Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

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Thursday July 30, 2020, the date when my world crashed before my eyes. My name is Tommy Edwards. My wife Julie and I moved into the neighborhood eight months ago and immediately felt at home with our neighbors. Our group consisted of neighbors on our street and extended out a couple of blocks. Soon after we moved in, we became regulars at neighborhood barbeques as we all took turns hosting. We enjoyed hanging out and that included a weekly Thursday night poker game that also rotated. During this time the wives went shopping or out to a movie. This Thursday was different in that it was the first time in weeks all of us were together. For one reason or another it seemed that one of the regulars couldn’t make it.

Tonight, we gathered at Sue and Ken Logan’s home. The game usually lasts about three hours as we all had to work Friday morning bright and early, so most of us headed for the door before the 10pm news began. I worked in construction. Mark Collins was employed by the Sheriff’s department as a deputy and his wife Mary worked as a dispatcher for the department. Austin Miller was a computer geek.

He had an IT consulting business where he contracted with several businesses in the area and supplied them with network troubleshooting and he recommended both hardware and software solutions tailored toward the needs of the individual business. His wife Brenda taught at the middle school with my wife Julie and Ken’s wife Susan Logan was the principal. Her husband Ken is partnered with Michael Johnson in their own business. His wife Debbie was happy to be a homemaker and a stay-at-home wife. That about sums up our merry band and little close knit social group.

I watched the guys as we played looking for tells. We bantered about sports and politics but I noticed that the lot of them weren’t concentrating on their poker play. I’m adept at reading people from years of dealing with all sorts of tough no nonsense personalities you find on construction job sites. I read the room and everyone was decidedly a bit off tonight. I didn’t know why or what preoccupied their minds this Thursday but there was tension in the air and it was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Suddenly, without a segue, the talk switched from sports and politics to porn and adult videos.

I sat back and listened to my friends as they discussed adult videos and compared the various genres they preferred. The chatter at the table went from debating batting averages and pennant races to what was better at turning women on more than men. They debated BDSM vs. Lesbian porn. Then someone chimed in that Bi Scenes weren’t nearly as hot as wife swapping and orgies. Suddenly, Ken brought it to the groups attention that I had not ventured a comment. “Are you some type of prude Tommy?”

“Ken, it’s like this,” I replied candidly, “To answer your question I’ve watched porn in the past but not enough to be an expert on the pros and cons of various genres. I haven’t commented because it frankly isn’t in my wheelhouse.” With that Ken informed the group that he had procured some amateur porn and he invited us to join him in his basement theater. He called out to his Susan who just arrived home that, “The boys are going to watch a quick DVD before going home.”

When I arrived in the basement, I was envious as I spotted the two rows of four leather theater seats and the largest television screen I’d ever seen. Ken fired up his 75″ Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV with theater quality Dolby surround sound and inserted the DVD into the Blu-ray player. It was immediately apparent that it was an amateur effort as the graphics were crude although, I had to admit the 75″ QLED screen even made the graphics look good. The homemade menu screen displayed the choices, Preview followed by chapters 1-4.

Ken selected preview and the opening scene faded from black and showed a camera on a tripod pointing toward a bed while a second camera panned around the room. I was shocked to see a nearly naked Susan Logan on the bed and Ken Logan standing beside the bed, naked and sporting an impressive semi-hard cock. His wife had on white nylons and a white garter belt with a white half-cup brassiere that pushed up and left most of her breasts exposed along with her pierced nipples. Each nipple had what appeared to be a one-inch gold ring in it.

He kissed his wife and climbed into bed as the camera operator moved around the bed shooting the scene. I seemed to be the only shocked person in the room. They were kissing and stroking each other and appeared as if they were about to have sex. The screen faded to black just before they had intercourse and then faded back into the same bedroom except my wife Julie was lying on the same bed. She had on black nylons and a black garter belt and was sporting a black half-cup brassiere like Susan had been wearing.

I felt and saw in my peripheral vision people focused on me and looked for a response while I was determined to be quiet and watch this without an emotional outburst. I didn’t want to give the smug bastards the satisfaction. The camera again panned to a naked Ken with a very stiff cock. The bastard was smiling at the camera, leaned over, and kissed my wife. He climbed onto the bed and continued kissing her while running his hands around her tits and playing with her nipples.

I concentrated on breathing slowly and deliberately as to hide my emotions. He quit kissing her and began sucking on her nipples while his right hand went to her pussy and began playing with it. I watched him lift his head up off her tit as he asked her whose pussy this was. Julie said, “It’s your pussy.” Ken asked, “Whose titties are these?” Julie replied, “They are your titties.” I was livid inside white hot with anger yet I somehow managed to control it as I sat expressionless and watched the performance for my benefit.

Ken told her, Suck my cock!” Like an obedient lap dog my wife scooted down the bed, took his cock in her hand, looked at the camera, smiled and then she kissed the tip. Next, she used her tongue as she licked around the head of his cock before she started taking him in her mouth. He asked, “Is my dick bigger than your husband?”


When he decided she was wet enough he told her to lay back on the bed. He climbed between her legs and began fucking her and just as he entered her pussy, Susan climbed onto the bed and kissed Julie hard on the lips. After breaking off the kiss, she whispered something to Julie and then straddled her face lowering her pussy toward my wife’s mouth reverse cowgirl. Ken fucked Julie and was kissing his wife Susan while my moaning wife was eating her out.

The video faded to black and almost instantly faded in with a naked Julie on a different bed. This time it progressed to Michael fucking Julie, the lone exception being he never asked her whose pussy this is. The scene cut in and out and Michael was fucking Julie. His wife Debbie was sitting on Julies face while she was being licked and sucked.

After about thirty seconds of Michael fucking Julie while his wife sat on her face, the video faded to black once again and at the fade in a naked Julie came into view this time on a different bed. This time it was Mark who laid in bed with my wife and fingered her pussy while kissing her. Then he quickly moved between her legs and was soon fucking her while Mary sat on Julie’s face.

Whoever edited the video became better as they went along, so the fade out/fade in was both faster and crisper. As the scene faded to black the final scene faded in and showed Austin fucking my wife while Brenda sat on her face. It lasted a very short time and the words “Welcome to our Club” was on the screen. It was, except for Julie, the same scene with different actors and it appeared staged for my benefit. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. This explains why we had been missing a different player each night for the past month and probably why there was some tension in the air. I continued to hold my composure although I was pissed beyond belief; I felt I needed to show I was in control.

Ken turned up the lights and for the first time I saw that all the wives, Julie included, were standing behind the top row of chairs. There were some smiles and Julie’s head was down a bit not making eye contact with me. Ken spoke to me and said, “That was the highlight part, edited for you tonight. The full scenes are on the DVD listed as chapters 1-4. Tommy your wife is one hot Fuck! Welcome to our club, even though you have the tiniest dick here, the women will do their best to put a smile on your face.” I just stared at him.

No words were spoken, and I made eye contact with each of the men there and then with the women. I found it strange that both Deputy Miller and Austin could not hold eye contact with me. Michael did. At that moment I felt like both he and Ken held me in contempt and believed me beneath their station and lacked their level of intelligence. I was just a simple and lowly blue-collar worker not fit to shine their shoes. They believed that that had a right to take my wife and use her anyway they saw fit. It was written all over their sanctimonious faces. The women held eye contact and it felt like they tried to figure out why I was so quiet and not more excited at the prospects. The lone exception was Julie, her head was still tilted toward the floor perhaps even further than it had been.

Ken again spoke and said, “Well? You certainly are not saying anything, and you have on a great poker face; I’m not getting any read here at all.”

“I think I need to take my bride home and discuss this as a family decision. May I please have the DVD so we can enjoy it as we talk?” I asked with a cordiality I didn’t really feel.

Ken looked at me as if he were trying to anticipate where I was going with the statement about a family decision. He handed me the DVD in a paper sleeve and as he did, he spoke in a low voice stating, “part” of your family has already made the decision and there are more copies of the DVD.”

I smiled at him and thanked him for his “hospitality”. I then thanked everyone for making my wife and I feel such at home in the neighborhood. The words dripped with foulness as I nearly choked on them. I stepped up to the area where Julie was standing. I took her hand in mine and said, “Let’s go home.” We walked the short distance to our home without saying anything to each other. Her left hand was intertwined with my right hand. I held the DVD in my left hand at my side.

When we got to our house, I opened the front door for her and walked in behind her closing and locking the door. I asked her when these events had taken place and she said that the intercourse had taken place on the previous four Thursdays. I said, “You mean when you fucked around on me, right?” She just nodded. I asked her if I had been treated to sloppy seconds on those nights and she said that I had and that it had been Michael’s idea. She asked me if I was angry and I looked her in the eyes and sarcastically said, “What would I be angry about?” She hugged me tightly and she said that she loved me. I said, “Let’s go to bed.” She tried talking to me and I told her to go to sleep. I had some serious thinking to do. She asked me if I still loved her, and I told her that I did. However, I knew that I didn’t particularly like her this moment.

After she fell asleep, I crept out of bed, grabbed my laptop, her cell phone, and some cords from my office desk, and went to work. Thursday night had faded into Friday morning as I worked in the near darkness on faintly illuminated by the glow of the computer screen. By 4:00 a.m. I finished copying the DVD to my laptop. Her contacts, her email, and her photos from her cell phone were also copied to my laptop. I also copied all my contacts and photos from my phone and then deleted everything but her cell number and my work cell number. I removed the memory card from my phone, and I put her phone back on her charger.

