Me & My Bengali Mommy

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Lockdown with my Bengali Mom

This real incident took place between my mom Shobita and me during an unknown virus outbreak that led to months long lockdown situation. My name is Roy and I work in MNC company, even though my parents never wanted me to work as we had the luxury of large irrigated agricultural fields in my village.

My endgame was to settle in my village only and to marry my maternal uncle’s daughter Anusha, who’s same as my age. Anusha is six months older than me. Back in the village it is common to fix marriages in the same family, so it was decided by the family that Anusha and I will be marrying when we come of age.

We both knew it, though Anusha was completely into me, I particularly wasn’t interested in Anusha until my 18th birthday but when her boobs and enormous hips started showing up, I was into Anusha like never before. May be her pheromones started working on my new found lust towards her.

Anusha was smart, she knew why I was suddenly desiring her. She just didn’t drop her panties for me, I had to show that I loved her by taking care of her. I did that by taking her to the movies and shopping in a metropolitan city. We usually visited our relatives there and we loved travelling in a local tram.

I usually took her to overcrowded tram or buses so that we wouldn’t get seats and have to stand during our entire journey. That’s where fun began as I used to stand behind her, placing my hard throbbing dick on her buttocks. Anusha used to lift her hands to reach the steel railing for support whenever there’s jerking stops, that’s when I buried my nose in her sweaty armpit and inhaled her musky fragrance deeply.

We both were virgins when we fucked each other, of course the sex was painful but it was the best. By having sex we had made our marriage official. After six more years our marriage had been fixed by both of our families. And our marriage was just a month away, it was during this process my mom Shobita had visited me for her back pain check-ups.

I had taken her to hospital but the reports were due for next day, so mom had to wait in the city that night. Usually mom and dad would stay in a hotel in a situation like this but this time dad couldn’t accompany her due to his busy schedule. So mom decided to stay in my room.

Before going directly to my room, we planned for a movie. I had not even seen the trailer for that movie, just about half an hour into the movie, there was a sex scene in the film. The actor was kissing his sister and squeezing her ass in the movie. We both became very uncomfortable, “I thought, this has to stop but I didn’t know what to do?”

Just then the picture was stopped by the authorities and they informed us that the government has announced a month long lockdown. And that they had to stop the shows with immediate effect as requested by the govt authorities. It was due to an unknown virus outbreak, we got refunded and I was in such a relief.

When our family watches movies together, when a sex or even a romantic scene appears on tv, they switch channels immediately and whoever has the remote control, it’s his unspoken role that must be followed.

But that day in theatre, mom or I didn’t have that control, that meant my dick was erect and it clearly showed near my crotch and made a big tent on my pants. When the bright lights were turned on suddenly, mom easily saw my erection and realising that I quickly covered my tent with popcorn tub. The day was just getting awkwardly worse for both of us.

People had to queue in for the refund, my mom was infront of me but my erection hadn’t gone yet. I was worried not to poke her huge ass. Just when I was thinking about it, somebody from behind pushed me and the unthinkable happened. My dick touched mommy’s ass cheeks on her saree, her buttocks were fucking soft and awesome. And with my both hands I held her sweaty midriff and with my right middle finger in her deep navel.

My mom quickly turned and asked, “if I was okay?”

I said, “I’m alright mom.” Still holding her midriff region.

In any other situation holding my mom in that fashion would’ve been crime. In our family we never hugged, that was the first time I hugged my sexy homely mommy. Her figure measured 36-30-38, she was on heavier side and I loved those extra pounds on her. My dick too loved my mom I guess, because it was as hard as it was when I first saw that sex scene on screen.

Realising that would be my only opportunity, I humped my dick on mom’s ass slowly, very carefully and I was in heaven when my dick spurted it’s juice in my underwear. Finally when we got the refund, I took mom to my room on my bike. That day I rode my bike in every pothole possible so that her boobies would press on my back.

Later dad called and asked us to come back to our native, the same night. But the police had stopped us and said there’s travel ban for everyone. For next five hours dad tried hard to bring us back with his influence but sudden announcement of lockdown by the govt created chaos for people. Mom and I had to stay for a month together in a tiny room, to me that sounded awesome!

I’d rented only a single room since I liked to stay alone. My room was on terrace, the room was very small one with attached bathroom. It’s kind of old fashioned building and the repairs were long overdue, because of that, my bathroom door was broken at the bottom for about 10 inches and on top of that it had an asian squat toilet which meant you could easily see people’s buttocks.

First evening of our lockdown, we procured lot of groceries due to panic and rumours that shops will stay closed entirely. Mom had just two sarees and two nighties, she asked me to take her to cloth shops but they were all closed, that meant she has to spend entire month on those available dresses as only essential shops would be for next one month.

