Maami for me — introduction

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Hi people this is my first true experience, which I felt like sharing with you people. I am regular reader of this site which made me share my story and relive in thoughts. I am the Apache guy from Chennai. The heroine of the story is my maami who is such a sweetheart and still a sweetheart. Let me introduce her as chubby girl.

This incident happened in my school days and I am proud to say I am 90’s kids those are the days where people had time for each other. My uncle was working in abroad and we are a joint family. I was always there for her and she there for me. She was newly married and was alone. I like her very much and spent all my time with her. We used to hold hand all the time. I try to spend my time being with her or along her. I was obsessed with her to say frankly, that was the time u see f tv or m tv without any one presence. My friends talk about kiss and sex etc which made me feel strange kinda feeling when I am with her.i used to play with her and I ll pinch her back and her hip while wearing saree which passed a shock kinda feeling to her and days went we become so close. I passed my public exams and I was very happy and went to my chubby girl for a gift and she asked me to bring sugar box and asked me to close the door. She took a spoon of sugar put in her mouth and asked me to come close and she planted a lip kiss which was my first kiss and then was a roller coast and she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out asked me to suck it which was sugary later I came to know that it was a French kiss.. later one kiss happened to be many.

We kiss a lot and I ll be waiting for people in the family to go out or to be occupied to their work in order to kiss her. As we are joint family people sleep in hall together and ladies sleep in rooms separately. I ll make excuse saying I want to wake up early to study And it ll disturb others. I ll get permission to sleep in room along with her. I ll sleep next to her holding hands and my heart will always beat faster than regular when I am with her. Slowly day by day I ll get close to her put my hands on her to sleep. I ll allow her to sleep and I ll be awake seeing her sleeping. I got the courage slowly I started getting mischievous. After she is asleep I ll kiss her on the forehead eyes cheeks neck and I love kissing her feet. Whenever I kiss her side of the neck her breathing will be heavier and her chest goes up and down. Which I love to see often.. I slowly blow air on her ears and neck to tempt her in the sleep. Due to my mischievous she ll always have a disturbed sleep. Days were going on like this and we were enjoying ourselves in romance.. I ll be waiting for the night to come just to be with her, hold her, hug her, kiss her,to feel ourselves..

This is the starting of our journey together..

I tell the next phrases of our life after your comments.. contact me @ [email protected].. waiting for your comments and I ll tell more according to your likings. Any girls or aunty can contact me in Chennai. I am a guy who respects women for their secrecy. So I ll be geniune for your feelings. Contact me and be in touch and proceed further. Love you all..

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