I turned my phone off, placed it on top of the DVD, and left both on the kitchen counter. I grabbed my go bag and left. (My go bag had a pair of tennis shoes, three pair of socks, three pair of underwear, three t-shirts, a pair of denim jeans, a pair of tan pants with cargo pockets, a hoodie sweatshirt, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, survival knife, Glock 22 with six loaded magazines, protein bars, and $1000.00 in cash. No, I’m not some special ops but as a former soldier I was trained to be prepared. Also, as a construction worker I occasionally got called to take materials to a distant job site that required an overnight, hence the go bag.

I tossed the laptop and my go bag into my blue 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 and left my house and wondered if or when I might return. It was almost 5:00 a.m. The first stop was breakfast and a review of today’s plans. I stopped at the Denny’s and ordered breakfast. I needed a massive infusion of caffeine. Immediate plans called for my first stop to be at the site and talk with the boss as I needed time to think and make decisions about my life going forward. I then needed to secure a place to stay until I decided what the future held for me and I believed Jason would let me stay with him in the short run.

As I devoured my Grand Slam and mainlined coffee, I realized I had several options in front of me. Option one — I could return home, as if nothing happened and continue to have great sex with my bride and apparently with at least four other women. Option two — Death! Not mine, but candidates seemed to be lined up to involuntarily volunteer. Okay that option, may soothe the deep anger I felt, was not very viable unless I wanted a lengthy prison sentence. Option three — Divorce. Likely, I had questions and needed more information before I went total scorched earth on my marriage. Option four — Reconciliation. Possibly, but not likely. Circumstances needed to be extremely extenuating for that to be a consideration. Option five — Revenge. Moreover, it was not just her cheating, or her giving me sloppy seconds from those pricks, but mainly for the humiliation as Ken declared in front of the entire group this bullshit about the “tiniest dick in the room” and Julie’s abject failure to defend me.

Jason Thompkins was more than a co-worker. He was single and lived west of our city on about eighty acres of mostly timberland. He had a three-bedroom two-bath ranch house that had two large outbuildings. We had served together, and he was the one that convinced me to come back to his area after we got our discharge papers. He also got me my job at J&B Construction where I had been working even before I got married.

I was at the job site at 6:00 a.m. and was talking to the boss, Jeff Hodges along with Jason. I explained a good part of the story and said that I had left and needed to quit but not quit. I explained that I needed some time off and did not want the drama to show up here so if Julie called, someone could tell her I had quit and would let him or her know where to send my last check.

Jeff’s brother Bryan, the B to his J in the construction company had been through a divorce recently and he was aware of the issues that could arise. He told me I was welcome to come back if things worked out. I thanked him. I knew that I had been a good employee and he was sincere in his well wishes.

Jason gave me a key to his house and after a stop at a big box store for additional clothes, some electronics that included a burner phone and some steaks and beer, I headed to Jason’s. I parked my truck in the barn and entered the residence. It was surprisingly clean for a bachelor. I plugged my laptop into the wall outlet and waited for it to load its programs. I copied the DVD onto six more DVD’s along with two thumb drives. I labeled the DVD’s and downloaded my contacts from my old phone onto the burner phone. I also downloaded a spoof app so I could choose what number the recipient of my calls thought was calling them. I also downloaded a recording app so I could preserve my conversations. Then I reviewed Julie’s email account and contact list.

Friday July 31, 2020


I wasn’t sure how Tommy would take those scenes on the DVD. Although I had been present during each scene, last night was the first time I saw the DVD showing them all together. Tommy was remarkably calm. Throughout our five-year marriage, he had treated me very well and had never raised his voice at me or seemed to get mad over anything. I had shared that with Susan Logan at one of our talks when she asked me about his temperament. I told her that he was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle man that I had ever known.

I had gotten up at 5:00 a.m. to pee and noticed that Tommy was not in bed. That wasn’t unusual because he worked very early before the heat of the day. Construction work can be extremely hard on a person. I went back to bed and waited until my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. and I got out of bed and got ready for school and this weekend and the potential for some exciting sex. When I arrived at school Principal Logan was waiting at the door for me and asked how it went when we got home last night. I told her I was running late and that I would tell her and Brenda about it at lunch today.

The morning seemed to drag on forever. At lunch, I met with Brenda and Susan, and they seemed extremely excited to hear what had happened. “After the big reveal we walked home and didn’t speak until we got inside our house. Tommy has asked me when it started, and I told him that the sex had started four weeks ago with Michael being the first. He asked me if I had given him sloppy seconds and I told him that I had and that it had been Michael’s idea. He was incredibly quiet, and I asked him if he was angry. He never replied except he had looked me in the eyes and asked me what he would be angry about? I hugged him hard and told him I loved him and we went to bed.”

Susan asked if we had sex and I told her no. She asked what I had said in the morning, and I told her he was gone when I got up to pee. Susan said, “Call him.” When I asked her why, she raised her voice and said, “CALL HIM, NOW!”

Startled, I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and hit the speed dial for Tommy. It went straight to voice mail, and I told him I was just calling to tell him I loved him. I hung up and Susan asked if that was normal. I told her I would call sometimes during the day and leave messages but that it usually rang through. This was the first time I remembered it going straight to voice mail. She told me to call her later tonight because something did not feel right to her.

Julie returned to her classroom to plan lessons. Susan asked Brenda into her office so they could dissect what had happened with Julie and Tommy. “What do you think?” Susan asked Brenda.

She replied, “I’m not sure but I have that same feeling that something isn’t quite right in the Edwards home.”

“Just what’s bothering you?”

Brenda sighed, “I can’t quite put my finger on it but Tommy was way too calm last night after watching that DVD. Coupled with being gone early and the call going straight to voice mail and the fact he had no reaction when Michael said he had the smallest dick in the group. He failed to show any anger or sense of humiliation. Instead, he was a zombie. Susan, I wish I knew.”

Susan became irked and told Brenda, “Michael, that arrogant ASSHAT! First off, we do not know for sure that he has a small cock, and it sure looked like Mr. Three Piece Business Suit looked down his nose at Tommy. He had no intention of treating Tommy, like one of the group, he planned to humiliate him and treated him like a sissy cuckold in one of those damn porn flicks he likes so much.”

Brenda felt exasperated and asked Susan, “Any ideas?”

There was a pregnant pause as Susan pondered Brenda’s question before she replied, “We will just have to see what goes on at the Edward’s house tonight. I sure hope everything is all right. This little club of ours was meant to enrich our sex lives hopefully it hasn’t damaged Julie’s marriage beyond repair. She loves Tommy so much. She’d be devastated.” She added with a genuine hint of sadness.

Brenda replied, “Me too.”


I spent the day at Jason’s place as I sorted through the stuff he downloaded from Julie’s phone. I heard the door open and close and Jason soon appeared in the kitchen where I sat at the table. “Hey Jason, you’re home kind of early.”

“Jeff let me off early to check on you.”

I was unsure as whether I was honored or insulted by that. I realized Jeff and Jason were just looking out for me. It dawned on me that my nerves were a bit raw. I’d been running on anger and adrenaline and hadn’t allowed my pain to surface. “Thanks, and thanks for letting me crash here for a couple of days Jason. You and Jeff are great friends.” I meant that sincerely.

Jason looked at me concerned and asked, “Dude, take as much time as you need. So, what’s up with Julie?”

“Well, I have been going through her emails and it looks like Michael and Ken seem to be the ringleaders. It’s mostly Ken who instigated everything. From what I gathered Michael and Debbie and Ken and Susan were spouse swapping with each other and then began targeting others in our social group as they branched out.

The IT boy, Austin, looks like their first conquest. I’m guessing he was doing some type of computer network thing for them. He is sort of a wimp with a very hot and sexy wife. Brenda has a nice ass and a great pair of tits.” Jason walked over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers before he sat down at the table. He passed me a cold one and I continued.

“I think it took some balls to approach Mark Collins and his wife. He’s a Deputy Sheriff and has a lot to lose. According to the emails, there was some mild seduction talk at the monthly barbeque gatherings. However, it was Debbie and Susan who worked on the wives. As Julie and Brenda’s direct supervisor, Susan, commanded their respect and had earned their trust and as such she exerted undue influence over them. So, it was truly a team effort. I think Julie was caught up in this because of her working relationship with the two sluts and her submissive nature. She is a beautiful and attentive wife but she is also rather naive and wasn’t quick to pick up obvious clues that foretold their true agenda.” I took a long pull of my beer.

“Have you thought about your options yet?”

“Yes and no. I’m still really pissed and deeply hurt that Julie could cheat on me with those bastards.”

I told Jason the five options what I had come up with over breakfast this morning. Option #2 is out as I don’t want to ruin my life. Option one is a no go as well. I most assuredly don’t want to be associated with people who seduced my wife behind my back and chose to humiliate me with that filthy, disgusting video and the “little dick” in the group comment. So, it looks like option five–revenge, and there’s no time like the present to begin.”

I pulled out my burner phone. I spoofed my old cell number so it came up on his phone, activated the recording app, and dialed Deputy Mark Collin’s phone.

“This is Mark. Tommy?”

I replied, “Hey Mark, Yeah, it’s Tommy Edwards, is this an inconvenient time?”

“Not at all Tommy, what’s up?”

“Mark are you a special kind of stupid? You dare ask me what’s up as if we planned to get together for golf or something?” I felt snarky as I finally directed some of my anger where it belonged.

“Sorry Tommy.”

“Save the lame ass apologies for now, although, I do have a question. The video, is that how you and Mary were invited to the group?”

