Their best man visits Kate

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Glen was best man in Tom and Kate’s wedding. They hadn’t seen Glen in several years, but, finding himself in their town for the night, he reached out, calling Tom’s mobile phone but getting no answer. Unbeknownst to Glen, Tom was out of town on business and in meetings and unable to answer. Glen called Kate next and learned that Tom was away.

“You should come for dinner anyway,” Kate said. “We haven’t seen each other in so long.” “That would be great,” Glen replied, “it will be great to see you.” “Where are you staying? You of course are welcome to crash here.” Kate replied. “I have a reservation at a hotel, but I haven’t checked in yet, we can play it by ear,” said Glen.

Glen arrived a short time later and warmly hugged Kate. Glen was tall and thin. He stayed active and was always in great shape. The two friends caught up over dinner and a fair amount of wine, which flowed with the conversation. As it drew late, Kate again told Glen he was welcome to stay and probably shouldn’t drive given how much wine they had consumed.

“You’re probably right,” allowed Glen. It was a chilly night. Had Tom been home and had this much wine for dinner, they definitely would have made it to the hot tub on their back patio. Should she invite Glen to go in with her? With her new-found adventurousness and the liquid courage, she blurted out “do you want to go in the hot tub?”

“Sure, but I didn’t bring a suit,” replied Glen. “We never wear suits in there,” Kate offered. “It’s in the back, no one can see us.” “I’m game if you are,” Glen replied, somewhat surprised but enthusiastically.

Kate led Glen to the guest room and brought him Tom’s robe. “We usually wear these out when it’s cold. Go ahead and change and I’ll meet you down there,” Kate said. She quickly went to her own room, slipped off her clothes and put on her robe. A little nervous about being naked in front of Glen, she got to the hot tub first, hung up her robe and slipped into the water. Glen was a few minutes behind her. He came out the door and approached the tub, wearing only Tom’s robe.

“That was sneaky getting here first,” he mused. Kate laughed as she watched him slip off his robe and hang it up. Glen was obviously comfortable with his body. He had a hairy muscular chest, flat stomach and thick dark pubic hair surrounding a cock, most notable for its girth. It was definitely longer than Tom’s and twice as thick. The big mushroom head hanging down impressively. Glen slipped into the tub next to Kate.

“This feels great,” he said. “Yeah, we come in here all the time,” Kate replied. After awhile of sitting in the hot churning water, Glenn slid up onto the side, Kate couldn’t help but admire his thick cock hanging between his legs.

Needing relief from the heat, Kate moved up onto the side as well. She watched Glen’s eyes as they surveyed her. Her nipples quickly hardened in the cold night air. Kate spread her legs, giving Glen full view of her thick bush. She could tell this excited him, as his dick started to harden. “Sorry, I guess I better get back in the water,” Glen said, his cock now sticking straight up. “It’s ok,” Kate smiled at him and slid into the water right next to him. She let her hand find his big erection under the water. It had to be over 7 inches she thought, but she could barely get her hand around it. “Kate are you sure,” Glen asked? “Yes, I can’t leave you like that,” Kate offered, as she began stroking him. “That feels so good,” Glen replied. He reached over and took Kate’s right breast in his hand and leaned forward and kissed her as she stroked him.

His hand moved down between her legs, finding her wet hole, slipping a long finger inside her. “Let me suck it Glen.” Glen quickly stood in up in front of her and guided his erect cock between her lips. The huge head filled her mouth and slid across her tongue. He pushed forward until the head filled the back of her throat. It was so thick it was hard to suck him, but Kate managed and Glen moaned in ecstasy. He watched as her head bobbed up and down on his engorged cock.

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