A couple having open relationship

Hello everyone, This is my second story on Sex4Stories. I hope you like the first one “Sex with wife and step daughter”. This is also a hypothetical story so don’t mind it. Now, let’s come to the story.

I am living in London. I studied Engineering in a famous college of London. My batch consist of 25 boys and 15 girls. I have a crush on the most beautiful girl of the batch. Her name is Jennelia. She is an introvert person that’s why she has very limited friends. I always try to talk to her but she is not interested in me. I am the very intelligent boy in the class. I have a good fan following because of my smartness. Many girls try to become friend of me as I am the one who helped them in the exams.

As London is very open city that’s why I have no shortage of girls and sex. I did it several times in my life. I also fucked my land lady in the absence of her husband. I will share this some other time.

Now, In college, I am interested only in Jennelia. She has big round boobs, thick thighs which I like the most in girls, milky white body (BTW I am not racist), pink lips, beautiful legs.

One day, I am sitting in the library, studied for upcoming semester exams. I am so much involve in studies that I don’t look in my surroundings. Jennelia comes in front of me and said something. But I didn’t focused on her then she touched my hand, at that moment I like that touch so much that I can’t believe what happens with me. Then she told me that can you help me in studies. I said to her yes, afcourse why not. When you are free you can tell me so that I come. She tell me this. I told her if you want we can start from this moment itself. She became very happy and said thankyou so much.

After that I started to teach her the simple concept of Economics. But she is very weak in studies. I thought how she able to manage to pass previous semesters. Then I changed my pattern and start with some real life examples.

Now, she able to understand something. I am happy with that that atleast she start. In this way I am devoting some of my time to her in her studies.

One day, she was not come to college. I thought may be she goes to somewhere but atleast she has to inform me so that I can’t wait for her. After some time, my phone rings I pick it. There was a lady that side. She said that she is Jennelia’s mother Jacqueline. I said hello aunty.

She said that jennelia is not feeling well today that’s why she is not able to come. I think you are waiting for her so I call you to inform about her condition. As exams are come near and she has a lot of unfinished syllabus. So can you come to my home and teach her here as well. I said, Ok aunty I can come. Send me your address. She sends her address and I am leaving to her house.

After an hour I reached there. Jacqueline welcomes me and kissed me on my lips may be that how they greet the guest. Then we both goes to Jennelia’s room. Jennelia say hi to me and said thankyou for visiting to her house for teaching her. I said no problem I can also revise the topics in this way.

After that I started teach the difficult concept of economics, as now she is able to understand. Then exams are come and shs is able to pass with good grades. She come to me and say thankyou. That without you I am not able to pass but because of you I pass with very much good grades. She tell me can I asked you one question. I tell her yes. She asked me that many girls want to teach from you. You teach them also but not with such dedication as you teach me, why?

I said because I like you. She didn’t said anything and goes from there. I shouted on myself that why I always so hurry.

Now she didn’t talk to me. Next day, she came to me and said I also like you. I didn’t believe on myself. She continue that I like you from the very first but I am introvert and you are always surrounded with so many girls that’s why I am not able to said. I become very happy and hugged her. She hugged me back. Now we are become girlfriend and boyfriend. We talk so much with each other. Goes for movie and shopping as well. One day while watching romantic movie a kissing scene comes, we see each other and then I put my lips on her. She also start to kiss me. We kisses each other for so long. After that we come out in the middle of movie. We both come to my apartment and again started kissing.

I started to grab her boobs. We badly kiss each other. I lick ker whole mouth while kissing. She through me on bed and open my jeans button. She grab my cock and started to giving handjob. She then starting blowjob. I don’t know that she was a so horny girl (BTW Introverts are more horny then Extroverts). I liked it. I open her whole clothes and lick her pussy. Her pussy is pink in colour and it smells so good. We both come in position of 69. After that she said to me please don’t wait more for your cock. Fuck me hard, I desperately wait for your big cock in my vagina. I said baby I don’t have condoms. How can we start. She said no need for condoms.

Don’t worry about pregnancy, I can take the pills. Then I set my dick on her pussy and slowly slowly inserting it.

After inserting half of my cock she started feeling pain and then I inserted whole dick in her. She moaned heavily. I increases my speed. She get an orgasm. I said baby I am about to cum where you want mine cum. She said cum on my mouth, I want to taste it. I inserted my cock in her mouth, she again giving me a blowjob then I cum in her mouth. She swallow all my cum.

We rest for sometime. I said to her, Is it your first time or you do earlier also. She said that I it’s mine second time, first one is with my step brother. I said means you like the incest like me. She said yes. Then we again started for second round. This time she sit on my cock. In this way that night we sex 4 times and sleep after that. In the early morning, I drop to her home.

She insisted me to come in but I denied as I am getting late for college. Then we started regular sex. Anywhere we get a place we started. We do sex in college classroom, college washrooms, hotels, my apartment. In this way, our college get finished and we get a job in a MNC’s. One day I goes to her house as her father and mother invited me on a dinner. I goes there, we having a nice talk and dinner. By their behaviour, I think they likes me. I said to them okay uncle now I have to leave me. That night it rains so heavy. They said it is better if you sleep here. I also not find it suitable to go in this stormy nights.