“Fuck NO! We were at the Miller’s barbeque when Austin and his wife along with Susan Logan started talking to us about the swinging lifestyle and asked our thoughts. We were curious but not completely convinced until we talked with Debbie and Susan. The idea for the video was Ken’s.”


“Look Tommy, I don’t know what to say to you. Are you okay? You were so calm during the video. It was like you were okay with what was going on.”

“Well Mark, wasn’t I supposed to accept it? Then again, why would I be, after all I’ve the smallest dick in the group, don’t I?”

“That was uncalled for on Ken’s part. I don’t know why he said that.”

“Hell Mark, isn’t it obvious? It’s because I am a lowly blue collar construction guy with a little dick and can’t measure up to a suit wearing cock-master like Ken. We’ll chat later. Gotta go.” Click.

Looking at Jason, I chuckled. Jason told me he was confused because he only heard my side of the conversation. I told him I would put the next one on speakerphone. My next call was to Austin and once again, I spoofed my old cell number and activated the recording app when I called him.

I heard the voice on the line say, “Miller Consultants, this is Austin Miller. How may I help you?”

“Hey Austin, Tommy Edwards here.”

“What can I do for you Mr. Edwards?”

“C’mon, Austin, after last night, you’re being somewhat formal.”

“Tommy, I’m just not sure what to say after last night. You were really quiet while we watched the DVD.”

“That is why I’m calling Austin. Did you do the editing on the DVD?”

“I did.”

“Did anyone guide you on how to edit it?”

“Ken told me what he wanted on it, how it should start, and the transition from scene to scene. He told me to just do a preview of each of us at the intro and leave each full sessions in different chapters on the final product.”

“Was that the final product?”

Yes, it was.

How many copies did you make Austin?

“I made five copies, one for each couple. Listen Tommy, I got my start with Ken and Michael and through them, their company and references I have made a lot of money. I owe them my business.”

“I get that Austin. One more question.”

“Sure Tommy”.

“How did you and Brenda get involved in this spouse swapping?”

“You know that Brenda works with Susan. Susan had many conversations with Brenda about how the Johnson’s and Logan’s swapped wives and even had sex all together in the same bed. Brenda would tell me what she and Susan talked about. One night we were at Ken’s and Susan’s for dinner. Michael and Debbie were there as well. The conversation got around to sex and spouse swapping and before long we were all naked in their family room having sex.”

“How about the Collins’?”

“A couple of months later we were at a cook-out at the Logan’s and the same thing happened with the exception that we paired off and went to bedrooms. That’s when they joined us.”

“Thanks Austin.”

Hey Tommy?”


“Are you okay? I mean you were so quiet and laid-back last night while the DVD was playing and you were blindsided by Ken, well by all of us really.

“Hey, why would I be all right? After all, I’ve got the smallest dick in the group!” Click.

Jason who sat there and listened to my conversations said, “Man you’re really messing with their heads. I’ve known you a while and you never show your anger. How do you do that, you know, control yourself like that? I never could. They’d all bleeding in a hospital or morgue by now if it were me.”

I drew a breath and gathered myself before I tried to answer his question. “Jason, you are one of very few people that know something about my past. Some things, but not everything. You knew when I was twelve years old my parents were killed in a plane crash.”

“You had mentioned that in boot camp. They were going to your uncle’s funeral in California somewhere close to Los Angeles.”

“Uncle Bob lived in Lancaster. What you don’t know is that it was United Flight 175 that they were traveling on.”

“I don’t get the significance of the flight number Tommy.”

“United Flight 175 crashed into the south tower at 9:03 a.m. September 11, 2001.”

Jason began crying and I joined him. After a few minutes, I wiped my eyes clear and told him that I had been staying with neighbors who had a boy my age. “I ended up moving to Georgia and lived with my mother’s brother, my uncle, Pete and his wife, Karen. I had an incredibly angry childhood after that and ended up in counseling. I acted out in school and was mad at the world, and everyone in it. The counseling continued for six years and that is where I learned to control my emotions. Rest assured; I have strong emotions and because of this a lot of anger. I just do not let anyone see that side of me.”

Jason looked at me, “Man, I am so sorry. I never knew.”

“Hey! Life sucks and you soldier on as they say. The families of those involved got an exceptionally large payout from the airlines. When my uncle found that out, he acted as my guardian, and I received a settlement that exceeded 2 million dollars. Uncle Pete put that into a trust with certain stipulations, one of which was that I either attended college and graduated or that I joined the military. I couldn’t access it until either of those conditions were met and even then, I couldn’t draw on any money until after my twenty-fifth birthday. Unless I’m truly foolish, say buy a mansion, an expensive sports car and throw lavish parties, I’m set for life. It just sets in the bank earning interest. Other than my Uncle Pete and Aunt Karen, you are the only one that knows about it.”

“Julie doesn’t know?” he looked surprised.

“Nope. I thought it would make a great surprise for a ten- or fifteen-year wedding anniversary. People with money do stupid things. I wanted to honor my parents by adhering to my family’s strong work ethic. I like working every day. Hell, I love working at J&B Construction. Then again, I loved my wife. Love, loved? The verdict is still out on that though I doubt there’s anything that excused her behavior this past month or anything she could say to justify what she did to me.”

“What now?”

“Well, “Tech Boy” and “Deputy Dawg” gave me some insight. Yet, I’m unsure how I’d exact my revenge, how deep I need to go or how far I need to carry it. Rest assured my friend, there will be a reckoning. Any ideas? I googled revenge and found a book on Amazon for $9.99 on 555 ways to get revenge. I may have to order that. Patience is a virtue and right now patience is my friend.”


I arrived home from school on most days an hour or so before Tommy. Unless they had a rain-out. I wondered if he would want to go out to eat or if I should fix him one of his favorite dinners. I went to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes. I put on a pair of jeans, a pullover collared shirt and comfortable sandals. My feet were always happy for a change of shoes after a day of teaching.

I noticed Tommy’s cell phone on the table when I got back to the kitchen. It was on top of the DVD he got from Ken last night. I wondered what he was thinking about that made him forget his phone. Tommy was normally home by 6:00 p.m. and I couldn’t call to check on him as his phone was still sitting there staring at me. It was nearly 6:30 p.m. when my phone rang. I jumped up to get it hoping it was Tommy using a friend’s phone to tell me why he was running late. I was disappointed when caller identification showed it was Susan Logan.

Susan asked, me if she could talk and I told her that she could, as Tommy had not yet arrived home and his cell phone was here. “Does Tommy usually run late very often?”

“Occasionally, but not often. It’s not like him to forget his phone. I thought, by now he’d have borrowed someone’s phone and called me, he always calls when he knew he’d be late.”

Susan asked, “Julie, where was Tommy’s phone?”

“On the kitchen table sitting on top of the DVD from last night.”

“Julie, have you made any plans for this weekend?”

“No. Tommy planned to mow and work around the house.”

Susan told me she would call her later and then hung up. Susan told Ken that there may be an issue with Tommy.

“What’s up with little dick?” he asked smugly.

“Quit being a prick toward him. He left his phone on top of the DVD on their kitchen table and he is late coming home. He was gone when Julie woke up.”

“So, call Julie and invite her over for some fun.” I never knew how must of an insensitive and narcissistic prick my husband truly was.

Incensed I told him, “Not only should you quit being a prick, but you also need to stop being a dumbass as well. You may have just underestimated him. It is quite possible he is not the submissive cuckold you believed to be.”

Ken replied sanctimoniously, “Oh quit. Did you see how polite he was after watching the DVD? He was all Mr. Manners as he asked, “May I please have it to watch” and he thanked me when I gave it to him. You are worried about nothing. He forgot his phone because he had things on his mind and he’s probably scared to hear what Julie had to say to him.”

“What are you talking about?” Susan wondered.

“I suggested to Julie some ways to inspire tiny dick to let Julie join our group.”

“What the fuck Ken? Julie, join our group? You mean Julie and Tommy.”

“Because Julie is one fine piece of ass but tell me why would you women want to be serviced by “old, tiny dick”?

Susan ignored her husband as he disparaged Tommy and asked him, “What suggestions Ken? What did you tell Julie?”

He smugly replied, “I told her to tell “tiny dick” that she loved him even more for allowing and understanding her need for having sex with their friends and how it would make their sex life better and if he rejected the idea that she would deny him sex, maybe even divorce him, and take him to the cleaners.”

Ken, for a supposedly smart guy, you’re truly fucking stupid!” Susan left Ken to choke on that as she left the room and immediately called Julie back. and telling

“Hey Julie, is Tommy home yet?” she inquired.

“I still haven’t heard from him.”

“Did you discuss with Tommy any of the things Ken suggested you tell Tommy so he would agree to this?”

“I really haven’t had a chance to talk to him. He was very quiet last night, and I didn’t feel comfortable with some of the things Ken said to me. I love Tommy and I certainly don’t want a divorce!”

Susan added, “If you talk with him tonight, do not mention any of what Ken suggested, especially about cutting him off from sex. Let’s get together for coffee tomorrow morning.”

Julie agreed before Susan hung up.


It was Saturday morning and I had planned out my day as I made the morning coffee. When Jason came down, I said,

“Hey Jason, let’s take a road trip. You drive, and I’ll buy lunch and dinner and pay for the fuel as well.”

He simply asked, “So, where are we going?”

“At least 60 miles. I think I need at least an hour of road time.”

“Anywhere in particular you wanted to go?”

“I’ve needed some more clothes than what I had packed in my go bag and I don’t want to go home yet.