That day mom prepared only dal and rice as we both weren’t hungry and little stressed about the ongoing situation. After dinner we walked a bit and after that it was time to sleep. Mom went to pee but she was fucking smart, she realising the broken door at the bottom, didn’t turn on the light. That disappointed me big time as I lost the first opportunity to look at her pussy and her loins.

I was able to hear only her pissing sound and that was very blissful to my ears and my penis had won the fight against my brain again. Never in my life I’d ever imagined that my sexy mommy would be peeing five metres away from me.

I felt my precum oozing out of my penis, that night after mom was in deep sleep, I inhaled her armpit fragrance and very slowly rubbed my dick on her exposed thighs. She had slept by keeping a metre distance between us, I rolled towards her and smelled her different body parts. Her armpits smell was making me dizzy, mom smelled very different from Anusha.

Even after that I wasn’t satisfied so I called Anusha and asked her to strip on video call. My babe did as I asked and we had fun until I came. Next morning mom sent me out to bring some cooking stuff and during that period she had taken bath already. By then I knew she was sending me out to shops purposefully.

Mom was cutting vegetables to prepare breakfast, I had no furniture in my room. She was sitting on my bed and from there she could easily see me taking a dump. So when I went to take a dump, I masturbated with my eight inch penis hoping that my mom would see my dick from her position easily and I purposefully made sounds with the steel bucket in the bathroom by dragging it to get her attention towards me.

That was one of the worst things anyone would ever think of doing infront of their moms. But I loved it, I knew my mom watched my act as vegetable cutting sounds had stopped entirely as I masturbated. After I came in my right hand, I rubbed my semen on my dick as some sort of decoration. I wondered what my mom thought of my disgusting but erotic act.

After a nice masturbation, I was showering and I saw mom’s used clothes in one corner. I stopped the shower and at first I took her smelly panties and inhaled her musky erotic pussy smell. Then I wore it and then took her sweaty blouse and licked her sweat that was secreted by her blouse.

My dick struggled to stay inside mommy’s panties so I freed it. All of sudden I had the urge to wear all of her clothes. So I wore her bra then her petticoat and her saree. I slept on bathroom floor and smelled my own armpits by rubbing her sweaty blouse on my armpits and inhaled our smell and masturbated again.

After relaxing and two great sessions of masturbation I showered and came out. Mom was yet to prepare breakfast and I knew the reason for delay in cooking. Mom was cooking by standing and I was helping her in handing over salt and other spices. I was wearing only my boxers as humid days had started. Mom was wearing a blue coloured nighty, I was scanning her entire body.

Mom was complaining about her neck pain and to that I had suggested her to rest that entire day. But she told me that her neck needs a good massage. She took my hand and placed on her neck and asked me to massage slowly on one side and when she felt good she asked me stand behind her and massage her entire shoulder to her neck.

I started massaging her from edge of her shoulders and then slowly moved to her neck. I felt her bra straps as massaged her shoulders and while cooking only she started moaning as, “aah wow beta(son), umm aaha umm huu”. “Fuck!” that was enough to trigger me already and my cock was rearing to go.

Mom too was horny as she was sending positive signals by bending her hips and she was trying to feel my robustly hard dick. Seeing her desperation I went ahead by hugging her from behind, dangerously close to her hot body. I was rubbing my penis on her buttocks as I massaged her upper breasts. Then I confidently grabbed her boobs and pressed them hard and I got mad in the head and tried to lift mom’s nighty but she stopped me entirely, got rid of my grip and said, “that’s enough!”

I didn’t know where that came from, I was frustrated so I went outside furiously. I didn’t know what just happened inside, after few minutes of thinking I thought it was a big mistake. Mom then called me inside for breakfast, we ate silently but mom broke the silence.

Mom : Beta, don’t give much thought into what happened earlier between us, okay?

Me : Maa, I’m sorry too, I gave up to temptation!

“Then I couldn’t believe the words I’d used to describe our intimate act. Using the word ‘temptation’ was so wrong!”

Mom : it’s okay son, let’s try the massaging session later again.

Now that was mixed signals from my mom. I definitely knew she was playing with me, then I decided to fuck her next time, the minute she’s horny. After that mom excused herself so as to finish washing clothes and I started working, it was my first day of work from home.

First day of ‘work from home’ was like going to work for the first time and it was really chill and unique experience. I closed my laptop and started reading incest stories on my newly discovered sex stories on the site called Literotica. It has the best sex stories ever and I too wanted to share my sex stories after reading them.

