Main, Mera Dost or Meri Randi Mommy

Hello friends, I am Jake ( my pen name). I live in Kerala, India. This story is a true one. I have slightly changed the names of the characters, that’s all.

The story is the reason why I mouth fucked my mom. It’ll happen in the second part, but this is the first part. This is the part where I’ll tell you about that day when it all began. So, let’s start.

While I was in 12th grade. I was happy with my life. Me, my mom and my dad were in our home. My mom’s name is Laya. She is a housewife and her height is 5’7″. She wears a 34D cup bra and she has a nice curvy ass. Her body is strong and she has high stamina, as she maintains our home and does all the household chores.

She wears a nighty at house without a bra and often sleeps with me. But I never imagined her wrongly, until after that day. We were living in a one story house. We were financially in between that of a middle class and lower class family. But we were living a decent life.

However, we were struggling financially at that time, as my dad was the only earning member in the home. He was earning very little from his work. But that was the time when my uncle came from Gulf. No one knew where he was, as he left his home years before.

Now he came back as a rich man. He was my father’s nephew. His name was Shyam. He was a little chubby man. He owned an Audi A4 at that time. My father’s side of the family was trying hard to get him to them, to get financial support. They were middle class and low-class people.

But my uncle, Shyam, showed interest towards our family, as my father was the only one who cared for him in his childhood days of abuse from his father. Shyam frequently visited us to have lunch and dinner and had once stayed with us for two days.

Within 2 months my uncle bought a hotel and gave it’s looking after to my dad. Mom, dad and I were happy as this was a much-needed help at that time. My dad took the hotel under his care. The hotel was a little far from home. So my dad used to come and visit us once every week.

A month passed by and my family was shocked to know more information about my uncle. He was a fraud and had cheated many women before. He was a businessman who had influenced many rich people. A lot of money he was having to get many court cases to his advantage.

He was a criminal. He was a Fraud. But my family was in no condition to go against him. So we simply didn’t care that much back then.

One day, a call came to my home. It was my uncle informing me that, he would come to have dinner at our home. My dad wasn’t at home, as he was in the hotel. But we waited for him for long at night. He didn’t come. But at 11:45 at night, he came.

His car’s tires skidded on the gravel road at night near our house. Mom and I went to open gates for him. The gate made a screeching noise when opened and closed. My dog barked at him, as this does to everyone outside of our home. Then uncle walked into our home. Mom started serving him food and he started eating.

But strangely, after that, my mom told me to go to sleep, as I had exams in the morning. I was ok with that. But what confused me more was that she even escorted me to my room, to my bed and also covered me with blankets.

She asked me, or I should say urged me to go to sleep. I am an early sleeper, so mom knew I would sleep quickly. Then she switched off the lights and walked from my room and slightly pulled and close my bedroom door.

Ok, I thought. I didn’t sleep because I was a little confused by my mom’s behavior. I didn’t give it much thought for 2 minutes. But then I continued with my confusion. 5 minutes passed by, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes passed by.

Then 30 and 45 minutes passed by. But I couldn’t sleep, as my thoughts were running a little wild. As I was thinking, I saw my bedroom door opening slowly and I noticed the light was coming inside my darkroom slowly. Then I saw mom.

I immediately closed my eyes partially, to put an impression on my mom, that I was fast asleep. Then she inspected me and slowly closed my room’s door. I was puzzled by this. Moreover, I thought-

Me(thinking): Hasn’t my uncle eaten food till now? What is he doing there this late? Is he going to stay the night here?

As I thought these things, suddenly the hall room’s light went off. I knew this because I had an airhole in my room. I could see that while laying on my bed. Now I was looking at the airhole that if the other room’s lights were on or off.

This was followed by the closing of the door near the hall and that was my parent’s room. I was shocked because I know that my fraud uncle never left the house. If so, I would have heard the dog bark at him and the gate’s screeching noise when opened and closed.

I was shocked by these happenings. And to my horror, my parent’s room’s lights went off immediately. Now it all came to make sense in my head. I was sad and shocked. The image of my mom in my mind was shattering. Thoughts barged into my mind about my mom with that fraud.

I couldn’t take it anymore. So I slowly went from my bed, opened my door lightly without making a sound. Then I walked through the way that leads to the hall. I could make out that none was in the hall, with the help of the digital clock’s light, illuminating the hall room mildly.