“We could go to Russelville. It’s not quite an hour away but they do have a fairly new mall.”

“Let’s do it.”

We loaded Jason’s Ford Escape and head toward Russelville. Jason asked, “Have you made any progress with your plans for revenge?”

I told him, “It’s getting there but it’s a work in progress. I’m thinking extortion with photo or video evidence to keep them all at bay. I decided to focus on Ken Logan, he’d be my main target. I’m positive I needed to have a chat with all of them, either as a couple or one on one. Not sure about how I wanted to accomplish that yet. Northview Mall is on your left.”

One hour and two stores later I had enough clothing to last a week without having to do laundry. After lunch at Applebee’s, I suggested we just drive around town for a bit. I spotted a Christie’s Toy Box store in a strip mall and told Jason to pull in. It should be noted that Christie’s is adult store that sells sex toys. It’s most definitely not for kids.

As we entered, we were greeted by a short-haired blond-haired woman about 22. She asked, “Can I help you find anything?” I told her that we just wanted to look around. It wasn’t until I had walked up and down each aisle before I grabbed a handbasket and started placing items in it. I picked out four blindfolds, a red rubber ball gag, three medium cock cages and one large cock cage. I picked out four sets of higher quality handcuffs, steel, not the fur lined variety They’re much like the ones “Deputy Dawg” might be issued to use in his line of work.

At the checkout, the clerk asked me if I was trying to get a variety of sizes in the cock cages as I had one large and three mediums in my basket.

I said, “I needed different sizes as they are to be used on four different dicks.”

The clerk raised her eyebrow as her kink-o-meter red lined.

I said rather matter of factly that I intended to lock up the cocks of my wife’s lovers.


“No, they are gag gifts for my groomsmen.” With that revelation she chuckled.

I paid in cash, and we got back into the SUV. Jason said, “The look on that clerk’s face was priceless. She must have blushed several shades of red.!” He chuckled and said he wished he had a picture for a permanent memory. We decided to head back home and made a pitstop at a Casey’s convenience store for gas and grabbed some beer for the remainder of the weekend.

After I got back at Jason’s, I went online and made a purchase of two wireless recording / receiving systems that indicated a range of one-half mile between the transmitter and the receiver. I chose rush delivery. I then set up a new email and used “TommyLilD” as the username. I never needed a personal email account and hadn’t had one since I left the service. I told Jason what my planned preliminary revenge scenario looked like, and he told me that it needed a tweak here and there, but it sounded very interesting so far.


Julie woke up after a restless night sleep. It was Saturday and Tommy had yet to come home or for that matter even bothered to call. Julie dressed and got in her car and headed to Oak Street Coffee & Croissants. She agreed to meet Susan for coffee and this was the place Susan asked her to meet at. When Julie got to the coffee shop, she saw that Susan, Brenda, and Debbie were all there at a table waiting for her. She ordered her coffee and sat down.

Susan Spoke first, “Hi Julie. How are you?”

“I’m okay so far but I still don’t know where Tommy is and I’m worried.”

Brenda chimed in, “Well, it’s really only been one night. I bet he went to a motel to think about things, and he will be home tonight.”

Julie looked less than optimistic when she replied, “I hope so. I hate to think I screwed up our marriage over this.”

“Oh Julie, you guys will be fine. Some guys just need a little incentive.” Susan said.

“Like what Ken told me to say?”

Susan practically screamed, “Hell no! Ignore my idiot husband. He’s more concerned keeping you in his bed than he is concerned with your marriage.”

Brenda told Julie, “Please call us when he comes home this weekend. If you need anyone to talk to, you know anyone of us is available.”

Julie asked, “Any idea what I should say to him when he comes home?”

“I would suggest that you not show any anger toward him being gone but tell him how concerned you were about his safety and well-being. Ask him if he wants to talk about anything or ask you any questions.” Susan chimed in.

Brenda added, “I agree. I would understand you being mad because he has not called or let you know anything but under these circumstances, I’d give him his space but try and be loving but not too loving if you know what I mean.”

Debbie had not said anything and was sipping her coffee while the other two talked with Julie. After some more conversation, Brenda reminded them that the card game was at their house this Thursday. They all exchanged some encouraging words toward Julie, and everyone left and went their separate ways. I was getting worried as Tommy had not yet arrived home and I still hadn’t received a call from him or his whereabouts. I cooked one of his favorite dinners in anticipation of his arrival but after I waited hours for him and since it was nearly eight, I put the remains into the refrigerator and watched some television. I stayed up until 2am and waited and hoped he’d come through the door. When I did finally surrender to the exhaustion, I had a restless night’s sleep.

Another day passed and still no word from Tommy. Susan had called and checked on her as had Brenda. Julie asked, “Susan should I report him as a missing person to the police?” Susan replied, “No Julie, it hasn’t been 48 hours and I believe he’s alright just not alright with the situation and we’ve got Ken to thank for that!” Julie waited frantically for some word of Tommy or for him to come home. Sunday night was a repeat of the previous two nights as I barely slept.”

I arrived at school just prior to the opening bell signaling the start of my first class. Susan, Principal Logan, as usual, was at the door greeting faculty, staff, and students. They made eye contact and Julie simply shook her head side to side and went to her classroom. However, when she opened her computer, she saw among her emails one from TommyLilD. She opened it and read what Tommy had sent her on Saturday.

My Dearest Julie,

I love you very much and needed some time to reflect on our marriage and what you have done to jeopardize my love for you. I want to have a face-to-face talk with you and you alone on Tuesday, August 4th at our house at 7:00 p.m.

We will discuss what has transpired and what might happen on choices we make.


At lunch, I told Susan and Brenda about the email. Having heard from him and when he wrote that he loved me I felt much better today about my chances and my future with Tommy.


While Julie was at work, I drove the Ford Escape to my house and placed one of the transmitters under the dining table. I had tested it at Jason’s, the range was good, and the clarity was exceptional. The mic is so sensitive it picked up Jason’s footsteps on his hardwood floors and I recorded his voice several feet away from the transmitter.


After I arrived home, I found Ken in his office working. “Ken, Tommy sent an email to Julie and told her he wanted to talk to her Tuesday night in person.” Ken just waved his hand at his wife as he was in the middle of an important proposal. When he finished his work Ken recalled what Susan had told him earlier. I decided I better call Mark. “Hey Mark, Ken here. I wondered if you’re busy Tuesday evening from 6-9pm?”

“I work the first watch Tuesday and I can make it.” I told him to meet me at our house a little before six before I hung up.


I believed that something was rotten in Denmark so I enlisted Jason’s help yet again. I picked him up at a nearby Walmart parking lot. Jason had left work early with Jeff’s approval and drove his truck to Wal-Mart to meet me. By 5pm we were sitting about a block away from my former home. Julie’s car was parked in the drive at their residence. It was about an hour later when they saw three people walk out of the Logan’s house. I told Jason that the slimmer male was Deputy Collins aka “Deputy Dawg”, and the other male was Ken Logan. The female was his wife, Susan Logan. They walked to my former home and Julie let them in.

Listening on the receiver, we heard a conversation from the group where Ken told Julie, “Julie, talk with him and get him to talk with me. I’ll make him understand what you want and need. Mark and I are going to hide and we’ll only come out if he intended to be violent instead of having a civil conversation. Julie said, “Tommy would never do that! He had never even raised his voice with me little lone his fist!”

Ken replied, “Tommy may have behaved himself in the past, but no one knows what he is capable of or how angry he truly is. We’ll be in the back bedroom just in case we’re needed.”

I told Jason, “That’s what I expected.”

I opened a folder and selected from one of several notes I had typed and printed prior to tonight’s meeting. I called the local Domino’s delivery guy and ordered a large Supreme with instructions to stop at the Ford Escape in front of this address for a tip. It was paid for with Jason’s debit card and I told him I would pay him back. Twenty minutes later, the delivery guy cautiously approached us, and I handed him a twenty-dollar bill and an envelope with the word “Julie” on it. I gave him my address and asked him to give the letter and pizza to the lady that answers the door.

The Dominos’ guy made the delivery and I watched Julie opened and read the letter on my video feed.

My Dearest Julie,

What the FUCK? What part of talk with you alone don’t you get? I got a large supreme so you could share it with Ken, Susan, and Mark. I may send you another email and then again, I may not. I may or may not be in touch sometime in the future.


Julie started crying and the three amigos came out from the back bedroom. Julie handed Susan the note and as they all read it, Julie heard Mark say, “Fuck!”

Ken chuckled and Susan hit him hard in the arm and told both he and Mark, “GO!” She said, “I’m staying with Julie.”

Ken asked, “Can I at least take the pizza?”

Susan shot darts at him and indicated with her eyes that he should not ask for a piece of anything tonight. Ken and Mark like scolded puppies, left with their tails between their legs and without the pizza. I’d seen enough so we drove off.

“How did you know they’d be there?” Jason asked as he wondered how Tommy knew in advance.

“I knew that Julie needed to share the first email with someone. She couldn’t deal with it on her own and the most likely candidate was her boss, Susan. I knew that Susan would no doubt tell Ken. Ken is smart enough to not confront me in my own home. So, he would have at least one, if not more than one of the men in the group with him. Mark Collins was the obvious choice because of his size, position, and dealing with people.” Jason nodded as he followed my reasoning.

“If I got violent, he could arrest me. That would’ve allowed them unfettered access to Julie’s pussy. Even if I got out on bond, they’d arrange for a restraining order. Michael or Austin could’ve been there too but they weren’t really needed in Ken’s estimation. I made several different notes all with the same basic information, for different characters and scenarios depending on who all showed up.” I realized as we drove back to Jason’s place that I needed to get this other transmitter hidden at the Miller’s house before the next poker game.

