Sex with my younger sis (Part-2)

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Hey guys. Myself Ranjith. This is the continuation of my story Sex with my Younger sis in which i took the virginity of my sister Siri.

So if you have read my previous story then you will know that i fucked my younger sis. Sex with my younger Sister (True story) And we also were alone the whole week so guess what…. We had more sex! Here goes.

As we were alone so we spent the next two days fucking like wild animals. I even saw my sister shaving her pussy as i requested and after finishing it she asked “So how do you like me now” spreading her legs. I said “I love it” and washed it then started rubbing her clit, spreading her lips. Then i ran my tongue all over her pussy laying kisses on her milky thighs. She gave soft but swift moans enjoying all the pleasures I was giving. She then said “I have to go and shower”. I said “Not now, can’t it wait?” But she didn’t listen and she went to shower. These days we were almost moving naked in the house since there wasn’t anyone.

While she was showering i got bored and opened the laptop and saw some porn. I saw anal sex and was in awe to the pleasure the girl was receiving. So i thought i must try this with my sexy bitch sister. And i went towards the bathroom. I asked “Are you done? I really need to come in”. She said “I just entered. Why do you need it anyway?”. I said in a seductive manner “Oh well. I was missing my hot and sexy sister’s body and maybe my dick needs to be taken care of”. There was a pause and then she opened the door slightly so only her face is seen “Really? Am i that sexy” she said teasing me. That’s it i thought and i opened the door and pinned her to the wall. “Yes bitch. You’re the sexiest bitch ever” And i kissed her. She kissed me back. Her hands were running through my hair back and i was pressing her boobs so hard it left reddish marks. I bit her lip, sucked her tongue and then we broke apart.

She pulled me under the shower and i was massaging her ass which was wet as the shower water was spraying on it. Then i turned her around put some soap on her tits and her waist and started rubbing pressing fondling them tightly. She was smoking hot with all that foam on her tits, my dick rubbing her ass. Then i inserted into her pussy and we started fucking. She was moaning with pleasure and i was kissing her neck from behind, nibbling her ear. Then she said “Come on my boobs are bouncing too much hold them for me please bhaiya” It was so sexy i could not say no. So i agreed and cupped her boobs while increasing pace. Then i turned her around and lifted her and started fucking her hard. We fucked in that position for 15 mins. Then i put her on ground spread her legs and rammed my cock inside her lovehole. She screamed. I asked her “Yeah talk to me. Who’s my bitch? Say that you like my cock deep inside you. SAY IT BITCH” And i pushed deeper. She screamed louder “Yes bro I’m your bitch, you cumslut. I fucking so much love your big dick inside my wet pussy. Please don’t stop I’m going to cum” And then I made her ride me. She was on top of me, moving her hips and then she came and lay on my chest. I asked her to suck my dick. Then we got into 69 position and she took my cock in her mouth and started blowing me while i was eating her pussy out. I started fingering her while she was sucking my dick like a lollipop. Then i put my middle finger in her asshole suddenly. And she was startled and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”I said “Relax baby, you’ll like it definitely”. She started protesting but i pushed deeper and that silenced her. With my other hand i made her to keep sucking my dick. She started enjoying it and was deep-throating me. I couldn’t stop myself and i grunted “Ugh I’m gonna cum” and she went even deeper and i shooted my cum into her throat and she swallowed it all licking her lips. And then i pulled my finger out of her ass gave it a thorough lick and we bathed normally.

The next few hours went normally with us just kissing or having oral sex. After dinner we were sitting in the living room couch. I was sleeping on her laps. So her face was not visible as all i could see were her huge boobs and dark hard piercing nipples. And the aroma of her pussy was arousing me and my dick started raising until it was rock hard. She saw it, giggled and said “Already?” Then she started stroking me slowly and pressing tightly in between, massaging my balls while i was licking her navel, playing with her tits and nipples. Then she said “Bhaiya i actually liked it when your finger was deep in my ass”. That was all i needed, I got up sat beside her and pushed her head to my dick and said “Then lube my dick with your mouth you slut” And she started sucking making it all wet. Then I ran my hand from her neck all over her spine to her ass. She shook slightly but was still sucking and i started rubbing her pussy which was already soaked. And once my fingers were wet enough i started rubbing her asshole as well. She moaned lightly and i inserted my finger inside her anus amd finger fucked her asshole. Then after my dick was sloppy and wet i told her “Get on all fours, even your ass should be wet” and i started licking her asshole all around and slowly pushed it deeper and tongue-fucked her ass for 10 mins. Then i got up and without warning rammed all of my 9 inches inside her ass.

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