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Hello friends, I am Jake ( my pen name). I live in Kerala, India. This story is a true one. I have slightly changed the names of the characters, that’s all.

The story is the reason why I mouth fucked my mom. It’ll happen in the second part, but this is the first part. This is the part where I’ll tell you about that day when it all began. So, let’s start.

While I was in 12th grade. I was happy with my life. Me, my mom and my dad were in our home. My mom’s name is Laya. She is a housewife and her height is 5’7″. She wears a 34D cup bra and she has a nice curvy ass. Her body is strong and she has high stamina, as she maintains our home and does all the household chores.

She wears a nighty at house without a bra and often sleeps with me. But I never imagined her wrongly, until after that day. We were living in a one story house. We were financially in between that of a middle class and lower class family. But we were living a decent life.

However, we were struggling financially at that time, as my dad was the only earning member in the home. He was earning very little from his work. But that was the time when my uncle came from Gulf. No one knew where he was, as he left his home years before.

Now he came back as a rich man. He was my father’s nephew. His name was Shyam. He was a little chubby man. He owned an Audi A4 at that time. My father’s side of the family was trying hard to get him to them, to get financial support. They were middle class and low-class people.

But my uncle, Shyam, showed interest towards our family, as my father was the only one who cared for him in his childhood days of abuse from his father. Shyam frequently visited us to have lunch and dinner and had once stayed with us for two days.

Within 2 months my uncle bought a hotel and gave it’s looking after to my dad. Mom, dad and I were happy as this was a much-needed help at that time. My dad took the hotel under his care. The hotel was a little far from home. So my dad used to come and visit us once every week.

A month passed by and my family was shocked to know more information about my uncle. He was a fraud and had cheated many women before. He was a businessman who had influenced many rich people. A lot of money he was having to get many court cases to his advantage.

He was a criminal. He was a Fraud. But my family was in no condition to go against him. So we simply didn’t care that much back then.

One day, a call came to my home. It was my uncle informing me that, he would come to have dinner at our home. My dad wasn’t at home, as he was in the hotel. But we waited for him for long at night. He didn’t come. But at 11:45 at night, he came.

His car’s tires skidded on the gravel road at night near our house. Mom and I went to open gates for him. The gate made a screeching noise when opened and closed. My dog barked at him, as this does to everyone outside of our home. Then uncle walked into our home. Mom started serving him food and he started eating.

But strangely, after that, my mom told me to go to sleep, as I had exams in the morning. I was ok with that. But what confused me more was that she even escorted me to my room, to my bed and also covered me with blankets.

She asked me, or I should say urged me to go to sleep. I am an early sleeper, so mom knew I would sleep quickly. Then she switched off the lights and walked from my room and slightly pulled and close my bedroom door.

Ok, I thought. I didn’t sleep because I was a little confused by my mom’s behavior. I didn’t give it much thought for 2 minutes. But then I continued with my confusion. 5 minutes passed by, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes passed by.

Then 30 and 45 minutes passed by. But I couldn’t sleep, as my thoughts were running a little wild. As I was thinking, I saw my bedroom door opening slowly and I noticed the light was coming inside my darkroom slowly. Then I saw mom.

I immediately closed my eyes partially, to put an impression on my mom, that I was fast asleep. Then she inspected me and slowly closed my room’s door. I was puzzled by this. Moreover, I thought-

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