B-grade Sex With Three Women

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Hi I am Rock, 6 Feet Tall, Does work-out Regularly So Muscular, handsome, kind of Dominant Personality.
Let’s Come Back To My Masala Movie Which Has Taken Place With Three Married Ladies At Different Time And Situations But All This Was In My Home.

First Women Was Sujatha(Name Changed) She Is My Mothers Friend Has Bust Size Of 38 Tits, 34 Hips And 40 Ass She Is Curvy. Her Husband Left Her Long Back Since She Couldn’t Conceive Children. Back To The Story She Is So Sexy N Hot When She Walks Her Ass Swings Left And Right Makes U Want to Spank Her Hard.

She Has Known Us For 10-12 Years As She Visits Our Home Every day And She Is Fond Of Me. Always Talks To Me In Double Meaning Dialogues When My Mom Is Not Near Us In Hall While She Is In Kitchen.

So One Day When My Mom Wasn’t At Home She Came Later She Knows That’s Why She Came To My House As She Had Eye On Me From Long. So I Told Her To Sit She Will Be Coming So She Sat In The Sofa, So She Was Telling Her Past What Happened After Marriage And How She Is Living Alone While Crying.

I Said Her Everything Will Be Alright After That She Was Showing Me How Her Ring Doesn’t Fit On Her Finger While Making To And Fro Motion Just Like Dick Going In And Out And Was Giving Me Naughty Smile. After That She Told Me To Come To Her Home As She Lives Alone For Company, I Said I Will See Aunty.

While Going She Got Up I Stood Near The Door She Raised A Hand For Handshake But I Opened My Arms And She Understood And Got Into My Embrace Like A Young College Girl. Then We Smooched On Lips While The Main Door Was Still Open There Was A Risk That Some One May Come To My Home And See This.

While She Was Going Out I Spanked Her Ass And Gave A Squeeze, Another Day While She Was Cooking Something While My Mom Was In Bedroom I Went Behind And Hold Her Boobs & Gave Them A Squeeze.

She Shouted Ahhh! So I Ran Away To Hall And My Mom Enquired What Had Happened She Said Current Shock Tagilindi(Shewas Like She Got Electric Shock By My Touch ). And She Was Smiling Mischievously Looking At Me Whenever She Was In My Home I Used To Squeeze Her Milf Tits And Ass And Hug Her Behind Shoving My Dick In Between Her Ass Cheeks And Hug From Front Too While Crushing Her Boobs On My Chest.
Once She Was Mixing Flour I Went To Her And Showed My Dick And Told Her To Hold It And Suck It. She Was Touching My Dick And Holding It But Said Your Mom Will Come Any Moment.

Later On There Were Only Touching And Feeling Each Other Bodies As We Couldn’t Do Much At My Home. Once I Saw Her In The Ground Floor Waiting For The Lift, I Got Horny Looking At Her So I Went Behind Her And Hugged Her From Behind. I Pushed My Dick In Between Her Ass Cheeks And Pushed Her Against The Lift Door. She Was Being Squeezed In Between Me And The Lift Door, I Lift Her With A Wicked Smile With A Wink. She Ran Away From There On Stairs Like A Helpless Woman, This Lady Always Uses Bad Words And Scolds Each And Everyone. She Bosses Everyone But Infront Of She Was Always Emotional And Felt Vulnerable Woman.

Not Much Beyond Had Taken Place Since In My Area She Was Known As Cheap Lady. They Used To Say She Had A Married Man In Her Hand And She Is Using That Married Man. I Dint Want To Be Seen Near Her Home And I Was Studying All My College Years Out Of Hyderabad. Even 11th And 12th I Have Studied In Hostel So Not Much Had Taken Place.

Second Lady Was Rani (Name Changed)

This Is Rani Is A Maid Who Does Small Stuff Like Cleaning Cupboards And Dusting Stuff At My Home Not A Full Time Maid. Her Husband Is A Drunkard And Beats Her She Loves My Attention When At My Home. So One Day She Was Cleaning The Hall And My Mom Was In Bedroom And Told Me To Help Her While She Dust The Hall. So We Were Keeping The Things Aside After Cleaning We Keep Them Back In The Same Place Even Sofa And Dewan. She Was Seducing Me That Day Come Lift This And Come Lift That, Its Like She Was Inviting Me. So I Took My Chance And Went Close To Her And I Hugged Her From Behind.

Rani : Your Mom Will Come.
Me : With This I Understood She Doesn’t Object To My Advances And She Likes Me. So I Turned Her Forward And Hug Her Tightly And She Was

Trying Tolose My Grip As She Was 3 Months Pregnant. So I Loosen My Grip As I Look Into Her Eyes She Has Lustfilled Eyes. I Kissed Her Forehead Then Slowly On Her Lips, I Tried To Eat Her Lips And I Licked Her Lips And Sucked Her Tongue. I Wanted To Suck Her Tongue Since She Doesn’t Know About French Kiss And All. She Has 32 Boobs So I Pulled Her Boobs Out And Sucked Her Nipple It Was Salty I Think She Dint Take Bath From Morning. I Sucked Her Both Nipples, I Lifted Her Saree And Petticoat And Kissed Her Pussy. She Had A Bloated Tummy As She Was Pregnant, I Removed My Dick And Put It At The Entrance.

