My Stepdaughter is a Woman now

The last couple of weeks have been odd, so I decided that I really needed to write this all down, and to share (even if just with myself) my thoughts on the situation, so that I can keep a record of my situation, as I don’t really understand where or what I am doing. Maybe by writing it out, I will be able to come to grips with everything, and figure out where and why this whole thing happened. I’ll start from the very beginning, I suppose, sort of like a biography, but I’ll start when I met Jeri at 23 years old instead of the whole growing up thingy.

I started dating my future wife when I was 23. She was quite a bit older (35) and had an 18 year old daughter. That means I was able to “skip” all the teen years where her mom was “ruining her life” as she told us all the time – like when she couldn’t take her car out in the 2 feet of snow blizzard to drive across town to visit her boyfriend at 10PM.

A little background, her mom, Jeri and I met, and hit it off a few times as we were out and about, as we shared a few friends. One night, we just sort of kept drinking and talking, and at bar closing, went into her car and kept talking. About 4 in the morning, the next thing we know, we are just at each other. It was a very sexual relationship, and we were going at it every night, morning, day and coffee break. We lived in a small apartment and we tried to be discreet, but a few times, my step-daughter Paula just opened the door as we were in flagrante, and just stared and watched. We tried to be careful to only do it after her bedtime, when she was at softball or volleyball practice, or out with friends. Sometimes we tried to be quiet, and sneak a fuck here and there.

The first time she walked in on us, her mother and I were trading oral, and I had just gone down on her mom, bringing her to an orgasm. She flipped around, and started sucking my cock, and just a few seconds in, Paula walked in the door, no knocking, no words, just opened the door and looked. Her mom was naked, on her knees by the side of the bed, my cock in her mouth. I was facing the door, so I saw it open, and I saw Paula standing there, I saw the “shock” on her face as she took in what was happening. As her mom had her back to the door, I had the uncomfortable position of looking up, locking eyes with Paula, as I held Jeri’s head up and down as she was giving a great blowjob. I watched her eyes as she took in the scene, and watched them grow in surprise. She didn’t say a word, she just stared for 2-3 seconds, taking it all in. I expected her to just turn around and walk away, but she just stood watching.

Finally, I tapped Jeri on the shoulder, “Um, Jeri?”

“MMMmmmmmMMMM, ” she tried to say “What is it?” with a cock in her mouth.

“Paula, uh, needs something” I stammered.

Jeri released my cock from her mouth prison, and turned her head around, still holding me at the base with her right hand.

“What do you want, Paula?” she inquired, still holding me.

“Uh, I , uh, I was just going to, uh, go over to Linda’s!” she finally got out, her eyes still taking in the scene. I was facing her, I could see she was not prepared for this situation.

Jeri simply said, “That’s fine, be home by 9PM! And close the door!” Paula closed the door and left, as instructed, and Jeri turned back to pleasing me orally.

Before I heard the main door close 30 seconds later, I exploded in Jeri’s mouth, and she swallowed every drop. I played it off as “I was ready to go before she came in, and it took everything I could to not cum while she watched,” I lied.

We lived in that apartment a few more years, and the “walk-ins” happened rather frequently, generally 2-3 times a month, and it invariably was timed the most inappropriately, such as after Jeri was especially vocal, or I was. In addition, we lived in a basement apartment, and had the small windows looking in from the ground. If Paula was going out, we would wait until she was out the door, then start making out, disrobing, etc. There were numerous occasions where we thought we saw something in the windows either 10-20 minutes after Paula left or 20 minutes before she got home, as we were watching TV, chilling on the sofa, or having adult fun. We were never able to see if it were actually someone out there, whether a peeping Tom, a peeping Paula, or a peeping Paula’s friends, whom she had told that we would get it on.

The story really begins a few weeks ago after we moved into a house and out of that apartment. Paula was living there, now 21, going to school on occasion, and working full-time at an office. Jeri worked long hours doing social work, and I worked retail hours while finishing up a degree I started a long time ago. Jeri and I are married now, and the sex is still strong as ever, although it is not every waking second, it’s down to most weekends and a few nights here and there.

It is a Thursday. I usually work 7-12, and then class 12-3:30, back to work to order and restock until 5, and then back to class until 7. Tuesday and Thursdays are my worst days. My 5:30-7 class was canceled, and I finished my work by noon, so after class, I headed home, hoping to enjoy some quiet time, maybe some Xbox. Jeri was working until 6 or 7, and Paula usually went to work until 5, getting home at 5:30 or later.

I pull into the driveway, and Paula’s car is in the street out front. Odd, but whatever. There goes my quiet time! I park, walk in the door, and the TV is blaring music. The house is set up where if you come in from the driveway, you enter into the kitchen, through a family room, and into a hallway which takes you to the bedrooms. Paula’s bedroom is directly at the end of the hall.

I turn down into the hallway, and take 2-3 steps before I even look up. I was thinking, “WTF is the volume on so loud for?” That thought immediately left my head as I looked down the hall and see Paula, wearing only very lacy bra and panties, dancing, undulating sexily, as she mouthed the words to the song, oblivious to the rest of the world.

I froze, transfixed, watching every movement intently. I mean, this girl had grown up in the past few years in front of me, but I never really noticed until now. I dared not move a muscle, as I was too intent watching. I could feel blood move all over my body, to my face, to my groin, sparking the kind of unexpected rise formally reserved for men at strip clubs and porno movies.

These were Victoria Secret’s style underclothes she was wearing. She danced freely in a purple bra, lace, and mostly see-though. I could see the curve of her breasts half-cupped, half-exposed in that lavender form, and her large areolas were visible through the front lace, as she turned and moved. The cups held the breasts firmly, but the movement was mesmerizing.

The only other piece of “clothing” she had on was a pair of hot pink, lace panties, a cross between “boy shorts” and a “thong,” in that they hugged her waist like boy shorts, but tailed into a thong between her cheeks. I did not know whether to watch her breasts as she moved, or her thighs, hips, and ass bend and weave to the music. They were equally tantalizing to watch.

As I said, I froze. I watched her move, left , right, sway, half turn, left again, in such a seductive way. I had not ever viewed her as a female like that before, and it took her barely dressed to show me the truth. Her eyes were closed as she danced, but after the first 10-15 seconds, it seemed she upped the game, making more seductive moves, more bending, more grinding, more ass extension. I thought I thought I saw a change to her expression, but my focus was not on her face, so I am not sure.

I have no idea how long I stood there watching, but only for the remaining duration of that song. As that song ended, I realized that I had been staring, and was fully aroused, and had to act. I retreated back, went to the back door, slammed it really hard, turned down the TV, and called out, “Hey, is that you, Paula?”.

I heard a light giggle, and her door close quietly. “Oh yes, it’s me. I’m right here,” she said.

I walked past her door, heart thumping, and went to my bedroom, where I commenced to change clothes and within a minute, or possibly even less, masturbated myself to an exploding climax.

As I was catching my breath, I thought to myself, “I just came to thoughts of my step-daughter!” It was then that I realized she was a sexy woman now, and now I don’t know how to feel.

I certainly enjoyed the view. I started thinking back on all those walk-in “interruptions” and the window movements. And if she really did change her dance moves to be more provocative for me.

That night, at dinner, she was in a good mood, and seemed to be more active, but I had just started noticing her body’s movements a few hours ago, so I have no idea if that was normal or not.

The last few days have been a bit hectic and hard to explain. I am as randy as I have ever been. Jeri is enjoying the shit out of my extra attentions, but she’s getting tired. Twice in the past 2 weeks she has told me “Not tonight” and I’ve not just waited until she went to bed, but actively masturbated in front of her while Paula is in her room just down the hall. She’s given me a really weird look, but hasn’t said anything other than whispering, “Paula is in her room!” when I didn’t stop, she’d pretend not to watch, but I caught her looking a few times. I had never done that at home before, just like when on long road trips or something. The second time, I finished, and she just said “Kleenex are on the end table.”

