I think it was a trick

I am not sure if this was planned by my husband, but this story will excite you. I am a Punjabi married woman of forty. i would be called extremely hot and my husband liked to show me to his friends and their wives. So i am used to wearing hot clothes which at times shows skin, but who gives a fuck.

when we were alone at home as our kids went to shimla, Ketan , my husband planned for us to spend a weekend at a farm house of a friend. the idea was good. We went there prepared to enjoy fucking as it had a swimming pool and the domestic help would leave by 10.

we finished dinner and everyone left. I had dressed for the night with a sexy lingerie and covered myself with tiny slut shorts and a white shirt which hung loosely. we had some wine to kick our spirits when the bell rang. Ketan’s two friends came in and let us call them Tom and Joy. they were young handsome guys who i had met earlier and i told Ketan to get rid of them soon. as i was in the drawing room i did not leave and they wished me and said they will leave soon. I asked them to join for a drink and then it started.

as we spoke and drank some champagne the talk turned risqué. Tom told Joy to co girl himself as i was there and i laughed it out saying g we are adults. Tom was married while Joy was not. as we talked, Ketan said let us watch a hot flick and they said, we will leave. Ketan got some snacks and said, they could after having some chicken tikka. they reluctantly agreed and Joy started smoking after taking permission. we were feeling relaxed. the movie was a xxx one and there were two guys fucking a girl. i was embarrassed but pretended to be on my phone and moved around. i could see Joy following me with his eyes as he was drooling over my ass in the tiny shorts.
Ketan had left the room and i sat down to wait for them to finish. the movie was hot. one guy had his cock in the sluts cunt and the other had his cock in her mouth. i was aroused.

Joy came and sat on my right and had his arm around me. he offered me the fag and while i don’t smoke, this made me relaxed. Tom sat on my left and was focused on the movie. he kept saying, fuck, fuck, fuck.
as the fucking went on Joy turned my face and started kissing me. i did not object and allowed him by opening my mouth with eyes on the movie. i felt Tom put his hand in my shirt and reach for my boob. he started kneading it as JOy kissed me and had his hand on my thigh and moved towards the crotch. i was aroused.

Tom made me stand and so did Joy who kept kissing me and soon tom had my shirt off. my tiny bra did not cover anything and in a second it was off. as i stood with joy kissing me and rubbing my pussy tom was sucking my boobs. i opened my legs as i felt like orgasming. joy said, fuck, what an ass and started spanking my ass. tom unbuttoned my shorts and tan it down. my thing was wet. tom kissed my crotch and said, fuck, she is so fucking wet.

so saying he took out the thongs licked it and took off his clothes. come suckmycock baby he said and pushes his cock in my mouth while i kneeled. i held on to joy’s cock and struck it as i sucked tom cock. soon they made me bend and on the tv i saw the same slut being banged now by four studs with cum all over her face. as i bent in the sofa, tom came into my int and started hammering away. joy pushed his cock i my mouth and i sucked the fucking dick. i got such an orgasm that i said, duck me harder you mother fuckers and the two went on hammering away. give the slut a bang.we were sweating away ans soon both the cocks erupted inside me. i drank the cum and sat back on the sofa. after five minutes i saw their cocks go up as the fucking in the movie got hotter with cocks. i’m int on the slut.

let us change the fucking holes they said and reversed their cocks in my cunt and pussyfooted. in less than ten minutes as i was screaming, they emptied their cocks in me and i was full and spent. i lay on the sofa and must have dozed off. as i got up after half an hour, the two were dressed and they helped me up and took me to the bathroom where i bathed. as i came out they said they were sorry as they never meant to fuck. real fuckers. i did not believe them. but i enjoyed my fuck. my husband kept away and pretended he was not well, but i think he set this up for me. but i won’t complain as i enjoyed this hard fuck. and more importantly to two handsome men with great cocks. that’s what i wanted anyway.

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