Mommy & Me making out inside our Car

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Hello everyone, my name is Karan Ahuja and I am 22 years old. I am a college student and currently doing my journalism course in Delhi. My family lives in Bhopal and I can hardly ever visit them because of my busy schedule. However, my family always makes a yearly trip and that is when I get to spend a good time with them.

So, basically each year, my family (which consists of my dad, my mom, and my younger brother) goes on a small trip to one or the other incredible location in India. It is always fun to be with them and I enjoy it a lot.

Last year, we had gone on a trip to Sikkim, and eventually, it became the best trip of my life. On that trip, I got to spend some lovely moments with my beautiful mom and experienced her motherly love.

So let’s start..

It was finally the Diwali vacation and my dad planned a trip to the snow-capped mountains of Sikkim. I was extremely excited about my trip and so was my little brother Sameer. The next day after Diwali, I sat on a train and went to Patna.

At Patna, we had a relative, and from there we were supposed to go by road. On the day I arrived in Patna, my family also arrived Patna and after a long year, I finally got to meet them. We spend a few hours at our relative’s house and then we started our trip. We had already booked a nice car and it was already parked at our relative’s house.

All four of us sat in the car and began our trip. My dad was driving and my mom was sitting with him in the front seat. My younger brother and I were sitting in the back seat, playing games on our mobile phones. Soon, we had traveled a considerable distance and finally, we stopped at a restaurant to have our dinner. Also, it was the only restaurant on that road.

The restaurant was quite small and didn’t have much on its menu. We ordered some regional food as it was the only thing that could have been best. Soon, our food arrived and we began to eat. Surprisingly, it tasted far superior to what we expected and we ordered another plate for each of us. My younger brother loved it so much that he ate two extra pieces of bread than he usually eats.

After dinner, we again sat in our car and continued with our trip. As it was almost night, my mom was planning to take a small nap. However, my brother and I chose to spend the whole night watching movies. We started a good movie and began enjoying it.

Soon, it was midnight, and the temperature was getting quite cold. Suddenly, my brother started screaming that his stomach was aching terribly. Due to his screams, my mom also woke up and my dad parked the car on the side of the road. We took him out of the car and started checking on him. My dad also gave him medicine, but it didn’t work out for him.

He was screaming a lot and there was no one else on that road to help us. It was a little bit weird for us, but that area was sparsely populated and the villagers were used to sleeping early. We again sat in the car and my dad started looking for help. Luckily, we saw a signboard and it had an address of a nearby clinic.

My dad immediately drove to that address and we finally admitted my younger brother to that clinic. It was an extremely small clinic and just had a general ward. The clinic just had two rooms, one was the general ward and the other one was for the on-duty staff. There was not even a waiting area and we had to stand outside the clinic.

Soon, the doctor came to us and told us that it was just a casual stomach ache. He told us that we don’t need to panic but still, he needs to get some reports, and then only he can say surely about it. My dad asked the doctor to begin with the reports and even decided to spend the whole night there.

Unfortunately, the clinic was not big enough, and only one family member was allowed to be with the patient. So, my dad decided to stay with my brother and me, and my mom decided to spend the night outside the clinic. Luckily, there was a small bench outside the clinic, and we both sat on that bench.

Suddenly, a very cold wave of wind struck us and it nearly made us tremble. My mom was feeling extremely cold and started covering herself with her saree’s pallu. Soon, I also began to shiver and wanted to get to some hot place. Suddenly, my dad came out of the clinic and he caught my mom trembling and shaking.

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