My True Love

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At 18 years old my 16 year old brother took my virginity. Not by force but by choice. My choice.

It began when our mother went to visit our aunt for a few hours. Tomas approach me and said he wish to talk to me about something very important and that our conversation had to stay just between the two of us. I agreed. Tomas went on to tell me about a girl in school who he wanted to be with not just as friends but as lovers. I knew that Tomas was sexually active so I didn’t know why he was seeking my advice. As it just happen to be….I was still a virgin. In a lot of Hispanic families the men are allowed to run wild but the women are to remain virgins until they married. That and mom kept a close eye on me as oppose to her son. So I kept my concentration on my studies since it was my last year in high school and I would be going to San Diego State in the fall. I figure that I would have more freedom then to explore my sexual desires then. But back to my conversation with my brother Tomas. Tomas said that he just didn’t want to date this girl but he wanted to be intimate with her. He said that he had been with a few girls but that this girl was the most beautiful girl at school and that he would sell his soul to Satan himself just to be with her intimately.

I told him why not just approach her and let her know how he feels about her. Then he hit me with a bombshell.
“You see Jo Jo…you’re that girl. It is you who I want to be with. It is you who I want to undress and taste your womanhood,” my brother spoke softly to me. He went on to explain that as lovers he could never whisper a word about us relationship as lovers. Where every boy at school whom I might be with would surely tell all of his friends about making love to me. Tomas ever went as far as saying that he believe that I was still a virgin and that I had to be curious about sex. He said that he had always loved me as any brother would love his sister but the feelings he had for me were those of a man who wanted to be with a woman.

“I want to be the first man to undress you Jo Jo. I want to be the first man to carry you to our wedding bed. I want to be the first man to place sweet wet angel kisses between your thighs. I want to be the first man to taste your virgin pussy. I want to see your face and hear you moan my name softly as I enter you for the first time. After I’m buried deep in you Jo Jo….I want you to whisper to me that your pussy belongs to me and that you want me as your man and that you want to be my woman,” confess my brother to me.
More to come if people want this story to continue.

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