Sister, mom, me

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I’m not going to tell you my whole life story. I’m just going to get to the point.

I’ve been wanting to fuck my sister for about 3 years now, ever since I spied on her masturbating her shaved pussy when she was a freshman in high school and I was a senior.

She is a senior now and has one heck of a sexy hot body. She is 5’5″, 130 pounds with D size boobs, beautiful dirty blonde hair and gorgeous lips. So many times I fantasized about her sucking my cock.

My bestfriend Kevin’s sister Leslie had recently informed me that my sister Cheryl had become a bit of a slut at school. I heard her track record is 4 guys so far.

Kevin and I have a mutual respect. We agreed as young teens that we would not fuck each other’s sister but he kept teasing me about him fucking Cheryl. I am anxious to know if Cheryl fucks and sucks as good as she looks.

I compromised with Kevin. I told him that he can fuck Cheryl but I want all the details and his sister Leslie can have my 7 inch cock too. Leslie has asked me to fuck her a few times but ruining a friendship wasn’t worth it to me.

Last May my cellphone rang while Leslie was riding my cock for like the fourth time. It was Kevin, he said that Cheryl was the best fuck that he ever had and she sucked an awesome cock. When I hung up I shot my load inside my bestfriends sister Leslie about the same time she had her second or third orgasm.

I told Leslie that I wanted to fuck my sister Cheryl. It excited her tremendously that she got off me and began sucking our combined juices off my cock. She looked up at me and said. There is nothing better than fucking your own sibling. I asked, you a.d Kevin? She smiled and nodded. I felt a little jealous but I did make her wait until I was 21 and she was 18.

The next day I called my sister Cheryl. She told me that she was sunbathing topless in the back yard. I started rubbing my cock thinking about her. She said that she puts round pieces of tape over her nipples so they dont tan or burn.

She apparently could hear me breathing funny and asked my what I was doing. I told her that I was thinking about her that’s why I called. She asked me is that why I call mom often. The line was silent for a moment then she giggled and said. Oh my goodness, you are jerking off. I replied, yes I am. She asked, do you masturbate when you talk to mom too?

I couldn’t take it anymore. I whispered. I want my cock inside of you sis. The line was silent again for a moment then i could hear her breathing irregularly. She asked, do you want to be inside mom too? I was about to cum when I said, yes. At that moment I could hear Cheryl cumming.

She told me that she would be by in a couple hours with pizza and dessert. I quickly let go of my cock. I wanted to wait to cum in her pussy. I told her that I’d see her then.

About an hour later took a blue pill that I got off the internet. I wanted my cock nice and hard for my sister.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. Turned out to be my mom. She was dressed in a red dress with little straps. Mom is built just like Cheryl but 26 years older and fucken sexy and hot. I have no idea why my dad left her for some Amazon looking woman, he is a fucking idiot.

Mom told that she hadn’t seen me in a couple weeks that she was forgetting how handsome her son was. And for a woman with big boobs, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her erected nipples were driving my cock insane.

She asked me if I fucked Cheryl and I told her no. Then she asked me if I wanted to. I replied. Yes.

I knew mom hadn’t had a cock in her cunt in over two years since dad moved out. I took moms hand and placed it on my boner. I said. I’m not dad but I’m sure that I can make you feel like he made you feel 25 years ago. She let go and said honey today is the day that you fuck your sister then you can pleasure me all you want the day after tomorrow when you have a lot of cum built up in your sack. I almost creamed listening to my mom talk like that. I reached up her dress, she had no panties and no hair. I ran my finger up and down her moist slit. I loved watching my mom enjoy the pleasure but she stepped away and said that she will be by the day after tomorrow then left.

20 minutes later Cheryl showed up. We didn’t eat pizza, we both went right for the dessert. I went down on her despite Kevin’s dick being in there the day before. And my suspicion was right. Cheryl suck a cock better than anyone that I had fucked before.

My cock was rock hard from the blue pill. She was a goddess with nothing on. I watched her cunt stretch as my cock slid inside of her.

I never knew that a woman could cum so many times. I lost count after 6 times as I fucked her from behind then I laid on the bed and she climbed on top of me. Watching my sister ride my cock was so arousing and amazing.

After about an hour I was ready to cum. She said in my pussy this time and my mouth next time. I replied, Cheryl you are such a fucking slut, I can’t wait to fuck you again. Then I let go. It was the best cum I ever had.

She hit me with a bomb. She confessed that dad took her virginity and that I should fuck mom.

But I’ll tell you about mom later

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