Seducing Justin 1 – Meeting

It started in the first strict lockdown period due to the Covid pandemic. Schools were closed and only essential trips were allowed.
I love gardening and started spending 4 – 6 hours daily in the garden, mainly mornings. I always dress sexy and casually, like high cut shorts, and tank tops with huge arm cut outs that displays my huge boobs and large brown areolas from the sides and when I twist or bend, or a mini skirt or dress, see through tops and I never wear a bra or panties.

After a few days, I noticed a young boy walking past every day, first shy but later more confidently, and started greeting me. Soon he started walking past our house a few times a day and always greeting 😊

Then I started teasing him. When I saw him coming, I would bend down that he can see one of my tits hanging out, or a glimpse of my bum cheeks or pussy. Then he walked slower, even bending his head to try and get a better peek!
A few days later he mustered more confidence and started making small talk after greeting, about my garden and flowers, his school that is closed due to covid, his sporting activities that he is missing, etc. He was so cute but still shy at the same time.

After a few more days, he walked past our house at least 4 times a day, and started making longer conversations, about his school, computer hobbies and also asked me about my garden and life, and If I go the Gym because I look so firm and fit.

I am 53 years old, quite short at 1.6 m, but makes up for this with a sexy and well-shaped body, firm round womanly hips, athletic legs and with beautiful large natural breasts (36 C Plus), and big brown areolas with hard big nipples. My breasts were still very firm, only slightly sagging due to the size and weight. I have a very attractive face and features, big blue eyes and slightly curly white-blonde hair to my shoulders. Most people say that I look at least 10 years younger.

I have a beautiful daughter of 32, living in Europe and I am somewhat of a trophy wife for my second Husband. He is a wonderful man, 12 years older than me and very successful in business, for which he has to travel substantially in the Country and abroad.. I have a mansion of a house in an exclusive Estate and a Mercedez convertible. Due to my husband’s absences and being older, it does often leave me sexually frustrated.

When I chatted with this attractive young man, I will pretend to continue with gardening and bend over to give him a closer look at my boobs, and I know he can also see my big erect brown nipples! I could see he loved it and asked more questions about flowers, seeds, my gym exercises and the people at the gym.

After about a week, he said he would like to learn more about gardening and offered to help me for a few hours a day, as he finished his schoolwork early.

I told him it will be wonderful, and especially if he could help with the harder physical work like with a spade, moving the lawn, etc. But I insisted that I cannot allow him to do it for free, and that he must also first get permission from his parents that it will not interfere with his homework.

I offered to pay him $ 20 per day for the 2 hours. He was first shy to accept the money offer but I insisted, mentioning that it will be handy for his savings for a new computer game.
The next day he told me his Mother agreed and then started to join me every day for 2 hours.

It was fun and I enjoyed teasing him, wearing extra sexy and see through clothes or ultra short tank tops with the huge openings, and regularly bending and twisting to give him a better look at my tits, nipples and bum, and sometimes a glimpse of my shaven pussy from certain angles.

The first 2 days when he worked there and me teasing him all the time, we always went into the house after an hour for a break and to get a cold drink and something to eat.
We continued the small talk and I asked him about his friends if he had a girlfriend, his experiences, and the life of a schoolboy. He said that he only had one serious girlfriend before, but she broke up with him a few months earlier for an older guy. He was still a bit heartbroken and when I probed him, shyly admitted that he has never had sex before.

I told him that it is unusual for such an attractive young man and that he must be more confident if he wants to get another sexy girlfriend – he is almost 6 feet tall, well-built and muscular, athletic, with a very attractive young face and thick black hair. A bit like a young James Dean.

With the subtle playful sexual tension between us, most conversations revolved around him and his somewhat conservative upbringing. I asked him if he has seen naked women before and he said only a few topless women when they were on holiday in Mexico, and the rest only in Magazines and on the internet.

On the 3rd day of him working daily, we spoke about it again and I asked him if a woman has ever seen or touched his penis. He blushed and said no, but that it is his biggest dream and he often fantasizes about it and how it would feel!
I then told him I would like to show him if it is really his biggest fantasy, and how a woman should feel a man if he is interested? I could see he is hard and told him it will be very different for him than masturbating.
I then asked Justin (his name) if he masturbates, and he said every day, and now sometimes 3 or 4 times a day after he met me.
I was somewhat shocked but also flattered, and told him so.
I then asked Justin his age, and told him I cannot do it if he is not 18, as it is wrong and can be a very big problem.
He insisted that he is 18 and finishing school later this year.

When I asked again if he was 18, he got a bit nervous and agitated, but I calmed him down and just held him in my arms for a while.
Then I sat down in the middle of the couch, on the front, and told him to come and stand in front of me. I unzipped his short pants, and slowly started pulling it down, together with his underpants.

