Sex journey with anjali – The beginning

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Hii friends, Its been so long i have posted a story. Things have changed a lot in the past six months. Now i was single and just waiting for a new companion.

Those who dont knew me, let me introduce first. Im raj aged 25 from hyderabd with 5.7 height and 6 inch dick with big pink glans. This story revolves about how i met anjali( original name) and how we started our relationship.

I was alone without sex and was longing for sex from past 6 months. So one day i received a mail from neha sharma from jabalpur. She was also from my same profession and we became very close in just 1 week of chatting. We decided to have sex and i booked a flught from hyderabad to jabalpur. Just before i started to travel she cheated me and told she is not going to meet me. I felt very sad and got so much angry and blocked her.
Before she left me, anjali mailed me reading my sex story. To tell about her she is living in bangalore and working as quality analyst in one of the big MNC. She liked my story and mailed me. I took it casually and just replied thanks and never responded.
But i know anjali was very eager as she used to message me daily. After neha left i immediately got in touch with sneha. We chatted a lot in 2 days and known about each other well. She told she wkuld like to meet me. As i already once got cheated, i told i cant beleive you untill i see you. So can we have a video call? .She immediately said ok and we had a video call over hangouts.

I was just amazed after seeing her. She was 24 in age with 5.5 height and almost 75 kg. She had nice fat at nice places. Her stats are 36-32-36. She was in her plain night tees and short. She had massive tits of 36 i guess and those melons seemed to be very round in shape as i can see feom the t shirt. I felt soo happy seeing her. I praised for her beauty and she blushed and said, ” So will you meet me now”, I relied in anxiety that i would love to come and hug you now itself. She said you are always welcome. I was soo anxious of meeting her and told shall we meet this weekend? . She said ofcourse yes and i was so turned on and felt soo lucky to have her.

I took my car and drived on after and reached by night to banglore. I booked a hotel in Town house. I asked her where can we meet? She said in coffee day. She was wearing nice cotton shirt and skirt. My dick raised to full size seeing her. I was just scanning her body from top. She told ” hello, see my face also”. I got into senses and told haha sorry .

She blused and we started talking about ourselves. She got broke up recently and she want to get out of that . She told she dont want to have any feelings and she told it should be a relationship without any questions asked and anyone can get out of it without any reason. So she want to engage in new relationship. I told i like only short term relationships and she also accepted for it.

As i was very longing for sex, i directly asked her ” would you mind having sex today”?. She thoughr for a while and replied ‘” Are you sure”?. I told 200% and told her that i cant wait to have you inside me. She finally nodded yes and we went to our room. As she is staying in PG she has no issue of staying at nights. By the time we reached hotel it was 7pm. We order 1 full vodka and started enjoying drinking it. After 2 rounds she started getting high. Due to hear she ipened her top two buttons of ger cotton shirt. Her right boobs were trying to come out of her white bra.
With those massive melons i was suffering with my erection in my pants. I came and sat beside her lip locked her. She started responding to my kiss and we smooched for almost 15 minutes. I removed her shirt and her bra and her massive tits just got free from the cage of the bra. They were a big shaggy but soo much big like melons.i took one in my mouth and the other in my hands and pressing them.

She was moaning and also getting high with vodka. I lifted her skirt and found her g string thong which was my favourite. I put my mouth on the panty and pulled it with my mouth. This thong smells aromatically with her sweat and her cum. Her smell was driving me crazy. Now i undressed myself complety and asked ger if she minds giving a blowjob. This was the best blowjob i ever had. She sucked it like a pro. I had lots of pre cum with her service. I was unable to hd it any longer and pushed her on to bed. I took dairy milk from fridge and applied on her pussy and started eating it. She was getting very horny and asked me to fuck her .

I licked the chocolate till its empty and now positioned my dick. I never had sex without condom so i lied ro her i dont have a condom. She was soo horny at that time and accepted to put it i to her and told me not to cum inside. I felt soo happy and positioned my dixk near her pussy.
She had a brown pussy with pink lips. It was all wet by now. With one pusj it went more than half in ber. She had a loud moan.i can smell her breath through her moans. I made slow pushed . Shr started moaning fuck me raajjj . You are soo nice. Umm make it faassst . I increased pace and started making 1 stroke every second. Her moaning increased , i liplocked her and took her moans inside my mouth.
We fucked in that position for almost 20 minutes. She was dripping her pre cum but was not nearing orgasm. So i ordered one scoop of vanila and poured it in her pussy. I liked it very fast in and out of my tongue. I did this for 5 minutes, by the time i completed eating vanilla in her pussy she told she was cumming i incresed the speed i can sense her cum. So i put my to gue in her pussy and blocked her orgasm. She felt releived but i didnt let her orgasm out of her pussy. I took almost every drop of her orgasm in my mouth and drank it.

She blused watching my kinkyness and i asked can i kiss you in your lips. She said sure and i exchanged her cum in her mouth . She felt tired but i was not done yet. I didnt reach my orgasm and made her sit in doggy position , opened her butt and made my way into her pussy. Her moans were slow but she was enjoying every thrusts of my dick. After almost 10 minutes i was reaching my orgasm and i took my dick out a d pored my cum all over her body.

Then we went to shower and cleaned ourselfes and sleft nude inside the blanket. At morning 6 am we had a quickie and she left. We exchanged contact details and she left . I took car and returned to hyderabad. She told she had the best sex after many months. She said she want to have me very often . So i told my idea of migrating to banglore for job. She felt soo happy and told she will be waiting to meet me. So now im looking for migrating to banglore and continue this short term relationship.

This happened yesterday and i hope coming parts will be more interesting. T
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Women of banglore and hyderabad are always welcome to meet me.

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