I had been to the Miller house on more than one occasion. I liked the fact that they had a nice privacy fence that enclosed their backyard. I sat down the block in Jason’s Escape and kept watch on the Miller house. I saw Brenda as she left for work and less than fifteen minutes later, Austin drove off in his car. Since the poker game was tomorrow night, I needed to get the transmitter placed today. I had just a small window of opportunity.

Austin worked out of his house and I wasn’t sure how long he’d be gone So I grabbed the backpack that held the transmitter and walked to the Miller residence. I quickly made my way to the gate leading to the backyard that was near the garage and opened it. I walked to the back deck and climbed the two steps onto the landing. I opened the sliding screen and glass doors I knew Austin left unlocked unless they went out of town. I entered the house and quickly got to work. In less than five minutes, I had the transmitter in place beneath the table in Austin’s “man cave” and just that quick I was out the door and on my way to Jason’s.

After I arrived at Jason’s, I began another internet search. This time I looked for video editing software. I found several with multiple features and options. I specifically looked for software that blurred faces and added titles and allowed text to be superimposed. I chose Filmora and began the download. After going over the tutorial, I spent a couple of hours on a copy of one of the DVDs from last Thursday that I had burned and I made the changes and additions I wanted.

I heard the door as Jason got home. He came into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I had dinner almost made. Jason said, “The biggest advantage of you being here is not having to cook. Plus, I still get to sleep with any warm bodied woman that’s so inclined.”

I chuckled. Damn it felt good to laugh. “Don’t to get used to it “big boy lady’s man”. I think I’ve spoiled you for bachelorhood. However, I’ll still be around for a week or so unless you throw me out.”

Jason replied, “Naw, at least you cook even if dinner isn’t on the table when I get home. So be a “good little wifey and feed me, I’m a hungry man.” I threw a wet dishcloth at him and told him to wash up because dinner was in five minutes. I realized I missed the banter and “breaking balls” with the guys on the job. After dinner, I grabbed a couple of beers and showed Jason my handiwork and thanks to Filmora, the changes I made to the DVD. We both enjoyed the results and I couldn’t wait to premiere it.

No one expected me to show up at the weekly poker game. Ken, Mark, Austin, and Michael were seated at the table in the man cave and Ken was dealing. As he shuffled the cards, he looked at the group and stated the obvious, “I believe “Little Dick’s” a no show tonight, so let’s play.

Mark asked, “Ken, have you told Austin and Michael about what transpired Tuesday at Julies?

“I told Michael. Now we need to tell Austin though it isn’t a really big deal.”

“Tell me what?” Austin asked a bit dejected as he felt he’d been left out of the loop.

“Ole “Little dick” wanted to talk with Julie alone Tuesday. Somehow, he discovered that

Mark, myself and Susan were present, hidden in the backroom in case he got violent.”

Austin asked, “What did he have to say?”

“Nothing.” Ken replied as he dealt the cards round the table. “While we waited for him, a pizza guy showed up with a letter. He had sent Julie a nasty letter about us being there.”

“How did he know you were there?”

“Not sure. I’ll bet he sat hidden somewhere and watched the house to make sure Julie was alone before he entered.”

Mark chimed in, “Ken, the note was printed from a computer and mentioned everyone present by name. We may not have given Tommy enough credit. We really don’t know much about him.”

Ken started to speak, “Look “ole Little Dick…’

Mark interrupted, “Ken, stop calling him that!” as he wondered why Ken felt he needed to humiliate Tommy any further.

Ken allowed a pregnant pause before he answered, “Little Richard is a construction worker. He works with his hands, not his head. For Christ’s sake, he swings a hammer and is a glorified handyman. Okay? He isn’t worthy enough to lick my boots. So, what do we know about him?

Michael jumped in, “He’s married to a very beautiful woman who’s a terrific fuck.”

“I think he served in the Army.” Austin added.

Mark asked, “Anyone known about his family or relatives?”

The room remained silent as none of them had a clue about any relatives other than Julie.

Ken broke the silence, “Looks like we need to do some homework. Austin, use your computer wizardry to see what you can find. Mark, try to find out where he is staying. If he’s not in a motel, I bet he is staying with one of his co-workers. Can you run license plate numbers to get addresses to check?”

“Not legally. I guess I could stop by and talk to Julie about reporting him as a missing person.”

Ken told them, “I’ll talk to Julie and see what I can find out about his family.”

The door opened and closed loudly as Brenda shouted, “I’m home.” to let Austin to let that she was home. He asked her “Babe, why are you home so early?”

Brenda told the guys that, “Julie was very depressed and wanted to be alone. We all felt that maybe we should just call it a night and go home, so we did.” Mark said that was a good idea and got up to go home to Mary. The rest of the group followed Mark’s lead and stood to leave. and Ken reminded the group that they were meeting at his house one week from tomorrow for dinner and fun, so no Poker game next Thursday. We were parked one block away in the Escape and listened to the entire conversation as well as recorded it for posterity. “Jason,” I said as he drove toward home, “by next Friday I’ll have my revenge.”

I drove Jason to work that morning so Deputy Collins wouldn’t have the opportunity to obtain any license information on Jason’s vehicle. I gave Jason an envelope to tape to the office door for Jeff and I wrote on the outside “For Law Enforcement Only” and had put my name name beneath that.

When Jeff arrived, Jason told him about the letter and what they had heard the previous night adding that there was a good chance Deputy Collins would stop by today. He told Jeff he could string Collins along a bit and then give him the envelope.

Jason ran his crew as they framed a wall when the marked Sheriff’s SUV drove slowly by the trucks and vans parked at the site. It looked like the deputy talked on his radio as he drove past the parked vehicles. The deputy made another slow pass before he stopped at the construction trailer office. Jeff stood in the door as he approached.

“Can I help you?” Jeff asked the deputy.

“I’m Deputy Mark Collins with Harris County Sheriff’s Department, and I’m investigating a missing person. Our information led us to believe he may work here.

“What is his name?” Jeff asked him.

“Tommy Edwards.”

“Tommy worked here. Doesn’t anymore. Up and quit last week. Something about marital problems that involved a bunch of neighbors. I don’t think he’s missing. I think he wanted some alone time.” Jeff enjoyed toying with Mark.

“Did he tell you that?” Mark asked.

“That he wants some alone time? No. Just had that impression.”

Mark wanted to know, “Has he contacted you?”

“No. He told me to hold onto his last check and he’d make arrangements to get it.”

Mark appeared slightly agitated with the cat and mouse game and asked, “Has he contacted you since he quit?”


“Any idea where he might be staying, or where he is now?” Mark’s frustration showed on his face.

Jeff chuckled inwardly at the deputy’s discomfort and replied, “No, however there was an envelope on the door you may be interested in.”

“Any chance of looking at his personnel file?”

“Not without a court order. Jeff handed the envelope to Deputy Collins and then asked him, “Why is Harris County investigating Tommy as a missing person? He lives inside the city limits; wouldn’t the city police have jurisdiction?”

Mark ignored Jeff’s inquiry and said as he concluded his interview, “Thank you sir.” He took the envelope and walked back to his patrol unit. Once inside his cruiser Deputy Collins opened the sealed envelope and read the letter:

Shame on you Mark Collins! Using your official capacity as a certified law enforcement officer and sworn up holder of The Constitution to violate your oath of office. Calling license plates over the radio so your wife can use the State computer to get names and addresses of employees just so you can try and find me. Why is Harris County investigating a missing person when I live in the city? And you know I’m not missing. How was the pizza? Go back to serving and protecting. While you’re at it and think about the policy and procedure and civil rights you and Mary have violated. I’ll be in touch…. Soon!


“Oh shit! Thanks Ken.” He said out loud as he pounded on the steering wheel. I watched Mark as he drove off, as I sat with a huge grin on my face in the Escape with the digital camera and zoom lens having snapped photos of the entire encounter. I just knew the photos would come in handy as I drove back to Jason’s.

Austin Miller just finished doing a background check on Tommy Edwards. He called Ken to brief him on what he discovered. “I’m found nothing on the web on Thomas Edwards or Tommy Edwards and I used every search engine that I have. Wikipedia lists that name as an English Clergyman from the 1600’s. He has no email account or Facebook account or any type of social media presence or networking profile. I have asked Brenda to check with Julie and ask her if he has a filing cabinet at home with personal papers that we might look at.” Austin sounded exasperated.

Then he texted Brenda and left her a message. He asked her to inquire about any personal papers that Julie may know about. He told Brenda he was interested in financial statements, family history, military service, or anything that might reveal something about his past. If she asked why, tell her we are trying to find Tommy for her.

Julie, Susan, and Brenda as usual, sat together in the teacher’s lounge and enjoyed their lunch and a break from the bedlam and chaos of the classroom. Brenda checked her text messages and asked Julie if Tommy had an office or a filing cabinet at their house. Julie said, “We’ve got a filing cabinet in the spare bedroom. Why?”

Brenda told Julie that, “Austin and the guys were trying to help her find Tommy and that there may be useful information in the filing cabinet. Julie said that she would look after school.

After the lunch break, Brenda and Julie returned to the classrooms and Susan went to her office. She was met by her secretary with a piece of paper with a phone number written on it and the word urgent underlined. Susan sat at her desk and looked at the phone number. She didn’t recognize it, but she returned the call. Tommy picked up on the first ring and said, “Hi Susan, this is Tommy, and it is an urgent call. Please do not hang up.” Susan was somewhat relieved and thought this might be the break they had looked for.

