She loves my 8 inch after my parents call

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She was comfortable with the atmosphere I had created in house.We where having tea,I kept my right hand on her shoulder as friends do while talking.

Me “ mom and dad will not make it today, so can you stay tonight ? ”
She smiled in kinky way.
She “ no problem malik ”

I smiled with naughty feeling of fucking her. She finished her tea. I wanted to confirm about she wants it, placed my hand on her neck pushed my fingers in her hair below her bun slowly.she thought I was going to massage her.i applied pressure four fingers in her hair,thumb under ear line.

She “ malik back massage was enough ”
Me “ I’m not massaging you,I want to play with your hair ! ”
She did respond by nodding her head so I made my move pulled her bun opened her hair’s took her hair. smelled her silky jet black hair, she was watching me doing this.

Me “ wait I’ll be back ”
I came back with hair brush, she understood so she took all her hair’s in front.i gently kissed on her head in her hair’s.sniffed her silky she could feel my breath.

She “ you must be really crazy for hair’s ”
Me “ yes ”
She “ you like my hair ? ”
Me “ I’m loving them, I can play all day Long with them ”
She “ they are all your do whatever you want ”
Grabbed her waist

Me “ I thought you are mine ”
She blushed,I kissed her on forehead.made her show me her back took all her hair.brushed them for a while, Made bridal.She was looking sexy,I started making bridal of her silky.

She “ what should I make for dinner ? ”
Me “ I’ll have it now ”
Pulled her bridal to bring her near me.kissed on her neck.she began to breathe heavily.
She “ this is not right malik ”
I pull her,she was in my lap my left hand was in her hair’s holding her head, bite her ears right hand was going to her lips,she began to sweat her nipples where hard.

Right hand had reached her opening,she had hairy pussy.
Me “ will uh mind ?”
She “ noo, I’m loving this ”

I began with foreplay, moving my finger in circular motion around her clitoris, pushed my finger in her wet pussy, she moved back kept her head on my shoulder,we started kissing her toung was responding very well.removed her t-shirt, she had fair boobs with brown nipples,her body was untouched from many years.she breath was getting heavier,as I was kissing her lips also fingaring her intensely. She was in 9 cloud,her pussy was wet ready for my rod.she had her orgasm,she removed my pant pulled my 8 inch,gave me Kinky smile she sucked my rod like a pro.i was about to cum but I wanted to last longer so I pulled her up removed her saree she was completed nacked her reddish pussy was covered with hair’s.

Took her in my arms carried her to my bedroom, unbridled her hair’s na the woman I fantasized for more so long was in my hairs with smile on her face,ferm boobs hard nipples crossed legs.

I took my cam clicked few pictures of her in my bed,she gave intended bold look in them, kept my cam went on her body started to kiss her pressed her boobs gave love bites on her neck boobs her pussy was waiting for my rod,she opened her legs I placed my rod on her opening, looked in her eyes pushed it slowly began to ramming in and out her closed her eyes.i pulled out my rod inserted tip and rammed hard full rod in her pussy she was mowing loudly we enjoyed for 30mins I cam in her pussy,she had orgasm.

I laid on her body for few minutes her body.

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