi : You just.. what?
I : You said, Murder 3 and Emraan Hashmi.. So I couldn’t control.
Sakshi : So you are blaming me for your action..(serious face)
I : No Didi, I didn’t mean that..
Sakshi : So what did you mean..?, If you don’t want me to tell to Uncle and Aunty then speak truth.
I : Ok.. Do you promise, If I tell you the truth you won’t tell mom and Dad.
Sakshi : Yes I promise..(hesitantly)
I : I have always liked you, You are Beautiful.., you have a great body. Not just me anyone would fall for you.. That’s the truth. I am sorry for kissing you, plss forgive me.
Sakshi : Do you really think that way. (She was in shock)
I : yess, Didi I really do.
Sakshi : Ohh God.. I don’t know how to react, I’m so confused.
I : Didi I’m going to my room, once again sorry.

I came back to my room, I was still scared because now I have confessed my feelings to her. Now I was more terrified than before. What if she tells the whole thing to my parents, I was sitting on the bed panicking.

Sakshi walks in the room and says.
Sakshi : Hey.. Sahil (My name) what are you doing?
I : Nothing Didi, I’m ( I didn’t know what to say)
Sakshi : Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody about what happened earlier.
I looked towards her she was standing near the Door
I : Didi really.. Thankyou, you have a big heart to forgiven me..
Sakshi walks closer to the bed and sits opposite to me
Sakshi : The things which you said outside, that you like me. Is it True?
I was hesitant to answer.. Sakshi insisted she won’t tell anybody.
I : Yes I like you so much.
I was gazing her face, as I said I liked her
Sakshi : Okkk.. (She tried not to blush, but she wasn’t able to hold it for longer)

She then moved a bit closer to me, she held my right arm with her right hand and she put her left hand behind my neck and pulled me closer and gently kissed me on my lips.
I was on cloud 9 as our lips touched. She kissed me for 5sec and then she stopped the kiss.
She was looking me in my eyes, I was looking at her lips.

Then I pulled her towards me, now our bodies were touching. I grabbed her from neck and started kissing her. She then slowly opened her mouth a bit and now she started to kiss me back. I rolled my tongue inside her mouth and she started sucking onto my tongue, while we were kissing she held my left hand and put it onto her left boob.

Sakshi : Squeeze my boob
I : Yaa Didi sure.
Sakshi : Don’t call me Didi, call me Sakshi
I : Yaa Sakshi baby
I started squeezing her boob, I then thought I am living my dream
Sakshi : Roll my nipples between your fingers..
I : I can’t, your T and Bra is thick..
Sakshi : Okk, I’ll remove my T..
I helped her remove her T shirt, now I’m seeing Sakshi seminude. Her body was like moonlight. Now she was there wearing just a bra and legging.
I : I’ll also remove my t-shirt

I removed my t-shirt, now there she was lying on the bed in just a bra. I laid on top of her kissing and licking her neck, then I gently started moving my one hand from her waist to her bra as I reached bra, I slid my hand inside her bra.
Now there I was grabbing her boob and started squeezing it, along with rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Her nipple were starting to get hard. I kept on kissing her neck along side playing with her melon.
She then rolled me over, now she was on top of me. She then leaned onto me and started smooching and licking my lips and then she rose and shifted from my stomach to my crouch.

My dick was screaming to come out of my pants, she started humping onto my bulge over my pants. I rose a bit and put my hands behind back and unhooked her bra, her jugs were now bouncing before my eyes. I immediately placed my both hands onto her boobs and started squeezing and grope those handful melons.

I put her back on bed and started sucking those boobs and licking around those nipples. Then I removed my pants, and pulled her leggings and panty (she was fully waxed and her cunt was fully shaved) and started to kissing her from her toe to her pussy, then I started licking her cunt.

I : Sakshi,.. your cunt smells like nectar.
Sakshi : Lick the nectar.

Her pussy was bit wet, I licked her pussy for 2-3 minutes. Then she rose up and removed my underwear.
Sakshi : lie down,..Sahil.
I : ok sakshi..

My dick was to its might, it was average around 6inch, She spit on my dick, sat onto me and guided the dick inside her pussy.. I mourned slightly.
She rode my dick slowly for next 2 min, and after that she increased her pace now she was riding my cock faster. It lasted for next 3 min.
I : I’m about to cum.

She then stopped.
Sakshi : Do you want me to give you blowjob..?
I : I would love that. Babe..

And then she gave me a blowjob, I cum inside her mouth and over her body.
I : Now you lie down, with your legs spread..
Sakshi : Yaa Sahil.. as you wish dear.

She laid down on the bed.. I grabbed her both legs and placed over my shoulder. And slide inside her pussy as it was wet, I fucked her for the next 3 minutes as and she had reached her orgasm.

She had cum and after that she gave me handjob, till I cum.

We laid there for the next 10 minutes and took a quick shower after that.

Fast-forward to today, me and Sakshi are Happily married and have 2 kids.

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