My Stepdaughter is a Woman now

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The last couple of weeks have been odd, so I decided that I really needed to write this all down, and to share (even if just with myself) my thoughts on the situation, so that I can keep a record of my situation, as I don’t really understand where or what I am doing. Maybe by writing it out, I will be able to come to grips with everything, and figure out where and why this whole thing happened. I’ll start from the very beginning, I suppose, sort of like a biography, but I’ll start when I met Jeri at 23 years old instead of the whole growing up thingy.

I started dating my future wife when I was 23. She was quite a bit older (35) and had an 18 year old daughter. That means I was able to “skip” all the teen years where her mom was “ruining her life” as she told us all the time – like when she couldn’t take her car out in the 2 feet of snow blizzard to drive across town to visit her boyfriend at 10PM.

A little background, her mom, Jeri and I met, and hit it off a few times as we were out and about, as we shared a few friends. One night, we just sort of kept drinking and talking, and at bar closing, went into her car and kept talking. About 4 in the morning, the next thing we know, we are just at each other. It was a very sexual relationship, and we were going at it every night, morning, day and coffee break. We lived in a small apartment and we tried to be discreet, but a few times, my step-daughter Paula just opened the door as we were in flagrante, and just stared and watched. We tried to be careful to only do it after her bedtime, when she was at softball or volleyball practice, or out with friends. Sometimes we tried to be quiet, and sneak a fuck here and there.

The first time she walked in on us, her mother and I were trading oral, and I had just gone down on her mom, bringing her to an orgasm. She flipped around, and started sucking my cock, and just a few seconds in, Paula walked in the door, no knocking, no words, just opened the door and looked. Her mom was naked, on her knees by the side of the bed, my cock in her mouth. I was facing the door, so I saw it open, and I saw Paula standing there, I saw the “shock” on her face as she took in what was happening. As her mom had her back to the door, I had the uncomfortable position of looking up, locking eyes with Paula, as I held Jeri’s head up and down as she was giving a great blowjob. I watched her eyes as she took in the scene, and watched them grow in surprise. She didn’t say a word, she just stared for 2-3 seconds, taking it all in. I expected her to just turn around and walk away, but she just stood watching.

Finally, I tapped Jeri on the shoulder, “Um, Jeri?”

“MMMmmmmmMMMM, ” she tried to say “What is it?” with a cock in her mouth.

“Paula, uh, needs something” I stammered.

Jeri released my cock from her mouth prison, and turned her head around, still holding me at the base with her right hand.

“What do you want, Paula?” she inquired, still holding me.

“Uh, I , uh, I was just going to, uh, go over to Linda’s!” she finally got out, her eyes still taking in the scene. I was facing her, I could see she was not prepared for this situation.

Jeri simply said, “That’s fine, be home by 9PM! And close the door!” Paula closed the door and left, as instructed, and Jeri turned back to pleasing me orally.

Before I heard the main door close 30 seconds later, I exploded in Jeri’s mouth, and she swallowed every drop. I played it off as “I was ready to go before she came in, and it took everything I could to not cum while she watched,” I lied.

We lived in that apartment a few more years, and the “walk-ins” happened rather frequently, generally 2-3 times a month, and it invariably was timed the most inappropriately, such as after Jeri was especially vocal, or I was. In addition, we lived in a basement apartment, and had the small windows looking in from the ground. If Paula was going out, we would wait until she was out the door, then start making out, disrobing, etc. There were numerous occasions where we thought we saw something in the windows either 10-20 minutes after Paula left or 20 minutes before she got home, as we were watching TV, chilling on the sofa, or having adult fun. We were never able to see if it were actually someone out there, whether a peeping Tom, a peeping Paula, or a peeping Paula’s friends, whom she had told that we would get it on.

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