“Are you all right Tommy? Julie is worried sick about you. She loves you so much and is so sorry that you have left.”

Tommy was a bit flummoxed as he replied, “You know, I tried to talk to my wife but didn’t get a chance to talk to her Tuesday because SOMEONE or group of someone’s interfered again in our lives.”

“I am sorry about that too Tommy!” Susan at least sounded genuine in her apology.

“Susan, please listen for a second. I want to meet with just you, alone. No Julie. No Ken. No Mark. No one nearby or listening in, just you. Don’t even tell anyone about it until after the fact. I have some questions that must be answered and I think you can help me with on how to approach Julie and try and resolve this mess. If see or suspect anyone nearby or listening in and its over between me and Julie, got it?”

Susan nervously answered, “I can do that Tommy. Can you leave now and meet me at Angelo’s Bar & Grill?”

“I can do that.” Tommy answered.

“I will see you in thirty minutes.”

There weren’t many customers at one thirty on a Friday afternoon at Angelo’s. Business picked up around 5pm and got better as the night progressed. Tommy was seated at a booth in a back corner and had the transmitter secured under the table. The recording piece was in Jason’s Escape in the parking lot. Susan walked in and was by herself. She nodded at me as walked to the booth and took a seat across from me. She reached across the table with her palms up and I ignored the gesture.

“I want to talk to you and ask you some questions.” I began. “I would like you to not interrupt but to think about what your answers are and to insure they are truthful. Can you do that?”

“I can Tommy. I feel partly responsible for this situation and would do anything to make it better.”

So, I asked her, “How long have you and Ken been swapping spouses?”

“I guess about two years now.”

“How did it start?”

“It began with Michael and Debbie. Michael and Ken are partners, and we would often go out together drinking and dancing. It just happened one night we were sitting with the other’s spouse after a night of dancing and drinking and we ended up having sex. Then it began to happen more and more.” Susan paused and surprisingly blushed as if for the first time she was embarrassed by their behavior.

She continued, “I had shared somethings with Brenda at work about how much better my sex life was. I meant that with Ken it was better. With Michael it was different, not better per se, but different. Brenda always asked questions after that, and I talked to Ken. He hired Austin to do some much needed computer networking upgrades at their office. We asked them out and after a few weeks they were invited along with Michael and Debbie and watched us have sex.”

“The next weekend we went out again dancing and drinking and they were also there. On that occasion, I had sex with Austin, Debbie was with Michael and Ken had sex with Brenda. We got introduced to Mark and Mary Collins one night while dancing and drinking and found that they lived close by.” I was surprised that Susan was so candid in describing their activities. She went on, saying,

“That is when the monthly barbecues began and the weekly poker party. Then, you moved in and Ken found out that Julie worked with Brenda and me. He said that we should get you involved in the group. He asked me to talk to Julie and I did. After we invited you both to a couple of barbecues, I began talking to Julie about her sex life. With the help of Brenda, we told her how greatly our sex lives had improved after we started sharing our spouses.”

I asked, “How did you seduce my wife into your ‘club’?”

“I told her things that Ken liked to hear while we were making love. Things like, ‘Oh Honey your dick is so much bigger than Austin’s. Or your dick is so much bigger than Mark’s.’ I told her he likes to hear about how much better a lover he is than the others and he always wanted me to call them by name. Brenda said to Julie that she did the same with whichever guy she was with. She told them how much better they were in bed than her husband and how their dicks were so much bigger than her husband’s.”

I told her, “Thanks Susan that has helped some but why did everyone fuck my wife and then try and humiliate me with the video and calling me ‘little dick’?” I watched her facial expressions and she showed genuine remorse for what her asshole of a husband said.

“Again, Tommy, I’m extremely sorry about that. Ken asked me to talk to Julie about your sex life and she had said how you were so gentle and caring. No one had ever seen you angry or raise your voice and Ken thought you had a submissive personality.” I felt my anger rise and did my level best to control it before I continued my questions.

“So, your plan was to cuckold me and everyone gets to play with my wife while I watch?”

“Oh no Tommy, Ken thought that the DVD would get you excited and everyone wanted you to be part of the group even if you had a tiny penis.” I still wondered why they believed I was smaller below the belt than the rest of them sight unseen.

“About that Susan, has any of you ever seen my tiny penis?”

“Well, no, just what Julie has told us.” Now I felt incredibly hurt and thoroughly betrayed.

“So, you told my wife that your husband likes to be complimented on the size of his junk and told that it is so much bigger than her husband’s. That is what you base my endowment on? I don’t need an answer, Susan.”

“I noticed your nipples are pierced. Did Ken ask you to have that done?”

“Yes, he did.”

“I also noticed that your pussy is void of hair. Did Ken ask you to do that?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Did Ken ask you to wear nylons and a garter belt when you fucked?” She looked perplexed as she asked me,

“Tommy why are you asking me about that, I don’t understand.”

“Susan, I’ve monitored emails between Ken and Julie. He had asked her to shave her pussy bare and to wear black nylons and a garter belt before you both fucked her on that video. He’s also tried to convince her to have her nipples pierced this week. I think he is trying to turn my wife into a younger version of you.”

Susan was definitely pissed as she shouted, “That asshat! How do you know this?”

“I told you, I am monitoring their email’s.”

I asked, “Anything you want to share with me?”

After reflecting on that question for a few seconds, Susan told me that, “Austin was trying to find out your personal history and he had asked Julie about any files you might have at home.”

I was finished with my questions and I added, “Thanks Susan, I’m not sure as to what path I’m taking with this, but I would appreciate you keeping this conversation between the two of us.”

“I can do that.”

“I’d also suggest that you keep an eye on Ken. It looks like he is trying to monopolize Julie in this love fest. Thanks again for meeting with me.”

She said, “No problem, I need to get back to school. Do you need a ride, I didn’t see your truck?”

I told her, “No thanks, I am using the cab service to shuttle me around.”

After Susan left, I drove to my house and parked a block over. I entered through the back and went straight to the spare bedroom where I grabbed all my important files. I used Julie’s computer to open a word file and typed what I thought was a brilliant paper to totally screw with Austin and the group. I put it in a manila clasp envelope with several blank pieces of paper and sealed it. On the outside, I used a sharpie and wrote Thomas Edwards at the top. Below that, I wrote “important papers including family contacts, High School Diploma, College Diploma, Birth Certificate, previous job resumes and DD214 paperwork” I then sealed the envelope.


After school on Friday, Brenda followed me home. I asked her if she wanted any coffee and she told me that she was fine. She asked if I needed help looking through the files. I told her that I rarely went in the file drawer, but it was in the spare bedroom.

I opened the door and saw a fat manila envelope with Tommy’s name on it the contents were listed on the outside. I gave it to Brenda and after we talked for a few minutes, she left and took the envelope with her. I sat down and wondered if I would ever hear from Tommy again and I asked myself if I had been the cause of this. I also asked myself if I really believed Ken when he said that Tommy would be happy if I got her nipples pierced. He certainly wasn’t happy about the DVD.


When I arrived home from Julie’s, I immediately called out to Austin. I found him at his desk with earphones on as he worked on the computer. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned and smiled at me. I held the manila envelope in my hand and started to give it to him.

Before I could hand it to him, he stood and grabbed me and hugged me hard as he kissed me full on the mouth. “Thanks Baby!” He said as he looked at the envelope and saw the wealth of information listed on it.

He opened the envelope and pulled out the wad of papers. Most were blank but the top two had some writing on them. He began reading aloud:

My Dearest Austin,

How goes the search for information and background history of Thomas Edwards? I bet you thought this packet would be of great benefit to you in your endeavors to locate the true me. Now that is the question. What do we know about him? We know he has a beautiful wife. We know he was in the Army. We don’t know about any relatives.

Let me help you. First, I do have a beautiful wife. One who has been defiled and one who may need to have vengeance sowed on her behalf. (I’ll let you know about that later….)

Yes, I was in the Army. My DD214 would’ve showed you my enlistment date and when I left service (if I left service). It would’ve listed the ribbons and medals I earned as well as listed my deployments. It would’ve showed you my MOS. Austin, if you’re unaware, MOS is short for Military Occupational Specialties. I was designated 11Bravo (11B) Basic infantry. Perhaps it was actually 13Fox (13F) Fire Support Specialist. Then again, the way you all are getting played, I could’ve been 17Bravo (17B), a Cyber & Electronic warfare Officer or 17Charlie (17C) Cyber Operations Specialist. I’ll share I definitely wasn’t 18X-ray (18X) Special Forces Candidate.

More than likely I was 12Whiskey (12W) Carpentry and Masonry Specialist. Because, as you know form Ken, I don’t use my head, I just swing a hammer. That might mean 12Bravo (12B) Combat Engineer or 12November (12N) Horizontal Construction engineer. You folks did some Horizontal Destruction Engineering on my marriage! Get it? Yes, I do have some humor left. I may or may not have listed my actual MOS. You have the brains; I got the tiny dick. Ha! More humor? You figure it out.

Any luck on my name? Is it the name that was on my original birth certificate? You caught the word original, didn’t you? Is that my actual date of birth? Am I Thomas E. Edwards? I might be in WITSEC. Does Deputy Collins know anyone in the United States Marshall’s Service? Raylin Givens maybe?