Blog entry #2 – November 17th

I was starting to get the feeling my stepdaughter Paula had been viewing me sexually for quite a while, and I had just noticed her after walking in while she was barely clothed. I still don’t know if she saw me that day, but since then, I had noticed a change in her behavior to be more overtly sexual, but I wasn’t sure, as I hadn’t looked at her that way until that day a few weeks ago.

I am definitely getting signs and signals that are driving me crazy. She is definitely more lively in her step, more bouncing around than usual, and less time in her room or out of the house. She has recently started “working out” on the days where my wife is working late and I am home. We have a rule, whoever gets home first makes dinner. So, as I prepare dinner, Paula is working out in the room off the kitchen, not in her bedroom or the back room where there is more room. The workouts involve some form of yoga, with a lot of bending and posing.

She has taken to wearing very low cut tops and tight workout pants that form fit her female curves. And invariably, she seems to have to do poses that have her ass high in the air, or where her chest hangs low. What is getting me is that these poses always seem to be showing her assets towards the kitchen, where I am working. You would think either one or the other, her facing me, or facing away, but the most provocative side of her is always towards the kitchen.

Last Thursday, I was in the kitchen as she began her routine. He top was looser and lower than before. She turned towards me, and bent down, her breasts hanging in the loose shirt. She was not wearing a bra, and the view down her shirt left nothing to the imagination. She moved just slightly, so that her breasts rocked ever so gently back and forth. I watched from the kitchen, forgetting the prep I was doing. I looked up, and saw her looking back at me. There was no expression on her face, no smile or smirk, or shock. Just a look of verification that I WAS watching. She did not attempt to cover up, or change position, but instead rocked again, making her breasts swing in her shirt. I looked down at her breasts for a few seconds, then averted my gaze, and went back to the meal prep, which was just one of a million things going through my mind at that time, one of which was wondering if my rising cock was noticeable in my shorts.

A couple of minutes later, Paula calls out, “Can you help me with this one? I tend to lose my balance.”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.”

I wash my hands, and head in. She is bending over fully, legs spread just about shoulder length, and she is doing a “touch your toes, but where you put your head between your feet, basically folding yourself in half.

“I’m afraid I am going to fall over!” she tells me. “Stand behind me, and hold me steady.”

I step behind here, and she bends down, her ass sticks out, and brushes along my front, where my semi-erect cock is doing its best to hide.

“Hold my hips” she says. I reach down in front of me, her ass just inches from my growing cock, and place one hand on each side of her, grasping the soft flesh around her hips where they flare out in a womanly fashion. I feel her start to lean forward a bit, and adjust my grip to get a better hold of her so she won’t topple over. Looking down, I realize that I have the exact view of her ass as I would if we were doggy style. I also notice that her tights are almost see through when stretched out like this, and she is not wearing any panties. I can see the shape of her ass, and how her cheeks spread wide and come together. My mind and eyes focus on her ass crack, and begin to follow down towards her womanhood.

BEEP! BEEP! The stove timer goes off.

I pull her a little and say, “I have to get that.” She bends back up slowly, sticking her ass out again as she did when she initially went over. This time, her cheeks hit a much harder member than before.

She says, “Thanks for your help!”

“Anytime” I reply. Her face is redder than before, but from bending over for 30 seconds or something else, I can’t tell. I scurry off into the kitchen to pull the saucepan off the stovetop. When I turn around, she is gone. I hear the bathroom door close, and the shower turning on. There is still 20 minutes on the oven, Paula is in the shower, and Jeri isn’t due home for another 30 minutes, so I head back to my room to release the tension.

As I walk past the bathroom, I thought I heard a groan. I almost stopped and asked, “Are you OK?” when I heard another, this time more of an “OHH!” than a groan. Is she….? Now I do stop. And listen at the door.

“Mmmmm, OH! Oh! Unh!” I definitely know those sounds. I stand at the door listening, my hand reaches down my shorts, finding a rock hard, throbbing cock. I pull it out of my shorts, one hand on the door jamb, one stroking myself, with my ear as close to the door as possible, right there in the hallway, as she gets herself off in the shower. I am very horny, and getting close to spurting my load right there when I hear the slam of my wife’s car door.

I jump. My hand on the door jamb slides and bangs on the door to the bathroom. The muffled moans change to a surprised “Eek!”

“Uh, your mom is home. We’ll be eating in about 20 minutes” I manage to stammer out. I quickly put away my penis, and tuck it into the waistband of my shorts, to hide its obvious erection. She responds, “uh, ok” somewhat out-of-breathily. My face is red from excitement, so I run into the half bath to throw some cold water on my face.

I look in the mirror and see a lust filled face. What am I doing? What is wrong with me? What game is she playing? Is it just a tease, learning how to apply womanly charms? Or is she really offering? If she is offering, what do I do? My body says HELL YES. My brain says, “Damn, son. You are walking a dangerous line here, and for what?”

I dry off my face, flush the toilet for covering purposes, and go back out into the house.

“Hi Honey! Glad you are home!” I exclaim.

Blog entry #3 — December 7th

I had recently walked in on my stepdaughter Paula barely clothed, and I was extremely aroused by seeing her in that way for the first time. I don’t know if she saw me that day, but I am looking for clues or signs that she did or was Ok with it. I’ve decided to become a bit more friendly with my touches, nothing overtly sexual (no “grabbing the pussy” or anything!) but lots of shoulder touches, longer hugs, compliments, and doing it with a confidence showing her that I’m proud she is with me. Someone mentioned a “movie night”, that’s an excellent idea to spend a couple of hours close with her.

Over the past few days, I have made my presence known, giving her a hug when she gets home from work- not a quick side hug, but a “Come here, and give me a hug” command, and opening myself for a full body to body hug. Paula is short, barely 5’1″ tall, and fairly well-endowed in all the womanly places, large breasts and an ass to match. She fills out a pair of jeans in a nice way. Her head only reaches to my chest (I am a foot taller than her) so when we hug, she either has to turn her head so it lays on my chest, or she has to look directly up into my eyes. Either way, I am smitten, and have the smile (shit-eating grin?) to prove it.

I have also been rubbing her shoulders for a short 5-10 second massage, running my hand along her back as I walk past, and have been telling her how nice she looks. Not as in a nonchalant, “Sure you look nice today”, but in a “Wow! You are looking GREAT today! Very nice!!”, excited, proud kind of way. I can see that this really makes her feel special and good about herself. If nothing else, at least my attention is boosting her confidence, and helping her in that way.

The three of us were watching TV 3 nights ago (some Christmas light / decoration show), and we were all sort of lounging around in pajamas/bedclothes. I was wearing a pair of thin basketball shorts and a T-shirt, one of those thin ones that sort of clings you get from Costco. My wife Jeri was in her normal pj pants and top, and Paula had on a pair of loose shorts and a loose top. I could see Paula out of the corner of my eye, rubbing her right shoulder.

“What’s wrong? Shoulder hurt?” I ask her during a commercial break.

“Yeah, I had to do a lot of keying today, so my muscles are out of whack.” Paula works as an office clerk, payroll/accounting stuff, so sits at a des most of the day, so lots of number punching, which uses the 10-key numpad – essentially one arm stretched out, the other just sits there.

“here, let me try” I say, motioning for her to sit in front of me on the floor.

She plops down between my feet, and leans back against the foot of the sofa. This makes me spread my legs open, and I have to lean up to reach her shoulders. I start rubbing and massaging her shoulder while we watch the show. After a few minutes, her head drops, and she sort of slumps forward, hunching a bit. Definitely relaxing now, the knots are coming out. This forced me to scoot up a bit, so that my rear is on the edge of the sofa, and I’m sort of looking straight down at the top of her head. Her shirt is loose, and was not low cut, but had the “scoop” neck that does drop a few inches down below the neckline. She moved just slightly forward, and her shirt billowed out a bit. My eye caught the movement, and I glanced down past her head, and saw straight down her shirt for just a moment or two. She was braless, and her young breasts stood there, firm against the weight of themselves. I stared, transfixed again, looking at her body sexually, desiring it, until her shirt fell back in place and my view of naked breasts disappeared. I could feel my shorts begin to tighten a little bit as my body reacted to my brain’s impure thoughts. For the next couple of minutes, I tried to maneuver her so it would happen again, but to no avail.

