My Mommy Got Satisfied by My Friends

Hello, my name is Rohan (name changed) and this is a story about how my friends and I got a chance to fuck my mother!

So, let’s get started.

Two years back, I was in a college in Hyderabad. I was in the third year of my engineering and I used to live with my friends from college. We had rented an apartment 10 km away from college. There were three of us. Vikram, Jay, and me.

Vikram was with me in the same year while Jay was a year back from us. We all were horny as hell and always looking for girls. I even used to hit on an aunty who lived just below us.

Once in every 4-5 months, my mom used to visit our apartment to clean and to meet me. During the first few visits, my dad joined mom. But during this visit, dad had some work to do so he couldn’t come.

My mom was coming on a train that day and I had to go pick her up from the railway station.

Let me describe my mom. Her name is Madhu. She has a slim body, average boobs, and a pretty nice ass (not too big though). She was 39 years old but she worked out regularly so she looked no older than 30. She was a pretty horny woman. I had caught her watching porn many times. And I used to watch my mom watching porn and masturbate!

Once I saw history on her phone’s chrome browser. She had watched a gangbang video. So I understood that my mom secretly wished for a gangbang. My dad’s dick was not enough to satisfy her.

Now getting back to the story. I went to pick her up at the railway station. I picked her up and we got back to our apartment.

We reached our house and my friends greeted my mom. Then my mom went to the room as she was tired and went to sleep. My mom was going to stay with us for a couple of days.

After a day, my mom was cleaning the floor, sitting on the floor. She was wearing a dress that was a little deep and her cleavage was visible.

My friends Vikram and Jay saw the opportunity and were readily helping my mom to see at her cleavage. I saw erect penises which they were trying to hide. I understood that they were trying to find a way to fuck my mom’s brains out.

That same day I went to college at 11:30 am and returned at 4:30 pm. I came to the apartment and saw that my mom was sleeping in the room and she was looking exhausted.

Vikram and Jay were home. I asked them what happened and why my mom was looking exhausted. They said that she was tired of doing all the work at home. I knew there was something fishy going on.

The next day my college was early so I left the apartment at around 9:30 am. But while going to college, I recalled that I had to take an assistant which was to be submitted that day. So I returned home.

I reached home but the door was locked. I rang the bell. Vikram opened the room. To my shock, he was naked!

Rohan: What the fuck! Why are you opening the door naked?

Vikram: You went to college, na? Why did you come early?

Rohan: Answer my question first and where is my mom?

Vikram didn’t answer. I headed back to the room and saw my mom lying on the bed, naked!

Rohan: Mom, what the fuck are you doing? You’re fucking my friend behind my back?

Madhu: No son, it’s not like that. Let me try to explain it to you.

Rohan: What is there to explain? You are fucking Vikram.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Vikram opened the door and it was Jay. He didn’t know I was in the room. I heard him asking Vikram, “Why did you stop? Let’s go and fuck her brains out. My dick was super hard while bringing the condoms.”

Rohan: Mom, you are fucking both my friends?

Madhu: Yes, but you need to listen to my side of the story first. There is a huge age difference between your dad and me. He is getting old and he doesn’t fuck me anymore.

I get horny. I always thought of fucking some of your friends but never had the guts to do something as your dad keeps an eye on me always. But I got this opportunity and I don’t want to miss it.

I only have a few days and I want to enjoy every bit of it. I’ve always thought of fucking you, but I thought it will be awkward.

So, yesterday, after you left for college, I went to take a bath while keeping the door slightly open so that these guys could watch me take bath. I caught them watching me and invited them to take a bath with me. Then we fucked till 4:30 pm and that was why I was sleeping all exhausted.

I was all shocked and didn’t know what to do. Then, my friends, Vikram and Jay came and said, “We didn’t mean to do anything but it was your mom who wanted us to fuck her.”

I asked my mom what she wanted me to do and she said that she always wanted three guys to fill all her holes at the same time.

I told my mom that I knew that she wanted a gangbang as I had watched her browser history. Then I asked them to start.

Vikram was already naked with my mom. My mom stood up from the bed, came near me, and started kissing me on my lips. I felt awkward at first but gradually, I was getting aroused and started kissing my mom back passionately.