Then I stayed there for a minute or so sadly. I looked at the parent’s room’s door to my right. It was locked as I guessed. I was disappointed by this. My mom was behind that door with that fraud. Then I cried silently, as I heard low noises from the room.

In that state of mind, I switched on the hall lights. Then immediately the noises from the room stopped and there was a sudden silence. Even in my sadness, I adjusted my voice to sound normal and asked her, knowing that she was awake by saying-

Me: Mom, are you awake? Please wake me up at 5:45 in the morning to revise for exams.

She quickly, but with a broken voice replied-

Mom: Ok, ok son, go to sleep quickly dear. You have exams tomorrow.

I switched off the hall lights crying and went back to my room. Now I was feeling heaviness with each step I took. Then I closed the door behind me, lay on the bed and cried silently for some minutes.

My image of my mom broke out completely. I was angry and sad now. I wanted to punch that rascal, my fraud uncle, by breaking into the room. But I didn’t dare to see my mom in that state with him to do it.

Minutes passed and my tears cooled down. The thoughts and scenarios about my mom getting worked up in the other room filled my mind. Then I noticed something to my surprise, that my dick was erecting.

The thoughts about my mom being used up in the other room made my dick go up harder. The scenarios about my mom allowing that fraud to bite and press her white 34D cup boobs made my dick spring out of my trouser. My fraud uncle penetrating my mom’s pussy and injecting his dick inside her mouth made me cum harder than ever before.

But the guilt followed after that made me cry again and feel ashamed. 20 minutes went by. Finally, I noticed the light coming from the other room through the airhole. I was still in shock. Then I heard that door being unlocked.

Then I heard footsteps and the dog barked. I also heard the gate’s screeching noise. It was confirmed that my mom had sex with my fraud uncle.

After that incident, I saw my mom in a different shade. I was angry at that fraud uncle of mine. Then I passed my exams and when I was in my 1st year, my anger was pointed towards my mom. She also had a fault and at that time my sex craving was high.

My dick got bigger than before and I started to check my mom out. She was very fine. Her boobs were big and her ass was awesome.

All I wanted to give her, for what I went through, was a good mouth fuck! I wanted to work her up and her boobs and make her do what I wanted her to do.

One day I slept in her room with her. I slowly started to move my hands at my mom’s boobs. My adrenaline rushed and I made sure she was asleep.

I placed my hands at her boobs from behind, on top of her nighty. It felt very soft and made my dick hard. Then I slowly moved my dick to her ass.

When I did it, it felt so better. My dick rubbed at her ass and thighs. She was a sexy lady I thought.

I enjoyed that for only 2 minutes. I accidentally woke her up, as I started to touch her boobs by going inside the nighty.

Then I quickly acted like I was sleeping. My blankets were on, so my dick was covered. I kept my hands as if I placed them as when sleeping.

The mom took my hand and placed it on the bed. Then she went back to sleep. That night I masturbated near her, looking at her backside.

My desire to fuck her increased and after many thoughts I came up with a plan.

One year passed after the incident. My fraud uncle left for Dubai. My dad had to look after the hotel. Now I and mom were left alone at home as usual.

I was in college. I had a friend called Dev and he was a naughty boy. We used to talk about all sorts of sexy things starting from our hot teachers, our neighborhood aunties, etc.

Dev lived just 2 blocks away from my home. His dad had a medical shop. I had some plans in my mind.

One day, I invited Dev to my home. I welcomed him and my mom too welcomed my friend. My mom was wearing a nighty as usual as she was at home. I looked at Dev to see his reaction. He was aroused by looking at my mom and I could tell that for sure. Just as my mom turned away, he scanned her 34D boobs and wonderful ass!

Then I patted him and motioned, “What?” by raising my eyebrows. He was amused that I knew he was checking out my mom. Then he motioned, “Nothing” by moving his head sideways.

We went to my room. My friend asked me other things so that I won’t bring up the topic of him checking out my mom. I didn’t and we talked and played mobile games afterward.

Then mom brought lunch to my room. Dev didn’t look at her as he was afraid of me. Then mom told him to eat with a smiling face. He nodded yes and said, thanks.

Then we played and when it was time to leave, he said bye to mom and me. But I told him that I would also accompany him and we left.

It was noon time. We reached Dev’s father’s medical shop. His dad was about to close the shop to go and eat lunch. After seeing Dev, he told him to look after the shop till he returns.