This actually made things worse for me, the anticipation was more almost more exciting than if her shirt had opened again. That glimpse was enough to get my motor running, and I could feel my breath shorten, and I could feel a flush starting, to where I am really excited, and I didn’t want my wife to notice that I was becoming sexually aroused. I pat Paula on the shoulders as a sign that I’m done. She arches her back a bit in a stretch, and tosses her head back to look up at me, to say “Thank y..” The back of her head landed squarely on my erect penis. She half-turned her head, with a confused look on her face, and then a slight giggled, “thank you!” I looked away , and sat all the way back, and crossed my legs.

“Sure, no problem” I grunted out in way of reply, as if it were no big deal. I turned my attention to the TV, ignoring the room, focusing on my embarrassment. This continued for the next 20-30 minutes. As the show was ending, I still in a bit of shock, hear

“Good night, step daddy!” Paula is right in front of me. She leans over from the waist to give me a hug goodnight. She positioned her arms to each side of me, and leaned in. Her shirt opened directly, and her breasts hang loosely in that shirt. The view down her shirt left nothing to the imagination. She moved just slightly, so that her breasts rocked ever so gently back and forth. I looked up, and saw her looking back at me. There was no expression on her face, no smile or smirk, or shock. Just a look of verification that I WAS watching. She did not attempt to cover up, or change position, but instead just said, “Have a good night!” very sweetly, and stood up. Off she went to bed.

Jeri and I sat there, we heard Paula go into the bathroom, heard the water running as she brushed her teeth, the toilet flushed, and then her bedroom door closed. I sort of rolled off the sofas, and crawled the 5 feet over to where Jeri sat. I started rubbing her feet and calves, which she loves, and after a minute or so, I leaned in and kissed her on the inside of her knee. She gave no response, so after another minute or so, I kissed again, this time on the inside of the other knee. I felt her legs open ever so slightly, and took this as my cue to continue what I was doing, and began moving my kisses and rubbing further up her legs.

I would like to say it was earth-shattering or something, but it was pretty normal sex. I knew that I was way too excited, and would blow my load quickly, so I went down on Jeri until she came, then, with my forbidden thoughts firmly down the hall driving my lust, entered my wife as she was orgasming, and within 20 seconds, had also come, shooting my sperm deep inside her. We cleaned up and went to bed.

Blog entry #4 — December 13th

It had been a few days since the back rub “incident” and I had just finished finals.

“Hey Jeri!” I said to my wife on the phone. “Yes, just finished. I’m going to head out with Greg and Brad after they get off work and have a few to celebrate.”

I listened. “Sure, probably by 10PM or so. We’ll get dinner, I promise. You know I don’t like drinking and driving.”

I went out, and had a good time. I drove them both home, then headed home myself. I had had 5-6 beers, plus dinner , over about 4 hours. I certainly hadn’t overdone it, and came home happy, but not drunk.

Paula was laying on the sofa, watching some show on TV. To be honest, I don’t remember what it was, or even an inkling of what was going on. Young people, probably complaining about something. I don’t recall.. Jeri was nowhere to be found.

“Mom went to bed already. Said she had to work early or something,” Paula told me. “Sit down with me for awhile?” she asked.

“Scoot over!” I told her. “Or sit up!”

“No!”, she replied, but in a playful way. “You’ll have to move me yourself! I’m comfy.”

I looked at her laying on the sofa, and moved to where her feet were. I lifted them, sat down, and plopped them back down on my lap. She was wearing these very feminine baby doll shorts and top, like a camisole, but not super sexy. Just normal comfy clothes. The material was thin, though, so it hugged her every curve nicely. I just began to think that this was a bad idea, when she said, “Rub my feet like you did my shoulders the other day. Please?” She said, “please” in that “I always get my way when I do this voice” voice.

“Brat!” I said, even as I reached for her feet with both of my hands.

“You know you love it” she said in reply, smiling.

“Wow. You really ARE a brat!”

“Shut UP!” she giggled as I ran a finger over the bottom of her foot. Her body jerked a bit from the tickle, and I enjoyed watching her jiggle as she giggled.

I rubbed her feet for a good 5 to 10 minutes. I was in a good mood, we chatted about stuff, nothing big or serious. Just stuff. This was nice. Just a nice chat, a little cuddly, platonic contact. I had almost forgotten the physical reaction she had given me last time when I rubbed her shoulders, when her feet left my hands and lap, and a sofa pillow plopped right on my lap. Paula reached up, grabbed the afghan from the back of the sofa, and covered herself.

“It’s getting a bit chilly, she said. “Will you do my shoulders again?” she asked , this time not sitting in front of me, but turning around so that she was laying down on her stomach, with her head on the pillow now on my lap.

Her arms were tucked under her body and under the pillow. I could feel the back of her left hand supporting her head between the pillow and my upper thigh/hip area. Her right hand was face down, casually placed on my upper inner thigh. Not holding or gripping, but just lying there. She was on my right side, so I began to rub her back with that hand. My left hand sat on my other thigh. She let ouit a long sigh.

“Feel good” I asked?

“Yes, thank you! I have been waiting all day for this!” she said.

“We need to get you one of those massage pillows for Christmas or something. The mechanical ones or whatever.” I tell her.

“Nah, this is fine!” she said, pretty much ending that conversation.

After maybe a half a minute of silently massaging her back and shoulders, just sort of staring at the TV show that was on (this show I recognized, it was Catfish) I heard a soft moan, followed by an “aaaahh”.

“Feels good,” she whispered. “mmmmmmmhmmmm. Yes.”

My mind immediately went THERE, from nice evening cuddling to, “Oh, those are her sex sounds!” My body became acutely aware of her head’s proximity to my manhood, as well as what seemed a tightening of her grip on my inner thigh. I could feel a rising movement with each new groan and sigh.

She lifted her head up, and her hands fluffed the pillow, before placing it back down in the same spot. I could have sworn that her eyes were not looking at the pillow, but just a few inches past it, as if checking my reaction. “Will you use both hands? It feels so good, my back was really tight,” she said in that same pouty voice as before.

“Sure,” I reply. This required a bit of a body turn on my part, so that she was laying a bit on my inner thigh now, not the top, and moving her left hand just an inch or so from my growing member. Any more, and it might poke her. I focus my thoughts as best I can on her back, but that just brings back the “Oh! Yes, right there. Yes. Mmmm. Ahhhhhh” noises that had started me down the wrong path before. Being slightly less inhibited than normal due to the beers, I let my cock grow as I focused on her sounds and her body, touching her back, caressing her arms, rubbing gently on the back of her neck, letting my hands and her body have that connection.

My breath was short, I could feel the flush of excitement of the unknown, the forbidden fruit. My penis was full, and it had nowhere to go, and I could feel it press against the back of her hand. I didn’t pull away, I just let it happen. There was a slight hesitation in her voice when it pressed against her the first time, and then a long “mmmmmm”. Without seeing her face, I could see a smile was forming. She moved slightly, readjusting her head against the pillow, which pressed her hand even more against my manhood. I felt her right hand moving ever so slightly back and forth, her thumb so close to my shaft, I know she could feel the heat emanating from it. Her index finger was just an inch or two away from my balls as she flexed those fingers ever closer. I felt her body tense up, and saw her cross her legs a little as she put her head into the pillow harder. She let out a long, loud breath, and her whole body just relaxed.

Her hands stopped moving, but my cock did not subside. I was unsure what just happened. I know what I THINK happened, but did I imagine that? After a second, she pushed herself up, her one hand on my thigh pushing me down as she rose up, which shifted my hard cock against her other hand. The other hand moved down and then up to match so that the back of her hand went down to the base, and then all the way up the shaft slowly as she sat up. There was no way that she didn’t feel that, but she made no reaction.

