Sexual School

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This story takes place in an alternate universe/reality, where sex is just an everyday occurence, even at school, during class and where the average penis and bust size is significantly larger. It contains slight elements of incest. Small breasts still exist, but small penises don’t. Fashion sense is also quite a bit different, with sexual organs usually exposed. Obviously, everything is fictional and everybody is 18 or older. Our protagonist is called Cliff and he is a student.

Hi. My name is Cliff and I am, or was, just your average student. Some time ago, something happened. I seem to have been transported to another reality or universe, or maybe my reality got altered overnight. Truth is, I don’t really know what happened. The first day of this, I immediately noticed something was different. When I woke up, I was going to have my morning masturbation, but as I reached for my penis, I noticed it had become way, way larger. I had a pretty average sized penis before at about 15cm, but now it had grown to about 27cm, which turn out is slightly above the average of 25cm for boys my age. I thought I was dreaming at first, but I couldn’t wake up and every sensation felt so real. I decided to just roll with it. I got up and when I got dressed, I noticed something else: all my pants were open in the front, leaving my dick and balls completely exposed! Apparently, this is normal fashion here. So are exposed tits, asses and vaginas.

Which I first saw on my mom when I came downstairs. Her breasts had grown from a C cup to an F cup, with a sort of bustier supporting them, and her ass had become more supple and firmer. She also apparently has a piercing on her clit. I don’t know if she had that before as well, but she does now. She was currently making breakfast and when I came down she was surprised that I got a hard-on from looking at her, saying that I’m “never this excited to see her.” My dad was sitting at the kitchen table, his cock had easily grown to something between 35 and 40cm, and his erection was reaching over the top of the table. My parents thought I was acting a bit weird today, but came to the conclusion that it’s probably just puberty. When I got to school, things changed there as well. Most of the girls breast size had increased and they all wore similar things to the bustier my mom, though some tried to be a bit different by wearing string bikini tops and some accesorized a bit with pasties and tassels. They were all wearing either tight pants (jeans and leggings) which exposed their butts and vaginas or very short skirts, barely covering half of their butts. The boys also all had pants like mine, or rather all of their pants had the same feature. Some were wearing track pants, some gym shorts, some jeans, some khakis, but they all had a sort of cutout in the front leaving their cocks and usually their balls as well to just hang out and flop around. I sat down in the classroom, slightly nervous as to how this day would turn out, and started looking at how my classmates had changed. Most of them basically had exaggerated features: bigger butts, biggers breasts etc., but one girl was barely recognizable from how I knew her: Chrystal. She was a pretty average girl before, looked good, but didn’t stand out. Well, now she did. She had a side cut, a bunch of piercings, some on her face/head and some on her body, specifically her nipples, navel, clit, pussy and, as I would see later on, even her asshole was pierced! She was also covered in tattos. Circular designs around the nipples, a sleeve with a snake and roses, a dragon and tribal pattern on her upper back and three more… weird tattoos. They all said “Cocks go here!” with an arrow. One on her lower back with the arrow pointing at her asshole, one on her lower belly ponting at her pussy and one on her throat with two arrows: one pointing at her mouth, one at her tits. It seems like she turned into a total slut, or maybe she secretly was one already. As I looked around further, I saw some classmates having sex, some just talking casually with both erect and flaccid penises alike and some, both boys and girls, pleasuring themselves. Josephine, who I always thought of as the hottest girl in class, seemed to be riding a dildo anally.

When the lesson began our english teacher Mr. Stevens, a man in his mid to late 30s, walked in, also with his cock exposed, already hard at around 40cm of length and dripping some precum. The casual talking stopped, so did some of the fucking, but some continued. Chrystal was still servicing 3 cocks at once and while Josephines riding had slowed down, the dildo was still in her ass. I was basically rock hard, ready to explode, from the all the fucking and tits, asses and, I have to admit, even the cocks around me. Mr. Stevens handed out an extract from a play that we were going to read. He came over to me and asked me to read the first part while “giving him a hand” at the same time. I was a little hesitant at first, but bisexuality seemed to be the norm around here and it even seemed to influence me, but even if it didn’t, I wouldn’t want to stand out or deny a teachers request. I grabbed his massive cock with my right hand from below and started stroking it slowly while I read the part of the play. As I was doing this, Christina, who sat beside me, slowly leant over to me and started sucking my throbbing cock and pulled her string top the sides and massaged her huge breasts as well. Here I was, getting my, now giant, cock sucked by a hot girl, while at the same time giving my english teacher a handjob and reading a theater play. This was absolute madness and I had to try my absolute hardest not to just cum immediately. As I was reaching the end of the extract, I was also reaching my absolute limits of constraint. Christina got faster and deeper with her sucking, which made me stroke Mr Stevens cock faster as well. As I was just reading the last sentence, I shot an absolutely massive load into Christinas mouth and Mr Stevens, whose cock was basically pointed at her as well, came just a few seconds after, when Christina had already looked up, shooting his load all over her massive tits.

