A fling with a Niece

I am a 47 years old farmer and a widower since last 5 years. I am well off so I am not living life of a hermit but chances of flings are rare in village. I am father of two girls who were young when my wife died. Being father of girls stopped me from remarrying. Now they are both married and living in their homes. A few months back an uncle of mine died. A lot of relative came from other places for his last rites and some of them stayed in my house.

One month’s later I received a phone call from my sister Malti. She was living abroad for few years. She told me that she returned to country with her family. She wanted to visit me and say condolence to the family of our uncle. I invited her happily to visit and live with me for few days. She agreed and then one day paid me a visit. Beside her husband was  daughter Anju. She was a child when I last saw her but now she was a young woman. Living abroad made her look modren and a lot more grown up. As she hugged me, my impression was that she was much taller, and fuller than before. I felt her breasts pressed tightly against my chest.

You can call me a devil but remember I was without a woman for a long time. I can’t help noticing her body charms. She had an oval face in proportion with big, black eyes, small peach-like pink lips, and long black hair covering her shoulders. A tight white shirt was showing off her small waist and prominant chest. She was wearing a black dress that was too short above her knees, revealing a pair of pure white legs and pink sandels under her feet. Looking at my niece, I felt a slight burning sensation in me, a lustful feeling that arise after seeing a sexy woman. She was 20 year.

I helped my sister unload the luggage from a taxi, and then settled her family in a room. Afterwards both we talked for an hour. Then the whole family gathered around the meal. We all chatted and laughed happily. My niece Anju sat right next to me, so I occadinally glanced down at her lap. Due to being seated, her skirt was pulled higher, exposing part of her white thighs. When I turned to pick up food for her, I could not help glancing at the gap between the buttons of her shirt, a little flesh and skin were visible above her white bra. Although she was my niece, but for some reason I could not control my eyes.

Only thought that struck my mind was that due to living in west she might not be innocent like local girls. First day went calmly. Next day she woke up early and took a short visit outside the house. She was pleased to see the garden near the house. I was also an early raiser as I do some exercise in garden. I saw her in garden and we wished good morning to each other.

She came towards me and asked about the mango tree that has a lot of fruit.

– is that your uncle?

– Sure baby. Go pick as much as you like, go.

She said ‘OK’ and gleefully dragged me to the back of the house. The tree was ladden with some raw and some ripe fruit. Anju exclaimed with delight as if she had met a treasure. The tree is not very tall, and can still be climbed.

She asked:- Don’t you have a stick to pick?

– No, but I can borrow one later in the day

– I want some now uncle, please You pick it for me.

– I could not climb now, If I will climb, rest assure I may fall down

– But … I’m wearing a skirt – She hesitated, turned out to be shy too.

– You can make a try. – I laughed.

Anju hesitated for a moment and then began to take off her shoes for climbing up.

Her soft legs walked gently step by step on the tree trunk, the higher she went, the more exposed her lower body became. After a while I saw her black panties, that stood out in the midst of the white flesh. I strained to look at her groin, even I could still see the pubic protrusion under the underwear. She finally climbed to the top of the tree, started to study, and reached out to pick one mango.

– Will you help? – She dropped the mango, which I caught.

There was one rather big one, but in the distance, she forgot about herself wearing a panty, stepped one foot across the other branch and reached out, unaware that her evil uncle was fidgeting underneath. The posture enabled me to see the entire groin of her.

– There is another big fruit behind you. – I told her.

Anju turned her back to me, her legs stood closed. This fruit is a bit far away, so she has to lean forward, accidentally sticking her butt back for me to admire. I was almost stunned at her nice curves. Her butt was quite big, plump and round, her long legs made me fall in love with her. What turned me on more was the small puff of flesh rising up between her groin, those were her pussy lines, nothing else. Due to the closed legs, the two flesh edges are pressed, creating a small puffiness behind the underwear right between the two full buttocks. I stood under and felt hot.

She picked a few more and climbed down. It is always harder to climb down than it is to climb up, she hesitates after being down more than half. Probably due to the inexperience she fell on one leg and hurts her. She sat on the ground, her face grimaced, her legs curled up, her skirt pushed up.

– You OK? ‘ I asked and hurried over to Anju,

She closed her thighs, forgetting to pull her skirt neatly, her calves spread out and looked extremely erotic.

– Ahhh uncle, I am hurt.

– Let me see. – I raised one of her ankle slightly.

– Probably not very heavy, lets go to house to get some medicine to rub on it.

She made a pitiful face, pouting her lips so cute. I slipped my hand under her thigh, and supported her back and lifted her up. The hand hugging her thigh can easily feel her cool, smooth skin.

