I saw Catie naked

Ever since my 32-year-old stepdaughter, Catie was 18 I had peeped on her when she was completely unaware, alone, and naked. I had my pants down jerking off while I was enjoying myself looking at her in the nude.

The very first time that I saw Catie naked she had just gotten out of the shower and went into her old bedroom and shut the door her door had two holes in it that was just the right size. I snuck up while pulling down my pants and I would peep through her door hole and saw Catie drop her towel I noticed her tits and her erect nipples. Catie’s tits were jiggling while she was laughing watching a funny show on her television and I thought to myself “OMG”.

Catie then was laying down on her bed completely naked looking out her window while she was playing with her tits for about fifteen minutes and I was jerking off even harder. Then Catie proceeded to rub lotion all over her naked body and I shot out a major load as soon as I saw Catie spread her legs wide open I had one amazing view of Catie’s pussy and I was in heaven. My cum was everywhere all over my inner thighs and my hands and some even landed on the floor.

Whenever Catie had knocked on mine and her mom’s bedroom door to tell me she was going into the shower I’d wait till she had shut the door and I would creep up and peak through a tiny crack and I would watch Catie undress and I could see her tits through the reflection in the mirror. I also have sniffed Catie’s panties and I got to her smell more than once.

Catie had such a sweet pussy smell but it was her ass smell that got my dick super hard. It’s a shame that my stepdaughter Catie is homeless now because I miss smelling her panties and peeping on her naked.

I jerk off to this very day thinking about Catie’s naked body and her feminine odor from her panties and I always shoot out loads of cum whenever I think of her when I masturbate.

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