Jennelia’s father Mr. Harry said to Jennelia that take hime to your room. I am also becoming happy that today I fuck Jennelia in her house. After that Jennelia and harry kiss each other on her lip and said good night (as I said this her family gesture), Jennelia and Jacqueline also do the same.

Then Jacqueline come to me and do the same with me. I thought Is Mr. Harry also does the same with me. Then he said don’t worry gentleman I can’t do it with you and laugh. I also laughed. Then me and Jennelia come to her room. We locked the room and started kissing each other. We both opened our clothes and started to lick each others body. Then their is knock on the door. It was Mr. Harry, he said please open the door. Jennelia hide her nude body in the blanked. I wear boxers.

Then I opened the door. Mr. Harry said don’t forget to use condoms and give a packed of condom. He said it was Jennelia’s favourite fruit flavour condom. Then I again door the locked and we started again. I put the condom on my dick and started fucking Jennelia. In this way we have a good sex and then sleep. In the morning, there was a knock on the door, I opened it. It was Jacqueline. I said good morning to her. Then me and Jennelia both freshen up and goes to our work.

25th of January is her birthday, So I thought to propose her. We go for a drive. I already arranged 3 bikers with T-shirts written as I LOVE YOU words on the back. They are passed in front of our bike. Then, I proposed her. Can you marry me. She become very happy and said yes. Then we go for dinner. After that, I find some sort of tension on her face. I ask her what happens. She said I am worried about my family rituals. I ask her about her family rituals. She said that in her family groom first marry with brides mother for a month. In this period they sleep with each other and if brides mother like him then only he is able to marry bride. I shocked after hearing this. I know that it’s very much new for you that’s why I tensed that how can I say to you. I said means I have to marry and fuck Jacqueline. She said yes. But isn’t you have any problem with that that your future husband fuck someone else. I don’t have problem with that because it’s our family ritual.

I said if you don’t have problem then I also don’t have any problem. We both go to her home and I tell her father that I want to marry your daughter. He have no problem with that.

He said, Ok but did you know about our family rituals. I said yes Jennelia told me about that.

Then, next day I and Jacqueline marry each other in church. First of all we exchanged the rings and then kissed each other. This kiss is different from their usual family gesture. This is hard french kiss. I liked it. We both come to my house. We goes to a room and then again started to kiss each other. I opened Jacqueline’s white gown in which she looked so sexy. Inner that she wear white lingerie. In first, I hesitated as she is elder then me and also mother of my future wife. But she told me that don’t worry it’s their family ritual and we have to complete it. It’s normal for them. So don’t hesitated and give your 100%.

Treat me same as you treat my daughter. Then I come in full swing. I tore her lingerie and started kissing her hard. She also like this and give full support in my kiss. She opened my clothes and grab my cock. She started giving blowjob to me. Her soft lips on my cock giving me so much pleasure. She is very good in blowjob better than Jennelia her daughter. I ejaculated in just 10 minutes by her blowjob. She swallowed all my cum.

After that I licked her pussy. It was more wide then my imagination. It feels like that this pussy is fucked by so many different cocks. Then, I put my cock in her vagina. It goes inside easily as it was already wetted and the hole is also wide than usual. I said to her that by how many men’s you fucked upto now ( I laughed together so that she didn’t feel embarrassing by my question).

She said it is uncountable. Me and my husband are open in terms of relationship. We fuck anyone that we want. That’s why I fucked with many men’s in my life. She said to me, I also expect this from you as well. As it give a healthy relationship and also we are bored if we do it with one person only. That create a unhealthy relationship. I listened her and I thought that she is write.

We continue to fuck each other. I increase my speed and she started to moaned.

She said that it was her life’s best sex. I am happy that she is satisfied by my performance. It will continue for 30 days. Every day we fucl each other and none of us wear a single clothe. We wear clothes only when we have to go outside. I already take a leave from office that’s why we need very less to go outside. We go only for groceries. I fucked her daily in different positions.

We tried 69, bondage, missionary, cosplay, anal, bdsm and many more. It was our last day, I feel her vagina with the milk and then drink it with straw. She finds it something new. I said this is my way for saying thank you. We bath in chocolate tub and clean each other with tongue. Next day, as a ritual we divorce each other. She said yes for me and Jennelia’s marriage.

Our marriage day is come. We are going to church in the car. In the mid way, Jennelia wants to go to toilet. I asked driver to stop the car in front of one public toilet. She goes inside. Inside the toilet one men sleep, he shouted to Jennelia that hold the gate. But it was late and Jennelia already loosen it.

Jennelia said what are you doing here and why you say to holding the gate. He said that this gate is stucked from inside and opened only from outside. I am sleeping here from yesterday night. Do you have smartphone. Jennelia said did you see any pocket in my gown. She laughed and say don’t worry my fiancee is waiting for me outside. If I not go in some more minutes then he came and opened it.

That men said whenever I feel to loose something I trigger that thing in my head and in that way I did not loose it. It work as a sensation. So if we kiss each other your fiancee senses something strange happened to you and come here. Jennelia said no but after sometime she said ok we can try but a very short one. They kiss each other and wait. But nothing happens.