– Please uncle, did you look at me just now? – She asked with a smile.

– Well … uh … a little bit.

– Excessive! she hit me once, the two of us chuckled at each other.

I let Anju sit on a chair, I brought a bottle of tinture from my room. I sat down on the ground, and gently lifted her ankles, and rubbed the alcohol into her ankles. I got another chance to admire my niece’s slender thighs at a close distance.

– Does it hurt? I asked softly.

– Well, that’s fine. She replied

I put my hands under her thighs and lifted them up, she lowered her back, and the thighs were raised to push up the dress, revealing her lower body and the panties. I rubbed it slowly onto the calf. Her legs were very smooth, without any hair, the more you rub, the more you like it. She hurriedly pulled her skirt back, smiling while saying:

– Oh, I forget, let me down.

– I forgot … because your legs are so beautiful.

I felt the soft smoothness from the palm of my hand.

– Uncle, I don’t have pain there.

Startled, I raised my head, Anju smiled cheekily.

– Has anybody ever told you Anju that you are very pretty. I said

She just smiled like a flower and then continued to chatter from the past until now, mainly about school, then life in it other than this. While she enthusiastically told the story, I slowly put my hand down and placed it on her knee, gently rubbing the solution upwards. I only dared to rub the exposed thighs, but that alone was enough to make me feel very excited. My hand had not been touched by such smooth girl skin for a long time. Finally I heard some noise and decided to stop there.

In the evening, that day my sister and her husband paid vs visit to the family of dead uncle. Anju complained of a leg pain, so she stayed at home with me. Once again I took out the bottle of tinture and rubbed her feet. This time the two of us sat on the sofa, she leaned back against the armrests, her legs stretched out in my lap. Anju was using her mobile to surf net or or play a game. After massaging her ankles, my hands moved from the bottom up and stroked her thighs.

Seeing her mind elsewhere, I became bold. I raised my hands higher, slipped into the thighs inside her skirt and gently rubbed. She was still engrossed in facebook surfing, not paying attention to my hands, which are already inside her skirt, almost touching her underwear.

– Hye! dear uncle – She said and I was startled.

Anju pulled down her skirt and pinched my hand.- This is called bullshit.

– I’m sorry, because your skin is so smooth – I smiled like a fool.

She also smiled back, not seeming to be angry at all. I picked her up and hugged her, kissed her forehead and whispered:- I miss your love so much. Since the day of separation, there is no day I do not remember you.

– Me too – Anju leaned her head on my chest, the faintly pleasant aroma made me flutter. I was near to make a move when I Saw her parents return.

That night I pulled my hard dick out and masturbated, by remembering the sexy body of Anju. Although she was my rewal niece, but I can’t help to control my sinful desires.

Then a chance to get closer to her was provided by her mother. On a breakfast table she told her that near to our village is a river. Anju immediately desired her father to takd her to river but he was not in a mood to go there immediately. I told her that I can take her there if her parents permit. Her father agreed and my sister advised Anju to avoid swimming.

In the afternoon both Anju and I walked down the river. She was excited to see the river and ran on to reach near its water. That day she was wearing jeans with a printed T-shirt. The river indeed was beautiful that day, the water was clear and cool. It was very quiet that day as it was mid week and afternoon. I asked her whether she would like to swim.

Anju- Wow, But …I swimed in a pool but never in river

I laughed softly:- You can swim very well, let me give you practice.

She pouted.- But mom prohibited

Me- it will be our secret

I took off my shirt and pant and let only my shorts on. Anju looked at me a bit shyly. She was interested to swim but a little afraid as well.

Anju:- Uncle, I dont have a bathing constume

Me- You can take only the upper dress like me. Coming to the river and not taking a bath is a waste of time.

I knew that she was afraid to undress, so I teased:- It’s okay, take your shirt off there are no outsiders here.

Anju said that she will not take her dress off but ready to put her feet in water. I persuaded her by saying that we will remain on bank behind the long grass. I took her hand and pulled her towards the river. I took her hand and pulled her to the edge of the river.

Anju- I’m really afraid please no more,

I said it’s okay and pulled her out a little more, now the water was up to near her chest. Anju seemed to be very afraid so she clung to me … She was looking cute.
Me- See, it’s okay. The water is so cool.

– I … I feel disgusting, I’m afraid ..- I’m afraid … is there a crocodile?

