Elder Sis takes it up her ass

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Hey guys, It’s me Ranjith again. So I’m back with the continuation of my previous story, Sex with my younger sis part-2. So in the end we got caught fucking by my elder sis. She shouted angrily and asked us to get dressed. So we did as she said. No one talked for a while, but my younger sis broke the silence.

Siri : Pratyusha this isn’t what you think, I know its wrong but we both were in heat at that moment and we just couldn’t stop it.

My elder sis Pratyusha:So you just want me to stay silent?

Me: Please didi don’t tell this to mom and dad, please we both will lose everything.

Pratyusha: Don’t be silly. Of course I won’t tell them.What will they think of this? But I will not take this matter lightly.

Siri : Yes didi, we won’t do it again. Just forgive us.

Pratyusha:Now brother go to your room, I’m gonna have a little chat with Siri.

I did as ordered and silently went to my room and slept . The next day I felt awkward to face my sisters after the previous night. So I went slowly downstairs only to find my elder sis crying. I didn’t know what happened but Siri pulled me aside and told me “Brother in law has not been able to conceive her, it seems he’s not even trying to get it done properly”. I didn’t know what to say but in my mind i thought, ‘Huh what a dickhead, If it was me i would have impregnated her at least once a day’. So i went slowly and sat beside my sis. I put a hand on her and asked “Is everything ok?”. She didn’t say anything she just nodded her head. Siri said she was going out to meet her friend Anita. I thought to myself ‘Fuck one day of fucking wasted!’. After she left Pratyusha opened up slightly, “Your brother-in-law is unable to give me motherhood”. And she started crying again. I consoled her, stood up and asked her “Shall i get you some water?”.

She was bent a little, i saw her cleavage and the dress she was wearing a loose dress so I could almost see her nipples and my testosterone levels went up as my dick started getting hard. My elder sis measurements are 34-30-36, so of course I would get aroused. I was wearing boxer shorts so there was no way I could hide it. Before she even answered I started moving to get water but she stopped me and hugged me tightly her boobs pressing against my chest”Thank you Ranju”. Her nipples were piercing me. My dick was fully erect and I’m sure she felt that, I dunno what happened but it was automatic. I grabbed her ass and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back but then pulled back and asked “What the heck was that about?”Then she noticed the bulge I was trying to hide and I went away quicly towards the kitchen. After my hard on was gone I came back with a bottle of water and said” I’m so sorry Pratyusha, after that with Siri i just got carried away”. She said it was okay and there was her fault in it as well and started going into more details about my sex life. So i did the same. She said that my brother-in-law never satisfied her properly and they had sex only like 3 or 4 times. I was shocked “But its been over a year and I fucked Siri thrice in two days!” She looked sad and said “Yeah and I feel awful these days, getting crazy thoughts that’s why I came here to clear my head”

I told her “Maybe I can do something,you for your satisfactory problems” She gave me a serious face then slowly she started smiling “Yes maybe, It’s been so long for me better my brother than some fuckboy”. So I went over her and kissed her lips. They were sweet, so wet, so luscious I sucked her tongue out and wrestled. She bit my lips and we kissed for some 10 minutes. Then we broke apart with a stream of saliva hanging, we both were looking at each other with lusty eyes. I kissed her on neck and started going towards her chest. I started licking her nipples from the outside, her dress was becoming wet and getting stuck to her skin. I open the bottle and poured all the water on her chest, now her dress was see through. That was so fucking erotic I thought my balls were gonna explode and i was going cum right there. I took her to my bed room and removed her top and started sucking her breasts. I ran my fingers over her shoulders, waist, in small circles and started tickling her in the arm pits. She was moaning and her moans were keeping me in the mood. The she took off my shirt and started licking my bare chest towards my dick. She pulled my boxers down and she was shocked “Oh my fucking Gosh! It’s so big, bigger than your brother-in-law, it was not this big yesterday night!” I said “Haha we were already finished by the time you saw us” And she started blowing me. First the head, then slowly deeper and deeper until she took it whole. My younger sis might have been great at blow jobs but my elder sis was a fucking pro. She was sucking me like it was a lollipop and in between massaging my balls licking them as well. I was trying so hard not to cum.