It was a bit difficult as his penis was already stiff and very hard, like a stick. When his pants went over it, it sprang free and slapped against his stomach. He was shy but eagerly pulled his t shirt over his head while I was slowly lowering his pants to his ankles. He kicked off his runners and stepped out of his pants, now completely naked in front of me, with his penis almost pointing to the ceiling. He shoveled closer to me as if to get my full attention and approval.

I was still wearing my ultra mini skirt and see-through white tank top, clearly showing my tits and cleavage. He was staring at it mesmerized.
I looked in his eyes, pulled him closer, softly cupping his 2 balls in my left hand. I admired his stiff young cock for a while – It was quite big for such a young man, maybe 7 or 8 inches at least, and quite thick, about the thickness of a beer bottle. I then slowly started stroking his cock with my right hand while still cupping his balls with my left hand.

While stroking and cupping him, I lowered my mouth and started kissing the head of his penis, first softly, then putting the head in my mouth while sucking softly.
I felt his balls jerking, and stopped for a while, just holding him and keeping his large penis head inside my mouth. I could feel him relax a bit and looked up in his eyes.
He had this amazed look on his face and eyes, and when he was calmer, I very slowly started with the stroking and fondling of his balls again.
After about a minute, his body started jerking the second time and again I stopped immediately.
He begged me to touch my tits and I said on one condition – that he must take it very slowly. I then took out my tits from under the tank top so that they were fully exposed to him. My breasts heaving slightly and my nipples as hard as rubbers.
He grabbed them both, while I returned to cupping his balls, slowly stroking and again sucking the head softly.
He was standing still, just focusing on my tits and playing with my hard nipples. I had to stop another 3 or 4 times to prevent him from cumming, and could see his frustration building up – now grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples harder and twisting them…

I was very horny and wet myself by then but kept my slow rhythm, controlling my intense urges and stayed totally focused on him. I could feel my wet pussy dripping and sliding on the soft leather of the couch and opened my legs to be more comfortable. My mini skirt slid up my thighs and I shifted my hips to the edge of the couch to leave my now open sopping wet pussy lips exposed to his eyes. His eyes widened and he took his one hand of my nipple and breast, and wanted to grab my open pussy. I quickly closed my legs, said no in a hard and firm voice, and stopped stroking.

Justin said he is very sorry, and then continued to maul my tits and begged me to stroke him again.
I left him standing like that for at least 30 seconds, only cupping his swollen balls softly. Only then did I start stroking him slowly, and again softly sucking his big penis head.
2 more times I brought him to the brink of orgasm, only to stop again, and to wait at least a minute until he is calm again. He was making strange sounds like a dog on heat, but did not say anything.
I started to stroke him again, the 7th time and even more slowly now, while continuing to fondle my fingers between his warm balls. I took him deeper in my mouth, sucking harder and releasing with short intervals. I could feel he went still, rigid and became quiet. I looked up in his eyes, continued the slow pace of stroking, sucking and playing with his eggs. I could feel his balls lifting and shuddering. retracting up in his sack, and small vibrations of the balls. He stood very still, only staring in my eyes, and holding my breasts like two porcelain toys, motionless.

His body was rigid, and I could sense he is trying to hide his upcoming orgasm, to have final release. I knew he was very close, and that I had to let him get rid of his pent-up sperm not to hurt him. One last time I slowed the tempo again, teasing him and looking deep in his eyes.
Then I firmed up my left hand around his shivering balls, tightened my grip on his cock around the base, and stroking tighter and harder.
I lowered my mouth down on him and took about 5 inches in my mouth and throat, tight, but not sucking. Never leaving his stare and our eyes were locked.

I kept my grip firm around the base of his rock hard cock, both his balls tightly squeezed in the palm of my left hand, and the rest of his penis shoved 5 or 6 inches in my mouth and throat. His body stayed rigid and totally still, the only movement was the involuntary vibration from his balls. He was quiet now.
I further tightened my grips with both hands, and he started pumping like a dog in my throat. I let him, and sucked slowly and hard.
His body started shuddering, violently as he increased his pace of fucking my throat
I could feel his balls ready to explode and widened my mouth to accommodate him, and pulled my mouth slightly away
I further tightened my grip on the base of his pumping young hard cock for at least another 10 seconds, while he started to growl and make loud animal like noises
He stopped pumping, stood completely still as before, and then his whole body shuddered as if jumping in freezing water

He was shaking like a wild animal and I could feel his balls exploding. I now totally clamped down my right hand around the base of his rock-hard cock and kept squeezing his shaking balls. Our eyes locked into each other all this time.

I knew I had to let him release – I opened my mouth wider, and after another 5 seconds released the clamplike grip on the base of his cock and braced myself.
With the release, I could feel his jerking hard balls basically exploding in my hand, and his hot young sperm hitting the back of my throat like a hosepipe that was opened at full volume.
He growled like a lion in pain, and just kept shooting his thick young warm seed in continuous spurts deep into my throat, swallowing as much as I can.

