Maid from Heaven – Part 41

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 40 ). Now let’s continue

I put my arm around her waist pulling her to me and playfully asked “why not my lap this time”? She hugged me burying her face in my chest continuing to blush.

I raised her face to mine, her eyes were closed. I kissed her lips and asked “how was your first day at class”? Still with her eyes closed she whispered “it was awesome”.

I kissed her again, I asked “you want to talk about it now”? Still with her eyes closed, she whispered “yes but before that let me get lunch ready and feed you first” and left from there.

I was super excited that something interesting might have happened. So with baited breath I waited to hear from her. Uma served lunch soon and then fed it to me sitting in my lap like always.

I thought to myself, before Uma happened, the last time someone fed me like this was my mom and that was till I turned 7. Since then I have been having it on my own even thought I was longing for mom to feed me again.

And here I am today where Uma is taking care of me so well feeding me lovingly with her hands and making sure she cooks tasty stuff for me all the time. After lunch I retired to the sofa while Uma finished her work and joined.

She took my hand and pulled me to my bedroom. She took off her nighty and all my clothes and lay down on the bed in my arms with her face on my chest.

In Uma’s narration from here….

Let me start from when I left from here to get ready in the morning. You already know Aslam had come to my room. I had just finished bath and had worn my jeans and t-shirt.

For a while he was very patient and generally talking about random stuff. Then out of the blue he said “Madam, I am unable to get you out of my head. Please I need you now. That is also why I came early”.

I said “you know Aslam, sir is downstairs. So we cannot do anything because it is very risky”. He said “madam, I know. But I am sure there is something little that you can do naa to help me with this” showing me his big bulge.

Krishna now you already know sex is my weakness but I made up my mind to try and control my feelings this time. I did not want to give Aslam a feeling that anytime he asked for sex I would dive right in with him.

So I said “Aslam please understand, if sir was not at home then I would have surely helped you”. He placed my hand on his bulge and said “madam, I know if you make up your mind then you can do it. Please understand I have been hurting since yesterday after you called”.

After listening to his honest pleas, I decided to help him a little. I said “ok, I will try to help you but you must keep quiet and not make any noise. Also you will not force yourself on me. Okay”?

Aslam gave a big smile and said “yes yes madam, I will do as you say”. I said “ok unzip your pants and take it out”. He stood up and was about to take off his pants.

I stopped him and said “I said only zipper so that if anyone comes then you can quickly put it back”. He did and took out his hard cock which had become very slimy because of his excessively oozing precum.

I made him sit next to me and began stroking his cock. He said “Ahh madam, this feels so good. Thank you”. I continued stroking him while in my mind despite trying to ignore I was beginning to get aroused again.

He said “madam if you don’t mind then can I touch you”? I stopped and stared at him. I said “Aslam I already said it is too risky”. He said “madam, I am not asking you to remove your clothes naa”.

My arousal had pretty much high jacked my mind making me equally desperate, so I silently nodded yes. He cuddled up close to me placing my hand back on his cock.

Then he placed his arm around my waist from behind and his other hand over my boob from over my clothes. Due to my arousal my nipples were erect and clearly showing thru my clothes.

His hands were frequently manipulating my nipples while he continued to fondle my tits. Soon I was in full heat and lost control over myself. I held his face and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Aslam too reciprocated kissing me back and then continued kissing further down. He went on till kissing my neck and the little exposed parts of my chest but did not proceed further.

I was getting even more desperate now so I stopped him and removed my t-shirt and bra. Aslam said “thank you so much madam” and went mad massaging my naked tits and sucking my puffed nipples.

I could feel my orgasmic pressure steadily rising so before I came in my panties and soil them and my jeans, I removed them too. I lay down on my couch opening my legs wide looking at Aslam.

He was staring at me lustily whike stroking his hard cock. I said “now eat me quickly Aslam, make me cum”. He came between my legs and began his magic with his mouth.

I did not last very long and after a few minutes my orgasm crashed thru me and Aslam continued eating me till he drank the last drop of my juice. Then I got up and made him lie on the couch.

I knelt between his legs and began stroking his cock while licking his precum with my tongue at the same time. Then he said “madam please if you can use your mouth more…”.

I took him in my mouth and sucked him till he flooded my mouth with his seed. After swallowing everything and sucking him clean I got off and went to my bathroom.

Then I got ready again, now it was nearing 9.40am. I told him to go to his scooter while I came down to meet you and leave. After meeting you and getting my confidence boost from you, I went outside where Aslam was waiting.

He had brought a veil scarf for me so I could cover my face so that no one recognises me when I am on the bike with him. Then he dropped me at the center and left.

I went inside and found Charles waiting at the reception. He was very cheerful to see me, after the pleasantries and handshake he asked me to follow him.

We walked past many classrooms on both sides with glass doors till we reached the end of the passage. We entered a cabin which looked like someone’s office.

It was done up with basic furniture with a solid wooden door. Charles said “this is my cabin madam, you please sit here while I get your books”. I said “Sir you can call me Uma only”.

He smiled and said “you can also call me Charles only”. He left while I sat at the table and waited. Then he came back with the course material and pulled up a chair and sat next to me.

He showed me the books and explained everything in detail. Now we were both sitting side by side with him getting me started with the course. He opened his laptop and played a few training videos explaining pronunciation and making me repeat line by line.

I was totally engrossed and lost track of everything. Then he said it was time for a quick tea break. This was when I realised that his hand was resting behind on my lower back with nearly half on my butt.

I simply ignored it and got up and went with him for tea. After we took tea from the vending machine Charles said “please follow me to the terrace Uma”. I asked “why? We can have tea here only like everyone else”.

He said “no, I want to have a smoke”. I went with him. We went to a secluded corner where a make shift bench was there with an ash tray. We were the only two people there.

I said “it doesn’t look like many people smoke here”. He said “no, the actual smoking corner is on the other side, this is my private space. Moreover, we have come after the normal break time”.

We sat down again side by side and I continued sipping my tea. Charles lit a cigarette, he looked at me and asked “so how are you related to Mr. Krishna”? I said “he is my distant relative”.

He said “Oh okk, there is something I am dying to tell you but I am not sure how to say it”. Earlier his hand on my butt and now sitting so close I think I knew where this was heading.

In a playful tone I said “well for starters you can use your mouth”. We both laughed at this, then he said “I want to say that I am in awe of your beauty”. I replied “thank you Charles”.

He said “don’t get me wrong Uma, but I am unable to take my eyes off you”. I stayed quiet without reacting because I am sure he meant to say “his hands too”.

I saw him stub his cigarette now and our tea cups were also empty. So I said “can we get back to class now”? He looked at me with a perplexed look, then we got up and went back to class.

To be continued….

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