Dev introduced me to his dad and then his dad left, leaving us to just look after the shop, with the shop door half shut (indicating, no selling of medicines for a while). I was sitting near him on a chair. Then I said –

Me: Why were you checking out my mom?

My friend was surprised but eventually said sorry to me. I got him to where I needed him. I said it’s okay and said –

Me: It’s not as bad as much as knowing that she got fucked up by my uncle.

He was surprised to hear this. Then he asked me raising his voice as if trying to interrogate me. I acted like I gave the info by chance.

Then I said: Ok, listen.

Then I told him the story. He was intrigued and he had a boner. Then he touched his dick through his pants.

He told me: Wow! Your mom is a slut!

I said: Not exactly, but I want to mouth fuck her.

He was shocked, yet he said –

Dev: Of course, who doesn’t want to fuck your mom. She’s a sexy booby aunty!

He said that he too wanted to fuck her.

I said: Fine, but our identity should remain safe. She shouldn’t know it was us.

And then I preceded to tell him my plan.

My friend was quite happy knowing that. We both agreed. We both had boners thinking how we would fuck her. Then I went home afterward.

Now the working of my plan. I told my mom that after one week we would be having a college study tour trip of two days and it was compulsory. My mom agreed. She gave me money for the trip. Dev and I bought the necessary items for my mom’s fuck day with that money.

Then the day finally came. I said goodbye and I left home at evening.

Then I and Dev came back and reached our backyard. I had left the back door open so that we could enter the home.

We did it and we slowly went to my room. Mom was in the hall on the call with a friend of hers. Then we crept under my bed and stayed there for some time. We could hear mom talking on the phone.

I knew mom had taken sleeping pills to get a good night sleep. After 5 minutes, she told that she was feeling sleepy and ended her call.

I knew that she was sleeping in my parents’ room. We got out from underneath the bed. We quickly wore our dresses and burglary masks. We legit looked like home invaders.

We slowly went to the hall, peeped into my mom’s bedroom, and there she was sleeping. We went in. I signaled him, “Now.” Then we both stood near her. I liked her sleeping pose.

Dev was at the legs side. I was at the head side. Our dicks were fully erect, but we had other plans for my big stamina sexy mom.

At 9 pm, Dev went out and he drove the car. He parked it at the gate. We locked the house and carefully took her into the car. Then we left for our secret location.

5 km away from my home, there was an abandoned factory inside the woods. All our things were set up inside that factory. No one was there and it was a very remote area. We parked the car nearby. Then we took mom inside the factory.

We switched on the lights. Then we took mom and made her whore body stand. Then we took a bottle of water and splashed it on her face. She was slightly awake now.

It was almost 11 pm by then. Then Dev went in and lightly shook mom’s face for some time. She was fully awake now.

My mom was afraid seeing two strangers and unknown place. We ordered her to stay calm. She obliged. She was sweating now, which only made her hotter.

We both had to manipulate our voices so that she couldn’t recognize us.

Then I told her that: Listen, lady. We are enemies of Shyam (my fraud uncle). We know that you’ve been his whore. And we have watched all your disgraceful activities. You are his aunt yet you let him fuck your cum dripping hole. Huh, slut?

She was shocked. She said sorry and she asked us to let her go.

Then Dev said: We won’t harm you but we want to fuck you.

Then we opened the cover from her mouth and let her talk. To our surprise, my mom agreed to get fucked by us without any hesitation.

Our plans were working now. We had cameras in all directions to capture the video from the beginning. We were recording everything.

Then I went behind her and grabbed mom’s boobs from her back and rubbed my erect dick against her ass. Mom let out a little, “Ah..”

Dev was running his hands in moms boobs pussy and ass over her nighty. Her nighty was now wet with her sexy sweat. Her hair was also wet with her sweat which was even sexier.

Dev and I let her go and we went in front of her and removed our dresses. She knew what was gonna happen now. Dev’s 7-inch monster dick sprang up in front of her. Mine was 8 inches long. Both dicks were waiting eagerly to fuck my mom’s mouth.

“Laya,” I called. “You’ll be our slut tonight.”

She nodded after looking at our physique closely. We had even taken temporary fake tattoos on our chests to look stronger.

We then took 10-inch long rubber sticks from our bag.

Mom was now surprised. Then we went in and untied her legs and tied each leg to separate ropes horizontally.