“Thanks for the backrub, daddy! I really liked it!” She beamed, and then quickly, leaned in a gave me a peck on the cheek. “Well, I’m going to bed now, lots to do tomorrow!” and she got up and walked away. “Not me!” I replied, “just sit around, maybe do laundry!” as I watched her short legs and round ass sway in her shorts. “OK, goodnight, daddy!” she turned one last time and smiled back at me.

As she turned into the hallway out of sight, if she had any hearing at all, she would have heard the “ZZZZZZIPPP” of my pants freeing my hard dick. I grabbed the afghan with one hand for cover, and reached into my shorts with the other. Not that I needed the cover. My pants were barely around my ankles before I was stroking at full speed. Less than 10 seconds later and I was erupting ropes of my creamy load all over my shirt and hand. A few moments later, I hear her bedroom door close.

“Well, I’m definitely doing laundry tomorrow!” I say to myself as I look down at my semen-covered shirt, and get up to clean up and go to bed.

Blog entry #5 — December 18th

After my last update, I had just given my stepdaughter Paula a backrub, and I know she had felt my hard penis pressing against her hand as she laid her head on my lap, and she seemed to have really, really enjoyed her backrub. The last thing I had said to her the night before was that I was just going to do laundry the next day.

I woke up last, my wife Jeri had left for work early. Paula had school and work, so by the time I got out of bed around 9AM, the house was empty. After brewing a pot of God’s nectar, and sipping on my first cup of the greatness that is coffee, my thoughts turned to last night’s episode. I sat at the kitchen table with my mug, and replayed everything over in my head. What was I doing? What if I am totally misreading the situation? If I am, then what, and even more importantly, if I am not misreading it, what do I about it, and what do I WANT to do about it? I pondered everything for a while, considering the consequences of action, considering lust vs love, betrayal vs trust, physical affection vs sexual contact.

I poured a second cup of glory, and knew in my head that the fact that I was even having to think about it, it was wrong. Yes, my body felt different, and my heart felt an attraction and a love on top of the physical lust of the body, but logically I knew this could never happen, for the good of everyone. That being decided, I got up and started to get motivated. I needed to get some laundry done, hit the store, maybe go work out, and plan for dinner. I checked the fridge and freezer for dinner options, and made a list of things for the store. Time for laundry!

I go to my closet to get my laundry basket (I do my own laundry — I don’t trust anyone else not to shrink or ruin my clothes, a leftover habit from my mom. Thanks, Mom!) and notice the door is not closed all the way. That’s odd. I remember tossing my soiled shirt from last night on the top of the pile in the basket, and closing the door before heading to bed last night. The first thing I notice is that shirt is now balled up, and laying on the floor next to the basket. My mind notes, “that’s weird, must have rolled off the top somehow” and I reach down to pick it up and put it back on top. As I lift the shirt, I notice a movement of something pink drop out of the shirt. A pair of panties. I also smell the aroma of Paula’s perfume on my shirt. Well, I *WAS* giving her a backrub last night, but this seems too fresh and strong to be just a residual from that event 12 hours ago. My mind races in confusion as I reach down with my left hand to pick up the panties. I life them, like any red-blooded male, towards my face, and my nostrils pick up an entirely different aroma. “Oh God,” I think. “No way…” I inhale deeply through my nose. Way.

All of the previous hour’s logical thinking went out the window, as my brain took a completely different path from logic. For one, there is no misreading this situation. Paula is definitely offering or enticing my arousal, for what end I have no idea. Playing or learning sexual advances safely? Testing her limits with me? Is she just fantasy playing? Is she interested in a full sexual relationship, or is it just a teasing, “look but don’t touch too much” fun thing? Or, is she trying to exert control over me by using my arousal for her against me or her mom, or both? At the same time, I am thinking how to respond to this situation. Do I “play” back? Either by washing them and give them to her saying, “these smelled a little dirty, so I washed them for you” or by returning them without washing, and leaving a “present” of my own on them? Or just wash them and tell her, “I think you left these in the dryer” as if it never happened? She wouldn’t have put them there if she wanted the third option, and my mind was telling me to respond and see where it goes. After all, it’s just clothing. That’s what I tell myself.

As much as I wanted to leave her a “present”, I needed to get some stuff done today, and masturbating into Paula’s panties probably wasn’t the most productive way to spend my morning. I put a load into the washer, changed into gym clothes, hit the gym and ran for about 30 minutes. I hit the grocery store on the way home, and picked up a few things for dinner. I got home, moved the clothes into the dryer, and threw in the second load, put away the groceries, and flipped on the tube while I waited for the washer to stop so I could use the shower without competing for water pressure. The joys of older houses.

After showering, I chilled for a few hours, trying to think of all the ways I could say the right thing to Paula when she got home, without being overly creepy, but more playful. I reconsidered my actions a few hundred times, and figured I would probably chicken out when faced with it, anyways, so stopped worrying. I began to prep dinner, and still had the laundry folded on the kitchen table when Paula got home.

“Hi Daddy!” she smiled at me in the kitchen as she came in from the side door off the driveway. I smiled back, “Hiya, Dear! Good day?”

“It was OK,” she responded. “A little stressful, not too bad, though!” I saw her eyes look over to the table and see the folded clothes there. I thought I saw a flash of fear or uncertainty in her eyes. Now or never, I suppose.

“Hey, Paula! Come here for a second, would you?”

“Uh, yes?” she said.

I walked over to the pile of folded clothes. I picked up the pink panties off the top of my soiled shirt, which I had purposely left on top of the pile. “I found these, and I, um, they seemed, um, like…” I fumbled for thought and breath at the same time. Relax! “Yeah, I found these,” I started over, “and they seemed like they might not have been washed, they, uh, smelled like they had possibly been worn, so I washed them for you,” and handed them to her, watching her reaction the entire time. My heart was beating a hundred beats a minute as I attempted to stay calm and cool. She just looked at me, trying to interpret what I was saying, and then after a brief moment, her eyes widened a little and she smiled. “Thanks, Daddy!” and practically bounced over to give me a big hug. “You’re so sweet!” she said, smiling up at me, almost beaming, and then bounded away to her room, panties in hand. God I loved watching her leave as much as I loved watching her come towards me.

Jeri came home, we finished eating, and put every away. Paula was either in her room or out watching TV. I used the time doing dishes and cleaning up after dinner to get a little frisky with the wife, grabbing her ass as we passed, steal a kiss, hug her from behind, pressing tightly, all the things we do to announce our intentions and advances. “Stop it!” she giggled, “later!” slapping my hands playfully when they roamed up to her breasts during a behind the back hug.

We all sat down and watched TV, that terrible new remake of an 80’s show that wasn’t all that great back then. Sorry to say, it’s even more ridiculous now then it was back then. My wife looks at me and announces she’s going to hit the hay. “I’ll join you,” I said. “I had a long day.” I could see Paula look a bit disappointed, as she was dressed a little revealingly, a halter top that was a bit too small, and shorts that were very loose, so when she lifted her knees, they flopped open to reveal her upper thigh and hips. I assumed that was for me, and it was tempting, for sure. I hear my wife leave the bathroom and head into bed, so I tell Paula, “Good night, dear! I’m going in with your mom. You looked really nice tonight”, I tell her and give her a small wink and a smile.

I follow Jeri into our bedroom, and as I turn to close the door, I have a thought in my head about the times Paula would “catch us” in the act. I turned out the light, closed the door most of the way, but not all the way until it latched, enough to ensure that the light from the hallway wouldn’t make it noticeable that it wasn’t closed all the way, but that anyone in the hallway would see that it wasn’t closed.