Rani : No!!! Iam Pregnant Not Now Do It Later, So I Told Her To Suck My Dick. She Started To Suck My Dick It Started To Get Fully Erect, So I Hold Her Head And Was Shoving It In Her Mouth. She Was Gasping For Air And Took My Dick Out, Again We Came Back To Our Places Of Shifting Things As We Heard My Mom Talking And Coming Towards The Hall.

After Seeing The Work Done And Instructing My Mom Went To Make A Call, Again I Went Close To Her With My Dick Out And She Understood And Got On Her Knees Like A Slut. She Started Sucking But I Didn’t Get The Feeling Like The Way Pornstar’s Suck In The Porn Videos And Guys Give Expressions And Say Oh Damn. It Was Just A Wet Saliva On My Dick Like Feeling, I Got Bored With Her Sucking As It Wasn’t Pleasurable I Think It Was Her First Time. Looks Like I Spoiled Her But It Was My First Blowjob But I Didn’t Cum To Be Honest. When She Was Sucking For The Second Time She Didn’t Let Me Hold Her Head As I am Dominantly Pushing My Cock Into Her Mouth. She Said I Will Only Suck You Don’t Hold My Head And Shove It In. Later We Hugged On Played Touched Each Other Like Lovers And I Squeezed Her 32 Ass And Rubbed Her 30 Hips
Third Lady Was Sushma (Name Changed) Our Maid She Used To Come For Our Household Work, She Was Working For Us For Quite A Long Time. Since I Was A Virgin Used To Masturbate A Lot Watching Porn But Got Bored Of Western Porn As There Is No Foreplay Like B Grade Movies In India Where Women Respond Sexily For Sensual Touches With Naughty Expressions On Their Face.

So I Started Reading Indian Sex Stories And Saw This Maid Sex Stories, So Was Engrossed Into This As I Noticed I Had Curvy Married Milf(Maid) At Home. So I Tried My Luck By Daily Talking To Her And Being Friendly With Her Before I Didn’t Give A Fuck About Them Just Used To Say This And That Work.

One Day While We Were In Kitchen She Was Washing Utensils And My Mom Was In Bedroom I Was Talking To Her About Why She Is Wearing This Type Of Bangles. They Don’t Look Good On You And I Said Buy Something Nice So I Touched Her Bangles.

Sushma: She Said Don’t Touch Your Mom Will See And Will Scold Us.
Me : I Thought She Likes Me And Okay With Me Touching Her, So I Went Behind Her And Put My Horny Dick In Between Her Ass Cheeks With A Tight Embrace And Squeezed Her Boobs.
Sushma : I Will Complain To Your Mom After Leaving Her She Said
Me : Sorry And Left From There Feeling Scared. But She Didn’t Complain To My Mom, She Used To Come To My Bedroom To Clean So I Used To Hug Her And Squeeze Her Boobs Daily And Squeeze Her Ass And Say It Is Spongy.
Sushma : Gives A Naughty Smile
Me : Then After Few Days I Opened Her Jacket Boldy As I Couldn’t Control My Horny Nature And Took Her Boob Out And Sucked Her Nipples And Bite Her Breast
Sushma : Gives A Painful Expression.
Me : She Was Enjoying With My Foreplay’s, I Used To Feel Her Entire Body Over Her Saree. So One Day I Lifted Her Saree And Saw Her Pussy And

Ass That Was My First Time Seeing A Live One Other Than Porn Videos And Pics Close To My Face. Like A Kid I Was Seeing Her Pussy And Ass Touching Her Private Parts While She Was Blushing As My Face Was So Close To Her Pussy. I Touched Her Pussy And Inserted My Finger

Sushma : Removes My Hand And Says I Will Get Infection
Me : I Said You Will Not Get Any Infection If I Put My Finger In Your Pussy. I Asked Her Who Had Told You That.
Sushma : My Daughter Is A Nurse She Said To Keep It Clean Otherwise You Will Get Infection.
Me : She Meant You Have To Clean It After Your Love Juices Come Out But She Didn’t Listen. Then For Few More Days She Became More Open With Me Allowing Me Do Whatever I Want, So When She Goes To Wash Bathroom I Would Sneak In While My Mom Is In Kitchen. So I Went In And Squeezed Her Boobs, Rubbed Her Pussy, Pulled My Dick Out Of My Shorts And Made Her To Hold It In My Hand
Sushma : Chiii!!!
Me : Why Are You Shy ?
Sushma : Blushes!!! Go Your Mom Will Come And If She Finds Us Inside She Will Remove Me From Work.
Me : I Used To Find My Chances Everday And Have Fun Just Like B-grade Movies It Was Hot And We Were Both Horny. I Used To Enjoy Her In My Bedroom And Go To Hall After She Moves Out Of My Bedroom. She Comes Their To Clean, So I Put On Tv And Act Like Watching. When She Moves In I Grab Her We Hug Like Lovers, This Used To Happen Daily. So One Day She Bites My Cheeks Out Of Lust, I Was Taken Aback And Saw Into Her Eyes.