My friend Dev took the rubber stick and hit it lightly at her nipples over her wet nighty. She let out a short, “ gentle, please..”

Dev then started to tear her nighty apart. He tore it and here it was. Two white 34D big boobs, a medium fat ass, a medium-sized waist with little fat, a shaved pussy, and a shaved armpit. All were shining with sweat. Mom was just too sexy. We enjoyed the view for a moment.

We then hugged mom all over. She was just so hot. I urged Dev to focus on our treatment of her first, then we would fuck all her holes up.

We pinched her nipples, her armpits, and her ass. She split her legs a little more horizontally. She let out some, “Aah..” moans. It was a hot scene.

Then I came forward and kissed her lips and went behind her. I cupped her pussy. She let out another sexy, “Ahh..” moan.

Then Dev told me: That’s enough now. Let’s begin the fuck session.

I agreed and then we loosened her legs. She stood properly now. we both started to kiss her face. Both of us french kissed her and mom started responding well.

Our both tongues were inside her mouth while rubbing our dicks onto her body and hands running all over her ass. I liked her mouth. I was eagerly now waiting to put my dick inside there.

Her armpits were beautiful, with a sexy texture and aromatic smell of fragrant soap. I licked her armpits. She felt ticklish and was very aroused by now.

We went on systematically like this for five minutes or so. We then moved to the boobs. Oh, 34D big melons were just hanging from her chest. We sucked and licked and tongued it. She let out, “ahh… aahh…” in pleasure. She was just enjoying this.

Dev just sucked and sucked I pressed it and pinched her nipples and stretched her boobs, holding the nipples. She was enjoying it thoroughly with pleasure and pain. Her pussy was wet by now.

Then she said: Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me up!

We were turned on by this.

Then we asked her: Slut, can you handle two cocks in your holes?

She was biting her lips and nodded, “Yes, FUCK ME!”

We both nodded yes. Dev in front, me in back.

I cupped mom’s boobs from the back with some force. Dev cupped her ass with force. And she let out an, “Aaaahhhh..”

We both locked her in between us. Her assets were locked by us. We both directed our dicks into her pussy and we both got inside her pussy. She didn’t expect it to be that painful. Her mouth was wide open and she let out a painful sexy, “Aaahh..”

We were getting more aroused by this and we both penetrated her pussy. The feeling of fucking mom was just wonderful. Dev french kissed her open mouth and spanked her ass and fucked her. I gripped and cup-slapped her 34D boobs constantly and fucked her pussy. She could do nothing else, but enjoy the treatment without resisting.

She let out, “Aaah aahhh” more and more.

We continued to penetrate her pussy more and more. We slowed down a little bit. She was respiring heavily. We let fucking stop for a moment. She was inhaling more through her mouth. The aromatic fragrant sweat of her armpits was too seductive. We pumped our dick rhythmically. Her boobs jumped rhythmically with each penetration of our monster boners.

Then I clutched her hair from behind exposing her sexy neck for Dev to kiss and suck. She was feeling so much pleasure now. She became more horny that she bounced up and down.

Dev and I were reaching our cum blast. We both said this to each other. Then we both hugged mom tightly and fucked much faster. She was bouncing up and down and her ass and boobs jumped very high.

We both reached our cum blast in a double pussy penetration. Mom let out, “Aaahoouu..” Cum started oozing down and then mom actually squirted her juices all down, pressuring between our dicks. Her head was facing the roof with the sex pleasure and she had let her body in a no-pressure way that her body weight rested on her sexy hands. She was exhausted. And so were we.

“Wow, what a fuck!”, we said. “Such a slut you are”, we said. Mom was panting with pain and pleasure in her sexy body.

Dev collapsed, resting on the floor near mom. I asked her, manipulating my voice –

Me: Are you ok?

She said in a tired yet stern voice: Yeah, I’m fine. But your companion has no stamina.

This kind of hit my friend Dev. He stood up and asked:

Dev: What, slut? Didn’t I get stamina? (He grabbed her chin and asked.)

Mom said: Yeah (smiling fearlessly and sternly).

It aroused us. I went and got a packet of glucose from our bag. I broke it, took a handful, and put it in mom’s boob facing Dev and took another handful and put it in the boob facing me.

Then I said: Let’s eat. We should get ready and give her more loads cum blast.

