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Hi guys my name is Krish. I am a medical student. This is the story when I was in 10th std that is about 2 years ago.
Let me tell you about myself. I am a handsome dude. I go to the gym. I have a 6 inch cock. At that time I was 18 years old.
Let me tell you about my sister she is whetish complexion. She has big boobs. She was 2 years elder than me so at that time she was 20.

Let’s start the incident

It was Saturday night I went to her house to study as she was very scholar. After teaching me she started using her laptop and I was studying. She was sitting opposite to me. She was wearing a tank top(without bra) and shorts. I could see the shape of her nipple. She plugged her headphones and started using her laptop. Her headphones were not plugged properly so when she started the porn video(which I knew after the noise) the noise came out load instead of her headphones.

She was feeling very ashamed. I asked her whether she was seeing pirn so she replied yes in a low voice. So I asked her whether I could join her to which she said yes. We both started watching porn in her bedroom. I was of Jhonny sins. I got an hard on which was hurting I my pants. She saw me adjusting my pennis and became horny. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it out the pant. The we had a passionate kiss. She was a very good kisser. Soon we both were naked on her bed watching porn. She jerked me and I fingered her while watching porn.

Then the scene came of sex. She told me let’s try having sex. At that time we both were virgin. I started licking her pussy. Then she told to fuck her. I inserted my pennis with a hard strock and she screamed very loudly. She told me to remove my pennis I did as she said. Blood started coming out of her pussy. She said she felt like her pussy was torn.

But then she said me to continue. I again inserted my pennis but this time slowly. At the starting it was painfully but then she started enjoying. Soon I was about to cum she said that she wanted her first cum in her pussy so I commend in her pussy. When I removed my dick.

Cum and blood both came out of her pussy together. Then we fucked in doggy style. We enjoyed a lot. Then we went to clean ourselves in the shower. We had another session in the shower. It was the best day of my life. After that day till today we have sex twice a week

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