Best Friend Diksha

Today I would like to share my hot sex4stories story of banging my best friend Diksha. I hope you will like it.

I am Shubham, a gamer from Nagpur. I am a medium fair color boy, with a toned body. My height is 5.9 feet and my dick size is 8 inches. It’s all about when I planned a bike trip to Ladakh with a friend for 10 days. But, at the last moment, he refused to come due to some family issues.

So I put a status on my WhatsApp, “If anybody is interested to come with me on a bike trip to Ladakh, please can contact me.”

Late at night, I got a reply from my best friend Diksha. She has a fair body, are 5.4 feet in height, and has big boobs sized 34C.

Diksha: If nobody is coming with you, can I join you?

I replied to her: Yes, why not. If you have no issue, surely you can.

That time, I didn’t think about sex and all due to the excitement about the bike tour to Ladakh.

The journey started from Mumbai to Delhi via train. We both got a lower berth in the second AC. She wore a round-neck t-shirt and night pants. We watched movies during the journey.

We were close enough to feel each other, but I didn’t have any bad intentions toward my best friend, till we watched an intimate scene in the movie. But, after that, the devil in my mind woke up and I dreamed to fuck my best friend during the tour.

During the night, she slept on one berth and I was on another berth. But due to chilled AC, she was feeling cold. We only had one blanket. So I offered her to sleep with me in my berth, and she immediately agreed due to the cold. During sleeping, I felt her touch. Diksha’s boobs touched my body and my dick got hard immediately!

I turned toward her and hugged her tightly. Because of less place on the berth and she didn’t deny hugging and we both slept well. After this incident, my confidence increased.

Finally, we reached Delhi and booked Oyo for our stay there till the next morning. We had a flight from Delhi to Srinagar where our team was gonna meet us. We had to start our journey from Srinagar to Manali via Leh Ladakh on the bike.

In the afternoon, she went for a bath and forgot to take the towel. Then she asked me to pass the towel to her. While giving her the towel, I saw my best friend totally nude in the glass opposite her on the wall! She was unaware of it. My dick was completely hard that time, due to that hot scene. I even noticed the mole on her left boob.

When Diksha came out from the bathroom, I started to tease her by mentioning about that. And at one moment, somehow we started kissing each other in a standing pose. After some minutes of the kissing, I lifted her and put her in bed.

We kissed each other passionately in missionary position. Then I started undressing my bestie and sucked her white milky boobs. We both felt like heaven. While kissing, I went down toward my best friend’s pussy and tried to lick her pussy like a pro. Diksha then undressed me and we both were completely naked.

We kissed each other passionately again. During the kissing, I fingered her and prepared to insert my 8-inch dick inside her. But Diksha refused to get fucked because she was a virgin. I understood her feelings and caressed her. We both slept nude on the bed while hugging each other.

In the evening, we roamed Delhi and after dinner, we again reached the hotel. After entering the room, we locked the door and started kissing passionately and undressing each other.

I lifted her and jumped onto the bed. We smooched and kissed each other at an extreme level. Again, I tried to insert my 8-inch dick inside her virgin pussy and this time, she did not refuse.

I tried to insert my dick in her pussy, but due to its tightness, it was not going in. Then I placed my penis on the entrance of her pussy and gave a hard stroke. And with that stroke, I inserted my penis completely inside virgin my best friend girl’s pussy.

She was in pain for some time, but after some time, she started enjoying my light strokes and warm dick inside her pussy. She was enjoying sex passionately and kissing me continuously.

Then I sucked her boobs and bit her on her neck. I fucked Diksha for 20 minutes and ejected my sperm on her stomach. We then slept in the same way, hugging tightly each other for some time. I fucked her 3 times in the night and we enjoyed it a lot.

The next day, we went to Srinagar on a flight and in the evening, we got a romantic room at Sonmarg which had a river and mountain view from the window.

After dinner, we went to our room and did some photoshoots. And while chatting in bed, she came close to me and started kissing passionately and undressing me. During smooching, she got down and put my dick in her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob. I was in seventh heaven at that time.

That night, I fucked my best friend in doggy style while watching the view of the mountain and river at night. She too enjoyed it a lot and orgasmed 4 times in just 30 minutes. During the tour, we fucked many times and at many places like the riverside, under the open sky while watching the galaxy view, in the tent, and also on the bike.

We ended our trip to Manali and returned to our places. Still, we are connected and fuck each other whenever we get a chance at other cities in different posses like anal sex, 69 pose, doggy style, and many more. Diksha became my slut. She is more romantic when she drinks and we fuck each other like a pro from night till morning. And she always gives me a nice blowjob and sucks my cock like never before.

Thank you for reading my first story.

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