Wife Banged by Boss at home

Hi today I am going to tell you about the real incident happened in my life, we are happy couple, together for nearly 8 years, happily married and having good sex life, we were enjoying life fullest, my partner is very attractive, with good figure, and very nice assets, she is bit shy, not very expressive and not much into experiment in sex, like the traditional wayway, whenever I tried to do something new, she is reluctant, but we both were happy in the bed,.

As I worked in multinational company I travels frequently, also my boses visit in my city for meetings, one of my boss from Dubai office was supposed to come to city for 2 days as he need to collect some parcel next night from airport he booked hotel near airport which was not got confirmed at last minute and due to festival all good hotels were full, so i offer him to come to my home after the work, he reluctantly accept the offer, I informed to my partner the same and asked her to prepare authentic regional food for dinner, my boss is around 48 years old, well built fair having good personality, well mannered, we went home around 9 pm, had dinner,and seat for chatting, my partner also joined us, we had nice chat for around 45 minutes and then he went to the bedroom kept for him, we still chatting, he came back with a bottle of expensive perfume and gifted to my partner, she was very happy because she is fond of perfumes, then we all went to sleep,.

Next morning after having the breakfast we were about to leave for office when my boss said that evening we all should go for party will be the host, and asked my partner to be ready for evening party, we then moved to our office works, evening when we returned back I saw she was glowing, I make out that she went to parlour and done the required clean up, we all went to get ready for party and about 9:30 all were ready, my boss was looking more handsome in casuals, I wore party shirt, my partner wore knee length black dress, her parlor trip was visible as she had very clear legs, looking very beautiful, since my boss was supposed to go to airport at around 2am for parcel pick up, we decided that we will be there in pub till 12;30, he had around 3 large pegs, I took 2 Mocktails my partner took 2 cocktails with vodka and then 1 vodka with lime and soda, she was enjoying, we were dancing like hell, my partner was not like much to dance, so she was just audience, around 12:45 we got up and leave for home as boss decided to take my car, we went to home but I thought boss was bit dizzy with 3pegs and should not go to airport, instead I request him to take rest and I will collect the parcel, as it’s 45 minutes drive to airport, I took all the details and asked my partner to sleep as I will be coming back mostly by 5:30 am in the morning if flight was on time, boss was not keen to let me go but I convinced him so he went to his bedroom, I took a kiss of my partner and leave for airport with house keys as I do not want to disturb her sleep when returns, I started journey towards airport, around 15 minutes later I thought I checked flight status, when I checked the flight was delayed by 4 hours and now reaching mumbai in the morning 7am, so I decided to take u turn and go back, I return back, park the car and went to home.

I opened home with key locked again from inside slowly, as I was moving towards our bedroom I saw my bedroom door is haif ajar and some chatting was going on, don’t know why but I thought I should not make any noise and see what they were chatting, my partner was still in her party dress, while boss was in shorts and T shirt, I was able to see them as my bed is visible and since it was dark in the lobby they might not saw me, there was dim lights in the bedroom and both were chatting,

I thought everything is normal and I am just making it serious, suddenly boss made first move, he hold her hand and kiss , she feels good as she didn’t resist, he got up and went towards her, took her face in his hand and started kissing her, she close her eyes and was still and after a minute started kissing him back, now they both started kissing each other passionately, lips were locked, he remove his T shirt, his body is very attractive, well built and clean shaved, she was amazed to see that and started kissing his chest, he was also started kissing her all over her body and suddenly make her turn and unzipped her dress from back and started licking her back, after few moments he asked her to remove the dress, she removed the same, now she was in Bra and black net panty, she was looking awesome as she had done her clean up today, he started licking all her body, started kissing her from neck then back, then on her thighs, she was enjoying every bit of it, she was half naked and her milky body was looking beautiful, He made her turn and again started kissing her back from neck till her buttocks and back of thighs, she was on full moon, He slowly open hook of her bra and started kissing her bare back, she was holding the bra with both hands, he stood up and made her turn around and then took out the bra from her hand, now she is almost naked except the panty on her body, he started to kiss on her bare chest but cleverly avoiding her nipples, that was making her more aroused, she hold her head and took towards her nipples, he still kissing the entire boobs except nipples,, now she was very horny, I saw her in this avtar first time and frankly I love that, she just move back and then started kissing his bare chest madly while kissing him she move down and removed his shorts, now he is in boxer which again she removed in seconds and what she saw was amazed her as she was staring at his manhood for some time, it was big, clean shaved, and redish in color as he is very fair, she loved what she saw and suddenly took that in her hand and gave one kiss on the tip of that, he likes and hold her head and asked her to take full Monty in mouth but now she was playing the same game, she just kiss again on the tip, he realize and make her stand again and started sucking her nipples madly, she was in heaven, she loves nipples sucking, he was sucking every bit of her from her nipples making them red he sucks both of them for some time, she pushed him back and sit down and took the monty in her mouth giving him what he wants, she was doing it first time but doing it like pro, she was enjoying the big strong cock at fullest, took entire in mouth and kissing madly, he made her stand and started kissing her boobs again slowly he moved down and asked her to spread the legs, and then he removed her panty, wow what beautiful she was looking fully naked, as she has shaved her pussy, she was looking awsome, he was happy to see her clean and hygiene and started kissing her pussy gently, he put his tounge on her pussy and was licking on the top, she was on top of the world now and asked him to take her on bed, he obliged and lift her naked body and kept on bed both their naked bodies are rubbing each other nicely making them both horny, now he moved down and spread her legs and now start sucking the lips of her vagina which made her start moaning, he was licking her pussy madly, he love that so much, he took entire pussy in his mouth then again licking the inside parts of vagina, she was mad, holding his head and now she asked her to put his monty inside, ” Dear I want now, please put inside, wow, wow, ahha, please “, he replied, ” Let me have this wonderful piece first, darling I fucked so many girls but this is ultimate, I have never had such wonderful pussy licked, darling please come to my home for week will do it over and again “.

She hold her tight and again request him to penetrate her, now looking at her mood he obliged, he start putting condom but she stopped him saying I want real of him inside not with any cover, he smiles, and then again spread her legs and put his big cock on her tip of vagina, which was ready to swallow this big banana, he then started kissing her nipples, now he slowly entered and started stroking her, she close her eyes and ” Wow this is out of world, today I am having sex of my life, wow what a body you have, please stroke hard please show animal in you “, he started stroking very hard now, she spread her legs fully , he was now moving rapidly and the room was full of sounds as she moaning, wow, wow ahhh, please tight, wow ahhhh, paining but loving, wow, both were in full swing and about 6-7 minutes his entire cock was in her vagina, and then they reached the orgasam, and separated, she kissed him again for wonderful session, they sleep naked for 10 minutes and then realized the time and got up for dressing, both again naked, this time he smooch her for while squeeze her nipples hug her, then slowly they started dressing up, I quietly left from home came down and call my partner, and informed her that flight is delay and I came back and will reach by 10minutes, when I reached home she open the door, she was glowing, I asked about boss, she said he slept long back, then I went to bedroom freashen up and went to bed, I took her near and start kissing her, she said today due to work load she is feeling tired, will have tomorrow night and then turn and sleep.

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