Jeri and I went through our basic routine of foreplay, where I come up behind her on the bed, move her hair, kiss her neck as I rub her shoulders for a minute, then proceed to kiss her fully on the mouth, and move my hands to her full breasts. As we progress down to handling each other’s lower parts, I position her so that I am facing the door, and she is facing away, or my body is blocking her view of the door when she is facing the doorway. I see the hallway light turn off, and keep one eye on my business at hand and one eye on the doorway. The TV is on, throwing shadows, so when I thought for sure the door moved a bit, it might have been a shadow. Either way, like a peacock, I began strutting my stuff sexually, so to speak, performing for an audience that I don’t even know is there, but I hope is there, watching me. I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I have also never sniffed my stepdaughter’s panties before today, either, so I guess new things are happening all the time.

I bring my wife to orgasm, and thinking about both her and an audience, I a little more vocally than normal, have my own eruption, deep inside my wife, as she gasps and I grunt my appreciation. She looks me in the eye as we have the post-coitus glow moment, and asks me, “You sure have been pretty horny lately. What is causing that?”

“I don’t kn.., uh, you’re just so beautiful” I stammer out. She smiles. “I’m sure.” I lean down, kiss her and get up to go get a towel. Again, the TV was on, but I thought for sure I heard rustling by the door. I definitely heard the closing of either Paula’s or the bathroom door out in the hallway.

Blog entry #6 — December 27th

The holidays were upon us, and as usual, Jeri and her mom were planning their day after Xmas trip to visit her sister in the next city over. It was usually a 2-3 day visit, depending on which day the holidays fell in the week. This year looked like a 3 day, 2 nighter. Normally, this was a good time for me to have the house to myself, but Paula had just started that job, and as the FNG, she got the after Xmas shifts. Neither of us was pleased with the situation, but considering the recent developments around the house, maybe it was fated?

Jeri left around noon that day. I was at work. Paula was home that day , she worked the next day. It had been about 3 days since the “open door” incident, but Paula hadn’t acted any different that I was aware of. However, I had noticed a slight change in clothing options, tending towards the tighter clothes around the house, rather than the loose, laze around she normally wore. Of course, I was intent on watching her other parts, not her face or actions, so she could have been acting completely different and I wouldn’t have known.

I had to close the store down, so I was out until about 9PM. I met Brad and his wife out after work for a couple of drinks, then headed home. I called Jeri on the way home, see how she was doing. She was a bit tipsy (as was I!) and we chatted for awhile. Her sister was good, they were drinking wine, laughing about stuff. Mom had gone to bed, so they were getting a bit raunchy, as they tend to do. There isn’t a lot more fun then listening to two sisters talk about your cock while you listen in, even if just in jest. I gave them the obligatory, “Stop, you’re making my jeans tight” type comments, they never seem to get that it was true, because I was rock hard listening to them be trashy. Probably not the best idea, since I was going home to my step daughter, alone in our house, and things had been a bit frisky lately, which I definitely had in mind I as I turned onto our street.

I said my goodbyes, and pulled into the driveway. I probably made a bit more noise than normal getting in the door, hoping to make sure Paula knew I was home. I had forgotten she had to work in the morning, as her lights were off, and her door was closed. I proceeded to turn on the TV in the main room to watch the NBA game that had recorded, and changed into night clothes. I walked past Paula’s room, and slowed down, listening for any sounds of life to see if maybe she was awake. No such luck.

I went out and watched the last few minutes of the game, not really paying attention, thinking more about the phone call and the recent backrubs. I begin to rub myself through my shorts, enjoying the polyester, fake silk feeling against my hard member, as I think about things over the past days. Paula is asleep, and Jeri is out of town, I take a short walk into our bedroom closet, and find my Fleshlight Jeri won at a “adult party” a few months back. We had broken it in that night, and I had used it a few times since, about 50% of the time solo, 50% with Jeri watching. I returned to the sofa, and turned on the pr0n channels through the Roku. I wet up the Fleshlight and my cock as I sign in, and go to town, finishing pretty quickly. Normally, I clean up right away, but between the long hours and the beers and the cum, that thing felt really good, and I just rolled over with the afghan, and closed my eyes for just a second.


I look up. Paula is shaking me. I look around, confused.

“Teehee!” she giggles. “You fell asleep on the sofa!” She is dressed for work. It’s 5:45AM.

“I have to go to work, I’ll see you later!” she says, as she bends over, gives me a peek on the cheek, and turns and walks towards the back door. She walks past the TV, which is still sitting on the “Pick your scene” page, but it is obviously pr0n, and it obviously said “Family matters” or something like that as the title. I know for a fact her ass didn’t jiggle that much yesterday, and she certainly didn’t sway it that much, either. I hear her close the back door, and her car start. I survey the room. Pr0n on the TV. Check.

Me, naked. Check.

Shorts on the floor, obviously not on me. Check.

Afghan covering the sensitive areas? Check.

I get up. My feet feel something cylindrical under them. WTF? Oh, Fleshlight. On the floor. Check. How did THAT get there? Did it fall? I’m not sure.

I reach for the remote. There is a Post-It note attached to it.

It read:

“I love you, Daddy! Sorry I missed you last night! Winky face. Tonight, maybe…XXX and OOO! Paula”

Blog entry #7 — December 28th

I putzed around the house all day, trying to keep my mind off that note. Did it mean what I think? What did she actually see? She obviously saw the porn channel on, but that’s really neither here nor there, we are all adults, and her mom was out of town. But, depending on how you read that, did she want to join me in that type of activity (sexual), or was she just saying, “hey, we’ll hang out tonight?” At this point in the game, we’ve just had incidental contact when you think about it, even if it had extreme sexual overtones. I really don’t want to read too much into it, and ruin everything, but on the other hand, my lustful desires don’t exactly think logically or about consequences.

About 3PM, I started to clean up myself, just in case. I trimmed sensitive areas, shaved my face, showered and scrubbed all my parts clean. A dab of cologne in interesting places, and decided to go commando, for freedom of movement down there. I don’t want to be uncomfortable in case an erection happens.

I head to the kitchen to whip up something quick for dinner, something light like chicken and rice, and put it into the oven. I opened a bottle of wine to relax myself, poured a glass, and began cleaning, cooking, and maybe a glass of wine to settle my nerves. About 5:30, Paula pulls up, and my heart kind of flutters. I can’t tell if I am flushed from the wine or from the thoughts of being alone with Paula. She enters the house, and says “Hi Daddy!” I hear the beep of her car alarm as she comes over to give me a hug and a peck. Usually she goes for the cheek, but occasionally a platonic lip to lip kiss. Today was a lip to lip kiss. She overexaggerated it, with the kissy sound and everything.

“Nice to see you, honey!” I tell her. “Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes. You have time to change into comfy clothes if you want.”

“Ok, thanks, Daddy!” she says, and turns to leave the room. I follow her body as it turns and watch her ass walk away. I realize I was going to ask her if she wanted a glass of wine, so I head out a few steps behind her, intent on asking her before she got to her room. I turn down the hallway, and as I was about to say, “hey…” she pulls her shirt off over her head, not waiting to get to her room to start changing. I watched her back intently, something about a woman disrobing is so much better than just seeing them naked straight up.

“Hey!” I call to her, “You want a glass of wine with dinner?” as soon as she got into her room and partially closed the door.

“Sure! That sounds great. White, please!” We’re having red sauce. The heathen!

I head back to open a bottle and she joins me for dinner. She is wearing a silky and laced top and short set of PJs, very loose fitting and billowy, but where it touched her body, it clung and revealed every curve. I could see the outline of side of her breast, and detecting where her nipples were was not a Holmesian task. It wasn’t outrageously skimpy or a ‘come hither’ outfit, just a nice girl next door being too pretty and innocent to notice that it might have been somewhat inappropriate for a dinner at home. I would have preferred one way or the other instead of this middle route of dressing revealingly but not ‘sexy’ so I could get a hint of where her mind was this evening in regards to that note. No such luck for this guy! I look up, “Dinner’s read…uh, well, Paula, when I said ‘comfy clothes’, you took me literally, eh?” as if I hadn’t noticed her outfit until that moment. I don’t know if she bought it or not. Doubt it.