I couldn’t take any more in my mouth and throat, again clamped down on the base of his cock, and then released again after I freed my mouth from his pulsing penis head.

The next moment another spurt of thick creamy white sperm hit me in the face and eyes. He then took control, grabbed his cock and kept spraying my face and then a few thick streams aimed at my tits and nipples. I could not believe so much sperm coming from one man after I swallowed as much as I could take, and after filling my mouth and throat.

I still had his balls in my left hand and felt them shivering again. I sensed there must be a last load and I offered my face to him, looking again in his eyes after I wiped the thick cum from it briefly with the back of my right hand.
He vigorously aimed the last spurt towards my face and I kept my mouth open and receptive, and again swallowed as much as I could.
He must have unloaded more than a cup of sperm by now, his balls shivered once more, and I closed my mouth tight to suck and release him from the last drops from his virile young body
His body shook violently one last time, then he collapsed on me, his upper body on my head and his face on my shoulder, now his hands grasping for my back to stable himself.
I moved to the side to give his body space to fall down on the couch, now next to me with his legs not having any power to keep up his young body.

I helped him to lie down, shifted him to be comfortably, his body drained from any energy or power
It was a big couch and I cuddled up in next to him, my body slightly higher than his, took him in my arms and just held him tightly
He was making childlike noises and just lied still, his legs open and his beautiful young penis now soft and spent.
We lied still, and he started crying softly, saying sorry over and over, that he disappointed me. He wanted to show me that he was a real man and could satisfy me like a real man.

I let him cry, just held him tightly and whispering back that he is so special, and that I have never experienced such beautiful emotions and so many juvenile young juices in my body.
He then says that his biggest fantasy the last 4 weeks was to have sex with me, like a man, to penetrate me and to satisfy me like no man before – And for me to be his first.

I just held him and pacified him like a small child, assuring him he still can. But to just relax now, savior the moment and get his energy back.
We lied like this for another 5 minutes. I looked at my watch and realized we were in the house for 1 and a half hours already, and it was half an hour after he usually goes home. I didn’t want his Mother to be concerned.

I gently told him this, and he reluctantly and shakingly got up. I helped him getting into his clothes, leading him to the door. On the way, I put $ 50 in his pocket. He tried to protest but I just put my finger softly in front of his lips, gave him a last hug, kissed him on the cheek and steered him home.

After he left for home, I was emotionally drained, but had a burning urge between my thighs and could still feel my love juices, now running down my legs. I did not want to think about the potential consequences, but knew I had to satisfy myself now before having second thoughts about the emotional impact on Justin.
I walked to my bedroom, took my biggest and strongest vibrator, went back to the coach, still with his drying young sperm all over my face, hair and body, and with the vivid memories of what happened there an hour earlier, I fucked myself senseless and had 4 earth shaking orgasms before passing out
That Night I also slept like a baby, dreaming of him

The next morning, strangely enough, I woke up energized and happy inside, my thoughts immediately going to Justin and the events of yesterday.
I did not know what to expect, if he will ever come back? How will he feel about it? Will he want more?
I was excited and concerned at the same time, excited with nervous expectations of what will happen, and how he will behave. I felt like a 16 year old girl!

I spent time on my make-up and perfume, and selected a see-through white mini skirt, and very loose pink tank top with big arm holes to show even more of my tits from side angles, and front if I bend down. With this outfit, I just wanted to assure him I am ok with what happened yesterday, and that things are the same as before.
I also decided that I will not start any conversation about us, and leave it up to him to initiate any talks if he is comfortable.
On the minute at 9 am. he came walking through the front gate, dressed in baggy shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt and his charming smile…

He greeted, almost as shy as the first day he came to talk to me and asked is it ok if he continues to work the 2 hours a day, as he really liked me and enjoyed spending time with me. I could see he is nervous and wanted to talk about me and what happened yesterday. I did not interrupt him, just smiled and gave him a quick close hug.
He relaxed and then I said we have a lot of things to do before our break at 10, smiling and told him to help me plant some new flowers. I wanted him to relax and gather his composure.
We started working side by side, and I could feel his eyes over me, following every move of my arms, and when I bent down, trying to catch every glimpse he could get.
I naughtily teased him, by slower movements and bending more than required to keep his interest and sexual tension on edge.
We kept working, and I deliberately kept working until about 15 minutes past 10. I sensed he got anxious, and I enjoyed his openly eagerness for the break.

We did not talk about yesterday at all.
I then said ” Oh my gosh, look at the time! We should break or what do you think?”
He shyly said a break and cold drink will be nice, and we went inside…

Next chapter to follow..?

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