Ditty Gupta Office Ki Randi

The story you will read here is about how I seduced and fucked hot Digital Marketing Girl from my office.

Let’s begin with my Hot Office Slut. She is Ditty, who belongs from Patna. Yes, you guessed it right. She is a fucking sexy Bihari Randi beauty who any guy would die to sleep with.

It all started with a normal Digital Marketing Girl issue between us. She couldn’t resolve my concerns, so we had a heated conversation. So I left her desk, Digital Marketing Girl throwing her files on the floor.

That night was restless thinking of her, as I behaved impolitely and wanted to say sorry. The next day in the morning, I went near her desk with a bouquet and Cadbury silk.

Ditty: What is all this now?

Me: An apology. What else?

Ditty: Keep your apology with you and get lost.

Me: Listen, I am very sorry and trust me, I would be a fool to break the heart of such a beautiful girl.

Ditty: Whatever, just go now!

Me: I know you want to accept my apology but aren’t. Come on, I am sorry, let’s go on for dinner. It will be my treat.

Ditty: If you insist too much, then I will come. But don’t forget, I am still angry at you.

That day later, we met at a nearby Italian Restaurant. Why Italian? Because I knew she loved Italian Dishes, which I read in her Insta bio, hahaha. Ditty was happy with the choice of restaurant. We ordered some of her favorite dishes.

I made sure to make her laugh. I cracked some non-veg jokes to see her reaction. She seems to enjoy all of that.

After dinner, we left for our home. The next day we met in the office, and she smiled first today. Further, we began to talk in the office and over call after office. In no time, we became good friends and got close. We began to meet regularly. I started to touch here and there whenever I got a chance.

It was a December Sunday when we went to a movie. That day, she said she watched the ‘Rockstar’ movie. She wanted to try crazy things, as shown in the movie. I wanted a chance to get close, and the moment she told me this, I knew this was my chance to slip in between her legs.

I got half bottle of whisky and mixed it with coke. We both had it and went to the movie. While watching the movie, she sat close to me. I was feeding her nachos, and she was ok with this. Later I was holding her hands, and then in a flashing light, I leaned towards her.

I kissed her lips. That confusing look on her face made me get back in my seat. Then we both were watching the movie, and none of us uttered a single word. Her lips were so soft that I only knew how I resisted further kissing her. After the movie, we went for dinner.

Till then, she was back to normal as if nothing had happened. But this time, she had a pretty smile on her face. While having dinner, she sat next to me, a little closer, and we had our food. I was feeding her lots of time, and she lived the moment. I was confused, is my lust turning into love?

After dinner, I drove to her rented flat. I knew this was the moment I was waiting for. I made myself enter her flat smoothly by supporting her to walk in. I made her sit on her bed and went to get a glass of water. While she was sitting on her bed, I slowly stood behind her.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and began to massage her shoulder. She didn’t move, and I kept my pace slow and soft. After some 5 minutes of shoulder massage, I slid my hand down. While massaging her neck and shoulder, I slid my hand into her top.

My fingers were touching her boobs. She was on the bed without a motion. It gave me the strength to I grabbed her boobs and begin to massage them with both hands. She began to move and felt my hands on her boobs. I took out her top, and she was in her dark purple bra.

Her huge boobs were stuck in her bra. I opened it and made her boobs flash out in the light. I held her boobs in my hands and began to press them. Her eyes were closed, and she was enjoying the act. I took her boobs in my mouth, sucking them with full force. She was moaning.

I made her lie on the bed and began to suck her nipples. I was chewing her nipples, biting them, eating them. I was playing with her soft juicy boobs. I took out my clothes and stood in front of her. Her eyes were fixed on my dick.
She asked if this was the ultimate end of our relationship.

I replied, “It’s just the beginning of a new portal of love and sex.” Then I jumped on the bed and began to rub my dick in between her boobs. She was holding her booth boobs together to give me a good titfuck experience. Now I made her slide upwards so that her head was high in the air from the bed.

I came on top of her and inserted my dick in her mouth. This position helped my dick to slide to her tDigital Marketing Girloat. As I was too high to experience her pain, I began to mouth fuck her hard. She was gulping, and loads of saliva were pumping out of her mouth. Her eyes were filled with tears.

She was shouting and pushing me back, but I was too high for mercy. This act was too arousing to make me fill her mouth with my pre-cum which she was swallowing along with her saliva. She pushed hard, and I took out my dick from her mouth.

She sat on the bed and took dozens of deep hard breaths. She looked so horrified as she hadn’t thought of anything wild than this. I pulled her close and began to kiss her, I was sucking her tongue, and so she was. I made her lie on the bed and began to lick her neck, then her boobs.

I came to her waist, licked all over, and then slowly came down to her pussy. I placed a kiss on her pussy over her panty. She closed her legs and turned aside.
I held her panty and began to pull them down. She resisted a little, but I applied force and pulled down her panty.

I can’t express in words the view of her pussy and clit. This was probably the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen and shall ever fuck. Later after sex, I took pics of her pussy to look at when I was alone. I spread her legs and sniffed her cunt. It smelled heavenly.

She must have urinated before leaving the restaurant. The smell of her urine mixed with sweat and her pussy fluid. It combined into something heavenly, making me the devil for the night. I sat in the middle of her legs and placed both her legs on my shoulder.

I bent down and began to lick her fluid-filled pussy. The taste of her pussy was nothing less than a cream. At first, I licked on the sides of her pussy, then on her pussy. After some 10 minutes, I spread her pussy and began to lick her clit. I began to lick her clit.

She lifted her ass in the air. I placed my hand under her butt and pressed my face against her pussy, licking her clit faster, non-stop. My tongue was getting tired, but I didn’t stop as I wanted to make her squirt. I continued to lick her clit for another 2 minutes.

Then she began to shiver. I knew she was at her climax, so I sped up a little. She was trying to turn and get me away, but my hold was too tight. I was licking her clit with full force. Then suddenly, a fountain of warm water flushed out of her pussy. It came directly on my face, mouth and beard.

Her squirt was all over my chest. I guess I drank some as well. Her pelvic area shivered like a vibrator while she was squirting. Then we lay down without a motion. I lay down beside her, holding a Bihari Randi beauty in my arms.

After some 15 minutes of rest, she began to play with my dick. I shall say she was rubbing my dick to make it hard. As my dick got hard, I sat on the bed and made her lie in a doggy pose. My goodness, that ass was huge, fair, without a single spot, round, big and bubbly.

I adjusted a bit and slid my dick into her pussy. It wasn’t going inside easily. Her pussy was tight, as tight as a virgin’s. I made a hard push, and she shouted, and my dick was in her pussy. I began to fuck her in a doggy position, and she shouted, “Aah, please stop, please stop.”

After some 5 minutes of hard fuck I made her lie on the bed and came on top. I placed her leg on the shoulder and another flat on the bed. I held her neck and inserted my dick inside, and began to fuck. She was in my control and couldn’t move an inch. My dick was digging her pussy deep.

She was shouting like anything. I was fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. I was pumping her pussy with all my power. Her pussy was filled with fluids. Friction was making a splash sound. I was slapping her face and biting her boobs. I was fucking her like a whore without any mercy.

After long brutal sex, I came in loads on her pussy and lay beside her, and I guess we both slept then.

I hope you all liked my real sex story. Also, I would love to hear back from my amazing and sexy readers about my other stories as well. You can mail me or text me at [email protected].

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