To tease her a little I told that the river has a few crocodiles. She looked at me frightened and then hugged me tightly, I also put my arms behind her and hugged her back. At this time, her breasts were pressed against me. She was wearing a thin T-shirt, so when wet, her breasts gave a very attractive look. She was aware of that so she covered them with her hand and looked so cute. I took her hand away and hugged her inside. She also lightly hugged me back.

Anju – If there are crocodiles, you have to protect me.

Me – Come on don’t call me uncle when alone.

Anju – What should I call then

Me – Friend, or Patner

She laughed and moved away a little. I used my hand to gently brush a few strands of hair out of her pretty face. Anju looked at me shyly and slightly lowered her face. I lightly put my hand up and squeezed one of her breasts.

Anju piched me – Hey friend, somebody might see us

Me – No one is in sight and the water is covering us.

After that, I started to rub her breasts harder, my mouth was pressed close to her mouth so I kissed her.

Anju – … don’t … don’t … it tickles.

I let my hand slip down and massage her soft buttocks. Because she was wearing a pant, I could not reach inside. Still I let my hand lightly touch her pussy over the cloth. She pushed my hand away and looked at me seriously.

Anju: – No … friend, don’t touch me there

She started to get a little angry. I did not dare to touch anything more, just said:- I’m sorry, don’t be angry with me please.

Seeing the atmosphere getting a bit tense I let her go off. I dived deep into the water and kept myself under for sometime. I heard her calling me. I came to surface and looked at her reaction. She dragged herself to shore and stomping her feet on the sand.

Anju:- I thought a crocodile took you

Me:- It was a joke, there are no crocdiles here

She looked at me in mock anger. Her wet dress was clinging to her shaply body. She was a gift from heaven. I kept staring at her wet shirt that was showing her outline of her bra. She wanted to go back home so I came out and started to get dressed. She was worried about her wet cloths but I told her that strong air will dry them soon.

After that incident I felt that she was not minding my touching her too much. On return she went in her room to change and I sat down to catch news on TV. She appeared again and told me that her parent were sleeping and she has nothing to keep busy. Now she was wearing a pair of thin, tight shorts, and her legs were bare. Her front groin was stuck to her front, creatind an erotic triangle area. Above it was a sleeveless t-shirt that was holding the body tightly. The tight-fitting shirt spun on the bra straps behind the back. She sat down with me and started chatting without mentioning anything about river.

Suddenly she looked at me and said:- You have a few white hairs friend. If you pull them you will look young.

– I know but I can’t search them all by myself

She thought a little and said: – Well, let me pull your hair then.

She quickly went to get the tweezers from her room. After return she intended to stand behind me, but I told her to stand in front is better. She obediently climbed onto my thighs, her legs kneeled on both sides of me, and her arms digging through my hair in search.

– A lot uncle, no one pick for you?

– No one, are you giving up Anju.

She smiled and meticulously traced each small strand of hair, pulled out the deep strands of hair with tweezers between a few white strands.

While she worked, my hands of course refused to lie still, comfortably caressing her thigh. The hand gradually moved upwards, and soon it was settled on her butt. Because of letting me touch her thighs, of course, touching the buttocks is not too much, Anju was still working intently with deep hair pulling, leaving me to touch her.

– you are very pretty, I said

– I’m not pretty, some of my friends are prettier

As if remembering something, I asked her: – do you have a boy friend

– I’m still a kid, plus …

– plus what?

– There are people flirting with me, but their gazes are all over my body, I don’t like it.

– good … you know the difference between people

In her new position her chest is reigning right in front of me as if inviting. I rubbed her buttocks and slightly pushed her closer, the distance narrowed. I lightly touched the round breasts over the shirt. Her hands were busy, so she could not push me away, only to leaned back slightly. But I just pulled her back when she moved a little away.

– Let me pluck, she said quietly.

– Just pluck, leave me alone.

The two of us kept using bracing for a while, in the end she gave in, letting her press her chest to my face. I inhaled the scent of her body, my head kept wiggling against her breasts, making me feel the softness and elasticity of her chest.

Unknowingly from below, my hand slipped into her short pants, and massaged her round buttocks. The thin underwear was not enough to cover up her hips. Her smooth and cool skin made me more and more enchanted. Seeing that her shorts were entangled, I tried to pull them down, but she held them back.

– I cant spit anymore, you always start messing –

She sat down on my lap. I laughed and pulled her close. Anju reluctantly moved her butt close, with her legs bent at the sides. From a distance that clearly was sex position. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her against my chest. Underneath I rubbed my erect cock, against her pussy. As my face approached her pretty face, she shyly turned it away, I kissed lightly on her cheeks which were blushing like a peach.

– Please No…

– You are so beautiful that a kiss flow automatically.