Mom asked me go out so that she needed to change her clothes to wash our laundry. After few seconds she let me in by slightly opening the main door. She ran into bathroom in just her bikini avatar. My heartbeat had started beating fast, I came in and sat on my bed, exactly infront of the bathroom door.

My mom knew I was watching her, she removed her black panties and by squatting she started washing our clothes. I was, stunned by what I saw from that broken door at the bottom. I gasped for air as I saw my mommy’s cunt lips and her dark ass hole for the first time and she was really hairy downtown. Her soft hairy bush mesmerized me and her hairy butt crack had triggered me bang her.

I just couldn’t wait anymore, I asked mom to open the door.

Mom : what is it son?

Me : maa, I’ve to pee. Please let me in no?

Mom : wait for few more minutes son, I’m just about done washing our clothes.

Me : I really can’t Mummy, please open the door quickly.

Mom opened the door and covered her pussy and stood at the corner, her humongous ass cheeks were a treat to watch as I shakily entered the bathroom. I removed my boxer shorts and held my firm throbbing penis but I was unable to pee due to it’s hardness.

Mommy was observing me and asked me, “what happened son?” and said, “please quickly pee and go outside, I still have to prepare lunch.”

“I’m unable to pee Mummy” I said.

Then Mommy asked me to come towards her and she kneeled down and pulled my foreskin back and said, “dear son, you for sure know why you can’t pee, you’re not virgin, don’t act smart infront of your mother”

“No Mummy, I didn’t have sex with anyone, I promise”

“Don’t lie to me son, I’ve seen changes in Anusha’s body, her walking style also has changed since you started banging her.”

Mommy then got up and wore her panties and said, “this is wrong son, you’re about to marry Anusha soon, I don’t wanna spoil your relationship.”

I then quickly went behind mommy and hugged her, “you’re not spoiling my life mom, I really need your experience to be successful in my sex life”

Saying that I put my fingers inside her panties and rubbed her hairy pussy. Mom stopped and suggested to move our act on bed. Mom’s expertise in fucking was nothing before my sexperience, she pushed me on my bed and she started licking my penis on all fours.

I groaned and shouted as mommy sucked my dick entirely, her hot breath on my pubes was just too hot to handle. As my mom was licking my dick like a lollipop, dad had video called to my number. I gave it to mom and she saw it and threw it away and sucked my dick harder without caring for my pain.

Mommy’s expertise was such that she stopped sucking my dick right at the moment when she knew I would cum anytime soon. She then laid down in bed and invited me towards her with open arms and by opening her legs, I attacked mommy and kissed on her succulent pink lips.

I could feel mommy’s wet cunt as I was tasting her saliva and she was aroused too much as she rubbed my penis on her vaginal opening. Then she broke the kiss and started slowly piercing my mushroom head in her vagina and asked me to thrust my penis entirely at one go. As I did enter her hot cave in one go, we both were in heaven. Especially me, as I’d never in my dreams imagined that one day I would fuck my own mom.

My phone was vibrating continuously in one corner, mom had already proved that I was important to her than dad by throwing my cell phone. I lifted her hands forcefully to get the view of her armpits and then I buried my face in her sweaty erotic smelling horny armpit. I licked her armpits and bit her there very hard and with back and forth motion I banged her mercilessly.

Mom started moaning very loudly as I pushed in and out of her hot volcanic cave. Mom began to rub her clitoris in circular motion to have an orgasm. But to her disappointment I stopped fucking her and started to lick her other armpit.

Mom yelled at me by saying, “you fucking mother fucker, you’ve me for one entire month, you can lick my dirty armpits anytime you want, now stop being a moron and fuck me with all your strength”.

“You fucking bitch, your dirty armpits are like energy drink to me, now let me first lick them and then watch me tear your pussy”, I said.

Saying that I started banging my slut mom really hard, she widened her legs further to accommodate my raging penis. She requested me to slow down but I just couldn’t stop as I banged her like programmed automated penis. I grabbed her boobies and bit her nipples, she requested me to stop causing her pains.

I was not in a mood to listen to her as I pressed her boobies painfully and increased my speed further, so much so that mommy stopped responding and became really weak with my banging.

Finally my energy decreased and with few strong strokes in mommy’s pussy, I emptied my balls and shot my cum in her womb. I laid on top of her cuddling my mommy who just shown me what heaven would look like. I kept on licking mommy’s fresh sweat then finally removed my penis.

Before resting I licked mommy’s cunt lips and inserted my tongue in her vaginal gape created by my penis. She was still leaking her juices and I wasted none of it as I cleaned her entire tenderloin. It was definitely tastier than any beef tenderloin. After everything I slept on mom’s arms with of course my face buried in her sweaty armpit, mommy put her legs on my hips like a lioness taking care of her horny cub.

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