She smiles, and did a little twirl, the top flared a bit out, revealing a bit of her taut, young midsection, as well, as letting me see that how it looked from behind. (It looked good, btw!)

“You like it? I just picked it out this past weekend!”

“It looks great! Very catchy,” I manage to stammer out. “Let’s eat!” as I turn away to avoid getting caught gawking too low or too long.

Dinner passes uneventfully. We chat about things – the storm that may or may not hit us, how everyone in town freaks out whenever they announce 1″ of snow as if we are all going to be without for weeks, how work is going, the bitch at her office who hates her (for NO reason!), who she ran into at the mall, and UGH, the parking and crowds! We finished up, and I told her to go pick us a movie, and I’ll do dishes and refresh our glasses. She bounds off, no young person likes cleaning up!

I rinse everything off, start the dishwasher as a tidy up the cooking area, and refresh our glasses before heading in.

“What did you pick us out?”, I ask. Some thriller suspense thing she said.

“Who’s in it?”, I ask.

“Not sure, I heard it was good, though!” she replied.

“OK, whatever. Scoot over,” I say as I hand her the wine. I deliberately sat in the same place I had before when I had given her the rubdown and we had had that first contact. I was hoping that it would send the signal that either I wanted to, or was OK with, something like that happening again. Perhaps I was giving her the option to repeat the same situation, or if it really had just been an encounter that had been more about a vulnerable, physical moment on her part, or was the prelude to something more intimate.

She smiled slightly, sort of mischievously. “OK, jerk. I was comfortable!”

She slides over a bit and takes a sip of wine. She starts the movie and we sit for a bit, waiting for the credits to stop and the movie to start. I can barely breathe, and am so tense with fear, anticipation, doubts, excitement. I really was on a roller coaster of emotion, and my body was physically reacting, or possibly overreacting to the thoughts in my brain that just won’t stop.

The movie starts, I have no idea what was going on, some creepy, jumpy moments I guess, but my mind was occupied elsewhere – considering ramifications, catching a glimpse of Paula leaning over to grab a sip of wine, revealing the curves of her as and legs to me and then not caring about ramifications, thinking of Jeri and then caring about them too much, trying to remember that I am supposed to breathe in and then breathe out like a normal human being. You know – Occupied.

We are about 40 minutes into the movie, and I am still debating with myself when I feel a set of legs hit my lap.

“Rub my feet again, Daddy! They are sore and need your attention!” she whines in that pleading daughter getting her way voice. My heart races. She is repeating the things that led to the “touching” last time. The game is on, the only question is, what game are we playing, and what does “winning” look like?

I place my hands on her feet and look back at her laying on the sofa. She has a smile on her face, and she closes her eyes as I begin to rub, I could have sworn I heard a light moan before turning her head back to the TV. I continue rubbing her feet, keeping them away from where my manhood is starting to awaken. Each time I switch feet, I lift that foot up a bit, and then put it down on my thighs, and then lift the other foot up and over the first. As I do this shuffling of the feet, I stare down those legs focusing on the apex where they meet, and the sight of her mound brings a thought of the pleasure that might lie under that thin layer of cloth. This has the expected effect of making my member hard as hell, and it is difficult to focus on her feet, much less the movie that is still apparently playing on the TV.

Now that I am transfixed on looking at her body, I begin to ever so slightly life her foot to get under the heel. This requires a slight bending of the knee on her part, which allows me to slightly twist her leg a bit so that there is now a small gap between her thighs where her mound was the only visible area, and now her sex is a bit more open to the air. I keep looking at her face, making sure she’s watching the movie still, and not at me staring at her crotch, hoping to catch an outline of the shape of her lips. I put her right leg down just a bit further down my leg than before, and place it down on my thigh so the outside of her foot is on my leg, keeping that slight bend in the leg. Her left leg is still completely straight. I pick up that foot, and begin to rub for a few minutes, focusing on breathing normal and not hyperventilating from the illicitness of my behavior, as I am now specifically trying to maneuver her so I can get a better view of the most private areas of my stepdaughter.

I start rubbing her left foot again, and like with the right, I lift up and slightly bend her left knee, so I can rub under her heel. And again, put the outside of her foot down on my legs. She has now been situated so that her pussy is exposed. I take a glance up at her to see if she has reacted. I see her watching the movie and I get the feeling that she is purposely ignoring what I am doing for some reason. Normally, she would be moving around a lot. But she is holding her body stock still. Out of fear, trepidation, excitement, shock, anticipation, or maybe I am misreading, and she is simply engrossed in the movie? I look up her legs again, and I can now see a definite outline of her pussy through the material. I continue to rub and move around her foot to get a better angle, and watch as the movement creates a different outline as the material moves with her left leg. I try to glance back and forth from the TV to her body, soaking in the view and getting more and more aroused at my incestual thoughts.

Suddenly, she pulls her feet away, and I jump almost out of my seat. The next thing I know, a pillow is being plopped on my lap, and Paula is turning to lay on her stomach, with her head on the pillow.

“Rub my back, again, Daddy!” she pleads.

“I can think of anything I’d like more,” I think I mumbled out.

Again, she put her hands under the pillow on my right thigh, and I am not quite sure how she didn’t catch on fire from the heat emanating from my stiff as a board cock just inches away. I can smell her golden hair as I place my right hand on her shoulders, and try to think of anything else at this point. She is doing the exact same thing she did before where she touched my erect cock while I gave her a back rub. My heart races as I decide on whether this is going somewhere or time to back off. Having gone this far, and my libido getting the best of me, I make that fateful decision.

“Do you want me to use both hands again?” I inquire.

She almost moans out, “Oh, God, yes. Please!”

I turn, exactly as I had the last time, and I reach out for her right shoulder. I feel her hand slide under my shorts and there is no way my cock is not in that path of travel. I change my pivot so that I don’t slam my rock hard cock against her directly, and only the base of the shaft is where we meet, but so that it slips in around her hand. However, because of the angle, it still is pushing against her pinky.

I start to rub her back, my constricted but full member is pushing against the side of her hand as I massage her shoulders. I stretch down along her upper back, which slides my cock away from her hand, and as I come back, it slams back into her, as if I were slapping it on her. She jerks away, like that was unwanted. That was awkward, and I lose a bit of the excitement.

“Sorry, you still OK with the massage?” I stammer out.

“YEEEEESS”. She says in that exasperated teenager voice that only they can make. “Can you go lower? She asks.

I plan better this time, and instead of moving up and down, I sort of slide back and forth. To avoid that awkward slam again. However, this introduces the friction of my cock rubbing the outside of her hand, but now in a rhythmic motion as my cock slides alongside her hand. As I move back and forth, and the hardness increases, I feel her hand shift up, so that instead of sliding along the outside of her hand, my dick is now sliding through her uplifted hand, under 3 fingers and into her palm. I can feel her fingers curl around my cock, but without grasping it, so that each slow movement as I move up and down her back, moves my cock through a tunnel under hand. It took everything I had to not start fucking that loose tunnel, but to continue the loose slide through it.

It is getting harder, er , more difficult to focus on her back, as more and more attention is going towards me moving my body as I move up and down her back. At this point, I’m just rubbing up and down, no massage, no anything but up down, further and further so I can push my dick along that hand tunnel. I can feel the head passing under the heel of her palm as I lean forward, and I love having my cock all the way in, so I keep pushing further down her back until I can feel the head reach freedom through her perfectly cupped hand.

Funny how I am rubbing her back over 10-24” of movement, and yet, my cock stays perfectly under her hand, as if by magic and no one is overtly doing anything. Not that I care at the moment, as I am rubbing back and forth as much as I dare without actually “fucking” her hand.