Then again, Mark and Mary are going to have their hands full when their investigation comes to see the light of day. Sorry I couldn’t leave any pizza or other breadcrumbs for you Austin. Good luck.

Tommy (or is it?) 

Austin looked at me as the color drained from his face and asked me, “How the fuck did he do that?”

“Do what honey?”

“Well, Tommy left me a letter and a bunch of blank sheets and that’s it. He knew almost verbatim what Ken told me. I thought I had a clever idea on what to do, but now I’m just at a total loss of how to proceed or what direction I needed to go. I need to get the guys together.” Austin made four phone calls and suddenly the group are assembled in our game room.

Austin passed around the packet of blank papers and the typewritten letter that he had received from Brenda earlier. Ken looked it over and asked Mark about the investigation Tommy mentioned. Mark told the group that he stopped by the construction site and met the foreman who gave him an envelope with a letter to him in it. He passed that letter around as well. After the letters are passed around, Ken conceded that Tommy may have more on the ball than he has given him credit for.

Mark said, “Tommy is two to three steps ahead of us at every turn. I’m not certain that we shouldn’t all be a little scared of him at this point. He mentioned revenge in the letter to Austin.”

They all agreed that Tommy was a lot more intelligent than they had given him credit for and they also agreed to be vigilant and to warn their wives that Tommy may be capable of doing something to any or all of them. It was a somber and humbled group that got up and headed home. Ken reminded them of the barbecue and party in one week.

It has been ten days since that fateful Poker Party and the revelation that my wife has screwed up our marriage. Four days after I left, I had attempted to talk to her in person and that did not go well. There was no conversation, just a large pizza along with a letter. I missed her terribly. She was and is the love of my life. For being so intelligent, she is very naïve about things and has a strong submissive personality. I’m betting that’s how Ken was able to get her to do some things for him. I wondered what she is wanted out of this whole mess that we find ourselves in. I decided it’s time to talk to her. I spoofed my old cell number, activated the recorder on my phone and called Julie.

Julie answered on the second ring. “Tommy! Is it really you? I love you so much and I miss you! Baby we need to talk!” I seemed good to hear her voice again. I told her,

“We do need to talk Julie. Are you alone?”

“I am baby, I miss you so much! I need you. When are you coming home?” I sensed excitement and anticipation in her voice. I told her,

“I’m not sure Julie. Let me ask you a question.”

“Anything baby, I love you so much.”

“You keep saying that but here is the question. Why?”

“Why what baby? I don’t understand.” It’s unfathomable that she could be that dense.

“Well, let me be more specific. “Why did you fuck Ken Logan? Why did you lick Susan Logan’s pussy? Why did you fuck Michael Johnson or Mark Collins or any of them? WHY?”

“Oh, baby I did it for you! To make our sex life even better than it was. Susan and Brenda said that by sharing, we’d get closer, and our sex lives would be so much better.”

“Why did you shave your pussy?”

“Ken told me that all guys liked a smooth vulva and that you would really like it and would give me more oral sex.” I tried not to get angry at her but it took all my willpower to control it. After a breath I continued,

“What about the nylons and garter belt?”

“Ken told me that you’d get turned on by that and you’d enjoy our sex together even more.”

“Whose sex are you talking about Julie? You and Ken?”

“Oh no baby, you and me. I did this all for us.”

“Are you planning to get your nipples pierced this week?”

“I am. Ken said that he would pay for it and that you would really like them pierced and that they would make me more sexually attractive.” I was pissed at her stupidity and at that manipulative bastard Ken as he tried to subjugate and control my wife for his own perversions.

“Julie, have I ever asked you to shave your pussy?”


“Have I ever asked you to wear nylons or a garter belt to bed?”

“No.” Perhaps she had an inking of the point I tried to make.

“Have I ever asked you to get your nipples pierced?”


“Julie, I loved you for you, just as you are. Have I failed to satisfy you orally?”


“Have I failed to properly satisfy you when we make love?”


I never needed anything more Julie. I had the best thing in the world with you as my wife. Why did you tell everyone I had a small penis?”

“I never said that Tommy! Susan said that Ken liked to hear that his dick was bigger than the spouse’s dick so that’s what I told him as well as Mark and the others. I told all of them that their dicks or cocks were bigger than yours, but it was just because Susan said that’s what women are supposed to tell the men they are with.”

Here’s it is Julie, the most important question. “Who do you want to be with?”

“You Tommy. I love you. I did this for you, to make you love me more and to make our sex together better.”

“Okay Julie. Don’t tell the others that we have talked, and I will call you tomorrow. Do you have plans?”

“I just want you home Tommy. Home to hold me and love me and make love to me.”

“Goodbye Julie.”

“I love you, Tommy!”

I disconnected the call and left her to ponder some of the things I asked and told her. I thought, well, that was an interesting conversation. She did this for me. She wanted to be with me. She loved me and wanted me home. I shouted out loud, “She must be batshit crazy to believe that!” I thought, if we get past this, and that’s a big if, someone needed to speak with a psychiatrist.

Back at Jason’s we grilled steaks and drank beer as I shared what I planned, going forward. I told him about the letter I had put in the file for Austin, and I shared some of my conversation with Susan. Justin laughed about the WITSEC part and where I asked if Mark new Raylin Givens. He also laughed about the different occupation specialties that I listed in the letter to Austin. “You should have told him you were with Seal Team Six.” He chuckled. His brain must be pickled in beer.

“Justin,” I told him, “they know I was in the Army. The Army doesn’t have Navy Seal’s in it. I’m just saying.” I’m surprised my thought process was that coherent as I had matched him beer for beer.

The plan had come together and I planned on it being concluded should by Friday night. Justin asked, “What about Julie, any chance?”

I shared the fact that, “Man I really wanted to reconcile but I’ve some lingering doubts about her capitulation and compliance with those disgusting degenerates. I planned to talk to her tomorrow and maybe if it goes well, later this week.”

It took most of the morning and several cups of strong coffee before the fog lifted from my head. It was nearly noon when I called Susan’s phone. I spoofed the number of Angelo’s and activated the recorder. Susan answered and I asked her if she could talk. She told me that Ken was outside working in the yard. I asked her to meet me at Angelo’s at 1:00 p.m. and she said she’d be there.

Jason and I arrived early and I placed the recorder under the table while Jason sat in the Escape and monitored the receiver. Like the other day, Susan arrived on time and sat across from me. She again extended her hands toward me, and I remained still and rebuffed her gesture.

“Susan, you have a problem.”

“I’ve got a problem, what would that be?”

“Your husband has contacted my wife and asked her to get her nipples pierced this week. He planned to foot the bill for it, at least, that’s what he told her.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she said exasperated.

“No Susan, I’m serious as a heart attack. There’ve been other emails between them since we last met, and I honestly believe he has planned on replacing you with Julie. He mentioned that he wanted Julie to have his baby. (I lied about that, but I needed Susan to be pissed at Ken to help with my plan). I watched as Susan’s face turned crimson. She was pissed. She said,

“I’ll fucking put an end to this shit today!”

I tried to calm her down as I told her, “Now Susan, let’s be more reasonable here. How about we exact some revenge? You help me, and I’ll help you. Okay?” This seemed to pique her curiosity.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked,

“Is the group still getting together this Friday night? Is it still at your place?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Well, here’s my plan.”

I gave her some of the details about my thoughts for revenge and what I wanted each wife to do prior to drawing companions for the evening. Susan laughed at what some of what I told her and I explained what Julie and I’d likely end up doing as well. Susan was on board with all of it and said that she looked forward to Friday night. I told her I’d contact her at school Friday afternoon and give her the needed props for that night.

I called Julie who again answered almost immediately with, “I love you, Tommy!”

I asked her if she planned to go to the party Friday night and Julie said that she had hoped that we would go together. I asked her if she was wanted to have sex with someone else and she said no that she just wanted to be with me and that she only did that to make me happy. I asked, “Have you received any emails from Ken?”

She confessed that, “He had sent me one last night and asked if I was planned to keep the appointment at the piercing studio on Tuesday.”

I asked, “Julie, have you replied yet?”

“No, I haven’t. Do you want me to get my nipples pierced?”

“I’ve never asked you to do that or anything else. If you get them pierced it should be because you wanted it done and not because someone asked.” He thought, especially that asshole Ken.

“So, I should tell him no then, right?”

“It’s your body baby. You do what you want.”

“Would you like me to get my nipples pierced?”

I considered her question and told her that, “I’m alright with it, if you choose to do it.” I asked her the 64,000-dollar question, “Do you want to continue together as a faithful husband and wife forsaking all others?”

“You mean like the wedding vows?” She asked.

“Yes Julie, like wedding vows.”

“I do Tommy. I only want you. I love you and I’ve missed you.”

I told her, “I’ll be home next weekend. If anyone asked, I want you to tell them that you’ll be at the party Friday. If they ask about me, tell them you haven’t heard from me since I sent the pizza.”

“Okay baby, I can do that.” Then, I told her something I hadn’t been able to say in such a long while.

“I love you, Julie.”

“I love you, Tommy.”

The call finally ended but for the first time in weeks I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

I heard through Susan that the group had worried about me all week and wondered if anything was going to happen to any of them. Paranoia was not always a good thing. Ken had asked Susan to see if Julie was coming Friday. Susan told me she had talked with Julie at work and Julie told her that she would be there dressed as Ken had requested. Susan told me she was pissed at that comment but let it slide, since she knew that after tonight, she would have some control over Ken that he may or may not like. I stopped by the school on Friday afternoon with a box addressed to the principal. I called and confirmed that she had received delivery. I asked her if she had opened it and she said yes, I couldn’t wait. I laughed and said that he would see her at 8:00 p.m.