When Anju said nothing, I kissed her cheek from one side to other. My kiss position was closer and closer to the corner of her lips. Then I kissed the corner of her lips, half touching her small pink lips like peach petals. It took a few seconds for her to realize that. She frowned and hit me.

– Dont dare to steal a kiss.

– I can’t stand it.

She pouted and turned away, I kissed her all over her face, slowly moving down her chin, then down to her neck. She shivered slightly with excitement, but hastily pushed me away. I used both of my hands to tickle her armpits, She wriggled, struggled to avoid, and kept smiling at the tickled.

– Okay … ha ha ha … I give in … he he he … You are Only good at bullying me

The more I tickled the better, over my increasingly uncomfortable cock, I unconsciously raised her butt so that the cockhead pressed against the small puff of flesh between her pussy. Though the two-layer pants was not enough to hold much. Rubbing her chest through the shirt was not satisfactory enough, so I slid my hand down and slipped inside her shirt. I, then crawled upwards. My warm hand touched her bare flesh, making her startled and hold my hand.

– You … can’t uncle. And My parents must be waking up soon too. –

She got up and adjusted the dress. She alarmed me in time as soon I saw her father emerging from his room.

Dussehra was approaching and my sister went to shop with her husband. Anju was not satisfied with their shopping so she asked me to take her to the market. I took her in a taxi to a nearby town, she is like a bird, jumping from stall to store, sometimes asking me to take pictures of her. I was like returning to my youth when I used to shop with my wife.

On return she was tired so she fell asleep in taxi. It was getting dark so I decided to touch and kiss her once more. A strong desire in me made me very bold. Ignoring the driver I kissed her on lips. Gradually my kiss became more and more passionate. I devoured her lips, and sucked on her two lips. My fingers gently caressed and then squeezed between her thighs, the vulva area came neatly in my palm. I lightly squeezed, then massaged, and then rubbed but she kept sleeping. As i tried to rub deep her thighs tightened, preventing my fingers from moving any further. I started kissing her more vigorously, as if trying to swallow my niece’s beautiful little mouth. Anju stirred slightly, her head turned to a side to end the kiss, pretending to stretch and then opening her eyes.

After coming back she changed into the clothes she just bought. With her short shorts, there was a thin two-wire shirt without a bra. She was hiding this fact from her parents under a cotton coat.

Just after the dinner, a slight drizzle started to fall. Anju said she wants to see rain so she tried to look through by opening a side window. I brought an Umbrella and said:- You can go to roof and get a much better view.

Her father requested me to accompany her as it was dark on top. As we moved to the stairs she gave me a lovely glare. We opened the door of Mumty and watched. She was astonished and got interested in the scene all around but I was interested in her. I gave her the umbrella and she walked forward. I went after and took her in my arms from behind. I kissed her neck, and rubbed her belly. She was shocked and tried to struggle. I approached her ear and whispered:

– This afternoon in taxi … I know you were not sleeping.

She froze, then turned her face to a side. She understood that she already gave her consent to me for playing with her. She had no reason to protest anymore, her legs gradually relaxed, slightly fell apart. Being raised in west made her aware about sex that how men like to watch, and touch the female body.

What luck to touch young female breasts with consent. After rubbing her chest for a while, I slided my arms down to her stomach, then gradually slipped into her pants. She reflexively closed her thighs, which made me feel only the sparse fluff on the smooth flesh. She was nervous, her breathing was rushing as parts of her body were stimulated.

Her body gradually fell into orgasm of sex. A gentle radiating pleasure, accompanied by a thrill of being caught, creates an experience that is difficult to describe, both liking and wanting to stop. I rubbed her labia and then slipped a finger gently in her slit, she seem to be electrocuted, her legs were suddenly tired. Caressing for a while, I gently put my finger in the middle of the slot and pressed it.

Anju jerked like a pin stabbed, she scolded softly:- Ahh… what are you doing

Like a mad man I forget all the dangers, that her parents could come to roof. I used one hand to pull down her shorts. She turned her back as if she did not know. I hugged her waist with one hand, and with the other brought my dick out. I pressed my dick in the middle of her butt while my hands continued to touch her breasts. Anju seemed to have noticed, turned around and said quietly:

– what are you doing great uncle… ?

Ignoring her question I kissed her on her neck continuously. My cock head rubbed against her cunt
door through the fabric of her panties. she trembled, and started moaning softly.

– Uh … a …

I again pressed between her thighs . I pushed my butt in and out as if I was fucking, the dick kept pressing hard between the flesh as if wanted to pierce the fabric of her panty. Anju was confused about how to react, as her hands were holding the umbrella.