“That feels so good, Daddy!” she breathes out, and I wonder if she is referring to the back rub or the rockhard shaft sliding back and forth under her hand. As if in response to my thoughts, she purrs a little bit and says, “I really like what you’re doing, Daddy,” and I feel just a slight squeeze from her right hand on my cock, making that “tunnel” just a little bit tighter. This encourages me to continue my up and down rubbing, and now I’m less trying to hide the fucking I am doing under her fingers.

I slide my hands further down, and pull her shirt up a bit, so I am touching her bare skin of her lower back.

“You’re skin is so soft, baby girl,” I tell her softly. “My hands just glide over it.” She just moans, “Mmmm hmmmm” in response, “Feels good Daddy.” I pull her shirt up further, exposing most her back to me, and I can see right down to her ass, and the curve of her globes coming together into her sweet crack, outlined perfectly by her thin, silky PJs that clung to her skin like water. On every downstroke, I push her skin towards her sweet ass, and as I come back up her back, this moves her body ever so slightly, so that her cheeks jiggle just a bit. My mind and eyes are consumed by watching her ass cheeks move, and I swear I can see them move a bit side to side as her hips sway just a bit back and forth. I continue to rub, but with each pass down towards her ass, I make sure I go just a bit further, and I pull back so her cheeks spread all the way apart before letting them go

As my cock slides back and through her hand, I watch the movements of her ass, and I can picture my hard cock sliding between them, and my breathing begins to shorten, as the situation takes complete control over me. I just want her to grab my cock so I can fuck her hand so hard and release, but I just can’t break the façade that we aren’t actually having sex in whatever fashion. It’s just a part rubbing on a part, nothing more, so I continue the slow rub up and down, and the slow slide under that hand, each stroke making it more and more arousing.

For what seemed like hours, this slow movement continues, as my breath shortens and becomes more prevalent as my lungs try to keep up with my rapidly beating heart, and I hear her breath become more pronounced with each slide of my fingers. The ass sway seems to be increasing, and I seem to see her ass muscles tighten slightly every now and then, as if clenching or pushing downward. My brain and my dick can’t take much more of this, but I keep at it, ragged breath after ragged breath. I watch her ass clench down and at the same time a moan reverberates against my leg as she presses her face into my hip. It’s too much and I feel my balls tighten in response. I push down as hard as I can, sliding my cock all the way into her hand as it begins to jerk and spasm as cum floods out of the tip into my shorts. I let out a short grunt and then gasp for air as my body releases all that pent up tension with each spurt of cum.

I finish that amazing orgasm, and I realize that my fingertips are pressing into her lower back under her panty line, and I pull them slowly back up her body until I reach her shirt. I pull it back down, covering her skin from my view, and pat her gently.

“I hope that backrub helped you out”, I manage to croak out, as I lean back into a more normal sitting position, my still erect but shrinking cock sliding back out from her hand as the wetness from my cum spreads over my thigh and leg.

She rolls over, her head still on my upper leg, and smiles up at me. “It felt great, Daddy. All of it!”

I look down at her face, and bring my hand to the side of it, cupping it. “It felt good to me, too, honey.” All of it. I stare at her for a few more seconds, feeling so close to her, not a care in the world, until I feel the cum starting to drip down my leg. “I think the movie is over, honey. Let me up for a second, and pick us a new one to watch.”

She smiles at me with somewhat of a glint in her eye. “Of course Daddy. I’ll make popcorn, too!”

The rest of the night went by without further incident, neither of us saying anything or acknowledging what had just happened, but that glint she had worried me. It was more than just amusement, it was mischievous.

Blog entry #8 — December 30th

Jeri returned back from her trip to her sister’s the next day. We had a nice dinner, sat down, chatted about her mom, sister, sister’s kids and all the bad and horrible things they did. We watched a bit of TV, Paula got up, “Well, Mom, you’ve been gone for a few nights, I’ll leave you two alone to do married things. Hehe” and headed off to her room.

“Paula!” she scolded, “You brat.” But she smiled nevertheless. We finished the show, waited about 45 minutes until we assumed Paula was sleeping or at least it wouldn’t be so obvious that we were just waiting for her to leave so we could get naked, and I went over to her and gave a nice long kiss.

“Missed you, baby.” I whispered to her, and my hands started to roam. As we continued, her hands returned the favor, and I felt her press on my hard member. It felt good with her hand on me, and I responded by humping her a bit. I immediately thought of my “fucking” Paula’s hand, and I got really excited. I start to undress her, and we both stop groping each other and head into the bedroom.

“Close the door” Jeri says, and I do. We get down to business, my mind bouncing between the pussy fuck and the hand “fuck” and I am thrusting as deep as I can. Jeri is loving the long deep pressing strokes, and cums in no time. I feel how slippery she just became and I speed up my strokes, but still going as deep as I can, and pressing at the end.

“Oh fuck. Fuck me deep. God, yes.” She encourages me. I can feel her building up again, and in one of those rare occasions, we both climax together, me thrusting deep into her canal and holding there, pumping my white cream into her, and she is pressing her clit up at me, grinding it as she cums against the base of my cock.

“Oh god” she says as I collapse into her shoulder. “You feel so good in me. Just hold it there.” I keep myself pressed into her as long as I can, but eventually, my softened state eventually makes it slip free of its velvet cage. Jeri starts a bit.

“Oh, go grab a towel, I’m leaking pretty bad,” she says. I hop up to grab a hand towel, and I notice that the bedroom door is slightly cracked open. I KNOW I shut that thing. I remember back to the day before all this started where I thought that Paula may have watched us. That thought gave me a completely new idea, and I U-turn back to the bed.

“I’ve got a better idea, ” I say, “I need to clean up my mess,” and I lower my head towards her freshly fucked pussy. In the past, this has really turned Jeri on, to have me lick her after cumming inside her. I have to really be in the mood to do this, but today seemed like the day, and I wanted to show off, just in case.

“OH!” Jeri says, and her legs spread wide for me. “Yes, lick that up! Clean up your mess! God that is so hot!” she tells me as I lap up our mixed secretions, her sweet and tangy mixing with my thick and salty. Her excitement is bringing my member back to life, and I can feel it hardening as I eat my creampie for dessert. She begins to show signs of orgasming again, and I reach between my legs and grab my cock in my hand, but I grab it with my hand “upside down”, like if someone else were holding it, and I slowly thrust into that hand, back and forth like yesterday, bringing myself to full hardness.

Jeri starts to cum again, and as if on cue, I move up and start fucking her again, again deep, but this time with more urgency. Since her pussy is a bit of “sloppy seconds”, it isn’t as tight and is coated with my sperm, so the friction is a bit less. I make up for it in faster motion as I rail into her, balls slapping on each thrust as I truly fuck her. There is no “making love”, this is nice hard, deep dicking. I am staring down at her, she is staring at me, and then I see her eyes kind of roll back. She grabs my back to pull herself up a bit, get some purchase and pushes her crotch towards me, fucking me back as hard as I am fucking her. She is looking down at my pistoning cock, and with each stroke, she is making almost monkey noises as we fuck with wild abandon.

Jeri is moaning “oh Oh!” with every thrust, echoing the slap from my balls against her taint, as we rhythm our way into another orgasm. I feel myself ready to start spurting, but continue to fuck and slap and then I pull out of her to a GASP, grab my cock, stroke it, and shoot my thick load onto her belly, pubic hair and clit, as I direct my cockhead to it as the last drops dribble out, rubbing it up and down and around. I then put my cock back in her, and attack her mouth with my tongue, as we mingle our saliva like we mingled our juices.

After a few minutes, we start to calm from that sex high. “I should go away more often!” she says with a giggle. “Something sure got YOU all worked up!”

“I just missed you honey.” I tell her.

“uh,huh. You probably spent the whole time watching porn or something.”

“Yeah, something like that!”

I roll off her, and this time I do go get a towel for her. I look over at the bedroom door. It’s closed. I smile a bit to myself. Interesting.

