Seduced my mom

I’m 20 years old and I live with my mom we’re the only 2 in the house one night I was laying bed and I was fantasizing about my mom and planned to start seducing her in the morning. I woke up in the morning for work and as I walked up I went for it… I kissed my mom on the her lips and just walked out.

I got home that evening to my mom washing her hair in the kitchen sink I instantly got hard I walked into the kitchen and got behind her and stood there. She asked what I was doing but I didn’t respond I just grabbed her hips and started grinding on her ass and said I wanted her she pushed me off and said no it can’t happen that she was my mother.

Embarrassed I went to my room and shut the door I didn’t know what to do. Around 11 that night I got horny, I said to myself that I was gonna try once more with my mom I headed towards her room and opened her door she was sitting on her bed watching tv she looked at me in confusion. Without saying anything I let me shorts fall to my ankles and I should also add that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, my dick was out and it was directly in her sight I noticed her eyes go to my dick and it’s like she wanted to stare at it but try to make it look like she wasn’t looking at my dick.

As soon as she had looked at my dick a couple times I knew I had her, I walked up to the bed I started kissing her , she kissed back. Since she was sitting on the edge of the bed I gently pushed her backwards so she’d be on her back , I pulled off her pants and the blue thong she had on I moved it to the side and I put her legs on my shoulders , I started fucking my mom like she needed to be fucked it had been a while since she’d had a man.

Since her tubes had been tied and she’s almost 50 I felt it safe to just bust my nut in her pussy. My mom lets me fuck her everynight , everyday after work my mom sucks my dick , she has a tongue ring so it feels amazing.

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