Sister Kavita in Covid

I have 5 sisters and one brother. All of us are poles apart in nature. Two of my elder sisters and brother are married. But wife of my brother left him due to his addiction habit. I am 24 and works in a departmental store of a city. My three younger sisters are living in a town with parents. Our father is a small contractor and mother a housewife. Kavita is next to me and she is working as a teacher. Among all the siblings she is closest to me. My sister spends money on me, and I buy clothes for her. When the pandamic started the bussiness activity was not closed immediately. It was, however in news that a lockdown will take place. I phoned Kavita.

Me: I’m gonna see you again, tell me what you want
Kavita: As we are free so can I say
Me: come on you are never shy with me
Kavita: I want two news bras.
As she said that a chill ran in my body. She kept telling me that she failed to find good quality in town, so she is asking.
Me: Yes and shops may close soon.
Kavita: My old one are now tight on me
Me: are you serious. You getting fat
Kavita: Not much but at front yes
Me: I think the front grown up suddenly.
Kavita: Dont make fun of me please
Me: OK sister but how do I know the size
Kavita: I’ve become C recently. I had only one C.
Me: What’s the proof?
Kavita: I will send you a picture after the call

So I finished the call and received a picture in the whattsapp. My innocent sister rolled her shirt up and took a close up selfie of her boobs. They were encased in a white bra but I can see their fairness and largeness. Thank God her face was hidden, otherwise such photos are not for sharing. I took my mobile to the lingerie section of store. I told the sale girl that I want to buy four bras of size C. When I show her the photo of Kavita, she smiled.
Sales girl: Your girlfriend has a very nice set of boobs
My face turned red but I decided not to reveal the true identity of the girl in picture.
Me: Bring some stretchable and in different colors
She agreed and brought a lot of bras. As I select 4, I thought that I am buying them for my sister growing boobs. I paid the bill and picked the pack.

As expected the lockdown is announced and I moved back home. All were at home. I told them I brought some gifts but I will give later to them. Reason was the gift of bras that I don’t want to show to others.
I found the opportunity to go in her room and hand them over to Kavita.

She thanked me with a smile and decided to try them in her bathroom. I sat down as she entered in bathroom.
Me: Do I selected the right size
Kavita: Yeah. Thank you, colors nice too.
Me: What! I am not hearing you proper
Kavita opened the door and looked out, She was wearing a black bra over her thin shalwar.
Kavita: They are all fit. See.
Me: You look cute, congratulation on size C
Kavita: A size is a passing score for a girl.
Me: Sad part is that you are now getting an adult look
Kavita: Do a girl become a woman because of change in the size of her boobs. I don’t think so.
Me: I think for a girlish look you should keep old size
Kavita: Dont be funny. My boobs are really bigger
And to my amazement my innocent sister took her bra off and displayed her big boobs to me. Her chest was almost perfect for a girl her age. The nipples were dark red and the areola was small and Brown.I was turned on by my half naked sister. I stared in amazement and Without her permission I touched her nipples.
Me: They are beautiful. Can I kiss them
Kavita: You seem hungry like a baby. So as a gesture of thank I will allow you to kiss.
This was What I wanted. First I kissed booth nipple then I started sucking them. Kavita was slow to react.
Kavita: Arent you getting a little naughty Bhai
Me: please, just a little bit
Kavita: OK but don’t bite

I covered her nipple with my mouth and rolled my tongue round her nipple… The art I learned of seducing girls in city, I applied on my sister.
Kavita: uff… Bhai.. door is not locked.

I went towards the door and meanwhile she moved to closet for putting the bras in. I grabbed her from behind and started mauling her boobs with hands.

She does not show any resistance even I she shifted her shalwar. . .My younger sister has hair of her own. . .I laid my face in her crotch and licked her chestnut. My little sister rolled up for 69, and that’s what it was like on that day. .. ..A few times that happened, my sister remembered how to masturbate completely, and even passed away. Often we stole our parents’ eyes and do just that, and lately, there were many invitations from my sister. And my sister pulled me out every day with a blowjob. In addition, the sister said that she wanted to have sex.

One day she refused food and complained of a cramp in her stomache. She was not passing stool and finding a doctor was difficult. I let mom give her some home medecine. Then I said I have a solution of my own. If she remain in trouble, she should come to my room. Mom was curious so I told her, I will give her an enema. Mom only smiled and said, “Dont get carried away, she is your sister”.
As expected she paid me a visit late in night. After bolting the door I told her that I will cure her by fucking her anally. She was reluctant and fearful but I convinced her. I asked her to drop her dress and lie down prone on my bed. As she obeyed, I fingered her light brown anus with oil. Then I put her white buttocks over a pillow. From behind I opened her anus with my thumbs. I was impressed when my cock entered into her anal cavity. Slowly my buttocks and my lower abdomen got tightly attached to her soft hips. The mouth of hervass tightened the cock moderately, but the rectum gently wraped it. All she can do was to moan. “Ahhhh …. you are hurting me”

I want to reach in you as much as possible. I said and she spread her hips more for me. At first, I was trying to move slowly and enjoy the anal as much as I could, but I couldn’t put up with the expansion and contraction of her rectum according to the movement of my cock. I started shaking my hips fast.

Kavita: only a pervert likes hips of a girl
Me: only if hips are as delicious as her cunt
Kavita: You curing me or just enjoying
Me: cure is yours, enjoyment is mine
Kavita: If shit comes out will you wipe with your mouth
Me: If that can make you happy I can do that too
Kavita: You are a pervert
She gave a big fart, and I filled her with my cum. I saw some shit on my cock and asked her to rush to toilet.
I still worry about fucking my sister properly.

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