To her good luck the rain started to fall harder and we heard her mom voice from stairs.

– Come down Anju, the weather is getting nasty

I also realized the danger, so I hurriedly pulled my pants up and decided to go down.


Next morning I came from the exercise, looking for a water bottle to quench my thirst. At this moment Anju came out from the bathroom. only A towel was wrapped across the chest to reveal half of the breasts. Her white skin dotted with a few drops of water looked even more exciting. I looked at my sexy niece, and my cock hardened quickly.

– You got up so early – She asked me while wiping her hair.

I rushed to her and embraced her cool body, kissed her face, neck, and chest.

– Behold, my parents are about to wake up – Anju broke out quietly.

– Then go to my room.

– Let me wear something… ah –

I Don’t let her finish and quickly dragged her to my room. She had just one hand to hold the towel above to prevent it from falling down, and one hand to hold it from underneath for fear that it should not reveal her little pussy as she did not wear panties. Once inside the room she started breathing rapidly. My hot lips caressed her flesh, lower and lower down her chest, only a tiny bit more to reveal her nipples.

– You are beautiful, beautiful everywhere. Hearing that Anju smiled a little. It was high time to let her know my desires, this moment would be decisive.

I leaned into her ear and whispered:- You know, a man without a woman will be very sad, especially about… that – I pointed to my cock then paused, seeing that she was listening attentively to me. – Ever Since my wife died, I only experienced that feeling again, by pressing, You …

Anju was slightly embarrassed when I mentioned the sex, but she did not say anything. I pulled her closer, and said in a pleading voice: – Don’t worry … this is only known to us.

She was confused as her face flushed with embarrassment. I felt crazy, hurriedly pressed my niece on the bed, kissed her on the neck and on her chest like a hungry animal ripping a prey.

I ripped her towel off, and then the sexy body I craved for was exposed right before my eyes. Her breasts were round and plump, the nipples were red like two sweet cherry. A slim waist with a tiny belly button in the middle of a flat stomach. Pubic area cunt lined few hairs sprouting neatly in rows, and then her plump thighs. Her voluptuous white body lies in the middle of the bed as if inviting, any man would not be able to overcome its enchanting temptation.

Now she was no longer a niece, but only a beautiful woman naked. I got on top of her, kissing and devouring two young, lush breasts filled with flexible plastic. My lips moved from one breast to another, while sucking on one, my hand was squeezing on other.

– Ah … uh …

She groaned softly when her nipples were devoured by my mouth. Her breasts that had been suckled repeatedly soon became firm. I moved down to her smooth stomach, to the most hidden of her part. Her body was trembling slightly as my tongue touched her cunt. Soon I pressed my face straight into the secret triangle and inhaled and sucked. My tongue caressing made her resistance gradually weakened, and her legs gradually relaxed. I was stunned to watch her sweet little pink pussy with two plump flesh labia, in the middle is a tiny crimson slit.

Anju shivered as if she was electrocuted, groaned softly as my tongue swept through her hole. Unable to take any more, I hastily removed my clothes, my stiff cock popped out like a bar of iron. She was shy to look, so turned her face to one side, her legs still apart as if inviting. I knelt hurriedly, and brought my dick closer to the door of her cunt. As the two genitals came into contact the hot sparks swept through our bodies. Slowly I pressed my dick in her pussy. Intially my dick separated the narrow slot to get inside. I continued to press on, my cock was halfway through when I felt like entangled. Anju grimaced and said:- Light … okay.

I took a deep breath, then used my strength to push a shot. She groaned loudly, her body struggled but to my surprise there was no hymen. Yes she wax not new to sex. However, my cock felt numb when being squeezed by her tight pussy. Our old relation changed into a new relationship officially. Anju started to groan as I penetrated my hard cock into her cunt .

The flush makes the cock lubricated, making it easier and easier to get in and out of.

I happily enjoyed the pleasure of sex, the pleasure that I enjoyed long time ago. Anju moaned more loudly, the immaturity was very stimulating. My dick was pounding continuously against the little pussy .

– U … light … okay … a … you … huh …

I did not want to waste a moment, leaning down and grabbing my niece’s breasts and sucking passionately while pushing my hips in and out.

The clatter began to echo throughout the room mixed with a weak moan.

– Ah … you … a … I … hurt … uh … huh …

Her pussy was too tight, I cannot stand the heat for long. Feeling about to be unable to bear it, I put my strength into the last pushes, every single shot was like I wanted to pierce her uterus. My cock twitched, and waves of hot sperm shot down her vagina. I gasped, and collapsed on her body after intense love.

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