Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby

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Hi, I am Moupriya Sen., If you think you like this sex story then please please do reply to me, give your comments.

Am a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen. is of 35 years working in an MNC in Mumbai We are very friendly, frank, open-minded, love to make friends love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many things from those movies and try to do those to bring spice in our married sexual life.

This story is during one of our vacations to New York 2019January. There we met a cab driver to whom we did submissive sex.
After spent 4 days on the 5th day evening we were going to a disco club & there we dance & drunk a lot so after we came out of the club we was book a taxi but it was taking so long time to come we were feeling very irritating after a long time It came we get into the cab & then we shout on him why he came so late we were waiting there so long & told him we will complain against him for coming late to the agency. He told me it happens for traffic madam am extremely sorry for being late. Please don’t complain at my agency till I was arguing with him all happen for the alcohol which was in the stomach.And say him lots of ultapulta things he kept saying us sorry and not to complain their agency
there I and my hubby was normally chatting with each other & I was teasing him by kissing him saying him you can’t satisfy me smooch like this then In my mind, my craziest fantasy came how It will be If here In USA we do submissive our self to an unknown stranger man who will be strong tall very dominating naughty aggressive like that Manoj told first no but I keep saying him and finally he starts to ask me with what type of man you want to join us? I told him he should be a bit aged than us tall very strong and must be very dominating who will make us do anything he wishes and will make us do all he wants. Like these.

Coz nobody knows us there so for we can full fill our fantasy especially me I like old dominative men’s as I love to be a submissive lady. This Is a good option. we were discussing In this only then the taxi driver response It’s nothing new many couples come here to do like this.
We get shocked we ask him everything in detail he was telling us .but we like the way he was speaking his personality confidence was so good. so we were asking him detail like do u know any1 like this or not he told no he don’t know coz he only did like this with few couples already .so we get Impressed also coz he Is experienced so he must be know what to do & all. So we ask him how much does he charge & all.
Then he also got the Indication what is going in our mind? He start asks us many question? Like from where we are? What we do? From how many days we are here? How long we get married? Why we want to do this type fantasy? What is our favourite pose In sex like this & we also start reply him all. Without hesitate.

He told he like us he want to spend some time with us & lets have some drink .so we told him we can go to our hotel room & there we can have some more discussion & drink also .He agree so we 3 gone to our hotel room .we came Inside the room there was a 2 sitter couch where me & Manoj we was sited & opposite that couch there was a single couch there Mark sit. In between there was a glass table
We both sit in a double couch between there was a glass table Manoj called to the room service & orders the drinks. We all were drinking then he asking us what type submissive you people are looking for? my hubby told who can do 3sum with us & I told him who can dominate us who can make us go crazy & In a line just a man who will make us dance on the tip of his figure & make us do anything he just wish. No matters what we think or don’t care for our opinion.

He gets happy listening to our answer he ask us then for how long you people want? We say for tonit only. He just smile & told ok. Then we was discussing normally about his life our life .In between the chat he was telling us to do this that things like open the windows curtain .make ac turn on & made the room very chilled ,play some song. & without saying anything we were also doing what he was telling us to do
He also understand that we gave him the green signal then he put his legs on the table where the drinks all snacks was there & told us to open his shoe from his leg . we look each other & i say Manoj please please lets fulfil our fantasy tonight & decide to do all then I open his1 side shoe & Manoj open another side then he told me to make a hard peg for all of us but he will decide the alcohol how much to put In the glass I put, then we drink really that was so hard but we drink.

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