Sushma : Her Eyes Were Filled With Lust.
Me : I Pulled Her Saree Up And Made Her Bend With Hands On Tv Cupboard. Since It Was My First Time I Couldn’t Put It In As Her Pussy Was Very Tight. We Had Less Time Any Moment Can Walk Back To Hall. I Poked My Finger In Her Ass And Smelled It Was Quite Disgusting And I Took My Finger To Her Nose.
Sushma : Moves Back.
Me : Since It Was My First Time Smelling It I Dint Like It But It Had Become A Regular Affair To Finger Her Ass Damn That Was Tight She Didn’t Do Anal Till Now. But All This Raw Experience Doing First Hand Was So Fun As They Say In The Sex Stories Of Other People.
But One Time We Got Caught By My Mom Where I Was Humping Her From Behind While She Was Washing Utensils In The Kitchen(We Were Dressed). I Said I Was Getting Something From Other Side.
Mom : So She Didn’t Move For You To Get It
Me : I Said Yes.
Sushma : I Will Not Come To Wo Rk From Tomorrow Madam.
Me : Mom Doesn’t Know What Had Happened And I Had Managed. I Told Her To Shut Up And Work.
Sushma : How ?
Me : I Convinced Her. From Next Day We Stayed Little Bit Far But I Couldn’t Stop Myself. So After Few Days While She Was In Kitchen I Went And Hug Her. She Didn’t Resist My Hug So I Lifted Her Saree And Petticoat And Went Between Her Legs And Saw Her Pussy Upclose.
Sushma : With Lust In Her Eyes.
Me : I Kissed Her Pussy With This She Pushed My Head Onto Her Pussy, I Was Unable To Gasp For Air. But We Had To Stop As My Mom May Come Anytime. It Was Exciting To Do But We Should Not Get Caught Was On Our Minds. Next Day I Played With Her As Usual In My Room And Hall While She Was Brooming And Mopping. This Time I Went Into Kitchen While She Was Washing Utensils I Went And Hugged Her.
Damn Those Squishy 34 Boobs And That 36 Big Ass So Spongy, I Lifted Her And Made Her Sit On The Kitchen Granite Top. I Kissed On Her Face When I Was About To Kiss On Her Lips She Is Shy As She Never Had Been Kissed On Her Lips. She Says Iam Your Maid You Shouldn’t Do Like That Stuff, So I Lifted Her Saree And Petticoat And Removed My Erect Horny Dick From My Track. Pushing It In Her Pussy While Pulling Her Legs Forward And Making Them Wide To Shove My Dick In. It Was So Tight And She Pushed Me Away As It Was Slippery Due To Her Love Juices, She Said Yours Is Big Than My Husband It Wont Go In. Again I Had To Stop As I Heard My Mom Coming From Bedroom, So I Sneaked Back To Hall Before She Comes To Kitchen.

I Forgot To Tell You My Grandma Also Stays In The House So I Was Doing All These Things Without Getting Caught As We Live In A 3bhk.
Once My Parents Went Out For Some Work Leaving Only My Granny While She Was In Room. I Brought My Maid To Hall And Pushed Her On Diwan Like Single Bed, I Had Lied On My Bed With My Erect Dick. She Came In Cow Girl Position And Sat On My Erect Dick, She Was Pushing It In But It Was Not Going Inside.

Sushma : With A Afraid Look It Will Pain If It Goes Inside.
Me : I Was Looking At Her Sexy Expressions On Her Face, She Held My Dick And Put It In Her Pussy And Tried To Push It In By Sitting On. It Went Little In As It Was Paining For Her She Got Off And I Had Inserted My Forefinger In Her Ass. She Got Off My Dick Saying It Wont Go In And Iam Scared To Take It All The Way In.

As My Parents Were About To Arrive As I Got A Call About Their Estimated Time Of Arrival(Eta). We Were Neatly Dressed Back And After That She Had Gone To Her Village And Dint Come For 15 Days Work As They Were Constructing Their New House There For Settling In Their Village.

My Mom Got Angry As She Had To Keep Another Woman For Those 15 Days Due To Her Irregular Working Days In A Month. She Had Kept Another Maid By The Time She Came Back She Settled Her Account And Told Her To Leave.
It Mostly Ended And We Have Shifted To A Different State Now And “there Is A Saying Everything Is Temporary You Should Learn To Accept Change” My Dear Readers.

Please Free To Comment/ To Get Your Desired Fulfilled Getting In Touch With Me By Dropping A Mail Or Text Me On Hangouts Id : [email protected]

Thank You For Reading My Story My Friends, I Will Come Back With More Stories Soon.

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