Then i pushed her onto the bed and kissed her feet, removed her leggings, and went above and above until i was at her thighs. I gave her love bites there and licked all the way up to her panties. I touched them and they were soaking wet. I brushed my tongue over them and a shudder ran over through her body. I removed and admired her pussy, it was wet, cleanly shaved just the way I like it. And i began eating her out,rubbing her clit. She put both hands on my head and was pulling my hair wildly. I spread her pussy lips wide and started pressing my tongue into her hole. She pushed me harder and was moaning “Yes stick it deep inside, fuck your tongue feels great, Don’t stop don’t stop” And i stopped but immediately put a finger inside and started fingering her. Then I started licking her ass. She was in heaven and was shaking badly. I inserted one more finger and soon she had her orgasm. She was panting heavily “Gods, That was the best orgasm ever!”

I laughed “Best? We haven’t even started fucking yet” She said she wanted to ride me take control. Normally i don’t like being dominated but i said fine. So i was flat on my back, she put a hand on my chest and with the other hand was rubbing my dick over her pussy and asked me “So you wanna fuck me or not little broo”. I said “Fuck yes i wanna fuck the shit out of you”, “Then close your eyes” I did and she sat down slowly on my dick. I moaned “Fuck sis your pussy is so tight” I started to move my hips but she stopped me and she started moving faster and faster.I grabbed her ass but she knocked them off, i tried to cup her boobs but she wouldn’t let me. I was getting impatient over this domination. After a while i couldn’t control it anymore, i lifted her pinned her on her back, spread her legs wide and penetrated her asshole. She started to protest but i put my hand over her mouth and started ass fucking her hard .

She held back a few tears and was trying to bite my hand. I went to her ear, nibbled it and whispered “I’m sorry sis, i love you and would never want to hurt you but I’ve always thought of fucking you in the ass and i wouldn’t miss the chance” She bit my hand and i pulled back but i was still fucking her. She said “You idiot you could’ve just asked, after all this why would i resist?”. I said “oops” and we both laughed and i kissed her while pounding her ass, sucked her tits. Then i said i want those two juicy melons to rub my dick. So i titfucked her and she opened her mouth and also started sucking while i was fucking her boobs.

Then i fucked her pussy doggystyle. I spanked her ass until it was red”Fuck yeah bitch do you like that” She replied “Yes yes i love it, im yours to do as you please”. I switched holes and pounded her ass. “Tell me does your stupid husband fuck you like this?” I said pulling her hair. “No never if we were fucking he would’ve been asleep long before. You fuck me the best. I’ll fuck you whenever you want, wherever you want, whichever hole you want. I fucked her like that for some time switching from her ass to vagina to ass again. And soon i felt her tightening and i was about to climax as well. So i went faster and soon i filled her ass with my cum. I pulled out and the sperm was oozing out. I took some and rubbed it on her pussy. And then i went onto bed beside her. I asked “did you like it Pratyusha?”. She said “Are you kidding me? Like it? I love it, Now i get it why Siri was into you” And she put an arm around me so i was on her shoulder and i could see her nipples erected. So i started sucking her boob like a baby sucking milk, i sucked it so hard it became red and i started rubbing her navel then her clit. She asked “Again?” but then we heard the footsteps so we assumed Siri was back and she took her dress and went into the other room quickly.

That evening Siri came to my room and sat beside me and asked “So how was morning session?” I said “What morning session? What are you talking about” She gave me a sly look and said “This session” pulling out something from below:my elder sister’s panties. I thought ‘Fuck did she have to forget it here’ and i asked “You know about it?” She said “Well i saw you cumming in her ass like you did to me yesterday night”. We both laughed. That’s for another story

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