The next day is a lawn work day. The last of the leaves are down, so I do some raking and bagging. I spend most of it outside, and Paula and Jeri are inside, making a soup. I walk in and it smells amazing. I hop in the shower, and then we all grab a bowl and sit to watch a movie. The soup is filling, and Jeri gets up to clean up from dinner, and Paula jumps up to help, takes my empty bowl and spoon and says, “I want to help you clean up the mess.” She says those last words a bit slower than the others, as she looks down right at me when she says that, a playful glint in her eyes.

“That would be nice, Paula. Thank you for helping clean up the mess” and look right back at her, acknowledging her comment. She smiles, and turns and walks away, a bit more sway to her step than usual. They come back, and Paula says, ” I am SO full. I just want to lay down! Can I lay next to you, Daddy?”

“Sure, hon,” I say. I’m a bit hesitant, considering last time, and Jeri is right here, but I scoot over a bit to make room. She grabs a blanket and a pillow and lays down on my leg like before and covers herself with the blanket. We turn on the TV, and put on a movie.

Just a normal evening, watching a film with wife and stepdaughter. Suddenly *CLICK* the light in the room gets turned off. I see Jeri reaching up to turn off the lamp.

“Sorry, I had a glare. Is it too dark in here?”

“No it’s fine, honey. Like a movie theater!” I encourage her that it’s fine.

Not 30 seconds later, I feel Paula’s hand sliding on my leg towards my member. I stiffen up a bit, and glance over at Jeri. Paula stops. Jeri in watching the show, she isn’t looking our way at all. I relax and settle in and her hand moves ever so slowly into the center of my lap until it finds my growing member.

For the next 10 minutes, Paula is just casually rubbing my cock stiff, not grabbing it, just sort of pressing against it, basically petting it. I am at once intensely aroused by the situation and scared shitless. I am torn inside. The situation itself is dangerous enough to fire me up, but the taboo nature just adds to the arousal. On the other hand, I love Jeri and don’t want to hurt her or cause a rift between her and Paula. The arousal part wins the battle of wills, and I let this continue, and I start to slightly push my cock upwards with enough pressure to let her know I am into this.

Paula responds by wrapping her hand on my pole and beginning to stroke it slowly. Up, and then down, sliding her hand all the way over the head, and then down to the base so her last two fingers touch my balls. She is just enjoying the feel of it, and I can see her starting to squirm a bit under the blanket. I put my arm over her shoulders, to decrease the visibility of Paula and I’s indiscretions from Jeri’s direction. Paula starts to stroke me just a bit more speed and then she stops and removes her hand from my raging hard on and sits up a bit.

She makes a scene of fluffing the pillow, and rearranging the blanket, and as she lays her head back down, covers my arm with the blanket, so it is resting on her shoulder directly. I begin to rub her a bit and she squirms and maneuvers so my hand is on the front of her shoulder just a few inches above her breasts. Do I dare? The situation is so exciting, that I cannot stop myself, and I reach down and cup her young firm breast in my hand.

Holy fuck, is it firm and heavy. Jeri, as she got older, became a bit saggier and less “full”, I guess you’d say. Not that there is anything wrong with her breasts, just there is something between a 40+ year old and a 20 year old one. I squeeze and caress, and then move down to use my thumb and forefinger to tweak and rub her young nipple. It responds and is as hard as my cock is at this point. She muffles a moan, and I could have sworn I heard her whisper “finally” but can’t be sure due to the pounding in my ears and the background TV noise.

My cock is so hard it is literally aching and I am ready to just tear it out and do whatever to make it release its pent up seed. I try to focus on the breast and how it feels, but all that does it make it worse. I look down and I can see Paula squirming a little under the blanket, she must be having the same arousal issues between her legs that I am having. I feel a hand begin to slide up my shorts leg, and I open my legs wide to allow access to my cock, and I feel for the first time, skin on skin as she grabs my pole directly.

“PAULA!” Jeri yells out. My heart stops. Paula grips my hard on so tight it was like it was glued there. “Stop squirming. Sit still, you’re annoying me!”

“Fine, mom, I’m just trying to get a comfortable position. Daddy is all … bony.” She says with a hint of a giggle and she gives me a double squeeze.

“Well, get comfortable and then stay there.” Jeri admonishes her.

“Fine, I’m comfy now, I’ll stay here.” She gives my cock a few tugs up and down.

I resume my fondling of her breast, but am a bit wary now. I feel like a teenager trying to get away with something in front of your girlfriends parents. Super excited, but the thrill is more in not getting caught than it is anything else. My throat is tight, and my heart feels like it beating at 1000 bpm.

Paula continues to pump my cock slowly under my shorts, and my breath is short from the amazing feeling of her soft hand on my hard cock. I continue fondling her breasts, and I am loving the feel of their firmness under her shirt, when her hand pulls out of my shorts. Disappointed, to say the least, until I felt her hand groping around trying to locate the zipper to my shorts.

Holy shit, she was being bold, and I was too far horny to even think about anything but releasing my load. She starts to unzip the fly, and the telltale zipper sound almost gave her away, as she pulled it down about an inch and then stopped, and then tried to move it, tooth by tooth, which was taking forever, so I grabbed my drink, and slurped as I sipped, and also gave her nipple a bit of a twist to urge her on. Paula figured out what I was doing, making a covering noise, and she slid the zipper all the way down while I slurped.

“Quiet!” Jeri admonished.

“Sorry, dear” I said, as my now hard cock freed itself through the zipper opening. I am sitting on the sofa, cock out, stepdaughter fondling it, while my wife is in her chair not 10 feet away. I am so hard and nervous, and horny. Pretty sure a stiff wind would send me over the edge at this point. What I got was much better.

Paula’s head was mere inches from my dick, and she was staring at it, and then she craned her neck a bit, and her tongue came out and licked the head. It felt so amazing, and I looked over at Jeri, and she is oblivious, watching the show and eating popcorn. I turn ever so slightly so my dick leans towards her face, and lift up slightly. I am rewarded by having the tip and head of my stiff shaft enter her mouth, and her soft lips wrap around my cock. I feel her tongue rolling over the head and slit as she tastes my cock for the first time.

I’d like to say I had total control and enjoyed an amazing blowjob, but the situation, the taboo, the fear, the excitement all got the best of me, and within 15 seconds of her putting her mouth on my dick, I feel the orgasm approaching, fast. I remove my hand from her breast and clinch her shoulder as a warning, but I don’t think she realized what was coming as I erupted a hot jet of sperm into her mouth.

Paula made an “Eeek” type of surprise sound, as my seed hit her throat, and then she started sucking as shot after shot of the white load entered her mouth and I continued pumping that seed, I couldn’t believe how much was coming out, nine, ten, eleven spurts. I have never cum so much or so long before. Poor Paula just kept her lips around my cock as more and more white cream filled her mouth to the point of bursting. She tried to swallow with my head still in her mouth, and while she got most of it down, her mouth was so full of my cum and cock, a bit must have lingered, and she coughed as it hit the wrong pipe. She sat up and coughed again.

“You OK, honey?” Jeri asked, looking over. I was glad that it was a dark scene or she might have noticed my penis sticking out of my shorts, still hard. Paula coughed again, and put her hand on my dick, pressing it down so it wasn’t sticking up like a lighthouse waiting to be noticed.

“Just a piece of popcorn, Mom” she managed to gasp out. I patted her on the back, and rubbed her back.

“Go get a drink of water, hon.” Jeri advised.

Paula pulled the blanket off her and tossed it on my lap before she got up and walked into the kitchen. I tucked my spent cock back into my shorts and buttoned up. I didn’t dare try the zipper trick again, so I decided to leave it down until the next time I used the restroom.

Paula comes back and sits down next to me, a huge smile on her face. She leans against my shoulder as I put my arm around her and just hold her close until the movie ends and Jeri and I head to bed. I go down on Jeri until she cums and then quickly shoot my load into her, imagining it was Paula’s warm mouth swallowing it, rather than my wife’s pussy. I lay down and stare at the ceiling as Jeri falls to sleep. What am I doing?

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