The New Girl – 4

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better… The New Girl – 3

I came to the school playground hoping to find Hardeep but did not. Then I went to the PT sir’s room and saw him standing with his head bent facing Pillai sir who is our PT teacher and he was yelling at Hardeep. Pillai sir is ex-army and a very heavily built man.

He saw me waiting outside and called me to ask why I was here. I told him I was waiting for Hardeep so we could go home together. Pillai sir called me inside and shut the door behind us. He turned around and said Hardeep was in big trouble because he has been caught for a theft and he was going to hand him over the police.

I went blank hearing this and looked at Hardeep who was standing quietly. I pleaded that Hardeep is not such a person because I knew him and I could guarantee it. Pillai sir said since I was so confident that Hardeep is innocent, I should also go to the cops with him.

I did not know what mess I had gotten into or how to get out of it. I did realise that Pillai sir was constantly staring at my boobs from the time I came in so I decided to use my body to manipulate him. I went to him and pleaded to him that I am willing to do anything to get Hardeep out of this mess.

Pillai sir came up behind me placing his hands around my waist and asked again if I was serious about doing anything for Hardeep, I nodded yes. His hands slid higher squeezing my boobs from behind while his cock was pushing in my butt. He was humping his cock making it go deeper.

He asked again in a stern tone “anything”? I nodded and he shouted saying he did not hear it, I said “yes Sir, I am willing to do anything”. He told Hardeep to stand near the door and told me to remove all my clothes. I was sure Hardeep will come to my rescue but instead he quietly stood there.

I was slowly removing my clothes when sir shouted I don’t have all night so do it fast. I quickly got out of my kurta and salwar and stood in my undergarments. He unhooked my bra and grabbed my boobs and started handling them rough which was hurting.

I told him he was hurting me but he did not care. He pulled down my panties and made me kneel down. He unzipped his pants taking out his cock which was very big and thick. He held my face forcing it in my mouth telling me to suck it.

I grabbed it with both my hands and tried my best but he was too big to fit inside my mouth. Sir caught my face and started fucking my mouth with his cock pushing it deeper. I was choking but continued out of fear. He released my face and I was coughing.

He made me bend over his table and came up behind me and began pushing his cock into my pussy. I pleaded him to stop saying I am a virgin but he was not in any mood to listen and kept pushing harder. His cock entered my pussy stretching it beyond limits and I was crying in pain.

He continued fucking me full speed with his cock for about 10mins when he pulled out and sprayed all his cum over my back. Sir put his cock back inside his pants and zipped up and told Hardeep and me to get out. He said he will talk to both of us again in the morning.

I got dressed and we both left. I was barely able to walk and Hardeep took me straight to his home because it was closer and gave me some pain killers. I was lying on Hardeep’s bed, I told him to remove my salwar and panty and to check my pussy.

When he was removing my clothes I asked him why did he not object to what Pillai sir did to me. He said that guy is an animal and once he decides he will get it at any cost. Hardeep placed a pillow under my butt and I spread my legs giving him full access.

He examined my pussy and did not find anything abnormal. He asked me where it was hurting and I told him I was not sure. He put his mouth to my pussy and started licking it and I told him it was feeling good and to continue.

He went to the fridge downstairs and got some ice cubes and ran it all over my pussy. This was so soothing I almost forgot the pain and told him it was helping. He pushed two ice cubes inside my pussy and besides the sudden cold feeling it felt very nice.

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