I fuck my sister at my age 14 – part 5

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hi friends this is Shyam once again the 5part of our story after f****** my classmate (I fuck my sister at my age 14 – part 4) I enjoy a lot of sex with my sister and after that I finished my 10th class and I joined in a college where I find a new girl Amen means harika she is very beautiful and smiley e and boobs were 32 size and she is good looking girl she is also friendly after I join any college

I am my friend Rahul both separate but harika come on make a friendship with as close with both of us and we became very close friends the golden cinemas unreal bunk with classes also after our intermediate 1st year exams over you had a break and we plan to go a tour Agra she also very excited come with us and after that reply on the date for five days trip and when we going to start friend Rahul voice drop the trip and I told to her shall we also drop shitole you have plan no shall we go to the trip and enjoy

I told ok and after that we went to Agra and finally take two rooms but you did not come we take only one room Swift OLX villages list with me she told she will adjust with me

I said OK after that first 2 days went very cool after that night all have changed I slowly keep my hand on her boob can start pressing she was in deep sleep and after that I press after sometime she get up what the hell are you doing she told I tell I did not do anything open detail you pressing my boob idiot

I told sorry sorry it will not repeat again please forgive me she told ok and after that sometime again I start pressing her boobs she again get up and scold me I did not think you’re such a guy I told it is not problem please co-operate with me I ask openly she told are you mad what are you asking girl I am your friend not a girlfriend I told you don’t leave me why don’t be you leave me and my girlfriend only no one was my girlfriend please give me one chance

I ask you got mad I’m going out Sheetal and after that she went out 2 hours and come back tool room after that I go and long the room from inside and force start kissing lips lips not say anything and slowly I remove top she was in bra is not bigger than my sister but it is medium size boob and after that I start pressing her boobs very hardly she was saying to do it slow but I never listen her words I throw her on the bed and start eating have boobs like a mad man she was in full mo you ask operating with me and after that I remove her pant and keep my cock in her pass and after that my cock is not entering into have pass because she is a virgin after that I go sleep and tell my call into her fast and after that my coc of went into hapus and she was crying like a small baby please leave me this paining it is raining it is raining and never leave you have and start f****** hardly and hardly crying like a mumma mumma mumma

I told you I’m not come now please close your mouth and corporate with me she closed her mouth and corporate with me and after I f*** you minute only corporate with me and finally I f*** her very hard and fast hair in all causes and after that she give me a b****** and after having its type and after and she like my cock and research till the early morning for and after that we went to sleep and then take rest and next day also I forgot the remaining three days are f*** her after that she told this week I have enjoyed a lot please do not tell to anyone we had a sex I told ok baby I never tell but I ask when I need your help you give Sheetal ok I am should be and after that I come will do one more f*** now she told ok and after that I f*** her once again then I will leave oltra and report back to Vizag my friend Rahul was received on that time how will you enjoy the trip I told enjoy a lot and harika smile and tell enjoy a lot and open that you went back to our homes and I text messages next month you have plan Indian cheated ok I am sure and after that we f*** harika together next part intermediate 2nd year she is a sex doll our room with both of you till our intermediate over will share his story in next part friends please give me comments and share the comments below please

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