Karen and the virgin

Here is another story of my wife Karen’s younger men adventures. Karen is 33 when she started this with me knowing. She had affairs for the first 4 yrs we were married. When I found out from her girlfriend I started wondering what is be like to watch. I setup the first encounter for her,then she took over. I’m trying to tell these stories in order they happened.

Out 4 months later and the snow was on the ground we decided on going to a warm place for 2 weeks holiday. We picked Jamaica and a all inclusive resort. My wife did all the packing. She has some nice bathing suits and summer dresses. Only 1 high heels for evenings. We had no intention of trying to get Karen fucked. We arrived and had a nice ocean front room. Had a few drinks at the ocean bar. We also talked to a few couples and a family group. We wanted to get a good night sleep for the next day so had a early night.

The next day we hit the beach in front of our room. We love watching people in general and what is going on with them. The resort is couples and families also. There was some nice looking women and mom’s on the beach. We chatted with a few and had fun.

The drinks are all inclusive so both of us were tipsy early with hot sun and just relaxing with each other. It was like this for first 3 days. Only made it to evening bar once but it was dead in there. Most people crashed early in the evening.

My wife and I had alot of sex,afternoon and evening. I asked Karen if anyone peaked her interest. She said there was a couple of men that were cute. I think she spent from 10 to 3 everyday on the beach and around the pool. She was getting a great tan by the 5th day.

She looks awesome in a bikini and I could see that she had a few glances her way. Karen allway lays on here belly with her top straps untied. She reads her book and I notice her tits are almost in full sight. I never told her thought.

I had a golfing tee time the next day so she was by herself. I never thought much of it so I left and she went the beach. I got back around 4 and Karen was taking a shower. I needed on also sweating on golf course. I asked her after my shower, how was her day. She laughed and started to tell me. She was lying on the beach getting a tan,she noticed a young guy swimming by himself so she decided to go in the water. She smiled at him and he started to chat with her.

His name was Greg and his mother and sister went to Dunn river falls about a 1 1/2 hr drive away on a day trip. She asked why he didn’t go and he told my wife it would be boring there. They talked for awhile and he joined her on the beach. The sun was warm that day like most days. She had to find out me about him,he was shy but started to relax with her.

The bar server came by an she ordered another drink and a beer. Greg said they were here because his mom and dad just split up. She said to him are you feeling bad and he said yes, of course he loves his dad he said. He told Karen he had his 18th birthday last week them left for the trip. Karen said to me that she felt bad for him.

The drinks came and she asked Greg if he wanted a beer.He took it and sat with her chatting. Karen said her back was getting warm and needed sunscreen put on. She grabbed the bottle and did her arms and leggs and asked Greg if he minded put it on her back. She laid on her belly and he put lotion on he back and legs. She could tell he was trying to brush the side of her tits. She thought he was cute but to young. The afternoon went on and in and out of the ocean.

1 time in the water her top came loose and her tit fell out in full view of Greg. She said sorry and went back to shore. She told me they had fun with each other talking about like in general.Karen told me all this when I got home.

The next day st the beach Greg was allready there. Karen said that was him he looked young to me but what do I know. Greg came over and Karen introduced me to him. We talked for awhile and told him to keep Karen company as I had another golf tee time. When I went back to the room to change, for some reason turned my laptop on to record video and left for golf game. I would ask he how here day was when I got home.

After golf I got back and Karen was at the bar chatting with a older guy. I sat down and joined them. We went for supper and told me her day was fun. Greg and her went swimming and laughed alot. Karen told me she thought he was a virgin the way he acted. She said he asked to put more sunscreen on her and grabbed the bottle. Karen doesn’t like tan lines so undid her top. She said he put way to much on so had to rub it it alot. She could feel his hand actually touch he tits which got he a little turned on. Karen and Greg went swimming and Karen stepped on something and it hurt.

Karen left the water to check her foot. She told Greg she’ll go to room and wash her foot to make sure no infection. He helped her limp to our room. Karen figured it was a sharp rock. Karen told Greg she’ll be okay and leave if he wanted. He told her he’d keep her company. Karen said okay but I have to take a shower.

Karen told me that she really wanted to fuck his brains out by then. After her shower she put on the white bath towel and came out. Greg had tv sitting on the bed. She thank him for being a gentleman to help her back to the room. Greg said no problem he liked her.

Then Karen asked him straight out if he was a virgin, wow eh! He said kinda and blushing said he had kissed and touched a girlfriend he had.

Well I guess that was enough for my wife and she kissed him. Karen said he was a fairly good kisser. She asked if he wanted to see her naked and before he answered took off her towel totally naked in front of him. Well his mouth was open and couldn’t talk. Karen kissed him again and told him she’ll make him feel better. She took his pants off and he was hard by this time. Greg had some drops of cum coming. Karen started to lick his cock and then put it in her mouth. She told me he probably wouldn’t last long so she laid down and spread her legs.

Then told him how to eat pussy how women like it. He did his best for about 10 minutes. Karen didn’t care if she came she wanted to teach her first vigin. Karen pulled him up and got on top of him. She put his average size cock in he wet pussy and started slowly up and down. Karen was right he didn’t last long at all. She put his cock back her mouth to clean him up. They kissed and chatted awhile and Greg thanked her for everything and asked if they could do it again. Karen smiled and said maybe.

Then he left to meet his mom and sister.

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