Then they again started kissing each other. This time they both liked it and continued it. It become harder now. That man started grabbing her boobs, he opened her gown from the top and started sucking her boobs.

Then he started uplifting her gown from bottom. He started fingering in her pussy. He put his cock insisde her vagina. In the meanwhile, I waited for her outside. I thought that it was late why she didn’t come upto now. So I goes to check what happened. I sees that she is fucked by a stranger. She sees me. She kicked that man and says to me sorry darling, I don’t want to do it. He forced me. I said realx babe. I don’t have any problem if you fuck someone else also. Beside marriage we also have our personal life. We continue a open sex that we can fuck any one we want (I get this thing from Jacqueline).

She become happy. I said did you want to fuck by him more or else we go. She said yes baby, can I continue for some more time. I said yes you don’t need to ask me about this, it’s your personal life.

Then they both again fuck each other for some more time. He ejaculated in her vagina. Then Jennelia fix her clothes and we come outside the bathroom (The door is stucked somewhere that’s why I didn’t close this time). We both again sit in our car and started moving to church. In the car she feels wet in her pussy.

Then I uplifted her hown and I cleaned the cum with the tissue paper. Driver sees us from his rear view mirror, but we don’t mind it. Then we come to church. I give her a ring and then we kissed each other.

After a marriage, we come to my apartment. I already planned our first night after marriage. I already decorated a room with the flowers and candles. She like it and say thanks to me for everything. I then started kissing her. We kissed each other so hard. We exchange our saliva, putting tongue in each other mouth. I through her on the bed. I opened her wardrobe. She is nude inside. I started licking her pussy. We both come in position of 69. She suck my dick and I lick her pussy.

Then I inserted my cock in her pussy, she started moaning heavily. I fuck her in many different positions. I make her a dog and started fucking her in doggy style. I fuck her in standing style. I put her one leg on mu shoulder and fucking her in that position. Then after sometime I cummed in her pussy. We then goes to bathroom and cleaned each other body. Then again started a shower sex. In shower I inserted my tongue in her vagina and giving her a tongue fuck.

At the same time I put one of my hand in her ass. In this way, we finish our first post marriage sex. This is our daily routine, we both sex regularly atleast one time in a day. One day she told me that her boss is looking on her in a naughty manner. I said to her did you like it or not. She said I like it but. I said there is no but, if you liked it then go ahead.

There is no problem as I already told you we have an open relationship.

Next day she goes to her office. Her boss is calling her to his room. She goes inside. She said hello sir. His boss said sit down. He stand from his chair and come close to Jennelia. He put his hand on Jennelia’s shoulder. Jennelia knows about his intension. Jennelia thought if I am ready to have sex with him then he give me a promotion. That’s why she didn’t said anything and his boss continued it. His boss thinks that why she didn’t resist my touch. Is she like it. Then he roamed his hand below her shoulder that near to her boobs. He said Jennelia I love you and want to fuck you. Jennelia said what I get in return. He said I post you my personal secretary, I increase your salary. Then she didn’t said any thing and just laugh. His boss take it as her permission and started grabbing her boobs from her clothes.

Then they started kissing each other. Her boss opened her clothes and suck her boobs. She opened his clothes and started giving blowjob to her. He so much satisfied with it that he cum in only 2 minutes. He embrassed by this and said sorry to Jennelia. He said you are so sexy that my cock is not able to handle it. Jennelia said don’t worry it happens. She again started giving blowjob to him.

Then he started kissing her vagina. He is able to control himself and started fucking her. In very less time he become tired and ejaculated. He said its enough for today. Then she get a promotion by him and her salary also increased 200%. In the home, I fuck her daily and in the office, her boss fucks her. As she is personal assistant to him that’s why she goes everywhere with him. She fly in private jets with him. She slipped in with him in hotels at the time of abroad meetings.

One day, she take a leave from her office. So I thought that I also come early. I come early and didn’t ring the doorbell as I have extra keys so I opened the door myself. I suprised after seeing her and boss together at home. Her boss also surprised by seeing me. Because at that time they are doing sex. I said babes why you not tell me that your boss is come home today. She said I also don’t know, he comes surprisingly. I said ok and sit near to the sofa. Her boss seeing me in a very strange manner. He thought that I scolded him. But I behave very normal. I read his face and said to him, sir don’t feel strange. I know everything from day one.

She didn’t hide anything from me and I already giving her a permission to sex with amyone she wants. Her boss said but why. I said this is good for healthy relationship, in this way we don’t feel bored too. He said you are right gentleman, I also talk to my wife about that.

Then he continued his sex. Jennelia said to me can you join us. I said ok and opened my clothes. Then we started double penetration to her. She liked it so much. Then her boss goes from there. He goes to his home and tells everything about his affair with his secretary or my words everything to his wife. His wife angried about hearing his affair. But she also thought about my words. She also find it right. She said ok then we also become a open partner.

Then next day, her boss and his wife come to my place. They said that we are also now come in an open relationship.

Then we exchanged our partner. His wife come to me and mine goes to him.

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