After this we started working in pairs to analyze the extract. Leah came up to me and asked if she could work with me, which I accepted. Leah had a pretty nice body shape, even before and I kind of had a thing for her. Now she had a big, round ass, firm but soft at the same time, probably around a C cup of perky tits, which seemed a bit more jiggly than others, and generally nice curves. Her hair was a faded sort of blonde, around shoulder lengths, accentuating her round face. But, I digress. After I accepted, I could barely believe what was happening. She spread her ass, put my cock into her asshole and slid all the way down. My entire 27cm cock was inside her ass and it felt absolutely amazing. She started riding slowly while we were talking, moving her hips in ways I can’t describe. It was the best sex I ever had, even the other girls in this universe couldn’t compete.

When I looked at the schedule to see what class I had next, I thought I lost the ability to read. “Horsecare”, it said. I didn’t know what to expect, could be anything in this strange world. The first thought you and I both had is probably beastiality, but that couldn’t be it, right? Maybe they’re really just gonna teach us how to take care of horses? But no, the first thought was right. Teaching this “class” was Mrs Johnson, who also taught music and drama. “Now then” she said at the start of the class “I know this is the first time ‘Horsecare’ is on your curriculum and maybe some of the older students made you a bit scared of it, but if you just follow my lead, everything will be fine.” She walked over to one of the horses, her well rounded big ass, sat atop some pretty thick thighs, jiggling with every step. “Stefan, would you care to help with the demonstration?” Stefan was from eastern europe, or at least his parents were, he only spent the first year of his life there, so he doesn’t know much about his old country, but because he has a large family that he talks in their native language with, he still has a slight accent. His cock seemed about the same size as mine, gove or take a cm. He walked over to the horse and Mrs Johnson with a puzzled look on his face. “Stefan,” she said “I’m about to go under the horse. What I want you to do is take it’s penis and get it hard. You can stroke it, slap it on my ass, do what you think is best. Then, once it’s hard, put it into my anus. Don’t worry, I’m already lubed up. You got that?” “Yeah, I think.” he replied. Mrs Johnson got under the horse in a sort of doggy style position, but with her ass further in the air. Both her and the horse were turned with their ass towards us, with a bit of an angle to allow us to see it better. Stefan was a bit hesitant at first, but he grabed the horse cock, easily 70-80cm long once it was erect, jerked it a little, slapped it on Mrs Johnsons ass, just as she said. It got bigger and bigger and once it reached it’s full lengths, Mrs Johnson told Stefan to “spread her ass and put it in already!”, which he did. Mrs Johnson started going back and forth and the horse only moved slightly. “You see” she said “you will be in complete control with these horses as they are all perfectly trained.” she continued “Now, Stefan, on to the second part” she said, moaning in between words as the giant horsecock slid out of her anus and back in again “you see this box behind the horse? Get on it and get your penis hard, if it isn’t already I can help, if you want.” “And then?” Stefan asked. “Then, you lube your penis up nicely and slowly put it into the horse’s anus.” Stefan was shocked. “Are you serious, Mrs Johnson?” “Of course, hnng, I’m serious. These horses are trained to love anal sex!” “If you say so, I guess I’ll have to obey.” Stefan got onto the box and one of the other boys handed him the lube. He put it on his cock and a little on the horse’s asshole as well. He put the tip to it and slowly slid it in. “Wow, this actually feels pretty great!” he said, thrusting his cock into the horse’s asshole. “Now then, class, I want you to pair up. One boy and one girl, you each take one of the horses. The boys get the horse’s penis hard and slide it into your anus. Remember to use lube! Once you’re done with that, do the same as Stefan and put your penis into the horse’s anus. And don’t worry boys, next week you’ll have a chance to be on the receiving end as well.” We paired up and I ended up with Felicia. Now, before, Felicia had an average, but still pretty great looking, body.

Now her butt was bigger, incredibly soft with thick thighs to go along and her tits changed from a B cup to a D cup. We picked out a horse, I lubed up her asshole and she got under the horse a little reluctantly. I started stroking the horse’s cock, slapping it on her big, soft ass as well and just watching it jiggle. Once the horse reached full size I spread Felicia’s ass cheeks and asked if she was ready. “I guess” she replied. I slowly inserted the horsecock into her pretty tight asshole. She moaned as I guided it in, but seemed to enjoy it. “Remember to back up onto the horse’s penis and take control of the situationnnnrrg~” Mrs Johnson shouted, cut off by her own moaning.

Stefan was still fucking the horse and went balls deep into it. Felicia started slowly going back and forth, Mrs Johnson was going a pretty fast pace by now, and I got behind the horse. I lubed up cock and the horse’s asshole and slowly slid it in, just like I saw Stefan do. Once I was completely in, I started pulling back until just the tip was inside and began slowly thrusting into the horse, increasing my speed steadily. Stefan was already up to max speed, his balls slapping against the horse each time he thrust inside. Chrystal took the fastest to the horsecock, it almost seemed like she had experience. She even asked if there was another horse so she could learn to suck one off at the same time, but Mrs Johnson declined this proposition. There was one boy, Kyle, in our class who didn’t get a partner, as there weren’t enough girls and horses. He asked if he could join me and I accepted. At first we took turns fucking the horse, then I fucked his ass while he fucked the horse, then we took turns again, but this time only one thrust each, so the switching was a lot faster, and eventually we put both our cocks in at once. It felt incredible. We thrusted in at the same time, hands on each others ass, and as the lesson drew to an end, we both came into the horse’s ass at the same time and maybe two seconds later Felicia got the horse’s load into her ass.

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