I watched from a distance as the group filtered in and began the ritual of idle chatter and relaxed with drinks before the night’s main event commenced. Per my instructions Julie arrived last in a blue summer dress wearing nylons and short matching heels. Her eye make-up was a bit darker than normal but her bright red lips showed her smile to perfection. She was the prettiest woman at the party.

I checked the time and it was nearly 6:30 p.m. Susan told me that it was the usual time they sat down to eat while they discussed the night’s events. I watched through the window. As they dined, Susan followed my plan and mentioned that the guys were in for a special treat tonight. She told them that after dinner, each couple would take their respective spouse to a bedroom, strip them naked, and place the blindfold on them that they would find in the room. There’d be a guessing game and the winner would be the male with the most correct guesses. I checked the time once again, it was 7:30 p.m. I watched as the dishes were cleared from the table, rinsed, and placed in the dishwasher. It was nearly time for my entrance. Susan instructed the couples to proceed to the bedrooms, strip the males down and place the blindfold over their eyes.

Ken asked, “What will Julie be doing?”

Susan replied, “For now, you worry about us, she’ll be just fine. There are special plans for her again tonight.”

After each man was stripped of their clothing, their blindfolds were placed over their eyes. Susan stopped by each room and told the male to wait and someone would be in shortly. Susan then gave a pair of handcuffs to Julie and had her walk into Ken’s room and handcuff him. She told Julie to return to the hallway after his hands were cuffed behind his back. When Julie returned, she handed her another pair of handcuffs and sent her to Mark’s room with the same instructions. Austin was cuffed next and then Michael.

Susan then met with each wife and showed them the locking cock cages. There were some brief instructions given and each wife was handed a package of frozen peas along with the chastity device and instructed to lock up their husband’s cocks. It took Debbie a little longer to deal with Michael but within a few minutes and despite some grumbling from the men, the task was completed. The wives led their husband’s back to the living room area where a video camera sat on a tripod positioned to film the entire room. Four hard backed dining room chairs sat side by side in the living room.

I had entered the house and was at the kitchen table. So far, Susan had executed the plan to perfection. Julie saw me and ran up to me. I held my finger to my lips and indicated that she should be quiet. She grabbed me, hugged, and kissed me passionately. I had her sit by me at the table. I had brought several large envelopes and each one had a different couple’s last name.

I instructed Julie to have Susan sit each husband on a chair and have their wives stand behind them. When the task was completed, I brought my chair into the living room and told the wives that they could remove the blindfolds. As they did, Ken immediately yelled, “What the fuck “little dick”? What are you doing here?”

I calmly walked toward Ken and removed a ball gag from my pocket. I forced the gag into Ken’s mouth as Ken jerked his head side to side as he tried to resist. Everyone looked at me and no one said anything. I buckled the gag behind Ken’s head, then I calmly returned to my seat. I told the group that I had some things to say and that if anyone wanted to ask questions, I’d answer them after I finished talking. I picked up the first envelope and it had the name Collins on it.

“Mark, this envelope contains photos of you at my workplace where you conducted an illegal investigation into a non-existent missing person case. You used the radio to run license information through Mary who used State-owned computers and made fraudulent inquiries and misused the law enforcement data base to gain knowledge for the personal benefit. Information requested by Ken which, with the help of your wife, you obliged him.” I took a moment to catch my breath, sipped some water and continued.

“Contained within the envelope is a copy of a letter addressed to the State Highway Patrol Criminal Investigation Unit along with the photographic evidence from that day. It is my understanding that the Highway Patrol investigates any suspicious or alleged criminal activity by any peace officer or public employee in the state. This DVD is evidence of you and your wife having sex with an unknown person. I believe your agency has some rules over moral turpitude. The good news, for you here, is that the letter has not been sent, yet.”

I picked up another envelope with the name Collins on it.

“Austin, I hope your video production company has secured all the necessary waivers and required documentation as specified under Title 18 USC 2257. This DVD has the name of Miller and Associates Productions embedded in the title as well as your business address and it showed that same as where the holder of records for Miller and Associates Production Company is located.” I watched Austin turn a sickly shade of gray and Brenda looked as if she’d faint.

I went on, “It’s been uploaded to a cloud account from your I.P. address and is set to be uploaded to a domain that your company has registered, The URL will automatically be forwarded to everyone with a Chamber of Commerce email account. Probably won’t be much help to your career either Brenda. You could always get the releases post signed but that might not help the Collins if they are asked to take a polygraph test.”

I picked up the last two envelopes with the partner’s names on them. I continued, “That video listed all of you by name in the sub chapter titles and credits. Just like Austin’s the attachments are to be sent to your entire client list as well as the Chamber of Commerce contact list. Susan, your shot at school Superintendent is on the line. Is this extortion? Possibly. Is this revenge? Perhaps, at least it could be if I decided to execute what I’ve outlined in these envelopes. Or maybe, it’s just leverage. Until you and your so-called group decided to fuck with me, I had a great life with a devoted and loving wife and fantastic sex life. Your seduction of Julie besmirched her character and soiled our marriage. You helped her make a mockery of our wedding vows.” I watched as they all looked at the ground, heads bowed except for that asshole Ken who had managed a smug smirk on his face.

“Fortunately for all of you, all is not lost. At least, if my instructions are followed and demands are met. Know this, one person reneges, hell is forced upon all of you. It behooves you to keep each other in line. One, Julie and I get all the DVDs of her being sexually assaulted. I say assault because she was coerced so let’s get past the semantics. If any photo or video ever surfaces into the light of day or the sleazy underbelly of the web, I go nuclear on all of you. These packets are just the beginning. I’ll destroy you in ways you can’t comprehend. Susan, consider this as Julie tendered her resignation from your school. She’ll receive a glowing recommendation as to secure future employment. The house is sold. If you ever see us, ignore us.” I enjoyed seeing the shocked and pained expressions on their pathetic faces.

“Austin, how many DVDs are there?”

He replied, “Each couple has one.”

“Do you understand that the original and anything you have on a computer, server, the cloud, cell phone or anything storage device gets deleted and destroyed?” All heads are nodding up and down.

“Do the wives know where the DVDs are at your respective houses?” Heads nodding again. “Please go and retrieve them.”

The three wives ran out the door and Susan went upstairs and came back with their copy. She gave it to me and went and stood behind her husband. In a matter of minutes, the others returned with the DVD’s and gave them to me.

“Does anyone have any questions?” I asked but didn’t really expect any.

I was surprised when Mark immediately spoke, and he said that, Tommy, on behalf of myself and Mary, I apologize, especially for the way Ken treated you.” Once he finished, he had the courtesy to bow his head in shame.

“Apology accepted.”

Austin was next, he said, “Tommy, that goes for us as well, I’m truly sorry to both you and Julie for our role in damaging your marriage.”

“Again, apology accepted.”

Michael told me, “Tommy, we’re embarrassed beyond belief at what has taken place and we too are tremendously sorry for what has happened. We wanted you two to be part of our very special group. We should’ve never listened to Ken.”

I told him, “Your apology is also accepted but I’m going to tell you that not everyone wanted me a part of the group. Ken, you are a giant prick, and I don’t mean that as a compliment to your genitals. So, you can see each of your wives has a key to your chastity device. Your very own cock cage. Three padlocks for three similar cages and then there’s yours Ken. His big ole prick had to have a special cage with a special lock. If somehow your keys got lost, you could probably use a bolt cutter to get the locks off.

I looked Ken right in the eyes as I informed him and the rest that, “Ken’s cage is different, there’s no padlock attached to his. There is a keyed cylinder that slides into place on his steel cage.” I reached into my pocket and removed a small tube of superglue.

“This is some special lubricant for the cylinder Ken.” I removed the top from the glue and leaned down to the chair and squirted it into the opening. Susan will have to get some oral satisfaction or maybe she can get with the others for sexual release. Your dick locked up and locked out for the foreseeable future. Since you tried to own my balls and my wife, it’s only fitting that I now own yours! One last thing, you can have the packets. I have secured copies with instructions to two of my military friends that if anything should happen to me or Julie, the envelopes are to be opened and my instructions carried out to the letter.”

To conclude the evening’s festivities and to take care of some long overdue business, I dropped my pants and boxers and allowed everyone to get a good look at my cock which was slightly bigger than Ken’s. I just wanted to set the record straight, I don’t have the littlest dick here.” I took Julie by the hand and left them all shocked and awed.


Julie and I went to counseling. We sold the old house and I bought a house near Jason’s place. Julie got another teaching job in another town a few miles away and I went back to work where I swung a hammer but didn’t swing with neighbors. I made sure that Julie knew to discuss any crazy notions with her co-workers with me before she took any actions. In this instance, the teacher became the pupil and I made sure she learned her lesson. I still had the money I stashed away and I still haven’t told Julie it exists.

I made a final call to Susan and thanked her for all her help as I exacted my revenge. She informed me that the group still had poker nights and barbecues and still played with each other. The wives were all in agreement that they wished they could have sampled my “big” cock. She said that Ken was still an arrogant prick but his dick wasn’t of much use as still hadn’t been able, (thank you super glue), to get the key into the lock. She added that he was too embarrassed to seek outside help and none of the group knew how to get him freed. Mark suggested that it be cut away but thought of anything trying to cut or remove that steel cock cage drove Ken to his knees with just the thought of it. I smiled at the prospect of Ken’s prick doing life behind bars. Revenge? No, justice.

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