Vikram got down below my mom and was sucking her pussy. Jay stripped himself and started to suck my mom’s tender and soft boobs. After kissing, I admired her boobs. They were so perfectly shaped with light pink nipples.

Her nipples were erect. I pinched her nipples and then started sucking her nipples. We then made her lie down on the bed and I started sucking my mom’s nipples.

Jay went ahead and gave his 6″ dick into my mom’s mouth. She started sucking his cock and watching this made me hard.

Vikram was sucking my mother’s pussy and ass pretty hard. Then he got up and took his dick and started inserting it into her pussy. At first, he started teasing her by just ribbing his dick over the clitoris.

My horny mom then grabbed his dick and pushed it inside her pussy by herself! I was kissing my mom all over and Jay was making her suck his dick.

Then I too went ahead and gave my dick for her to suck. She held my dick with her hand and started stroking first. Then she with her warm lips kissed on my tip of the penis and that gave me an adrenaline rush.

Then my mom took the dick into her warm mouth. It felt like I was in heaven. She started stroking my dick with her mouth. I said, “Suck my dick, mom. Suck it like you suck dad’s dick.”

My mom started sucking more aggressively while Vikram was fucking her. Then we changed position I slept on the bed. My mom sat on my dick and I was about to enter the pussy from which I was born.

Madhu: Fuck me, my son! Fuck me like no one has ever fucked me before!

Hearing this, I entered into her pussy. It felt so warm and so pleasing. I started fucking my mom up and down. Vikram was standing and giving his dick into her mouth. Meanwhile, Jay came from the back and surprised mom and started penetrating her ass. It was my mom’s first anal sex.

His dick wasn’t penetrating as her ass was too tight to enter. So, he brought some oil and applied it all over my mom’s asshole, and started fingering her ass while I was fucking her pussy. She was on top of me so I could see her face.

Mom started moaning so loudly as Jay entered his finger into her ass. I could see tears were dripping. I asked Jay to stop, but my mom asked him to continue.

To stop her from screaming, Vikram came and gave his dick into her mouth. I was fucking my mom with full thrust. After some fingering, Jay started to enter her ass slowly. She tried to scream again as both her pussy and ass were filled with dicks and her mouth too.

I started sucking my mom’s boobs while fucking her. I bit her nipples. I was kissing her neck and all over her body – wherever I could reach.

After some time, we changed positions and I was fucking my mom’s ass while Jay was getting a blowjob and Vikram was fucking her pussy. When I saw her tight ass, I knew I was going to cum in there. So I started penetrating slowly and I had to put effort to enter her ass. But once the tip got into her ass, it felt like I was on top of the clouds.

Then I entered my whole dick into mom’s ass and started fucking her slowly. She was moaning so loudly. I knew some of the neighbors might have already heard that.

Vikram was also pounding mom’s pussy very well. She was having her first double penetration and that too from her son and his friends.

We fucked her for around 10 minutes and then I was about to release my cum. I told mom that I was going to cum inside her ass. She asked me not to but it was too late! Her ass was filled with white sperm of her son!!

While Vikram was also about to cum, mom asked him not to as she was not on her birth control pills. But he didn’t care and came inside her pussy. Her ass and pussy were filled with cum. Then Jay too wanted to cum inside my mom’s pussy.

So he started fucking her pussy while I and Vikram were watching. Soon, he also came in her pussy.

We were all tired and didn’t have the energy to move. My mom was also tired she also didn’t have the energy to clean herself.

After 5 minutes, she got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath and clean herself. We all went with her. We once again fucked her and double penetrated her inside the bathroom.

After the bath, we went to sleep naked. In the evening, we woke up and saw my mom was not there and she was in the kitchen making some snacks for all of us.

I went there and kissed her on her lips. I started pressing my mom’s boobs and fingering her pussy. Then I bent her over and she knew I wanted to fuck her. So she bent over and I fucked her ass for a while.

After that, she gave me a blowjob and took all my cum into her mouth. That feeling is out of the world – to fuck your own mom and cum in her mouth.

My mom was staying with us for two more days and none of us went to college in those days. We all fucked her whole day and night and whenever we had the energy. Sometimes just Vikram, or Jay, sometimes all three of us.

It was a very fun week to enjoy for all of us. After two days, my mom went home and after a few days, we started missing her and the sex.

The rest of the story will be in the second part based on your comments.

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