Wishing you were at work

If I had my way, today you would be working with me. My office is laid out in such a way that here is a maze of cubicle walls that seperate all of our desks. Right now I am the only employee dedicated to Microsoft in the office so my entire row is empty with the exception of my desk in the very back corner far from prying eyes. The morning has been long and it has been hard to focus. Time has been slowly passing and at the same time I have been lost in lustful thoughts.

If I had my way, the morning would start as most would. We would be chatting via a messenger application of some sort. The tone would be playful and I would be flirting with you. With my thoughts dipping into the appropriate as much as they have today I would start teasing you about coming to come see me when you had some free time. I would not be pushy by any means. If you did find your way to the back corner, that is my desk, it would be because you wanted to come see me. After getting to my desk you would have two options. You could stand next to me (as there is no other chair than the one I am in) or you could sit on the corner of my desk.

From there, again… if I had my way, we would be chatting but at some point you would see a twinkle in my eye and I imagine the slight look of confusion as you would watch me lift the arms on my chair up and out of the way. The confusion would be replaced by a hesitant look as I next reached out to you and grabbed your hand pulling you towards me as I moved my chair away from my desk.

If I had my way, you would be wearing a black bra and panties. Over that you would be wearing a black high-low skirt and white blouse. As I continued pulling you towards me, I imagine you looking down the hallway to see if there was anyone looking. I would smile and continue to pull you knowing damn well there was no one there; there never was. Continuing the motion I would pull you slightly to one side causing you to side step for a moment into a wider stance. My hand would release your hand and I would let my palms wander towards your hips which would allow me to continue directing your motion.

Continuing, if I had my way, I would let my hands dip from your sides downwards enough to grip the bottom sides of your skirt. Lifting slightly I would clear a path that would let you continue towards me; my legs sliding between yours. Knowing my intent you would take one more nervous look down the empty hallway before resting on my lap straddling me on the chair. Despite the movements we would continue our conversation. We would hear others in the same room, talking about random IT related things. Currently there is a discussion about how an IT member downloaded Carbon Black onto his Surface Pro and is now wondering why he cannot download any other programs. Neither of us would know what that meant nor would we care.

If I had my way, I would have to pause in our conversation as I felt the weight of your body as you settled in over me. Already having my thoughts on you, you would feel the hard bulge of my shaft press at your center. The pressure from your body would tease my, already sensitive, nerves. I would pretend to continue to listen to your thoughts but, in truth, my mind would be lost. Still looking at you and smiling I would let my hands dip even lower than they were and slip beneath your skirt. Still pretending to listen I would let my fingers wander to your legs and drink in the feel of your soft skin as I let them wander upwards towards your hips.

If I had my way, I would make myself respond to the conversation you have been sharing with me. I don’t imagine my words would have too much meaning. With my hands on your soft hips my mind would be thinking about what I would do next … if I had my way. Next you would see the devilish smile on my face and notice that my hands had left your hips. It would not take you long to realize why I had released you. You would feel the movement as my hands reached to my waist to release my jeans. Realizing my intent I imagine an unsure look of concern as you again looked down the empty hallway. It would only take a moment to free my pants button and let my fly unzip. Another movement would release my hardness between the flap on my undergarments and let my body rest against your panties; all covered by your skirt. To help your concerns I would quietly roll the chair back closer to the corner and thus take us out of sight. Even if someone was to glance down the hallway… they would see nothing.

And then… If I had my way you would allow me to continue despite your nervousness. You would feel my hands at your hips again but only for a moment. My left hand would slide along your hipline to your center and you would feel the cool air as I slid your panties to the side revealing your soft wet center to the air. “Keep talking” I would say quietly while at the same time adjusting our position in the chair. The move would adjust our hips slightly. The adjustment would leave you ready to receive me and me ready to press upward into you.

If I had my way, your breathing would stop for a moment as you anticipated the pressure that was about to come. I would also be incapable of breathing as I rocked my hips slightly and felt the consuming pleasure of your body as I first slipped between your lips. In an effort to honor my wish that you keep talking you attempt to speak again after my initial thrust into you. The thrust wasn’t deep and only the first portions of my body had entered you… despite the shallow penetration you speak only a few words before you abandon the request. It is obvious that words from either of us would only betray us and not hide our actions. Fortunately, the conversations elsewhere in the room are booming and the others are too focused on their work to notice the silence from our corner.

If I had my way, you would feel my rock my hips back. The tip of my body would slowly leave yours and once again press against your outer lips, but only for a moment. Another adjustment would lead to another thrust into you. Again I would lose my breath as I slid into your center. This time the thrust would be deeper and despite my lack of breath my heart would speed up as I felt every inch of your body stretch around me. My fingers would leave your panties and return to your hips again. Another thrust would be accompanied by the feeling of my fingers digging into your hips. The slight sharp sensation of pain in concert with the feeling of continued pressure deeper inside you would cause a soft moan; inaudible to the rest of the office but beautiful just the same.

If I had my way, we would continue quietly. Each thrust causing me to swell slightly more than the thrust before. The only communication between us would be me looking into your eyes and you into mine. The movements would be slow, they would need to be to keep the chair from making noise… but the deliberate and constricted movement would only make every moment more intense. I would want to take my time … but with the situation as it is… I would let myself draw to the conclusion without a fight.

If I had my way, you would see as I let control go. I would let your hips go and lean back slightly. I would press forward to let myself slip as deep as possible inside you. Still looking into my eyes you would begin to feel as my shaft began to pulse. Knowing what this meant I imagine you let out another soft moan as you anticipated the feeling that would come next. You would continue to slowly rock your hips and I watch your eyes close as I begin to cum. I can see the look of satisfaction as you keep your eyes closed focusing on what you feel deep inside you. Still rocking your hips you feel as the throbbing inside you intensifies and you begin to feel my cum enter your body.

If I had my way… we would both be doing our damnedest to be quiet. With each soft shift in your hips every nerve in my body would scream. With each soft shift I would feel as your body tightly gripped my shaft and continued to draw my cum inside you. As you continued to rock your hips I would feel as my cum began to coat your entire inside; adding to the already wet feeling of your body. At a point it would be too much to continue. With my nerves screaming I would know I would not be able to resist moaning if you continued. I would again reach for your hips to brace you.

If I had my way, you would stop at this point and again be looking into my eyes. You would have a devilish smile on your face filled with the satisfaction that you had just driven me to madness and left me wanting you even more. It is at this moment you again remember we are in an office and nervously look down the empty hallway one last time before moving. Quietly you pull away from me. To taunt me you grip the front of your skirt and leave it raised as you move backwards allowing me to see your center. Your panties have slid back into place but are dripping with my cum. You know this makes me want you.

If I had my way, you would realize the time that had elapsed and need to leave but before doing so.. you would lean towards me slightly and kiss me one more time. As you turned to leave you would offer one more temptation and ask “See you for lunch?”, the devilish look still in your eyes.

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