We both ate from the boobs we were facing. The sweat and glucose were just so tasty. He took more and put it in her boobs and ate it. I put another handful in her armpits and ate it all and it tasted sexy and awesome. Mom was exhausted and enjoying this treatment.

Then I pulled back her hair back. She opened her mouth with an, “Aahh..” I nodded at Dev and Dev took a handful of glucose and put it in her mouth. I released her hair. She ate it. The white glucose oozing from her mouth just aroused me.

I said: Let’s give her two hole treatment.

Dev said: Yeah.

We grabbed a table nearby, and place it behind mom. Then Dev and I made her lay on the table. The ropes in the legs were loosened a little bit, but it was stretched and split to an extent still. Her hands were placed upwards on the table. It was a sexy sight to see.

Her legs stretched outward revealing her asshole and pussy. Her hands stretched upward, revealing her boobs and armpits. Wow, nice!

Then I told dev and mom: I’ll do mouth fuck.

Dev said: I’ll ass fuck.

Mom was surprised at this ass-and-mouth thing. Ass fuck would be painful and mouth fuck laying flat on the back and the dick being pounded through the mouth till the throat would be painful too, but sexy.

Mom now regretted her earlier comments. It was visible on her face.

Then mom said: You can dig pussy but not ass and mouth, please.

I grabbed her hands down. Dev grabbed her ass cheeks in the side to get a grip. Dev then licked her pussy and ass. He took some lubricant from the bag and applied it to her ass. Mom kept saying-

Mom: No-no, not there, no…Ahhh….

Dev said: Let’s see how much stamina you have after I drill your ass (smilingly).

Dev took his erect cock and placed it in the ass hole. He nodded his head to me to which I nodded too.

With one push, he inserted his cock a small way into mom’s tight ass. She let out a painful scream. I had to keep her hands up, clutched down to keep her on the table correctly. The hole was tight.

Dev applied more lubricant. He poured it into her asshole and his dick. He pressed more into her asshole and finally with a single push he got his dick fully into her asshole. To this, mom screamed even higher and I took this opportunity and inserted my dick straight into her screaming open sexy mouth. In that blow, it went straight to her throat. She gagged, and I pushed two pumps. Dev was drilling her ass hard.

Dev: How’s my stamina now, bitch?

I took the cock out from her mouth. She was spitting out saliva. My action amused her. She was in pain, but she was in pleasure too. I told Dev to pump even harder in her sexy ass. Dev did it.

I was surprised by her willpower, but then I placed one of my hands on her boobs and pinched and pulled her nipple up, stretching her boobs up. The ass drill, now the boobs stretch. She let out an, “Aahh..” and I inserted my cock in her sexy mouth. I liked it so much.

After a minute or so, she started liking this. She enjoyed the ass fuck and the mouth fuck. She then used a sexy muscular tongue while I mouth fucked her and it felt so nice. I constantly pushed the dick deep into her throat and periodically gave her time to grasp the air. This went on for 10 minutes or so.

Then Dev told us that he was gonna cum harder on her asshole. “Here you go, bitch”, he said and loaded a packet of cum inside her ass.

I on the other hand kept her hands down. I was ready to cum in her throat. Soon, I cummed inside her mouth, into the throat, to her stomach.

We both cummed together and her mid-body bent up. Sexy indeed! Cummed from the bottom and to the top.

Then we both collapsed on mom’s stamina drained hot body. Our burglary masks were still on. Mom was unaware that it was us and she was fucked mouth, ass, and pussy. We recorded the full incident.

In the morning, we woke up. We gave her a new nighty to wear. We all left for home. We parked the car nearby and took her inside the house without anybody noticing.

It was a working day, so our neighbors were at job places. We got inside the locked doors and went to the bathroom. Then we all had a bath together, still with the masks on. We wanted her to give her a nice fuck, but all her holes were drilled and needed rest.

After the bath, we both took hold of her boobs and made her give a tit-fuck. Then we cummed on her boobs and face. Afterward, she gave me an armpit fuck. It was fantastic. Sexy hot mom.

We recorded it all and showed it to her. It surprised her. We assured her that we won’t show it to anyone and she can trust us.

Then we said that we would like to be your boyfriend from now and we would give you pleasure. Mom was kind of nervous, but I could see that she was happy inside with this.

Then we both left.

A day after, I acted as if I returned from my college trip.

I will post the next part if you guys comment to me about this. Comment your thoughts.

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