Lost my virginity to a friend

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Hi guys I’m SP from Vadodara, Gujarat I’m a big fan of sex stories. Today I’m going to tell you how I lost my virginity with a friend let’s call her B

She was a one off the hottest girl in the college and almost everyone was waiting for chance to fuck her luckily I was the one as her roll number was after me so we became good friends we use to hangout sometimes while exams time not close friends but a good friend.

One day I got a call from her around 10pm that she needs my help as she has some problems with one off the subjects in which I was good at so I replied ask me problem I’ll help you out at the starting she was sending few small problems that I was able to help her on call only but as time passed her problems got complicated and was not able to explain her on call as I have to show her by solving it practically and explain each and every step as if she misses one step then she won’t be able to solve the problem so I told her I’ll have to meet to her in person to solve this problems she asked me to come to her place now so I went to her place and called her she opened the door

She was looking damn hot in that lose track and T-shirt. I was fucking her in my brains in many different position but I was afraid of taking first step as I was shy at that time so we continued our studies it was around 12:30am I was hungry and also wanted a smoke so asked her for some water and food so she went to get some and I went in her balcony for a smoke

All off a sudden she came from behind and took my cigarette from my hand and started smoking she was doing it for first time she started coughing I told her how to smoke then we came back to room and had some snacks
Then we were seating in her room and I was looking at her assets and then all off a sudden she saw me doing that so she was looking at me with anger I said “what?” she didn’t say anything and said “lets continue to study”

I again started teaching her but as she was seating in front of me I was able to see her boobs clearly as she was not wearing any bra inside so I was a bit uncomfortable I went to washroom and came back after some time she inquired I said nothing and continued it was around 2:30am now and I was taking glance off this beautiful boobs in the middle she was aware off it but didn’t say anything after that I purpose fully tried to adjust my dick telling her I’m hard she saw my boner and smiled and then I went near her face and kissed her she didn’t say anything or did anything she just froze there and I was kissing her on her lips like there is no tomorrow and slowly I started to kiss her on the face neck and earlobes that was her weak spot she gave out a small moan ahhhh

Then I started to press her boobs and she also started to respond by kissing back we were now in a long kiss we kissed for 5-6 mins and then left to take a breath

I then removed her t-shirt she was not wearing anything inside so I started to kiss her boobs they were soft like a sponge I was pressing kissing biting hitting her on boobs and she was liking it she was moaning in pleasure then I removed her track and started kissing her upper thighs she all fucking horny and moaning ahhh ahhh hmmmm and making different sounds slowly I went near her pussy and removed her panty and started touching outer part of her pussy and pushed one finger inside her she was enjoying it then I started kissing her pussy and found her g-spot and starting licking her with my tough she was in so much pleasure she pressed my head inside her pussy more and then she came

There she was sleeping right in front of me without clothes and breathing heavily I removed all my clothes and then she saw my cock her eyes got wide as her boyfriends cock was of only 4 inch and mine was 6 inch enough to satisfy a girl then she got up and starting giving me hand job and then blowjob it was one off the best for me then I put my cock near her pussy hole and then started teasing her by just touching my cock there and pulling it back she got out off control and said “madarchod sale chod na andar daal tera lund muje randi ki tarah aaj chod ajse me teri randi chod jitna chod na hai abb nahi raha jata” and then I pushed my cock inside her, only my mushroom head went inside and she was in pain and started shouting so I kissed her on her lips and pushed again I was half inside and then I stopped for few second and then took my cock out and gave a hard push and I was all in she was in lot of pain she was scratching my back hard, she pushed her nails in my back due to pain after sometime I started fucking her slowly and then increased speed

She was also moving in rhythm then I fucked her in dogi style it was almost 20-25 mins I was about to cum so I asked she said cum inside I’ll take pills so I increased my speed and released my cum deep inside her pussy hole and at the same time she also cumed

We were tired so we slept like that only and I woke up around 5 am as it was my regular time to wake up so my alarm rang then I kissed her wore my clothes and left she called me around 10 am asking me when I left I told her she was sleeping so I left after that we fucked regularly at her place my place in parks highways and many other places for 3 yrs after that she left after her marriage to surat.

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