We relived our pleasure

Hi Guys Am sagar from Chennai . Reqular reader of this site. Wanted to share my experience here.am in my 30+.

This happened in last November lockdown I received a friend request in my fb. Her name was Swetha name changed. Itseems she is living in our apartments she had seen me in our GYM & Park she given me request. She looked really hot and sexy’ mother of 2 kids age round 36 her husband is working onsite she is living with her kids alone. I accepted friends request and asked how do she knows me . She told me like my sister is friend of her she had told lot about me and my family.

Our chat was going reqular it turned to late night calls. She showed interest on me I too. I started going her house often. 1 days it was raining I drenched in went to her house she got me a towel and wiped my hair. While she was doing that accidently I touched her hip n felt hot age didn’t react I took it as signal touched her again she didn’t react slowly I touched her tummy with my lips she was enjoying and holdin my hair tightly in pushing my head towards her pussy.

It was smelling too sweet. She asked me to come into other room. We went inside missed out her size 36-34-36 . Once went inside we did liplock for 10 mins my hands were playing with her boods she enjoyed it . Then I removed her blouse and bra started to suck her nipples slowly in other hand playing with boods. She was enjoying it . I came near her tummy kissed it n started to lick she was more pleasure slowly went down pulled her panties and opened her legs n was licking she enjoyed and told this the 1st her pussy was fucked my tounge. She came on my face. Then it was her turn.

After slowly enter my tool into her pussy it was big and hard she was shouting in pain n enjoying the pleasure. I told her to sit on me n ride so that she can have more pleasure once she started doing it she enjoyed lot and was happy after 30mins we both came together. She thanked me for pleasure she became my fan now.

For Happy Sex reach me.

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